$3.5 Trillion for WHAT exactly? WHO KNOWS? says Tom Cotton. WHO CARES? says CNN.

The Democrats are going for broke on their spending bill. Literally. That $3.5 trillion dollar price tag ain’t nickels. But what’s it for? Something good? Something bad? What difference does it make, said WaPo’s Catherine Rampell to a stupidly grinning Brian Stelter.

Now, she pretends to be saying the opposite. She complains in this clip that it’s “about the number” instead of about the specifics of the “good ways” or “bad ways” it’s being spent. But that’s fake criticism. Libs in journo clothing do that all the time. She isn’t demanding the answer of anyone. Is she asking Nancy Pelosi? No, she’s griping on Reliable Sources (part of the media) about how it’s the MEDIA that isn’t doing their job.

Fake. Criticism. It’s just hot air to downplay the price tag. Which is why her ACTUAL agenda, pretending that 3.5 trillion IS nickels, was so ready to go:

“The actual cost, in terms of deficits, will be smaller than that.” She’s arguing that because they are using money to pay for it, it doesn’t cost anything. If they were deficit spending (using debt) then THAT would be spending. I would HATE to see her personal finances they must be a train wreck. And all the while the Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy just nodding along and grinning like a freak.

Rampell’s columns for WaPo are all the same theme, by the way. Covering for the Democrats massive spending while not having the slightest interest in accounting for it. Take a look at the headlines if you don’t believe me.

And what IS the 3.5 for? WHO KNOWS!

What a farce.

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