80 House Dems BEG Joe Biden to set Communist Cuba free from tough Trump sanctions

80 House Democrats have just written a letter begging Joe Biden to undo Trump’s ‘cruel sanctions’ and set the country free again:

NEWSMAX – Eighty House of Representatives Democrats have urged President Joe Biden to repeal Donald Trump’s “cruel” sanctions on Cuba and renew engagement, an early sign of support in Congress for easing the clamp-down on the Communist-run country.

In a Tuesday letter to Biden seen by Reuters they urged Biden to sign an executive order “without delay” to end restrictions on travel and remittances, noting that well over half of Cubans depend on the latter.

“With the stroke of a pen, you can assist struggling Cuban families and promote a more constructive approach,” they said.

The letter was led by lawmakers Bobby Rush, Gwen Moore, Barbara Lee, and Steve Cohen, long-time supporters of engagement with Cuba. Signers also included the leaders of the influential House of Representatives Foreign Affairs, Financial Services, and Appropriations committees.

These commie-loving dems don’t just want Biden to undo the sanctions, but want to make them a diplomatic partner again by restaffing our embassy in Cuba and removing them from the state sponsor of terror list:

The letter also urged Biden to restart diplomatic engagement on areas of mutual interest like health and security and restaff the U.S. embassy, which was reduced to skeletal staffing under Trump over still unexplained health incidents among U.S. diplomats in Havana.

It should also “reverse the recent politicized decision by the departing Trump Administration to add Cuba back to the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism,” the letter states.

Biden, a Democrat, vowed during his campaign to reverse policy shifts by the Republican Trump that “have inflicted harm on the Cuban people and done nothing to advance democracy and human rights.”

Trump’s tightening of the decades-old U.S. trade embargo on Cuba has had an impact on its ailing state-run economy, contributing to worsening shortages of food and medicine.

The Trump administration took more than 200 initiatives to tighten the decades-old U.S. trade embargo on Cuba over four years, citing concerns about a lack of democracy and Havana’s support for Venezuela’s socialist government.

‘Freedom’ was the point of Trump’s sanctions and those of prior administrations. The Cuban people are never going to rise up and remove their evil communist government, turning Cuba into a free state, if free countries like ours plays nice with them and let their communist government thrive, like Obama wanted to do. We must keep up the pressure and the hope that one day Cuba will be free.

I’m sure there are also grave national security concerns as well, with Communist Cuba being so close to the US.

But Democrats are fine with Cuba being communist because they are all sympathetic commie lovers themselves. They’d love for the US to have a socialist or communist government, with which they can force their will on the American people.

But unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look like Biden’s going to make a move on this any time soon:

A White House official dampened hopes for a quick Cuba policy shift in an interview with Reuters at the weekend, saying it was not currently among Biden’s top priorities, which include the coronavirus pandemic, economic recovery and rebuilding alliances abroad.

Asked about the prospects for loosening up remittances and easing restrictions on family trips, the White House official said: “The best ambassadors are the American people, specifically the Cuban-American people maybe coming in with remittances and travel.”

But the official declined to provide a timetable for such changes, saying: “Because, frankly, first things first.”

Biden is only pushing this off because he knows it’s politically dangerous for him make this an issue right now when the American people are still reeling from high unemployment caused by the heavy pandemic lockdowns.

And honestly, these Democrats should have made the same calculation. Republicans in the House should be blasting these Democrats every chance they get for putting their priorities on Communist Cuba instead of the American people.

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