Full Video – Watch Herman Cain press conference over sexual harassment allegations

Today Herman Cain held a press conference responding to the allegations brought yesterday by Gloria Allred and her client Sharon Bialek as well as the other anonymous claims as well. The full press conference is below:

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180 thoughts on “Full Video – Watch Herman Cain press conference over sexual harassment allegations

  1. As a victim of extreme sexual harassment many years ago, I don’t understand the actions of the accusers. I chose not to prosecute, no civil or criminal case was filed. If my attacker became a public figure now, I would NOT suddenly decide that those things that I did not want to discuss years ago should now be open to public debate and criticism. I didn’t want to talk about it then, WHY do so now??? No way could I go on a “media tour” and discuss it over and over. I know people react differently but this just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  2. Herman Cain is not as smooth a communicator as I’d like, and it’s caused him problems before this on purely political issues, e.g. his abortion position. Maybe he flip-flopped on abortion. Whatever; that’s another issue. He seems to be somewhat slow either understanding what is said to him or thinking out his answer.

    I can empathize with that.

    What it boils down to for me is this: when I consider what’s so far come out of the accusations that even comes close to being a fact, when I compare Herman Cain to his accusers, and Cain’s lawyer to Gloria Allred, I don’t consider Cain’s accusers to have any credibility.

    And that’s the end of it, as far as I’m concerned. If Cain weren’t a Republican primary candidate, by now his attorney would be saying to Allred, “That’s it? Really? That’s all you’ve got?”

    And if this mess had been in court, by now the judge would have dismissed the case and maybe charged Allred and the accusers with frivolous prosecution.

    If, God forbid, I were ever to need an attorney for something like this, the absolute LAST person on the planet I would choose would be Gloria Allred. She is a credibility-destroyer par excellence – of her client’s credibility.

  3. Herman Cain needs our prayers. Actually, if this is indicative where the country is going, I believe that our country needs God’s mighty hands! Whether the man is guilty or innocent, I pray that the truth goes for, to expose or vindicate Cain.

  4. At 17:11 of the video Herman answers these questions:

    LA TIMES: Is sexual harassment real?
    HERMAN: “Sexual harassment is a very serious charge. In no way have I tried to minimize sexual harassment in the work place.”

    LA TIMES: Have you seen it?
    HERMAN: “I have seen instances where it could be interpreted as sexual harassment and if I saw it and if it were an employee or a direct report of mine, I dealt with it immediately before the other person perceived it as an infringement of their privacy. And I might add, not just men who potentially sexual harass women, I’ve also seen situation where women have sexually, attempted to sexually harass men.”

    LA TIMES: What did you see?
    HERMAN:(No response.)

    LA TIMES: How did you deal with it?
    HERMAN: “I have made sure that it wasn’t tolerated…”

    I hope that his convictions are as strong regarding the open borders, radical Islamists and corruption in the DOE, EPA,DOJ, etc.

  5. I think it’s been so long since people have seen an honest man they don’t know what there looking at. Either Mr. Cain is slicker than owl poop or he’s telling the truth. But sadly if he had shucked and jived (Clinton) the idiots asking the questions would have
    have lapped it up. All you nasayers remember the LaCross guys. My heart goes out to his family. One common sense question – if all these bullcrap stories were true would Mr. Cain be so STUPID to put himself in this position? Before you answer that remember he’s not a professional politician.

  6. I just watched the news conference again and what I saw was an impressive man, who exceptionally handled himself in the face of a media frenzy. Last week, they said Cain didn’t handle their smear campaign in a presidential manner. Well? Cain learns quickly doesn’t he? He carried himself in a presidential way today and really made fools of those who have been giving more credibility to his accusers than to him. Cain was very convincing, very comfortable, and very commanding. These are not the characteristics of an embattled candidate, but the characteristics of a front-runner confident that the truth and the facts on his side.

    I am standing with Cain, as I’ve said since the beginning of this. I will not let the media and the GOP Elites dictate to me who should be the nominee. I am sovereign! It’s one person, one vote and they can’t have mine! Those who have stood with Cain to this day I say God bless you. Those who are wobbly, I ask that you watch this news conference and stiffen your spine. Those who were for Cain, but have been influenced to abandon the effort to change the country, I ask that you reconsider and make a fact based decision before make a conclusive judgment on these allegations. And those that are opposed to Cain? There is perhaps nothing I can tell you now, but I hope that when Cain prevails in the primaries, we can count on you all to help him defeat Obama in the fall.

