30 Wisconsin municipalities failed to send absentee ballots to military voters

Because of the failure of these 30 Wisconsin municipalities, it may very well infringe upon the right for our soldiers in the field to vote in the upcoming election:

MACIVER INSTITUTE – At least 30 Wisconsin municipalities failed to send absentee ballots to military voters before the 45 day deadline, according to former U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Principi, and he’s demanding the Government Accountability Board address the problem immediately.

As reported by the website WisPolitics.com, Principi sent a letter to the GAB on Monday pointing out the failure to meet the 45 day deadline is in violation of Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act.

“This violation is particularly unsettling in light of the fact that, only six months ago, a federal court entered a consent decree against Wisconsin and the Government Accountability Board for similar violations of military voting rights,” wrote Principi.

Principi cited a study by the Military Postal Service Agency, which found less than 45 days is not enough time to ensure service members can receive, complete and return in time.

“Your office’s violations therefore may deprive service members of their fundamental right to vote,” he wrote.Screen shot 2012-10-01 at 7.09.56 PM.png
This comes on top of a report by the MacIver News Service that the Federal Voter Assistance Program was providing Wisconsin service members the incorrect deadline for when their ballots must be received by for the general election.

The Department of Defense is scrambling to undo any damage caused when the Federal Voting Assistance Program provided the wrong absentee ballot deadline to Wisconsin service members. Also in Washington, DC, House Administration Chairman Dan Lungren, (R-Calif.) took action to ensure that the voting rights of military and overseas voters are protected, including sending a staff attorney to meet with state election officials here.

“It’s alarming to know that an untold number of our men and women in uniform were provided incorrect information,” said Lungren. “This is an unacceptable error that cannot continue. Whether it’s from the battle field or at the ballot box, our men and women in uniform deserve to have their vote counted.”

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106 thoughts on “30 Wisconsin municipalities failed to send absentee ballots to military voters

  1. +
    The question needs to be ask! Are these 30 municipalities control by Democrats? And if so. Can they be held accountable for voter fraud?
    I do not know the laws of the state of Wisconsin, and governor Scott Walker and the attorney general of the state needs to look into this as soon as possible. I wonder how many other democratically control municipalities throughout the United States have done the same thing?

  2. Having moved to Israel 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve been trying to get an absentee ballot from Hudson Co, NJ. That was my last US residence. The place is ruled by the democrat party thug machine.

    They just don’t seem to want to send me the ballot.

    My speculation is …

    1. They can’t predict how I’ll vote & doubt that I’d vote democrat
    a. and they know I cannot be present to complain about that

    2. Now that they know I’ve moved, my voter registration has been fixed or altered so that whoever or whatever is assigned to vote under my name will vote “properly”.
    a. This is based on the prevailing political theorem that dying, or moving out of the county/country is no excuse to cease voting.

  3. typical BS..Laws mean nothing to the lawless and our military people mean even less to them.. one of these days this crap is going to stop.. these people that were responsible need to go to jail, NOW..a lesson needs to be taught.

  4. Where is Romney? Is he organizing a group of lawyers to investigate? Is he talking about this on the campaign trail? What about our embassies spending money on Chevy Volts instead of security? Remember when Romney said GM and Chrysler should have gone through a law-abiding bankruptcy? Obama just went and undid over 100 years of bankruptcy law by executive order. Do you really need to listen to these fake debates with liberal moderators to make your decision?

  5. No bull-cheese. I thought better of Wus-consin. Hard working men and women they ARE. Apparently some elected Libs think otherwise. Hey dirtbags, you can get UN-ELECTED and I hope the good people in that otherwise great state are paying attention and remember this crap at election time.

  6. Why aren’t the municipalities listed by name? I’m from Wisconsin and I ought to know…It’s all b/s wherever you go….came from an old Blatz beer commercial….

  7. I told you, liberals are criminals…they will do whatever it takes to steal this election.

    That may sound alarmist and extreme, but c’mon, with elections quickly approaching, do you really expect me to believe that an illegal without an ID can qualify to vote quicker than a soldier, (who is a US citizen), fighting on the battlefield??

