A MUST-WATCH as Peter Navarro details coordinated Democratic CESSPOOL of fraud, bribery, & ABUSE in 2020 vote

Peter Navarro’s groundbreaking report on the 2020 election was referenced by Trump on Twitter in the wee hours of Saturday morning. And on Saturday evening, Navarro appeared on Fox News to break it all down, with the help of Jesse Watters, in a stunning and yet easy to understand way. (Video below.)

“You get to the bottom of this granularity and it jumps out at you: Coordinated Democrat strategy. Stuff the ballot box with often dubious, illegal, mail-in and absentee ballots,” said Navarro. “Every state kind of stole it differently.”

In the interview, Navarro goes through a crazy list ways Democrats interfered with the vote, including instances of outright bribery, buying of votes, unverified voters… “It’s a cesspool,” said Navarro.

But there’s really no reason for me to break it down again. Watch this. It’s fantastic.

“This is about a lot more than fraud, per se,” says Navarro, explaining there are so many pieces including pushing the envelope within the law, or using state legislatures to violate a state’s own laws.

What really gets me is the change in the “tide.”

It took a huge patchwork of a thousand different INTENTIONAL ways the Democrats worked together (and with cover from the media, by the way) to make sure that THEY determined the outcome, not the voters.


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