    The media is doing Obama’s bidding and the GOP Establishment is content with it so long as they don’t target their selection before that person is nominated. That’s the deal. Once that person is nominated, it’s open season on that person. But until then it’s open season on everyone else who is not the GOP Establishment’s choice. The Tea Party in 2010, upset this apple cart and we defeated many GOP Establishment choices despite the media. We can do it again! Let’s raise some Cain! Cain 2012.

    1. Preach it brudder. Save me a wing on the Caintrain. I’ve got friends and family.

      Plus, you get just the right wing and just the right sauce…two words, yummy.

  7. His delivery is missing the usual sorts of “tell” seen in a coverup. His demeanor hasn’t changed (remember Clinton’s red-faced finger-wagging–totally different demeanor). His eye contact was smooth. He didn’t look down at odd moments. He reminded people that as a manager, he’s pretty good at remembering people. A politician would grab for the “I just don’t recall” safety line and not give up the fact that they are good with remembering.

    Compared to the stutterer, I’d say Cain handles this situation far better than Obama has ever handled his legendary list of bad connections, bad moves, and bad behavior.

    1. She’s the one who Cain said was the same height as his wife and held his hand up to his chin.


      I guess some women you should just need to be downright rude to.

        1. Brrrrrnadine? My guess is they are so afraid of one another they just skip the argument, hold hands and go bomb something together to calm things down. They should either be down at ows teaching usable revolutionary skills, or down on their knees thanking the Good Lord they’re not both on death row.

  8. All the people are not going to be satisfied with his answer. He could have a news conference between now & election day still there will be people with doubts, some people can’t be convinced. I wish he had said the marxist, liberal driveby media i.e. cnn, msdnc, print media and the other alphabet channels are behind the smears. Like herman said, “I only need 51% of the vote.”

  9. This is campaigning as usual, and don’t forget for one second that Obama is an expert campaigner…

    Throw the mud everywhere, If your lucky something will stick….

    Obama’s modus operandi as proven from his Chicago past is eliminate the competition before the final show….

  10. At least William Jefferson ( willie clinton ) scored, this book selling joke can’t even do that, best go for the lie box no DNA left…….. roflmao

  11. They got nothing on him. Again Cain will prevail. This is a smear campaign. You saw the press conference. Cain made himself available and the best question they had was whether he would be willing to take a lie detector? Are you serious? I have just sent a contribution to Cain’s campaign and I would encourage others to do the same.

    The game is that the media will keep this up until Cain poll numbers go down (or up). They keep saying that what he does isn’t good enough, that there are more questions to ask, even though he was available today to answer all the questions they claim they have. Do you think they will be so interested in answers to lingering questions, once the first poll shows Cain in the single digits? Do you really think they will keep hounding Cain about these allegations if tomorrow Cain is shown in the single digits? If a reputable pollster shows Cain in the single digits I guarantee you that those women and their stories will vanish like they never existed!

    There are many, many other reason for those who oppose Cain to oppose him on the merits. But to try to destroy someone by destroying a man’s character and integrity is beyond the pale. It’s disgusting, it’s politics of personal destruction and speaking for myself, I won’t tolerate it.

    If you want these allegations and stories to go away, please send a contribution to Cain and keep your support. Send the media and those in the political Elite a message that we don’t like this sort of politics. Show them that instead of a person’s poll numbers going down, they will go up, if they continue to malign that person without evidence. There’s no evidence in any of this! Zero! The media is a disgrace.

  12. I thought having a high powered “well respected” attorney open the presser was a great touch! His statements were great at setting the stage for Mr. Cain’s statements.

  13. For his family all those that support him so passionately and who have donated their hard earned money to his campaign… I sincerely pray he is vendicated.

  14. I’m glad the NAACP is speaking out against an obvious inculpatory style lynching of a black man.

    What, the NAACP is silent….???

    1. It is the (NAADCP) National Association for the Advancement of Democrat Colored People. They never come to the aid of a Conservative or a Republican, EVER.