  8. Mitt, if you happen to see this, bring this up in the debate! Please, with passion, express the horrendous mishandling of our military, THE BEST IN THE WORLD, who are being used for political gain. If anything they should have been the very FIRST served by all our nation’s municipalities. Priorities man, priorities! Good Lord they sacrifice their LIVES for us for the privilege to vote! Tell the American citizens Mitt, stick to this hellatious administration’s record, stick to what they have done, using our wonderful brave military as pawns for political gain, and in particular BO putting them in harms way by bowing to our country’s enemies, making us weak. Please speak about it!!!!

  9. Our military fight and risk their lives to ensure that we can vote and the Democrats take that right away from them. Other countries are watching our example of freedom.

  10. Soros has been involved in a program to have demunist’s elected to all the state’s Secy State’s office’s.

    That combined with the fact that Soros owns the Spanish company that counts the votes for POTUS. It may take Divine intervention to save our nation.

    We are in a battle with EVIL

  11. 30 Municipalities? THIRTY? There is absolutely no way this was a coincidental, never-to-happen-again human error.

    How is this not a federally prosecute-able offense? If not for the individual 30 municipalities, there must be someone held accountable or we’ll just continue to have a DMV on our hands.

  12. Of course they did, they don’t want the republican votes! This administration is doing everything the possibly can, to block Military votes, because they know, the Military wants Obama out! Even if I supported Obama, I wouldn’t vote for him if I was in the Military, because he can’t even respect our most valued right, THE RIGHT TO VOTE! They want to block voter ID laws because they said it caused voter suppression, THEN WHAT THE HECK IS THIS????????

  13. It’s bad enough that many of our military personnel are in harm’s way, but to deprive them of the ability to vote is unconscionable and someone should bear the brunt of this deliberate oversight. Why do liberals want to deprive the military of anything, much less the ability to cast their vote???? Those responsible for this need to be handed a sackful of absentee ballots, then they need to be transported to Afghanistan, Iraq, and any other place where our military is stationed so they can personally hand-out those absentee ballots along with an apology.

      1. The reason that they push for the Voter ID laws is because it mostly democratic, the reason that they suppress Military Votes, it is because it is mostly republican!! NOTHING THIS ADMINISTRATION DOES, IS FOR THE PEOPLE, IT IS AGAINST THE PEOPLE, ANOTHER CASE AND POINT!

  14. These a(( clowns need to be thrown into jail. Period. There is NO EXCUSE for this other than sheer bias and vote suppression. No other reason. Some time in jail might get them to think differently about ignoring the laws of the land with impunity. THIS IS UTTERLY TREASONOUS!!!

  15. I am so PO’d about this and have sent off correspondence to any and all that I think can still fix this. Un-fricken-believable.

    1. If you are so inclined:

      Government Accountability Board (how Orwellian is that name??)


  16. Democrats have had a hate on for the military since the end of WW2. Beginning with Truman who fired the only good general he had. MacArthur.

  17. Libs move mountains to make sure illegals can vote, but make little effort (or none) for our soldiers. Do you ever see the libs file lawsuits for our soldiers? No, they file lawsuits trying to disqualify them because of the date on the stamp being one day late. Do they file lawsuits against illegals in order to protect our sytem? No, they file lawsuits to protect the illegals and their ability to cast illegal votes.

    The Democrat party has it’s priorities and values turned upside down. I would be ashamed to be a liberal.

    If the election results are close enough that the number of military votes could make a difference from that state (and others like them), I say we hold off on a decision until all of the soldiers’ ballots get in and get counted. No soldier’s vote should be suppressed…period.

    1. Right after Holder and the New BIack Panthers take over another college ROTC office, I’m sure he will put this at the top of his list.

  18. The persons from the top down in these Wis. municipalities who are charged to seeing these ballots are shipped to our troops should be jailed.
    Unites Postal Serivce (UPS) could have the Absentee Ballots there in 5 day’s, load um up move um out!
    Where is Leon Panetta? Where is Hillary Clinton?

    1. Panetta is hiding out in the Pentagon’s Mosque; Hillarios is still under her desk playing CYA.

  19. Military = Republican votes. Wisconsin is a swing state and has VP candidate. Voter fraud for O’Bambi. No surprises here.

