60 Minutes Preview – Ex-CIA chief defends waterboarding of KSM

I decided to pull the video for this down from the headlines. It’s really interesting to hear the Ex-CIA chief, the man who ordered the destruction of the waterboarding video tapes, discuss the waterboarding of KSM.

As interesting as it is, though, I have my suspicions about why CBS is bringing it up now, in a vital election season. We had this debate in 2008 and it looks like we are about to have it again:

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31 thoughts on “60 Minutes Preview – Ex-CIA chief defends waterboarding of KSM

  1. As Leslie says, “The United States doesn’t do this”, I too started to laugh. Amazing how people out here really think all we need to do is say we are sorry and everything is going to be alright. Their mind set is appalling. No wonder the left should stay away from governing people. Look how they punished Sandy Berger? I didn’t inhale! Nancy Pelosi, “Are you serious”. Okay, I’ve had my rant.

  2. what’s ironic is that these programs lead to the T&E of several jihadis, including bin laden. this program provided ammo for these idiots’ icon, obama. obama has wasted no time in using this targeting in his re-election campaign. he is truly a shameless human being.

  3. “Well we do.” The best answer I have heared from anyone about this subject.

    He should have gone on to say and we should.

  4. I am not against waterboarding per so but if the US of A would keep it’s nose out of the business of other countries, that would solve part of the problem.

    1. Drill for our own oil
    2. No trading, financial transactions, or political interventions with these rogue nations unless it is a direct threat to the US.
    3. Let places like Europe defend themselves

    The only reason other countries like Canada and Europe can afford to give their citizens free health care, short work weeks, long vacations and lots of wine breaks is because the US is risking and losing lives not to mention billions of dollars protecting the entire world with our military. Get a backbone and fight for your own freedom just like we did in the Revolutionary War.

    We bought black people as slaves (never should have done) and have been paying for it ever since including 600k soldiers who died in the Civil War to free them and they still aren’t happy. The biggest gift a person will ever have is freedom. Anything else you earn and fight for. The United States cannot save everyone especially places like the Middle East that do not want to be saved.

  5. His book, that clears up many of the lies spread by Mayer, Priest, Susskind is coming out on Monday

  6. The Al Qaeda manual clearly states, that as a jihadi, you can only give information to people if, and only if, you first undergo torture.

    I’m sorry, but there is simply no other way that allows them to talk to us unless they go through something people consider torture first. I mean, that is if they don’t want their entire family killed in a horrible manner.

    Water bordering, or at least the telling of the story … is a nicety we give to them. You know, so we don’t have to pull their fingernails out.

    1. So, the Obamacrats cling to the insistence that waterboarding is torture as a courtesy to Al Qaida?

      I might believe that for a nickel.

      1. I long ago gave up trying to figure out what the “Obamacrats” were doing.

        I am telling you why water bordering was necessary in those circumstances. And, why it isn’t the maniacal act many people try and say it is.

        In fact, I too, doubt it occurred as much as mentioned.

        1. I do not object to your intentions, only your logic. I think the debate is political not moral at all. Political between the liberals and conservatives. Not with Al Qaida. In other words, like you, I believe the Obamacrats simply dissemble on the topic.

            1. You don’t have to speak to anything. You chose to put your 2 cents out there. I chose to reply how your 2 cents makes no sense. Nothing too confusing about it.

                1. In your first comment:

                  1) You make the point we waterboard (apparently because it is kinder and gentler) as opposed to pulling out fingernails. That still equates waterboarding as torture, like pulling out fingernails is torture.

                  2) You make the point we talked publicly about waterboarding essentially admitting that we are torturers in order to give cover to Al Qaida prisoners, as some sort of “nicety,” but then you say remember folks, Americans do not really and truly do that kind of thing. Well, which is it we do torture or we don’t? Why would we ever say we do if we don’t? Oh, because then –

                  3) You make the point that as another apparent courtesy “we play by their rules” from a supposed “Al Qaida handbook of Jihad,” you seem to have read, in order “to protect them and their families.”

                  Pure Nonsense.

                  Waterboarding was an expedient method to induce rapid results in interrogation. We were dealing with the concerns that another 9/11 type of action was imminent. Any expedient method that induces rapid confession is sufficient for some people to believe the method must be torture. Many people, leftists, who btw no longer care how many Afghans or Pakis are maimed or killed by Obama, believed that Obamacrats were serious when they began accusing Bush of being a torturer. But, once they got into office, with the help of those leftists hoping for Bush to be prosecuted, Obamacrats naturally backed off from any further such talk because they got what they wanted from such talk, which was political power. The Obamacrats are merely duplicitous dissemblers, as I mentioned earlier. They will do whatever is expedient to gain the political upper hand. It’s as simple as that as explanation why Obamacrats began talking about waterboarding as torture.

                  You need to first re-read what you wrote and then re-read what I wrote. You clearly are not keeping up.

  7. Yep, we will see the MSM on full display to protect Obama.

    Governor Romney has no idea what he is in for. Brutal doesn’t even touch it.

  8. My kids (admittedly on a voluntary basis) get waterboarded every summer at Myrtle Waves. I did it only once and I thought I was going to drown, the water hydroplaned up and over my belly and chest right up my nose the entire way down the black tube, I ended up with my elbows horribly skinned because of all the flailing about I was doing the whole way through the slide. My kids come out laughing hysterically each time and at me because I was as much a girlyman as KSM.

      1. Nah. I too can laugh about it now. Which is why I’m certain KSM is snickering at all of those fools who believe he was tortured.

  9. The full interview may prove me wrong, but I am not buying that the terrorist was waterboarded 180 times +. In this video CBS’s Pelley says that, not the CIA man.

    But anyway so what? I don’t care that they waterboarded him or made him eat/drink Ensure after what that guy caused to happen. Spare me the terrorist sympathy crap.

    What would CBS have us do, pay KSM millions for his pain and suffering? (palm to face)

  10. His crime was over 10 years ago, why is this man still alive, no less still awaiting trial?

    His people bury people alive, hang, shoot and decapitate people in a heartbeat and without thinking twice. I’m not saying that we should be like that, but the liberals have moved us so far to the other end of the continuum that we look like cowards, fools and idiots.

  11. My only regret is that they did not hang KSM after they waterboarded him. We were facing imminent danger from these psychotic killers and any means possible of getting that inforation is fine with me. KSM is NOT an American citizen and had none of the legal rights American citizens have. So when we capture these foreign animals either overseas or even here, anything should really go when it comes to getting information from them. American citizens are a whole different matter, but when it comes to foreign terrorists, it should be open season on them.

  12. CBS is using this to help Maobama and villify the GOP. It’s really that simple…

    As we all know, the lamestream media is in Maobama’s pocket.

    1. Yikes! I hope they can avoid that big stick. Where does he keep that thing anyway?

      Hey, is that the media in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

      I just can’t seem to get peaved at anything today…can’t even get serious about anything…in a great mood. Maybe it’s because Spring is springing across the formerly frozen Michigan tundra. Robins are bop bop bobbin’, tiny leaves are spreading their carbon eating leaves, I’m a child of the Living God…and, and, and…weeeeeee!

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