  15. Sorry, I’m a one trick pony. But the point still is lost on too many people to not be made. If Obama had been in this same situation 4 years ago, and you heard a person continue to insist that Obama was their man and that he doesn’t care what Obama says or does, would you call that the supporter an Obama Zombie? So what give Cain Zombies? How many benefits of the doubt can you give a guy before you turn into a Zombie?

    1. it’s not benefit of a doubt. it’s that these accusers just lack the slightest degree of credibility.

      but then those inclined to disbelieve cain so readily probably weren’t so keen on him to begin with.

      1. you might be right but only way i see to settle this would be to see those agreements nra reached with these women

        1. it would be helpful. until then their non-statements and vague claims hurt their supposed cause for truth. either have the guts to show your face, and produce the agreement, or sfu.

    2. Like most people, I weigh everything. On one side of the scale, there is:
      – A successful 40+ year career in business
      – An amazing speaker
      – A problem solver
      – A candidate that has offered specific solutions to the serious problems that this country faces
      – A man that has supported the FairTax for years
      – An amazing life story (Horatio Alger award winner)
      – A man that faced and beat stage 4 cancer
      – An author of very insightful books

      On the other side of the scale are:
      – Three anonymous women with unspecified charges
      – One woman with unwitnessed charges from something that happened 14 years ago

      The difference between Obama and Herman Cain is that the media absolutely ignored, and are continuing to ignore, all his red flags.

      1. I was listening to Mark Levin and he played some audio from a CBS affiliate radio station in Chicago. This woman used to work for CBS; she has a history; it was implied that perhaps the way the story goes is that she was more likely to be the aggressor. They said there was much more to come and that Cain should hold up on doing anything.

        I really think it was insulting for him to be asked to take a lie detector test; he should have shot back, did you ask Bill Clinton to take one.

    3. You omit much in creating this invidious comparison.

      Obama had truckloads and truckloads of baggage that the press refused to cover. Ayers, Dorn, Wright, Cocaine, ACORN, “present”, no experience, not actually a professor, sealed records, more sealed records, Rezko, Blagojevich, and on, and on it goes for days and days.

      Herman Cain so far: a few “gaffes,” and these women, who all said he didn’t actually “do” anything.

      1. I don’t think that the comparison is invidious. Unless the fact that I disagree with those that won’t consider the possibility that Cain may be less than he is billed to be hateful in and of itself. Is that your claim? Granted that the media is in the tank for Obama. My comment isn’t about the media, it is about Cain supporters. I like Cain. But you don’t think there are serious questions about his honesty at this point? He doesn’t even know the woman? Seriously? Do you accept the statement of the woman on Glenn’s radio show that the alleged harassed talked in his ear point blank for three minutes? Or are you denying her statement?

        1. Your level of gullibility is your own lookout.

          I tend to hold out for facts. The phony firestorm is intended to make people believe they have to decide who’s guilty; right. freaking. now.

          Rational thinking means don’t let this fake “immediacy” pressure you into making hasty decisions.

          1. Are you capable of discussing a concept without without attacking a person that disagrees with you? Who is pressured? Who is not holding out for facts? Does considering the possibility that there may be issues with his honesty antithetical to accepting facts or embracing facts as they come? You ignore my central point about the woman on Glenn’s show, and instead continue to draw conclusions about the small-ness of my brain. I’ll ask again: “Can you debate without attacking a person?”. Or is the very fact that I am asking you this further evidence of my gullibility, hatefulness, and stupidity?

            1. Type in your search engine: Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals.

              That is what is going on….the left is so comfortable in engaging in the politics of destruction because most people refuse to get educated! Please, don’t be one of them.

              1. You’re half right, I probably shouldn’t have read your ascribing a motive to me by your use of the word invidious as a personal attack per se. But it was failed attempt to identify my motive.

                As for your claim as to my gullibility, you maintain that is not a personal attack? Really? What does qualify as a personal attack for you, if not a claim that a person has one or more unflattering attributes?

    4. The media reported heavily on all the ethics violations Sarah Palin was “Accused” of..

      Tell me how many of those accusations were true?

      1. I’m with you that the media is completely dishonest in their claims of objectivity. My point isn’t about the media. It is about Cain supporters.

