Looking for clues on our progress

A Convention of the States – Tracking our progress

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s new book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #7 – Tracking our progress)

This week you’re getting thin gruel with no seconds. Also a whiny, “Now look what you made me do!” from me.

You see, while barack the Destroyer is rampaging through what’s left of the few remaining constitutional bonds holding together the wreckage of his increasingly misnamed “Administration,” many of us have already started working on the solution: We’re going to make the Convention for proposing Amendments a reality.

Some of you have let us know in these threads where you’ve already begun organizing. Some of you have had meetings and already scheduled more. Contacts have been reported, and people want to know who else to call. Some are hard at work and others are wondering how to start. We’re ready to work hard, but it would help if we knew which way to go. It would help if we had a way to make sure we can focus our efforts.

So I’ve knocked the rust off of my geek skills and put together the beginnings of exactly that. We’re going to start tracking our progress on the Article Five Process, and you are all welcome to join in the fun. And by “join in the fun,” I mean, “be dragooned into service and like it.” And yes, this means building another website.

Looking for clues on our progressThose of you already working on blogs, facebook pages, or websites focusing on this process need not be dismayed. The Article Five Process is not going to supplant your efforts. All we’re going to do is track the progress. This is one effort that is going to take many people pulling together teams, parties, and entire coalitions to get it done. So all of you still building websites, keep at it.

For the next few days I’m going to leave the new site sitting here.

You’ll see several features on the home page, and I’ll be adding more. This is to be an effort by TheRightScoop regulars and friends, and it will link relevant articles at TheRightScoop. One thing you’ll see is that we need people to step up and take charge of each state. There are over seven thousand sitting statehouse members in the various state legislatures, and we need people to let us know who they’ve spoken with, and what they said. Also, we’ll be adding ways for passers-by to find a representative they can call or write.

So pass the word: We need wranglers, regulars, and irregulars all.

Take a look at it. It’s in rough shape, but the features are there. We’ll have swag too. After all, we’ll need hats and tee shirts, and that will pay the hosting fees. This will be an open process, so it’s going to have some of the problems you get with Wikipedia. Only not as bad, because it’s much more tightly focused.

So take a look, and start thinking of how much of a challenge you want to accept. We’ll talk about it in the thread.

This is just the kind of hobby we’ll need to take us through another winter of discontent.


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