Looking for clues on our progress

A Convention of the States – Tracking our progress

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s new book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #7 – Tracking our progress)

This week you’re getting thin gruel with no seconds. Also a whiny, “Now look what you made me do!” from me.

You see, while barack the Destroyer is rampaging through what’s left of the few remaining constitutional bonds holding together the wreckage of his increasingly misnamed “Administration,” many of us have already started working on the solution: We’re going to make the Convention for proposing Amendments a reality.

Some of you have let us know in these threads where you’ve already begun organizing. Some of you have had meetings and already scheduled more. Contacts have been reported, and people want to know who else to call. Some are hard at work and others are wondering how to start. We’re ready to work hard, but it would help if we knew which way to go. It would help if we had a way to make sure we can focus our efforts.

So I’ve knocked the rust off of my geek skills and put together the beginnings of exactly that. We’re going to start tracking our progress on the Article Five Process, and you are all welcome to join in the fun. And by “join in the fun,” I mean, “be dragooned into service and like it.” And yes, this means building another website.

Looking for clues on our progressThose of you already working on blogs, facebook pages, or websites focusing on this process need not be dismayed. The Article Five Process is not going to supplant your efforts. All we’re going to do is track the progress. This is one effort that is going to take many people pulling together teams, parties, and entire coalitions to get it done. So all of you still building websites, keep at it.

For the next few days I’m going to leave the new site sitting here.

You’ll see several features on the home page, and I’ll be adding more. This is to be an effort by TheRightScoop regulars and friends, and it will link relevant articles at TheRightScoop. One thing you’ll see is that we need people to step up and take charge of each state. There are over seven thousand sitting statehouse members in the various state legislatures, and we need people to let us know who they’ve spoken with, and what they said. Also, we’ll be adding ways for passers-by to find a representative they can call or write.

So pass the word: We need wranglers, regulars, and irregulars all.

Take a look at it. It’s in rough shape, but the features are there. We’ll have swag too. After all, we’ll need hats and tee shirts, and that will pay the hosting fees. This will be an open process, so it’s going to have some of the problems you get with Wikipedia. Only not as bad, because it’s much more tightly focused.

So take a look, and start thinking of how much of a challenge you want to accept. We’ll talk about it in the thread.

This is just the kind of hobby we’ll need to take us through another winter of discontent.


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62 thoughts on “A Convention of the States – Tracking our progress

  1. Psst K-Bob . Looking to post comments on your new site but not yet?
    If I can do something to help let me know .

  2. How do I get hold of my State Committee for Article Five? Colorado is where I live and I want to help make this a reality.

    1. We’ll be adding that info as we go along, but at this point every state has a “.gov” website where you can find the numbers for your district’s representative. I think a good thing to do is just give that representative a call and let us know if he or she is on board. That’s hugely important.

      If you can get ten other neighbors and friends in your district to also call him, then that’s even better.

      I’ll add a “take action” page though that will guide folks through the process. We don’t need to pay lobbyists to do this for us. We just all need to contact our reps.

      1. And, I hope, you’re thinking through the Kenyan fraud’s threat to “shutdown sixteen states” and/or how he might respond to whatever you (we) do to thwart him. A psychotic break would be nice, but if it were to go awry, he might try to open the nuclear football. Ugh!

  3. The O-Care enrollment period has begun. If one or more Continuing Resolutions provide enough funds to support subsidies for a while, the system’s software and capacity problems seem to subside, and subsidies actually start flowing, O-Care will acquire ever stronger “armor,” and it will accelerate very quickly into its purpose, draining all private sector assets into the public sector(s), i.e. governments, entities, and institutions that try to please Obama (poor fools). How soon might the “Convention” yield tangible evidence of progress? Circulating draft documents could sow and nurture hope; press releases (later) could make the project plausible. I’d like very much to see a smoother start than O-Care’s.

