Watch Mark Levin at Reagan Library

Mark Levin spoke tonight at the Reagan Foundation. You can watch it below:

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102 thoughts on “Watch Mark Levin at Reagan Library

  1. His knowledge of healthcare reform could not fill a thimble. Very typical, GOP did nothing about the healthcare crisis when they controlled congress for over 10 years until 2006, now they are complaining. This is why the GOP will lose another election in 2012.

  2. What this poor guy knows about healthcare reform could not fill a thimble. The GOP did nothing about the healthcare crisis when they controlled congress from the early 90’s to 2006. Now that it is finally getting fixed, they are complaining. Typical, and why they will lose another election in 2012. Don’t worry, after 8 years of Hilary starting in 2016, you might have a shot in 2024.

  3. I want to thank ‘The Right Scoop!’. I want to give special consideration for those who strive to evaluate and maintain our liberties and our history. Mark Levin has been able to discern, prepare and deliver such a comprehensive understanding of our heritage and the problems facing our Republic. He therefore deserves to hear from us who respect and praise his service. I also want to thank my friend Sarah Louise Palin, a ‘Freedom Fighter’ who has been given the heart of a servant. My hope is that all of the work and selfless dedication is not lost in the clutter of political deception and the desire to promote and even promulgate devious change to our country.
    Frank E. Vincent

  4. I beg to differ as the utopia Half of Liberal Elitist Academics will have a shot wrung out over their Bow from a force not to be reckoned with The Military American Veterans 23,860,000 strong. Mark Levin could have not explained it any better than he did at a very prime time place to do it. The Reagan Library! Our Day has Come!

  5. I beg to differ as the utopia half of Liberal elitist Academia will be hearing a loud shot over their Bow from a force not to be reckoned with 23-860,000 strong The Military Veteran population in America. Mark Levin could’nt have explained any better than he has done. also a prime time place to do it The Reagan Library

  6. Astoundingly clear picture of where America is today, and how we got here. Astoundingly clear picture of why we must win in November–or go over the edge into godless Liberalism. We cannot restore America with one election, but we can plug the hole, stop the flow of Liberalism, until we can enact measures that restore Liberty. But if we lose, this one election–because of where we are now–sets the course for the basic transformation of America, from Constitutional Conservative, to Anything Goes. Every American who wants to preserve our Constitution needs to hear this. It is a clarion call to war. To fight while fighting can be done. To save what we love.

    1. yes , i believe what you are saying . i just hope the people will open there ears . this is a must win in November for the right . i fear what could happen under this idiot .like you said it will ”PLUG A HOLE ” for now to let us have time to get back on track .i firmly believe that America is at a crossroad i’m praying that GOD will keep his hand on this country. Secular Humanism is in most if not all colleges and public schools. they have indoctrinated this philosophy into teachers , professors that the students are no good in society [liberal minded ] i firmly that is most of our problem, now bare in mind this way of teaching has been going for a long time . Its sad to observe young folks today now there are some who have escaped this , but most have ”swallowed ” the kool aid if i may .well just wanted to say a few things …….

  7. I’m not hiding anymore. I’m going to make like Paul Revere on the midnight ride. The first questioner presented my biggest question. The Republican candidates are not shouting loud enough about these issues at length. Thank you Mark Levin and others for arming me with the knowledge to spread the word. Thank you, thank you. God Bless the Constitution and God Bless America.

  8. I am not American, but I can concur that unless you win this next election, your military and economic power will not save you. Even if you win, you have to gain control of your media to sustain your victory. The implications of losing this next election, are that this generation will experience the renaming of your cities, demonizing or rewriting of your history, destruction of your liberties, having your safety and security placed into the hands of your enemies, uncertainty for your children’s future, etc.. We know this, because we’re living it. I am a Boer South African, and I have no problem with people looking at our 360 years of official settlement and judging us on anything we have done…wether good or bad. But that never happened, thanks to the “Liberal” Media. Now peoples who never owned the land lay claim to it all, and we are being quickly, and systematically disenfranchised. The sad thing is, that as I watched America pressuring us (especially from the 80’s onward) I had a sense that by helping to destroy our rights in southern Africa, America would one day forfeit their own. Justice relies on precedent…and tragically, you helped to create one that may yet render you incapable of saving yourselves. But there is still hope for you. You did not gain your liberties by negotiating. You fought tough battles to secure them — it wasn’t easy then, and I believe that it won’t be easy this time around.