        1. We give Herman Cain the benefit of the doubt because there is no proof of any wrongdoing. Those that judge him so anally are not people interested in getting the best true conservative in the White House. The liberals and their media play people like you as fools and you take the bait, hook, line and sinker, congratulations Ruben_21. You and your ilk are putty in their hands.

          1. Why do you not consider the statement of the woman on Glenn’s radio show today to be a fair statement. Do you reject her statement. It is her statement that causes be to question Cain’s honesty. It has nothing to do with the liberal media. But thanks for judging me so anally. I know, I will never be a “true conservative” like you.

        2. So Cain supporters are Zombies because the do not believe the Media , which by the way has not produced any proof of any of the accusations…

          And in obamas case they refused to even look into anything of relevance.

          Had they given their hero even half the scrutiny they devoted to Palin he would never have been elected as dog catcher. But the media is in the bag…

          The people are reacting as they are simply because they KNOW the media is not to be trusted any longer.

          IF the proof surfaces the people will react accordingly.. There is nothing wrong with Cain supporters.

          The Truth, Facts, is that too much to ask for? (well yes we know it is actually)
          The media is slinging truckloads of unsubstantiated mud in the hope that something sticks all in the effort to protect their chosen one..

          1. I may have mis-written. I don’t consider all Cain supporters Zombies.

            Based on comments on the board, it seemed to me that some of the supporters were digging in their heels however, regardless of what comes out, with the intention to plug their ears, close their eyes, and yell, “nah nah nah nah nah, I can’t hear anything!” And then carry on as if nothing happened. That is the kind of conduct I would typically expect from an Obama worshiper, not from a rational truth-loving conservative.

            If truth and facts are what Cain supporters are seeking I wholly support them. I hope they don’t become like the Obama worshipers and I don’t want them to. I would rather challenge them and create a stir than see the left’s specialty of mindless candidate worshiping be adopted on the right.

      1. hahaha, definitely not. I agree with about 30% of the statements in her posts, if that. She has no idea who I am though, I trust.

    1. “Have a nice life folks.”

      How funny your frustration at the fact that nobody here is taking you serious. Makes you feel very lonely doesn’t it?… lonely and sad. 🙂

    2. I have zero respect for you Jaynie59 because you want to hate Herman Cain. Do you know this man personally? I doubt it. You are so certain he is a liar and yet there is no solid proof of your claims. Some people are just a lost cause, usually those people are called liberals. Does the shoe fit? I think it does. Good luck with your hatefest.

  16. There’s no way Herman Cain is guilty of harassing these women. I saw him at a media event & was in the front row, dead center. I’m really hot – way hotter than these chics & he didn’t hit on me… So clearly he’s not a serial harasser. (total and complete sarcasm. i thought his presser was really well done)

    1. If you think Cain is finished you are admitting the enemy has won. Please think for yourself and stop listening to the liars in the national media. They are counting on lemmings like yourself to do their bidding. Cain is not out of it yet. People are awakening to the fact that the media is a bunch of liberal liars trying to manipilate them. Conservatives are not followers, we are leaders that think for ourselves and fight for what is right. To believe all the media circus crap about Cain is buying into their liberal agenda. Cain is a damn good man and a true conservative, I support him 100%. ^*(%@! The National Media LIARS!

  17. Scoop , will this be available to watch again ? ( Please !) I came in late , I think I missed most of it .

  18. None of the commentators on either side of the isle or mitt ‘wooden’ romney or rick perry couldn’t have handled this media firestorm. Kudos to the Herminator on a job well done. I will be contributing to his campaign.

  19. OOOOOH LIE DECTECTOR TEST . lets put this puppy to rest once and for all which ever way it turns out . Its PUT UP or SHUT UP time for all parties . over to you accusers you have been called out

    1. Lie detector tests are nowhere close to being conclusive. People have been innocent and the test says otherwise. Same way on the flip side, the guilty have been called innocent by such tests. Lets get back to basics here. It’s called innocent UNTIL proven guilty, and or ‘I am giving Herman Cain the benefit of the doubt’. We must not let the filthy corrupt media, liberals, or the repube establishment types get away with this smear campaign. Do not trust the media! They have proven that they will do anything to help their liberal chosen one. It is our choice not the media’s whether Mr. Cain is our candidate or not. I don’t believe any of it! Cain 2012!