  4. Hi Everyone!

    The leading Article V organization right now is the Convention of States Project. They already have statewide leadership in place in twelve states, and they’re working through more applicants every day. They’re the only Article V group with the experience and resources necessary to make this thing happen! They’re a project of Citizens for Self-Governance, whose founder, Mark Meckler, is the former co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. The head of the COS Project is Michael Farris, a constitutional litigator who has over 30 years of political experience.

    If we want to make a Convention of States a reality, we’ve got to stand together.

    K-Bob, please email me at [email protected]. I’d love to tell you more about what the COS Project is doing.

    1. Thanks! It would help folks if you can provide some info with links here, though. I’d also be interested in your analysis of their draft Resolution.

  5. Dear Right Scoop and fellow posters, I support a States Convention to ammend our US Constitution so as to reign in this leviathan of a federal government.
    All of the liberty ammendments proposed by Mark Levin seem to be very reasonable to me and maybe at these States Conventions someone will see a need to tweak them in one way or another without completely changing them.
    However, I do see a need for an additional liberty ammendment which should be proposed and I think it is bewildering that Mark Levin didn’t propose it.
    Namely a liberty ammendment should be proposed to repeal the Ammendment to the Constitution which instituted the Income Tax and in turn led to the creation of the IRS and the abuses we now see and this proposed Liberty ammendment would likewise abolish the IRS and should also propose replacing the Income Tax with either a Fair or a Flat tax in addition to abolishing the IRS.
    In fact, such a proposed ammendment at the States Constitutional Convention should actually state that.
    Liberty Ammendment 12:
    “The ammendment instituting the Income Tax is hereby repealed and the Internal Revenue Service is abolished.”
    “The Income Tax is hereby replaced by either a Fair Tax or a Flat Tax to be decided upon by a vote of the States and Congress with the President having authority to break a tie vote and the decided upon tax is to be administered by the Treasury Department.”
    I guess that would be proposed Liberty Ammendment 12 since Mark Levin has proposed 11 Liberty Ammendments. What do you all think?
    John Craven
    New Orleans

    1. Dear John,
      This is not intended as a put down. If it feels like one, please accept my sincere apology. To “reign” is to rule as a sovereign, kings and queens being the most likely to come to mind. To “rein in” is to control and retain something like a horse or a child (no matter how old the “child” may be). Misusing the four letter “rein” seldom causes any confusion, but misusing the five letter “reign” can (for example) indicate that you’ve suddenly broken from one subject to a new one, probably one having to do with politics. This is no Big deal, but

      Sincerely, John Hafterson

      1. Thanks for the correction, Mr. Hafterson.
        I meant to say rein and not reign. Yet we are dealing with an imperial regime so maybe it was a “Freudian slip” on my part but in dealing with Nero Obama maybe it was also a “fraudian slip” since he is beyond a doubt the most corrupt and detestable occupant of the White House EVER! As a wonderful lady caller to Rush’s show said today “he has NO HONOR!”
        John Craven
        New Orleans

        1. Thank *you*. I don’t often spend time on spelling or grammar, but as you say, we have a federal executive branch unlike any ever seen before, and there are those few words and sentence structures that can degrade communication. Minor fixes for minor slips are usually easy.

          John Hafterson
          Rosemount, MN

          1. Thanks again, Mr. Hafterson.
            We are dealing with people who have no honor or shame or conscience. I think they are completely evil.
            John Craven
            New Orleans

            1. Your thinking on Obie and company is right on. Unfortunately, Glenn Beck has just revealed that *Republican Progressives* held FreedomWorks for a short time last fall, and it took months to get what can only be most of the traitors out. Will they run far enough, or will we one day have to try them for treason?

              1. Grumpa37, I only heard bits and pieces of Beck’s “expose'” of something that happened at FreedomWorks with the Karl Rove Progressives taking it over but I wasn’t able to hear it all. So I’m not up to speed on this situation but it seems from what you are saying is that the good guys have gotten back in control of FreedomWorks. If that is so than I’m happy to hear it.
                John Craven
                New Orleans

                1. If the good guys have “triumphed,” I’m at least as happy as you. Beck tried to sound as upbeat as he could; maybe as if the good guys have won a skirmish, but (maybe) not even a significant battle?