  9. WE ARE where we are because,WE allowed ourselves to be. YES WE do live in the GREATEST COUNTRY EVER CREATED!!! OUT of the minds of men who had a vision,of which no one holds sacred anymore,AND THAT IS OUR FREEDOM! I was born a Conservative an American and a Mexican!!! But i am an AMERICAN THROUGH AND THROUGH I bleed Red White And Blue . And will no longer stand idly by and allow it,to HAPPEN TO OUR AMERICA. I am an athiest a male shovonist pig, my role model is my friend Mrs. Sarah Palin!!! http://[email protected]

  10. Mark expresses the truly Conservative point of view like no other! Thanks, RS, for posting this for all the world to read – and thanks to Palin posting on FB about this, too!

    1. He’s a moron to you, because he threatens to expose your socialist, marxist plans for our great country. If he is heard, YOU lose. Perhaps you are the moron, deer.

    2. Well, not all of us are given the wisdom and foresight to recognize genius and a great legal as well as historical mind (Levin’s), but maybe you’re just doomed to wander in the intellectual wilderness…

    3. Oh that was an intelligent statement. Your obviously a left wing national socialist bent on destroying the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 230+ years. Can you just imagine medical coverage on a national scale, run by the government. Letting them decide what kind of coverage you will need and can have, controling your medical treatment. ARE YOU CRAZY? ? ? ? For to support this you must be dilusional . . .Have you ever had to deal with the IRS, Social Security, etc . . .And you want more of this /? ? ?

  11. Mark Levin is speaking the truth: it is time for action in our neighborhood and local political arenas to enforce a change. We need to start off locally and work in the political arena, just doing so with a strong voice so we take America back. Strong and persistent.

  12. I proudly offer you a cyber {{{hug}}}. I have never been on the dark side, but I can imagine how liberating it must be to escape it’s stranglehold. Converts to conservatism are often our strongest allies, so I welcome you aboard.

  13. I like when Levin mentioned how many ex-liberals there were. About how it frees the mind, removes the hate and the jealousy. I’ve mentioned it before and I now have the attitude that I will help anyone and everyone I work with or deal with. I’m no longer envious of other people’s accomplishments because I have my own goals and I’m ticking off items as time goes on and adding more. Before I turned to conservatism, I don’t remember the last time I’ve been able to actually ADD items to my list of goals because there was now room.

    I also believe that the Democrat Party is fractured because of people leaving it, but that it is being covered up.

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  14. This must have come at just the right time for me. I think the loss of Andrew scared me more than I realized. This gave me an opportunity to cheer and clap loudly, and to also weep. I am frightened for my daughter’s future, but patriots like Mark give me hope.

  15. YES we will be fighting the AMERICAN REVOLUTION II for our freedom in November. The stakes have never been higher. The battle is being waged by The American Patriots vs The Washington SteAlers! The SteAler “untouchables” have sold us out to the Chicoms. Instead of cushiy retirements they should be tried for Treason and Grand Theft I believe they should be hung by their heals in their hometown square. Commiting future generations to bondage is unexcuseable. They have ALL violated their oath of office and (giving them our power of attorney) to cast our vote have NOT addressed the majoritys wishes!

  16. I must confess that I’m a Levinite. Mark is a lifelong conservative activist and, in my opinion, a genius. His message at the Reagan Library was truly a call to action.

  17. Mark Levin is truly brillant. I know I said that last night on this same thread… but it needs to be repeated. He’s just that great.

    1. Like a lot of us, he is watching it…

      …he’s watching it fade away.

      I recently began doing exercise again. It’s really, really hard to get going, especially if you don’t modify anything else in your lifestyle. Extra especially if it comes in a highball glass with ice.

      But once you get past the first few days, it’s amazingly easy to keep doing it.

  18. Hi folks! Last night at the Reagan Library was awesome! Mark Levin is a special man, which you all know. The conversation last night at dinner, after the lecture was sober. People are genuinely scared for this nation and motivated to take this country back.
    We are all Breitbart!!!!