        1. I’d liked to get Obama hooked up to a Lie detector. I’ve got a few questions for him. Not that the LSM would care!

  20. Ok, I’m confused. He said as he was watching the Sharon Bialek presser, that he didn’t know or recognise her or her name….. but what about seeing her at that Teaparty thingy a month ago?

      1. isn’t there a picture of cain with this lady on rightscoop posing with two other guys on the home page…i guess he must have forgotten this lady…

        1. Nope, there is not . That is someone else. I believe someone said it was the Jacobson lady.. It is not Bialek.

    1. Hey I saw you at Starbucks last month , don’t you remember?

      How many people do you think Herman Cain has met in the last 10 years..?

      How many enthusiastic supporters do you think have approached Cain at Events greeting him and shaking his hand, do you suppose he remember them all?

      How hard would it have been for Bialek to approach him at a Tea Party event? Not very imo…

      By the way , Bob Beckel is a idiotic TOOL.

    2. but what about seeing her at that Teaparty thingy a month ago?
      Just like every other person in his position, I’m sure he has met atleast a million people while campaigning , shook millions of hands, posed for pics, kissed babies, while people whisper things into his ear or take his pictures/video.
      The woman seems to be stalking Cain anyway .

    3. You’re not confused. Cain lied. Why he didn’t know the witness to their TeaCon “intense” conversation has been interviewed is anyone’s guess.

      1. You can’t be serious. Where did he lie? You’re taking the perception someone had who saw from a distance a brief, but perceived ‘intense’ conversation (what 20 seconds tops?) at a large conservative event where he probably met hundreds of people. And over the course of the entire campaign he met what THOUSANDS of people. In your eyes he’s supposed to recall this woman??? That’s insanity!

  21. cain was good…very convincing…those nra agreements should be released i am convinced there would be nothing in them…

  22. I hope the American people don’t let the press tell them who should be POTUS again. If they can do this to Cain, they can do this to anyone they want to do it to and they will, of course.

      1. Well, this is the tactic. Smear and drive out everyone they don’t like or are afraid of until we have only one choice: Romney.

        1. Really? Tell me something will ya? Are you willingly overlooking the fact that Herman Cain is a shameless liar, or don’t think he’s lying and are overlooking the fact that he’s borderline retarded?

          Because he’s one or the other.

          1. It’s far more likely he’s a dumbass than a liar. There is a level of detail I could go into, but it would be casting a broad brush, and it’s very politically incorrect. I still trust him to do what the conservative base wants him to do, far more than any of the other candidates.

      1. Tomorrow should be interesting as Amy Jacobson should be doing interviews telling viewers how she witnessed Cain hugging this lady.

          1. I agree, but from what Amy J said in her interview with Glenn Beck she said she witnessed Cain and this lady in a very tense discussion. From Amy’s statement it sounds like the 2 knew each other. Just curious on if Amy gets grilled about what she saw.

            1. Well she was observing something, she did not hear anything. Besides speaking into someone’s ear at an event, that was likely louder than normal is not all that unusual. As for looking “tense”, well that is a subjective statement, she needs to go further than it “looked tense” all she can truthfully say is that they met at this event, spoke a few words and posed for a picture (if they did pose for a pic) other than that she is doing nothing more than guessing.

            2. But Amy J said she had no idea what they were actually talking about, only that Cain was saying “uh huh” several times throughout their brief encounter. So how intense is “uh huh”. And how do people expect for Herman Cain to remember this lady’s face out of all the thousands of faces he’s see’s in just a week. This is ridiculous and sad. This is exactly why good people don’t run for office. And I’m not surprised at over these allegations and future allegations, they did the same thing to Sarah Palin, so it’s expected. But I do hope that the people are not fooled, becuz obviously for the GOP Establishment and The Left Mr. Herman Cain, much like Sarah, is a threat. Lastly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was an elaborate set-up to sabotage his candidacy. All they have are accusations, that’s it!!!

