‘PRAY for GRIDLOCK’: Ron Johnson DESTROYS Klain, Dems over ‘high class’ inflation idiocy & more.

“Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems,” “said former Obama econ guy Jason Furman in a tweet that got roasted so bad the burning smell set off volcano alarms in 12 countries. More importantly, WH chief of staff Ron Klain was all in on the idiotic comment and got flayed along with Furman. But the destruction isn’t over yet.

These are important democrats, one is basically RUNNING the Biden presidency, and this is what they ACTUALLY THINK.

A few days ago Bill Hemmer confronted Furrie over the stupidity of calling INFLATION a “high class problem.” Furby’s answer was a mishmash of mush trying to claim that the economic problems hurting families are proof the economy is GREAT.

We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would instead have had a much worse problem. He tried this yes but no in two “points” that were back-to-back.

“One is, inflation is real. Inflation is creating a problem for families, and we should do something about it.” He said. Okay so people are hurting because skyrocketing prices are bad, mmkay? Now say more.

“Number two, the reason we have this inflation is actually a good reason: that the unemployment rate has come down, that families got money, and people are buying more things than ever before.” Ohhh so inflation is GOOD because it means … people are … buying the … more expensive … because they are spending more … but wait aren’t they spending more because it all costs more … wait WHAT DUDE?

This morning Maria Bartiromo brought it up with Sen. Ron Johnson. This is the full interview. Start at the beginning. It builds up to TOTAL DESCTRUCTION as they go all the way to the first break. “THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT” he says about every bad thing in America. And he’s right.

“Don’t elect people that want to fundamentally transform America,” says Johnson. That’s right.

“We need to sweep democrats from power in the November 2022 election so we can stop this madness.”

Yes yes yes yes yes.

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