  20. Is it humanly possible to be corrupt than what this Administration and their minions are. At the risk of total insurrection, I pray that honest, hard working Americans survive this November. There has not been in a time in American history where so much is at stake. If Obama survives, America will be past the point of no return.

  21. This should be the front page/headline news in media outlets! Why, they usually are pretty quick to pick up on voter suppression!

  22. This happens every election year all over the country in one way or another. Im sick of it! I’m sick of the fact that they get away with it by simply saying “Oops sorry” hehe…..

    1. The vote is the pinnacle of American freedoms – IMO a minimum 20 year sentence would be too short for depriving anyone of this jewel. It’s the equivalent of treason, isn’t it?

      $1 Million per vote would be the icing on the cake but the taxpayers would likely end up paying for it in the end, unfortunately, through State taxes.

    2. Plus thirty minutes with a military voter deprived of their right to vote with no criminal and civil consequences for our service member.

  23. Interesting if there are enough failures by counties to allow military voting and failure of Department of Defense officers to enforce the law requiring voter assistance to active military personnel. Obamerrhoid’s lawyers can sue and state that there was fraud in the voting.

    We will never rid ourselves of this foul Democrat Communist CBC/Racist scum without a nationwide, thorough and vigorous shoe-scraping.

  24. This is not surprising when you think about what went on in Wisconsin with Gov. Walker. Corruption at every level of govt must be rooted out. Election officials at every level in Wisconsin must pay dearly in court for this travesty. I pray this wrong is righted quickly.

  25. This is the most common type of the voter corruption that the democrats commit every election. Gore tried to suppress the military vote in Florida when he was trying to steal the election there in 2000. The truth is if Gore had of carried his home state of Tennessee then Florida would have been irrelevant. The people of Tennessee have never questioned Gore’s intentions as they are very clear. What they have always questioned is his sanity.

  26. psh, this can’t be true… everyone knows it’s those evil republicans that are trying to surpress people’s voting rights. (sarcasm)

  27. DOD… Can you go to the Elections office. Pick up the ballots. Fly to the bases overseas (there are planes going to overseas bases on a regular basis) and deliver the ballots.

    And the liberals say voter ID is fraud.

  28. The last thing Democrats in this country want is for all our military men and women to have their opportunity to vote. If they did, these absentee ballots would have been processed weeks ago. Heck, in this day and age, with the proper identification, why can’t you have men and women on duty overseas vote via the Internet? I’m sure something secure could be set up for them, why not allow them to vote that way? It would be quick, easy, and cost next to nothing. I guess that would make too much sense for the US Government.

    1. Not send. Who will get on a plane and personally deliver them to the war zones? O’Bambi??? Hitlary???? Panetta????

  29. Alright…HEADS NEED TO ROLL…LIKE NOW!!! I am sick of our Military Men and Women being treated this way….if you live in Wis…get on the phone to your local officials, members of Congress….Senator Johnson and Governor Walker….THIS CANNOT STAND!! How dare these Municipalities PULL THIS STUNT!! MOVE IT PEOPLE IN WIS!!! An outcry must commence immediately!! THE GAB had better rectify this NOW!

    1. LOL – No offense Michael – but you’re a little late to the outrage party. A lot of us have already been on the phone regarding the WI GAB for a very long time. They allowed quite a bit of hinky crap during the recall elections. They don’t do their job and have no intention of doing their job.

      Here’s a link to the board. Those ‘election judges’ already on board are there to stay until the next appointments are made.


        1. Then you must not have followed the recall elections too closely… From the recall petitions to the actual election fraud committed in Racine – the GAB has been complicit in it from the start.

          1. That is not what I meant. I meant I only heard about this in regards to the Presidential Election…address you snipe at the GAB not someone because they are not living in WI like you and follows your state politics as I do in my state. Direct your shot at the people responsible.

            1. Oh believe me, I do… I didn’t ‘snipe’ at you. I responded in a like manner to this…

              How dare these Municipalities PULL THIS STUNT!! MOVE IT PEOPLE IN WIS!!! An outcry must commence immediately!! THE GAB had better rectify this NOW!

              Your tone took people in WI to task and that’s bull. We HAVE been paying attention to (& addressing loudly) the GAB for a long time.