            3. I wasn’t there, but I know what happened :
              BuyALick : Hello , my name is Sharon
              Cain : Hi Sharon, nice to meet you
              BuyALick : Mr Cain, I am a [email protected]##p77$%52…Ywt x..
              Cain : It is loud in here, isn’t it ? Can you repeat that ?
              BuyALick into Cain’s ear : I’m soooooo hot
              Cain : UhOh
              BuyALick : I wanna T-bag you
              Cain : Huh ?
              BuyALick : You remember me ?
              Cain : Uhuh
              BuyALick : Yes or no ?
              Cain : Huh ?
              BuyALick : I get these hot shoes and my hair and nails done
              Cain : Whaaa ?
              BuyALick : I have a van if you wanna party
              Cain : Ho ?
              BuyALick : Here is my # call me for a good time
              Cain : Ugh Ugh Yuck

            4. Would a single word you typed be used in a court of law? Would any of your “observations of observations” be worth spit? Just curious.

        1. and stupid people will believe this Jacobson woman too !
          Afterall BuyALick was the only woman at that TEAcon, and she was the only woman who hugged Cain, if the hug happened at all.
          BTW , there must have been some cameras aimed at Cain at that event, time to check those pics

          1. I asked this earlier cheez. Why would she hug a guy that groped her?


            This entire thing is fodder for dummies and the willingly duped. Neither of which I think you are, unless you believe these strumpets 🙂

              1. According to those guys at the CBS affiliate radio station in Chicago, she could be the aggressor.

                1. If that is true ( and I see no reason to doubt it)
                  I hope all those men she has harassed for money ,
                  come out of the woodwork and start holding presscons with their lawyers .

      2. I like Glenn Beck, but honestly at some point I turn him off because I tend to drift into depression. Not that I disagree with what he says, but too much negativity is bad for the soul.

  23. Cain says he doesn’t know nor remember this lady, but he was seen with her and hugging her at a Tea Party event. I don’t get it.

    1. No doubt there are a host of things you “don’t get”. You could “git” though.

      How about that?

      1. How about what? Do you believe everything you’re told? C’mon you can’t be that naive or can you? It’s time to bring Amy Jacobson into the picture and I’m sure the media will get around to that tomorrow, since she is the one that says she witnessed Cain and this Lady talking and hugging. That being said, the problem I have is that since their is a witness to seeing Cain having some sort of relationship with this lady, but now says he has no clue who she is. Regardless if anything sexual happened, from I understand Cain is completely lying about not knowing who this lady is. This is just the beginning and no way will Cain come out and admit any of this b/c he has a marriage to protect. Unlike you Rshill, I don’t like liars and I want to know if the next potential President is pathalogical liar or NOT. I don’t vote for people just b/c they belong to my party, I vote for genuine people who give the Country the best chance to succeed.

        1. Herman Cain met her at a Tea Party event in Chicago. How many other people did he meet at that event? Does he remember all the people he met there? How many events did he attend on that day? How many events did he attend that week? How many people did he meet altogether? Does he remember every person he met at every event he attended?

          Do you remember every person at every event you ever attended? If not, why not? Doesn’t every single person at every event you ever attended stand out in your mind? Is there something wrong with you if they don’t?

          Does this mean he’s guilty? How do you come to that conclusion??

        2. Right! Now I just thought of something, the picture of Herman Cain w/ Sharon Bialek may not be current to the article putting Herman and Sharon at the same Teaparty event in Oct. Just sayin’.

    1. OMG !! That’s a joke , right? He beat them senseless with a frozen turkey and there’s no police report… just their word for it ????

  24. A Heavyweight…

    Cain comes out punchin’ without equivocation.


    I have written it before and here it is again… until the Cain haters understand that Cain is a good and decent man… and he can be trusted… about his work history and about his 9-9-9 Phase 1 FLAT Tax and transition to Phase 2 FAIR Tax.

    >> 999 – http://www.hermancain.com/999plan

    Cain is not a clinton
    Cain does not clintonize
    Cain does not hide behind a disguise … a lie
    Cain does not obfuscate
    Cain does not dissemble
    Cain’s red white and blue colors do not run
    Cain does not run


    America need a man like Herman Cain and his thoughtful vision about how to deal with the idiocy being perpetuated by the marxists who “occupy” America’s city streets and America’s White House.


