2020 Democrat compares Climate Change agenda to the Revolutionary War

Democrats continue to say absurd things in a desperate attempt to win the Democratic primary, including that their Climate Change agenda is as pivotal as the Revolutionary War and Civil Rights:

For starters, even if Climate Change weren’t a fraud, the idea that we could solve it alone when there are got many other countries completely ignoring is preposterous. It would be nothing more than an enormous authoritarian waste of money.

But this notion that the world’s gonna end unless we solve it, when literally none of their past predictions have come true, is laughable.

If George Washington could facepalm right now, he would do so while spinning in his grave, because this is just hysterical nonsense.

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62 thoughts on “2020 Democrat compares Climate Change agenda to the Revolutionary War

  1. “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.” – George Washington

    Sorry, George.

  2. Well, it is a war. On cheeseburgers, cars, air conditioners, plastic straws, unborn babies, coal, tax payers, natural gas, cows, efficient cheap electricity and breathing.

      1. Ice cream?! Say what?! Don’t mess with my ice cream! When did that become a target?
        I do have an unborn baby cow that may one day be a cheeseburger. Why does the Left hate it so much?

  3. Mayor Buttcrack will not be remembered at all, except to be laughed at and ridiculed in 10 years and one month when their Mayan calendar doomsday crap once again proves to be false.

  4. As desperation creeps in, and the knowledge that most of the media is all ready counting then out, the bottom feeder candidates will say more and more outrageous things. It’s not as if anyone expects actual workable politics from any of the clowns.

    1. It’s not only the “bottom feeder” candidates. Listen to Warren and Sanders. Even Biden. They’re all over the cliff.

  5. Here in Alabama we had one of the wettest springs on record followed by one of the hottest summers on record with little to no rain in over a month.
    To the west of us, Houston, TX got another record rain of 30″ in 48 hours and is flooded again.
    Climate does change. It’s called weather and sometimes it’s great. Other times it stinks.
    But go ahead Democrats and preach getting rid of gas, coal, and our cars at a cost of trillions. It’s a big seller with fly over country. Trust me. ; )

    1. Same in Iowa. My lawn went from lush to desert in a matter of a few weeks. The Mississippi was way above flood stage to July, rather unusual.

  6. This isn’t about climate change. However, it is about Communism. The hammer and sickle is strong with these people.

      1. Yep and our churches are falling in line. Look at how the Lutheran Church is getting behind housing illegal aliens. Our churches are getting in bed with the government.

        1. Catholic Church is doing it too. The problem is that the churches get caught up in short soghted compassion, not looking down the road and seeing how their shortterm solutions will produce bigger problems in the longterm

  7. If George Washington is spinning in his grave, we should see about tapping into that and use the energy to light up the eastern part of the country.

  8. Yang not only wants to move millions of people to higher ground, he also plans to tax and regulate cattlemen out of business.

    1. Of course he wants to destroy cattlemen. Ruminants (non-feedlot) are the best thing for the earth as they give back more than they take plus they don’t destroy the land and smaller creatures who are dependent on the land like corporate agriculture does. Corporate agriculture (heavily involved with mono cropping) wipes out more species of animals than almost any other concern and destroys (literally poisons the soil) their habitats at the same time. But the dirty little secret is that most big corporate agriculture concerns (Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer, etc.) own most of the Left. The current global warming fad and the big push for veganism is lining their pockets big time and producing food that is cheap and grossly unhealthy (the Beyond Meat Burger is a mess of chemicals and soy) but doesn’t abuse the sensibilities of the vegan/earth worshipping community. The triumvirate behind all of this is corporate control of production, money and governmental power. The sad part is that there are now big swathes of the American people who are unwittingly helping them thinking that they are “saving the earth”.

  9. If the world is in such imminent threat and we’ve only got less than a decade to fix climate change then we’d all better just make out our last will and testaments because 10-12 years is not even close to fixing or stopping anything. It would be the equivalent of a gnat trying to stop a rampaging bull elephant. But I think that the only reason for the scaremongering is to rush the implementation of the drastic totalitarian regime behind the “climate change” buggery. Even if the climate IS changing it would be a relatively ponderous prospect and would take multiple decades of drastic upward or downward global temps. But we are seeing none of that. But that does not serve the narrative of the totalitarians who have to make it a horrible thing if we don’t imminently institute their solutions. They are hoping that people will be scared enough that they’ll do anything including swallowing the poison pill of The Green New Deal and other forms of totalitarianism.

    1. I wish there were only ten years left! I’d go buy that sports car I’ve always wanted and quit worrying about retirement funds!!

      Oh! And Hawaii, here I come!

      But alas, I’d better save just in case they are wrong.

  10. Isn’t this one of those everything I learned, I learned in kindergarten moments for the Dims? Climate change is also referred to as seasons.