  19. Well, that was just outstanding. So very enjoyable. Mark Levin is wonderful as per usual. Concise, relevent, informative and inspiring. Thank you. I shall buy his great book ‘Liberty and Tyranny’. No, really. Colonel Neville.

      1. Last I heard, Levin had only said that were the vote “today”, he would vote for Santorum. Perhaps only a fine distinction, but it was apparently important to Levin because he could as easily have called it an endorsement.

        Nobody’s perfect, and given the choices available, a Santorum endorsement does not at all damage Levin’s credibility. Mark may be today’s most significant contributor to the overall conservative discussion in America.

        1. You’re right
          I heard Levin talks about his faith in Santorum about being suitable etc.
          It was long before I knew the candidates
          and I start looking at the debats,
          Glenn Beck also prefer Santorum.
          So I began to recognize and be interested…..

  20. Thanks to The Right Scoop. Absolute excellence on your part for sharing that with all of us. Should be required screening for those in high school.

  21. This is O/T for this thread, but it’s kind of an echo of the ShePAC thread. I put it here as a followup folks are likely to see.

    The ShePAC video was a great recap of Maher but it was a hurried effort (a solid, well-made effort) that didn’t have time to dig a little deeper.

    Jim Treacher over at the Daily Caller has put together a much fuller retrospective (which includes some of what was in the Michelle Malkin post also) worth checking out. The list of nastiness toward women by the left deserves its own web-page, frankly.

    1. I find that ironic since Tucker Carlson owns that site and he said Palin was an MILF. I think everyone knows what that stands for.

      As for the vile comments left…..”Satan wanders to and fro seeking whom he can devour.” ‘Nuff said….I just stay as far away as I can from this type of darkness.

      1. Yeah, I stopped laughing at dark humor when I was a teenager. All it takes is meeting someone with challenges, or going through almost any life experience (job, military, loss of family member, etc) to realize that funny is like Bob Newhart, Bill Cosby, or Jeff Foxworthy. Guys like Maher are only funny to people who haven’t really gotten out of their Mom’s basement.

        1. Mind you, I do like a good dirty joke now and then. But not one that attacks a specific person.

      2. Well, I don’t know what MILF means and I guess, from what I have heard, I don’t want to know.

    2. Thanks for the link…that was great. At least the video might get a viewing from those with low attention spans for absorbing truth. The sickest attitude I find from the left is the smirky, wink-wink, response…”C’mon, you know she’s stupid…” therefore, because of their incredible intellectual superiority, conservative women are “asking for it.” Now there’s a pro-woman attitude eh?

  22. We have a plan. Its called the Constitution. We have a program, Its called Capitalism. We have an idea. its called Liberty.

    What they have is called “statism.” If they don’t want to join with us, then we’re not done Mr Levin. It will be time for the Commitees of Correspondence to call on the Sons of Liberty again.

    What are the words again? “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

    Virtue has not quite been extinguished yet. Personally, I’d rather die on my feet, than serve in the chains of the slavery of totalitarian government. As my ancestors in the Revolution also believed. So do I.

  23. That was a great speech. And I’m so pleased Mark was given the bust of Ronald Reagan. So very deserving. (It was great to get a little Levin fix too!)

  24. What an excellent way to spend a Friday night. Thank you, Scoop, for the opportunity. Levin is all I could ever hope for in an inspirational speaker.

        1. Exactly. I love listening to Mark on the way home from work . I crack up all the way through all the crazy drivers.

  25. Mark Levin is sooo much more than a radio host. He is a brillant man, as evidenced by this fireside chat tonight.

    More please.

  26. The last two days, I’ve been going through a Levin withdrawal…but so happy to hear him tonight.

    1. Sadly, based on our past discussions, I’m older than you ABC.

      GETTING OLD STINKS…but the alternative, isnt any better!

    1. yes darn it. I thougth it was because I was in the chat room, so I got out, and I still can’t get it. Scoop, will you be posting a replay later by any chance if you can? Thank you either way!

        1. I think I may have been screwing up the streaming. I found an open internet wireless at the Reagan Library and started using it for tweeting. Right after that I started seeing tweets about the bad video quality and realized I was using the FEEDS internet access! DOH! I disconnected and it seemed to get better.

          They really need to lock that stuff 🙂

    1. Thanks c4pfan – on page two there’s an October 2011 ‘Meet the Candidates’ interview with Newt. Nice.

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