  25. The only person that I really want to hear from is Mrs. Herman Cain. She is really the only one that counts. I am just tired of career politicians and low life lawyers telling me a US Patriot how to lead my life. This guy is accountable to his family and would be in my mind someone that could lead us, not lie to us like the current POTUS. We all need to get a grip. He is a good man

    1. She’ll probably come out for Thanksgiving time in a couple of weeks, I’m excited to meet her. From what I have seen of her she reminds me of my mom, cool, calm & collected lady : )

    1. The way Cain looked at my wife through that TV set last night, I knew exactly what he was thinking and what his motives were….it made me feel so uncomfortable. He is not fit to be the nominee. And Im a tea party Republican with no self interest…..and pigs fly.

  26. I saw an interesting op-ed the other day written by a “recovering” trial attorney. He clearly outlined out how easy it is to make accusations. The reason attorneys love to take these cases is they know a company will settle rather than go through the legal hassle. And of course, the attorney gets a portion of the settlement, even though it takes very little work on their part. He pointed out how EASY it is to accuse someone of sexual harassment, and how very difficult it is for the accused person to defend the accusations.

    Maybe if we had some serious tort reform (loser pays), companies would stop settling and fight back and we’d have some serious consequences for those making false claims.

    Based on what I’ve read so far of Bialek’s history, she certainly doesn’t seem credible to me. I look forward to seeing Mr. Cain’s press conference. I sure hope he comes out strong!

  27. At the risk of sounding like a naive blind follower, I don’t believe it. There are too many political angles to this. The debate that would change the standard was this weekend and may likely have been covered, but is not being covered due to this. The racist angle peppered (black man + white woman)* with overt messages “Cain should not be/is not qualified to be the POTUS”….. it looks like he is being set up for a haymaker, should he get the nomination. Once election time comes around, this slew of accusations will have softened the ground against him because the more accusations, the more believable it will be when another claim is made before the election, like an insurance policy. It started like a Perry attack, but it has left-wing hallmarks.

    *Yes, I realize the black man/white woman is not racists, but those on the other side (MSNBC- which according to Breitbart, work directly with left wing propagandists and the WH) think it will diminish support for Cain within the redneck, bible thumping, gun carrying racist conservative core…..if you hear them [MSNBC] say it, then that’s their intent.

    I’m fine now, removing my tin-foil hat.

  28. I am happy to hear Mr. Cain is going on the offensive. Time to shut this nonsense down. I also am still suspicious of the GOP being involved. They better not be.

    1. I want Cain to chase this to the ends of the earth to learn who did it – we can’t just let it go.

  29. Since when is the burden of proof on the ACCUSED, rather than on the ACCUSER?? Cain has every right to rebut the charges and challenge the credibility of the accuser. Don’t let the media and the Elite that want Cain to drop out of the top tier to fool you on this essential point. Cain has an absolute right to defend himself and call into question the credibility of a woman sponsored by Gloria Allred.

  30. After hearing the background on this woman, her previous false paternity suit, and her obvious attempt here at 15 min. of fame and / or book /reality show, Herman is still my man.

    In America it is fine to judge a man on hearsay but it is unquestionably NOT OK to judge a woman on her past or present behavior. Those that see this as appropriate are fools.

    1. I’d give you four more likes if I could.

      “In America it is fine to judge a man on hearsay but it is unquestionably NOT OK to judge a woman on her past or present behavior.”

      This is absolutely the finest line I’ve heard almost ever… can I use it?

    2. Yup. And I’ve heard people speculating that this is the end of Cain’s campaign. So…allegations of wrongdoing are the end?

      What about Bill Clinton? Everyone knew for a fact that he was a “playa” before he won the election! Yet, mere accusations are the end for Cain? Double standard, that.

  31. Mr. Cain, according,to Politico, told an ABC News / Yahoo interviewer that he does not remember THAT woman.

    A Chicago radio personality lady told Glenn Beck that she saw them hug at a Tea Party event in Chicago and the radio personality believes he is culpable.

    OOH! This just gets curiouser and curiouser, doesn’t it Alice?!?!?


      1. The point behind the hug is this (if you’re not sure):

        If what she said Cain did contained even a subatomic micro-speck of truth, she wouldn’t be hugging him last month would she?


    1. Almost as curious as this woman saying she doesn’t know David Axelrod when she lived on the same building and was party in a law suit for$3500 with him as well.

      You don’t have to peel the onion too far to see what is going on here

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