A Moment Of Earthquake Zen: Vin Scully Is Unshakeable

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck the Los Angeles area last night, hitting right during the Angels-Dodgers game. Listen to the sound of man for whom nothing short of baseball can interrupt baseball.

Deadspin reminds us about the video that went viral a few weeks ago showing a very different quake reaction as two news anchors were left quaking in their boots.

That’s why I’m nominating Scully as the next Republican press secretary. He’ll talk the liberals right through the pain.

Consider this an Open Thread.

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33 thoughts on “A Moment Of Earthquake Zen: Vin Scully Is Unshakeable

  1. Al Michaels called the game during the big SF quake. He ended up doing reporter duty for hours afterward. It was amazing.

  2. I was living in the San Jose area when the quake hit during the ’89 World Series I’d been in earthquakes in Morocco and the Philippines before that, so not my first rodeo, but that one was the worst. Thankfully, I was home on my couch getting ready to watch the game. The Series was being called the “Battle of the Bay” leading up to it–by the following morning the “Rattle of the Bay” tshirts had already hit the streets.

    1. Hmmm… You were in Morocco during an earthquake. You were in the Philippines during an earthquake. And you were in San Jose during an earthquake. Tell me you didn’t visit LA yesterday.

      It seems like either you are following the earthquakes OR they are following you. Don’t take this wrong, but let me know if you’re coming to Illinois anytime soon. We have that pesky New Madrid fault here that SO FAR has remained dormant.

      1. Nope, haven’t been back to CA since 2006. Very familiar with the New Madrid fault and it has not always been dormant.(Dad is from MO) It’s not widely discussed, but if that thing blows, the whole center of the US could be devastated. There were 4 7.2-8.1 quakes in a 3 month period from Dec. 1811-Feb 1812. Not nearly the population then as now. It’s a matter of time. I was little when we were in Morocco, but Mom said the piano was rolling across the wood floors in the villa where we lived. The ensuing tsunami completely wiped out Agadir. One of the guys in the tower at the US AFB called my dad to tell him that the lights all went out in Agadir. (Dad was off that night) Over 12,000 killed, another 12,000 never found. The city was built on cliffs overlooking the ocean. There are some pictures on the internet, as well


        pictures from the 1970 PI quake.


        1. Cool pics. Soooo, 1960, then 1970, then 1989. By my reckoning (being the math geek I am) that’s 10 years, then 20 years, and next is 30 years – sooo, we don’t have to worry about where you are until 2019, give or take 5 years (wait, that’s 2014! — DO NOT GO TO CALIFORNIA THIS YEAR).

          As for the New Madrid, it forced the Mississippi to actually flow backwards. So, yeah, it’s dormant now, but it’s a big one.

          1. Pray it isn’t so. My daughter is still in San Jose. She was a wreck for years after the 89 quake.

            The New Madrid actually changed the course of the Mississippi, as well.

            1. Yes, I will pray for your daughter’s safety. I truly feel the big one is going to center far south of that this time around.

              If it happens, I suspect up in San Jose she’ll feel a strong one, but NOT the big one. However, south of LA? – they may not be so lucky.

              1. So does Jim Berkland, the earthquake guru. He’s very worried, particularly with the new moon and the blood moon coming up.

                She won’t feel a thing in San Jose if it hits around LA, but anywhere in the SF Bay Area, she will.

  3. La Habra is just East of Whittier where we had a 5.1 quake in 87. That one on occurred on a fault and caused major damage. Pretty scary. But having been born and raised in LA, we ride them out like Vinny did. No big deal!

  4. Heck with that. I’d rather live in Kansas with the tornadoes. At least you can take cover for those. An earthquake finds you no matter where you go, unless you’re on a plane at the moment it happens….but you can’t live on a plane.

          1. Lol, you’re pulling wit out of your a** (and I mean that as a compliment). Funny.

            Try as they might, they have a better chance of avoiding earthquakes.

  5. Most of the quakes around LA are in the 2-2.5 range (and they are quite regular). After the 4.4 last week and now the 5.1 yesterday (I understand anything less than 5 is considered nominal, at the worst), I wonder if the big one isn’t getting ready to pop.

    Time to start buying that ocean-front property in Nevada.

    1. Very wise observation – when you have two above normal quakes in a region where earthquakes occur often in a span of a week, everyone should be prepared for a much larger quake. It may not happen, but it’s foolish to ignore the possibility based on history of earthquakes.

    2. I’m wondering the same thing. We had a 4.5 or so in the middle of the night in Aug 1989 and it rattled everyone in the apt. complex out into the courtyard! Everything in my upstairs closet hit the floor, as well as all the crap on my vanity. 2 months later on Oct. 17, we were slammed by the 7.1 Loma Prieta quake

      1. Sometimes all these little ones are a good thing. The reason we get ‘the big one’ is because those tectonic plates have built up so much pressure that it snaps to relieve it.

        If the little ones relieve the pressure enough, they’re okay. But if the pressure just keeps building, then I pray for the safety of all who live there (and that’s a lot of people).

        Seeing two different tremors at the elevated levels within a week, with the smaller ones continuing around them is not a good sign.


  6. My favorite Vin Scully was when he was giving a run-down on the status of various players. The last one he mentioned he said was “day-to-day.”

    Then there was a pause … and then he said, “Aren’t we all?”

    1. Vinny is a treasure! A few years ago he was voted the “most trusted man in LA” I agree with that!

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