    1. Yepper yep. It’s called weather, and no matter whether or not donkeycrats believe, it’s going to change every single day anywhere and somewhere on the planet.

  11. In the past when I’d read the Bible and read about the prophecies concerning the anti Christ, I found it hard to believe that one man would be able deceive so many around the world. But after Obama and watching these people act about climate change, I can see how it will be done. I do wonder if this climate change fad will be one of the things to help bring the anti Christ to power.

    1. Could be, or an economic crisis or a combination of things.

      Many things seemed impossible up until a few decades ago. Now, it’s coming together quite rapidly.

    2. Probably, but any number of things can bring “the thing” to power, I’m thinking the middle East issues. Waiting on God’s timing.

  12. How is it that people don’t see through this ruse? So all you have to do is make up some scary crisis with no available solution other than to give up your freedom to a few designated saviors, and all is well. I think it is clear that people are getting more stupid each day. It’s kind of like when Kevin with the thick Indian accent calls you from the IRS and says he needs you to go out and Western Union him some money in Mumbai so you won’t be arrested.

    1. And have some idiot, foreign autistic kid, who knows nothing when asked, testify in front of our congress.

  13. Howdy Doody is essentially out of the presidential race and his party is about to get booted out of his town. Sentiment in South Bend is leaning right after years of the dem machine in control.

  14. I’ll get my musket.

    *fires at the sky*



  15. I demand petebuttplug commit suicide immediately. That would save our planet from his exhaling. He needs to be told that. I would love to hear his response.

    Really, someone needs to tell these idiots today that if they want to save our planet, they need to kill themselves. That would save our planet from their obnoxious fumes they exhale.

    1. ChowYunFatty, when you have a great video like that you have to promote it.So I will do your job.That was the best ever response and every leftist should receive a response to their climate change question as that responder did to that leftist in the audience.

  16. GW and MLK complex…

    Somehow because they have become candidates for President they want people to think they are at the same level as GW and MLK.

    If we were truly in need of such important leadership, the current Dem leaders would be the last folks I would look toward…

  17. Ok, so as some of you have read, I just spent the last week in DC with my very lib brother and sister in law. We had a great time doing the tourist things and mostly avoided talking politics.

    But my brother is a big time scientist, with a specialty in energy, so I asked him, what’s the real deal with climate change? Here’s what he told me: He said that it’s true that CO2 levels are rising, and have been for awhile. And this will cause a warming that will have an impact on the earth. BUT he said it’s not going to happen in 10 or 12 years, more like maybe 100 years.

    I said 100 years? Then why the hysteria? Here’s what he said: Because if you tell people 100 years they won’t listen or do anything about it. So you have scare them into action now.

    He actually admitted this to me! And he’s a committed Lib with a longtime environmental bent. But he’s honest and he follows the facts.

    1. Did you ask him about CO2 being plant food? How about water vapor, which is a much more common greenhouse gas?

      1. Haha he’s the scientist, not me. Besides my “mission” was to listen to what he was saying, not to argue with him.

          1. Well, we were watching the debates and I asked him if he liked any of them. He kinda winced.

            For the record, he agreed that Biden is no longer capable, Bernie is a raging maniac (well, maybe those were my words) and Harris is a big phony. But he’s ok with Warren (although he says she doesn’t know anything about “foreign policy”) and he also liked Klobachar. He has actually contributed to both of their campaigns, Klobachar’s more recently.

    2. At least he’s honest about it. I doubt that it even happens in 100 years. Climate is cyclical. I live in Virginia, and we has only TWO days where the temp went above 95 degrees. It’s been a very pleasant summer. Now the winter? Who knows. I’ll face that when it comes. Glad you made it back alive. I have to admit missing doing the tourist thing in DC. I lived there for so long it was a hop, skip, and a jump to just run down there and see the museums and galleries. I also LOVED Georgetown! Mmm, Mortons….

    3. He is smart but narrow minded. He fails to see the huge significant advances America has made environmentally since the 70s.

      He also ignores the severe lack of progress made by the rest of the world. Even G7 countries are way behind us. China is a joke and India seems to be intentionally killing people with pollution.

      I’m bias but the USA is doing and has been doing great things regarding the planet.

      1. I’m not sure how you reached the conclusion in the first paragraph, as the issue of the nation’s environmental progress since the 1970s wasn’t discussed in the post to which you replied.

        1. Anything to add to the conversation, or are you just here to critique mistakes which only you perceive?

      2. No, you missed my point. He is not caught up in the hysteria. He was only explaining to me the Leftist thinking and why they’re pushing so hard.

  18. The only revolution will be done at the ballot box, Petey Boy. The Dem/Socialist version of Climate Change can’t hold water, so to speak. WTP won’t let you have your way on this.

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