                  I don’t recall hearing the three words, “Karl Rove Progressives” together in the revelation of trouble, so I guess I only suspect him, and would like to hear more. This is about where I am with many of our “Rs”. Certainly the longer they’ve been in the federal government, the redder the flag on them. And, the more they pontificate, the more I sneer & snarl. I’d accept a senate of Cruz, Lee, and [Rand] Paul over the whole hundred, given how many are really in one party.

                  John Hafterson

                2. Mr. Hafterson, I have no idea if the “good guys” have “triumphed” in this matter either. I can only hope that the good guys have done something good. Time alone will tell.

                  It’s more than doing what Reagan said of the Soviets “trust but verify”. We have to go behind enemy lines and scout out the terrain and be prepared for the worst and hope for the best and be ready at all times to take the fight to the big government blood suckers in both parties.

                  John Craven
                  New Orleans

                3. Very well said. One thing we need to do away from Obie’s exchanges is to speak truth to healthy young people. Once enlightened, they *should* stay away or leave the exchanges in droves; too little funding, too little O-Care to do much harm.

                  John Hafterson

  6. Read the actual petition itself. This is the first paragraph:

    I/We the Undersigned, citizens of the United States, do hereby Petition and Request the Legislature of my state to adopt a Joint or Concuent Resolution from each House of this Legislature, Without Undue Delay, for Application to the Congress of the United States for the Calling of A CONVENTION FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROPOSING AMENDMENTS of Discrete Parts of the United States Constitution as may be deemed Desirable and Necessary by the People of the United States through their Delegates convened at said Convention, and thereupon to Submit Proposed Amendments voted upon at said Convention to Each of the States of the Union for Approval and Ratification by three-fourths thereof, all as Provided by Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

    1. I just went based on what I saw on home page. It repeatedly calls for Constitutional convention. even if they don’t mean it they shouldn’t use the words. It is in no way that. A well informed person would not write that. I’m sure they are good people, but it’s misinforming folks.

  7. I scanned down lower on their page and it says Convention for proposing Amendments. It would be good if they cleaned up the language. We must be very precise in what we expect.

    1. Ok I didn’t see that I just read the beginning few lines. And it states it over and over again. It no biggie many many ppl mistakenly use those terms but we need clarity for success

  8. What a mammoth undertaking………..but it will be so worth the effort!!
    Let’s get going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Outstanding work!

    It’s far past time that We the People neuter these political parasites power and control over the will of the American People. Like a parent taking away their toys and sending them to their rooms, to put it in simple terms and point of view.

    But in so stating, to emphasize the absolute serious nature of this situation, and the daunting task that lays before us- if we do not take this step now, and ensure
    it’s completed objective to return power and control back into the hands of the
    People, then we will forever lose our Republic, our Freedom and Liberty.

    The growing numbers of indoctrinated anti-American leftist people within this Nation will soon overwhelm the forces of good, aka We the Patriotic American People who believe in Individual Freedom and Liberty, Limited govt., and forcing elected representatives to be responsive to the will of We the American People.

    To understate the serious clear and present danger nature of being an Independent Constitutional Republic Nation of Free people too far gone, is not underestimating the severe consequences of the current situation of this all too powerful unconstitutional authoritarian out of control Obama regime govt, imposing it’s will over the will of We the American People, and is imperative that we understand this point if we fail to accomplish our mission goal.

    Of course, this is exactly what they, the anti-American liberal establishment /
    Obama and his Democrat party wants- ie; it’s their end goal agenda objective-
    The internal fiscal, financial, economic, social, political, and military collapse of America.