      1. This isn’t only a Wisconsin problem. It is a nation wide problem as we have heard for a few months. This is the Dems trying to disinfranchise our soldiers. We have a few tea party folks on it and it has been very discouraging. Our county in VA is OK, but we have a super registrar who is on the ball. The bad news is that he says that the requests are down from 2008. Hopefully they are not depending on their home towns and registering in the counties where they are stationed.

        1. It’s a problem that’s existed for awhile though – it was an issue with a family member in 2008 elections as well. They are either getting the ballots late or the ballots aren’t returned to be counted early enough.

          A decent registrar/staff are key to getting the ballots out on time. Especially since there is very little time from the nominations until the actual election. It’s not like there was going to be a surprise nomination though – they could have had the templates ready to print the night Obama accepted.

  30. Disenfranchise the heroes who fight for this country and then go about getting the dead to vote multiple times to try and steal the election… It’s the Liberal way. They are EVIL and have NO SOUL!

    1. Thank God this was learned now because maybe someone can do something about it. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Romney trounced Obama in Wisconsin.

      1. The recall told us that is very likely which is probably why they are withholding ballots from known Republicans.

  31. The Wisconsin GAB is corrupt, they make no effort to hide their favoritism of the left. When the Republicans take back control of the state senate in January I hope they dissolve this group of hyper-partisan hacks

  32. One of two things are going on here.

    a) This is a national conspiracy and deliberate attempt to stifle the military vote. I say that because when I served, nearly every single airman I knew or was acquainted with, voted Republican. So, it may be safe to say that most of these votes that they’re trying to prevent or block, would go to Mitt Romney. Not getting absentee ballots to our deployed troops is flat out illegal. Saying they didn’t have the money to ship them out is an out and out lie – especially when they liberally give millions to defunct solar companies or try to give Egypt 145 million. It’s sickening and wrong – those brave souls fight and defend our very right to vote and they should be at the front of the line – regardless of party affiliation.

    b) Many military families may be simply choosing to vote in person after the HUGE scandal of voter fraud that’s becoming rampant in our corrupt system.

    Either way, we KNOW Obama cannot be re-elected without voter fraud – that was proven in 2008 through ACORN, the New Black Panthers, unions, etc. So, he and his cronies may simply be trying to cheat again.

    Voter Fraud has to be dealt with and permanently erradicated. It is criminal and must stop now or we will no longer be a free nation.

    1. Yet Republicans are the ones trying to “suppress the vote” according to the accepted narrative. All you need is an ID and you’ll get a ballot.

      If you happen to actually care enough about this country to put your life on the line democrats know you will likely vote against their interests, so they pull the same crap Every Single Election.

      1. Yes, and I’m sick of it. Every election they sue to try to disqualify the military votes. They cause the turmoil by not getting the ballots out to the soldiers on time. It’s freaking intentional.

    2. Exactly right, keninil. Of course that would mean that RINOs would have male reproductive organs that to a RINO eunuch is jusr a distant memory.

    3. Keninil,
      You are speaking the truth. They do not want the military to vote because they will overwhelmingly vote for Romney. I wonder if the MSM will report this story? LOL
      Yes, someone needs to go to jail, lose their job, be banned from any type of government position due to their obvious bias.

      1. Or, those responsible, need to be sent over there, into the war zones to personally deliver them. Of course someone else needs to collect them, or they will just sit in a hotel and fill them out…because Democrats are lying cheating pieces of crap.

    4. Maybe if the military members deprived of their vote could deal with the election officials in a back room with no consequences it wouldn’t happen again.

    5. Exactly right! A multi-million dollar class action lawsuit for violation of their civil rights wouldn’t hurt either. There have got to be severe repercussions for this kind of conduct.

    6. There was a case of voter fraud by an ACORN member (leader) for pushing massive fraud and the judge said he wanted to give that person 10 years in prison but could only impose a fine. It was like a $5,000 fine. How hard do you think that was for ACORN to pay, considering they were getting millions from the government?

      If they don’t want our system to become a complete joke they had better start making the laws more strict and the punishments extremely harsh. Otherwise it could destroy the electoral process altogether.

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