60 Minutes: Unemployment is really bad

CBS’ “60 Minutes” does a fantastic job at exposing how bad unemployment really is and its very practical consequences. They even point out that the real unemployment rate is around 17% for the nation and over 22% in California, which is the part everyone seems to be talking about. But I want you to watch the entire segment because it is not only really good, but eye opening.

But I must say honestly, that watching it really pissed me off. I mean, the MSM can do such a good report on the problem of unemployment, but they continue to let Obama and his minions spout the lies over and over that it’s completely and totally the fault of the Bush administration, without even a hint of skepticism. Yeah, we know Republicans spent too much. But what about this administration? Obama gave us early on the way to measure how effective and successful his policies are, and now that we know that they aren’t working, by his own measure mind you, he and the administration are just claiming ‘stupid’, and this passes as an excuse with the MSM?!?! How much does the Obama administration have to spend before we finally decide to point the finger at Obama? How many people have to become unemployed before we start to realize he isn’t fixing the problem but making it far worse??

The other thing I felt after watching it was a rather stark wake up call that I need to continue to ensure that my ‘business’ is in order. I am very thankful that I still have a job, but that could disappear and I could be one of the 99ers before too long. So that was a good effect of the program.

Either way I am glad they did this, I would say it is definitely worth your time.

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