A PDS moment – brought to you by the Joy Behar Show

via NewsBusters. You’d think Bristol Palin was the spawn of Satan the way that Joy Behar and guests went after her – and she didn’t even win first place on DWTS! Sandra Bernhard, the so called comedian even referred to Bristol as a hooker because she was on ABC’s the view the next day. How freakin’ rude! And then she went on to berate Bristol over the type of shoes she wore, saying that that somehow conflicts with her being a spokesperson for abstinence. Wow. We all know the double standards here, so I won’t even go down that road. Rebecca Dana from the Daily Beast said Bristol didn’t work hard enough because she was wearing ‘keds’. Are you serious? It was evident in her dancing how hard she worked. I’ve watched people dance for years, and some have it and some don’t. But just because they aren’t the best doesn’t negate how hard they work.

The hate coming from these girls in this segment is so unbecoming a decent human being. The next thing you know they’ll be saying that Trig Palin didn’t work hard enough to overcome his Down Syndrome. Yes, that’s how much they hate Sarah Palin.

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27 thoughts on “A PDS moment – brought to you by the Joy Behar Show

  1. Wow… these are intelligent and compassionate liberals? Oh my, the shoes Bristol wore? I bet Joy and her little friends must giggle all day passing notes in their 6th grade class school.

  2. What class these women show, attacking a young woman. This is how women are going to get equality. “Geo-politics” Obama said there were 58 states.

  3. The panelist gal with a mouth like a sea bass would do herself a favor by keeping it closed. You guys just can’t help yourself, can you? You have to run your mouths about all things Palin, and think that it serves a productive purpose. You embarrass me as an adult with your children diatribe. Get a life…

  4. They sound ridiculous. They are so immature, it’s hard to watch. Honestly, when high school girls do this its out of jealousy. It drives them crazy that people love the Palins – mom & daughter are beautiful, sweet, articulate, kind & fun – everything these women are NOT!!! No wonder they are jealous!

  5. I wasn’t going to spend my time, but glad I did. Actually the nastier quotes attributed at large to “Joy” were spoken by that negative, incredibly ugly Sandra person, and the balance of the other remarks, like picking on her by inferring she was not working at the dance by wearing “keds” were uttered by the other people on the panel, not JB. This is great example of why Glenn says Get your own info and my best teacheres said get it from the source on your own.

  6. Behar is a joke. She pretends to hate Palin for substantial reasons, but 97.6% of the time she talks about trivial crap like Bristol on DWTS.

    I’d love to defend Palin against these mean spirited, shallow witches, but I can’t find anything good to say about Palin either. I wish Palin would say something smart or Behar would criticize her for something legit so I can pick a side. Right now I just write them all off as adding absolutely nothing to the public discourse.

    1. WSJ Editorial page editor Paul Gigot said Gov. Palin “has demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of monetary policy” in this Opinion Journal Video broadcast November 9, 2010. Columnist Daniel Henninger harkened back to Gov. Palin’s first Washington Speakers Bureau speech delivered in Hong Kong, in which “she correctly analyzed the causes of the financial crisis, the government causes, including easy credit from the Fed. This is a consistent message for her. This speech is not something out of the blue.”


  7. Catty and crass hate monkeys ripping into a 20 year old. Real mature, right… I’d expect that from junior high school kids, but not from grown women.

  8. I’m sure Bristol applied for this. Give me a break! They wanted her because she made them more money than Joy Behar or any of her lowlife friends could ever pull off.

  9. Wow, just so mean spirited. How do these people live with themselves in spewing such hate? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder…

  10. Joy(less) Behar is pushing to be censored. Not only is she obnoxious in her political statements, which she thinks are humorous, but she can’t stand competition. If you watch shows when she has another comic on, you will see her jump on punchlines or one-up the joke so she looks good. She doesn’t succeed with Whoopie, because Whoopie will ignore her when she does it. Sherrie has sometimes gotten back at her for it. The fun ones are when Elizabeth scores and Joy can’t think of a comeback before the commercial.

    1. It’s not their fault, the ugliness from within just seems to creep out to sometimes horrifying effects. It’s why cosmetic surgery was invented.

    2. Ugly women often lack self esteem and confidence and are suppressed emotionally. They end up joining clubs and political organizations of like people. After a lifetime of blaming others and making excuses for their emotional shortcomings they find their therapy in politics. The problem is that they have nobody who is emotionally stable to guide them.

  11. One does not have to be a member of the House of Reps to be Speaker of the House. I think the Republicans should make Sarah Palin Speaker for the Day and really watch the simple minded lefties go NUTS! That would be fun.

    1. The irony of calling DWTS crap is her saying Chelsea is too smart to watch DWTS .. ironic SHE is watching it with that opinion of the show 😉 Is she calling herself and the others sitting there stupid? lol.

  12. I saw this show and it was disgusting. Joyless Bayhore attacks Sarah Palin and Bristol every chance she gets. Sandra Bonehead is even worse. How could someone with a mouth big enough to stick 3 ears of corn in it at the same time make fun of anyone? Bayhore is the only show that keeps PARKER SPITZER from finishing in last place.

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