    It is not for the western civilized man to be conquered & enslaved by the evils
    of tyranny, whether Fascist Nazism, Liberal Fascism, Socialist Marxist-Leninist
    Communism, Islamist Fascism, or any other tyrannical type of authoritarian evil
    in the world, but to be Free from it. That means calling what it is, fighting it and all who support it, whether outside enemy forces, or the enemy from within.

    “Let us be sure that those who come after will say… we did everything that could be done.

    You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.

    Freedom … must be fought for, protected, and handed on for [our children] to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it was once like where men were free.

    We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind … and … if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record … that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening.”
    ~US President Ronald Wilson Reagan~

    1. Amen, brother!

      Glenn Beck’s show today was something that would cause mass hysteria and panic only a few short years ago. You don’t need a tinfoil hat to understand the open tyranny happening here. Frankly, if barack isn’t arrested soon we could well end up with a Fourth Reich here. His lawlessness must be stopped.

      And we have to do it by following the law. Otherwise we become yet another mob looking to wrest control from the oligarchs in power.

    2. I like your parents analogy. I’ve thought the same myself: the States are the parents in this constitutional system we have. They created this federal government, and it is time the States get their offspring back under control, rather than having the three impudent branches of the federal government dictating to the States, along with the 4th branch of government, the bureaucracy, an odd-child incestuously spawned, not by the States but by two of the other branches. Like children who expect their parents to pay for everything, the federal government also passes the bill to the States to have them pay for what it wants in the form of unfunded mandates. The States are the grown-ups here and need to take charge of the mess they gave birth to and have allowed to get out of control.

  10. How do we start? Just some random thoughts here that I’d like to throw out for speculation. I’m not claiming that this is the way to proceed. I’m just thinking out loud more than anything else.

    How can I envision this getting started? Well first off, we need to recognize that there are three macro steps to this process. The first step is the convening of an article 5 convention. The second step is the submission of amendments from that convention, and the third, of course, is the ratification of said amendments by 3/4 of the state legislatures.

    My sense is that this whole process is likely to proceed more quickly and yield the desired outcome, if the result of the convention is all but certain at the time it is convened (i.e. all the parties involved – the states attending, and the voters of those states – already know before hand what amendments will be proposed and submitted at the convention) , with the convention itself being essentially just a formality . This, in my opinion, will take away some of the uncertainty about the process, in the minds of many of the state legislators. They will have a clearer idea about what they are voting for and are more likely to go along. Politicians in general, tend to dislike uncertainty.

    On the individual state level, how do we proceed? Perhaps at the beginning, we focus on a handful of deep red states. It may not be clear yet which states these might be, but hopefully it will become obvious as we move on. Once these vanguard states are identified, a push is made to get them to pass state legislation that creates a state board for the pursuit of an article 5 convention. This would be a comittee with a chairman and a budget, sanctioned by the state legislatures. Their purpose would be to promote and eventually convene an article 5 convention, by communicating with other states. Each of these state committees would essentially have a charter which outlines the amendments that their delegation is authorized to approve.

    As an example, imagine the Texas state legislature has created such a committe and has voted to give their delegation the authority to vote yes on term limits, repeal of the 17th amendment, and a balanced budget amendment. The committe would be tasked with finding the best way to move this process forward. As such, they would be authorized to communicate with other state commitees, eventually culminating when they are able to achieve a coalition of enough states to convene a convention.

    I have more thoughts on this, that I’d like to throw out later, but already this is getting a bit long. Your comments are welcomed.

    1. While I’m still beating on code, I’d appreciate folks looking into a few proposed resolutions that have been posted in these discussions.

      Essentially, some smart folks have already been working on the text of a sample Resolution from a state legislature necessary to “apply” to Congress to call for the Convention.

      I forget who pasted the text into the comments in an earlier discussion, but it needs to be:
      A) Tracked down and reviewed by people who understand what we’re trying to do
      B) If someone can look into the folks who proposed the text and get some background (the reality is, we need to watch out for proposed text from guys like “K-Bob from Louisville” — or wherever he’s from, and find something from a group of experienced legal minded folks with resumes that indicate legitimacy).

      If a few folks here do that “vetting” and digging, then I can confidently make it a part of the “proposed actions” at the Article Five Process site.

      So then what you wrote in paragraph four will also contain the tools necessary to get it done.

      Essentially, if we all have such a common text to work form, we can send it around to the legislators, and let them know it’s been thoroughly reviewed as a recommendation of our (hmm. I don’t want to call it an organization… this is crowdsourcing by like-minded people) (group?). Once we’ve been through a few rounds of this, we can have something set up so that anyone passing by the site with some time on their hands can take action on their own—and then give us feedback from their efforts.

      In that respect, it’s like a laboratory for action, where using a loose organizational approach, the data gets built up over time and curated by folks who have shown willingness and ability to do the work.

      Many hands make light the work or ending the tyranny of “the lightworker”

      1. Finally I’m in!

        Great job kbob
        K, I’m not sure if you got the message to visit Article V caucus .com .they have a list of state reps open to Article v convention.

        I want to help. Let me know what I can do.
        I’m following the Convention of States (.com) method.

        It’s important to decide if you want to go single issue way or single subject way. COS supports “subject” and I agree this is the way to go. They explain why very well on their site. I recommend a visit.

        Also it is imperative ALL petitions are identical or the don’t count and this is a numbers game.

        People have been at this for years. I’ve found so many sites and group. So we have lots of support out there for the idea. Stay positive and let’s make it happen!

          1. I was trying to figure out how that works.

            Where does the tag go? Around the text that I want hyperlinked? After?

      2. Hi, K-Bob. I’ve had the opportunity to work for an organization called the Convention of States Project. We have a model application that was developed by Michael Farris and Prof. Rob Natelson. Prof. Natelson is one of the leading Article V scholars in the country. Please email me at [email protected]. I’d love to tell you more about what we’re doing.

  11. Outstanding, I am truly happy to see that we the people are actually starting to make it happen !!

    “I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”
    ~ US President Ronald Wilson Reagan~

    “The Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it.”
    ~ Elmer Davis~

      1. The post below yours has a link for the Convention of States website. Can you tell me the difference between what you are currently setting up on the new site – and what they have proposed? I’ve read through their entire site and it seems as though the goal is the same, so clarification would be appreciated.

        1. Those folks are more focused on the specifics we are asking the legislators to do. They have some smart people working on draft documents that legislators can put forth in their committees to get the ball rolling legislatively. They also have a team focused on communications, organization, and other activities.

          The Article Five Process site is just to track the successes so people can see how we’re doing. It’s basically raw data.

          We can’t just send one or two groups some money and sit back and let them work. And it won’t help to have one Tea Party in each state doing this. We ALL need to get active. That’s what we’re trying to encourage.

  12. Excellent. We MUST do this before any violent uprising is justified. I like it. Now let’s get to work gang.

  13. I should point out some roles here.

    A state “wrangler” is really just in charge of the information that gets posted to the database for that state. You don’t have to organize a big meeting and get volunteers. It’s a data collection and curative process. Also some “vetting” of things.

    I’ll be adding buttons where anyone who looks at the data for their state can see for example that, “Hey, looks like representative so-and-so hasn’t been called yet. I’ll call him!” Then they call the guy and let us know. The state wrangler would be responsible for updating the data affected. We’ll have simple tools for that.

    Once in a while someone will need to call the reps who are claimed to be “on board,” and verify. So it’s mostly like running a website: thankless work you can do in you pajamas.

    Alternatively, some with more energy can organize meetings and canvass statehouse members every once in a while. They would report on their findings.

    Or people can do it all via letters and telephone. We’ll show you how.

    We’ll have logins for folks to do some of these things. (That’s the wikipedia-ish aspect.)

    Anyway, folks willing to tackle these chores have a week or two to think about it before committing to anything. But definitely pass the word. I’ll have to operate from email at first, but we’ll get the forms working online fairly quickly, now that the database has been set up, and the basic map connections worked out.

    The map, by the way, will also reflect how we’re doing. So folks will be able to tell at a glace which states are closest to passing the appropriate resolutions. What you see now is pretty simple, but the behind-the-scenes stuff (and the backend server work) is all coming together nicely. The part you see is mostly decoration and information. It’s been a major effort, but we’re rolling, and we hain’t a’stoppin’ for nobody, nohow.

      1. Let me get the login system up and running and we can exchange that info then. Right now I have to pound on code while I have a tiny window.

        Meanwhile anything you can think of to help track this stuff, just add it to the comments in brainstorming fashion.

        I know I need logins for some folks, but probably not everyone. Also, as despicablelowlives pointed out, we should probably add a petition tracking set of data.

        So each petition originator could have a login to update the progress on theirs. We need to flood these legislatures with many petitions. So that’s a good area to track.

        I’m rambling. Need my monthly nap, I guess.

          1. We’ve got a database team on it (It’s actually a proprietary platform sitting on top of MySQL). I’ve been affiliated with a few web services for a while now (family line of business), and am already carrying that load. So what I need help with is planning the slow, rollout-with-constant-updates. Stuff like wrangler’s tasks (and what forms I’ll need for that), what info I need to be tracking, and of course, people to volunteer to vet the state data for their state (or adopt another state).

            Looking at the state details page, you can see I need to fill in a few items. Only several thousand. But I also need a conceptual model that gets the most out of having the database.

            I just plan the results and what forms I need, and the db guru makes it happen.

  14. I just sent this information to our tea party leaders and others freedom and liberty groups across the nation.
    thank you for what your doing.

    1. Thanks, tr! I hope to have the nameservers pointing to the new url soon, so the current location, well, …while it looks like Camelot, it’s only a model.

      I also have to roll the site over from “staging” to “live” and get some administrative stuff out of the way. Including logins for the volunteers.

      Also, I’m doing all the crappy graphics myself, so if anyone is really good at that (and I mean people who really understand design), we can use volunteers to make the place look nice.

      (I mean, all of the graphics for these discussions here at Scoop’s was done by me, and we don’t want more of that!)

      1. I’m sure once American’s get more familiar with the Articile 5 plan it will be a huge motivator for people to get involved to help in anyway they can.
        I’m certain the freedom groups will be one of the first to join.
        I’m getting lots of disrespectful replies on other sites about obamacare, not that I mind, now, all I tell them is make the call to sign up for ACA find out whose right or wrong then let me know. I also talk with cashiers and other people in shops at the malls, grocery stores, mini marts, drug stores, some have gotten the letter about their premiums going up.

        So with Obamas help and the letters being sent out by insurance providers Shouldn’t take very long before the uninformed realize they been snookered.

  15. THANK YOU (!!) for moving this along. I wish I were younger, had more energy and time, and resources to do more than just contact my state representatives. I have already offered to be engaged in some capacity at the state level, but cannot take on a leadership role at this time. But I’m glad this is receiving the attention it’s due; and I hope some of the young Turks in our ranks will carry this forward as a very real revolution in relationship between We The People and the American government.

    1. Draft the kids! They’ll have to see it through, anyway. We’ll probably all be safely dead by the time our task is completed. As a really nice, liberal friend of mine says, “Young men plant flowers, old men plant trees.”

  16. I am thankful for this new site (as well as for The Right Scoop…this has become my “go to” site for news…very well done!). I am looking forward to seeing all of the progress being made around the country to take control back.

    You are right…Obama is a wrecking ball and he’s not even trying to hide it anymore. He is a petulant child throwing a grand tantrum, expecting not to be held accountable for all the damage his actions are producing. It’s a shameful display and we, the people, can no longer allow it.

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