A reminder of who we are and who they are: The Forgotten Man by Jon McNaughton

If you haven’t seen this video yet. You should. Its that good.


H/t Army_Pilot1967

Consider this an open thread.

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111 thoughts on “A reminder of who we are and who they are: The Forgotten Man by Jon McNaughton

  1. One picture is worth a thousand words. Excellent!
    There’s a change coming in this country, I don’t know that I’ll live to see it but it’s coming, none the less. With the election of Barack Obama, the pendulum of blatant liberalism has swung to the left just about as far as it can go. The majority of this country is neither far left, nor far right and as the effects of far left liberalism (like Obamacare, for instance), begin to dawn on the majority, things will change. 😉

  2. He has a terrific hand and wonderful eye for capturing a large part of this nation’s sentiment.

  3. Mr. McNaughton’s work is simply awesome.

    I’ll be purchasing a print or two for my home office.

  4. Unfortunately, we all have liberal relatives lurking around us at every turn. Well….I took care of that…I bought this painting…a nice size one too, and it is hanging right in front of the dinner table. Now, any time a liberal family member decides to come and break bread, they are constantly reminded how Obama is throwing our money away, trampling the Constitution and destroying the American entrepreneurial spirit with his job-killing legislation and regulations. He has replaced that spirit and pride of self-worth with cradle to grave socialism. Yes….I remind them of the sad state of affairs our country is in and I don’t have to say a word….Jon McNaughton does all the talking. 🙂

  5. It was very moving watching this again. Thanks for the reminder Scoop.

    As for the change in Disqus – ah well, at least we get to read each other’s thoughts still. Of course I like the “old” way, but this seems to happen with everything on the computer these days.

    Only my Linux listens to me when I cry… 😉

  6. I’m not sure if anyone will read this – it’s buried down at 83 (at present).

    Just a quick observation over comments about Rand Paul saying the GOP needs to be more tolerant.

    After reading the comments, I think we’re doomed. Just like the last Presidential election, we needed every single vote – every one of them. We knew there would be some voter fraud… maybe alot. We knew the media was going to beat Romney up unmercifully… they did. We knew blacks would stupidly and overwhelmingly vote for a black man – unqualified as he was (even though he is a monster)… because he’s black and gives away free stuff. And we knew there would some dissention in the ranks… and man, was there!

    So, here we go. Four points.

    1) Libertarians are fanatical about Ron and Rand Paul. I won’t get into details too much about their platform but again, after reading the comments from the earlier post, I think it’s safe to say that Republicans think Liberarians are crazy. I think many Conservatives do to – even though they’re not too far off on many key points. And Libertarians strongly believe they are the conservative ones… that they are the most fundamental and freedom-loving – some of that rubs others the wrong way (gay marriage, legalized pot, foreign policy, etc.). However, Libertarians are also the most organized by far outside the Republican party and they’re ready to flex their muscles again in 2016 (if not sooner). Most Libertarians won’t vote for anyone other than a Libertarian candidate (Ron Paul, Gary? Johnson, etc.). Rand Paul may be the closest they get to a Libertarian presidential candidate in 2016… but already, many Conservatives are bristliing at Rand’s voting record and some of his actions and statements. And Republicans probably won’t like the uber conservative Rand either. Result? Division. Evidence? I doubt most Libertarians voted for Romney (who was a very sucky candidate) – even though he was much better than Obama. So many may have just stayed home that day… same for many conservatives.

    2) Conservatives are a little all over the board – especially when we start talking about social issues. There’s a strong religious component to many Conservatives… Libertarians may not be as religious – at least not to the same degree based on some of their platform allowances (freedoms)… which spells trouble. Many Conservatives don’t trust Libertarians for many reasons – some of which are very valid. Couple that with the seriously bad behavior of many “Paulbots” (as many refer to them) and you again have division and some animosity. Conservatives are passionate about the Constitution (like Libertarians) and want reasonable things that we had in the past (long ago): Constitutional conservatism, limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual soverignity, free market, a strong national defense, and many are strongly against the homosexual infestation and indoctrination that is overwhelming our nation – not to mention the constant influx of illegal aliens. But we (yes, I consider myself a Conservative) are hyper-sensitive to almost every little thing (thanks Glenn Beck). So, if a person we favor votes on something in the wrong way, or if that person has one or more questionable comments – if they even lean slightly away from Constitutional principles… many of us are done with that candidate (see Rubio, Rand, Ryan, and a few others). So, again, we have division… it appears the Republicans are loving on Rubio. Some Conservatives like Rand Paul and I bet Libertarians love him. And Many Conservatives are loving on Ted Cruz and Allen West. So, we are setting ourselves up for the next primary where we verbally tear each other limb-from-limb over this blog as we try to position our candidate in the front over the other ones (Santorum vs. Newt vs. Ron vs. Romney). And then the damned Democrats will swoop in again and pick the carcass of the nominee apart – usually in a dishonest and mud-slinging way.

    3) Then we have the Republicans. I consider these folks: “low-information voters” for the most part. These people are usually blind to the corruption and the moderate candidates who are paraded in front of them over the T.V. and they inevitably vote down the party line. These people view Conservatives and especially Libertarians as “extreme” and too far to the right. Republicans can stomach the likes of John McCain, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, on and on… loser after loser. The rest of us can’t and won’t anymore. We’ve had it with milquetoast … we are sick of skim milk and we want cream – and we deserve it. So… division (again).
    So let me sum this up before my fourth point. Libertarians are very conservative but a little too loose for many people’s tastes on freedoms and some policies. Conservatives love their country and God and don’t trust Libertarians… nor do they often all agree on some of the same position(s). Republicans are out there on the hill, grazing with cow-like indifference, waiting for Boehner and McConnell (who they probably trust) to push the next poser before them, so they can vote Republican – no matter what.
    So, we can’t all agree and as a result, our numbers will not be the maximum they need to be for our 2016 candidate – we’ll split off in our own directions… secret believing we’re right. We’re doomed. We refuse to come together… and we simply may not be able to due to our beliefs, standards, principles, stubborness, etc. Unless we get the perfect Ronald Reagan-like candidate (Ted Cruz?) – but that’s not likely to be enough anymore… as evidenced by our rabid division even on this excellent blog, where most of us share the same ideals.
    Which brings me to the 4th point and the nail in the coffin:
    4) Hillary Clinton. She’s beloved for some sick reason by the maniacs on the left. She’s almost as crazy as Obama and possibly just as far left. She’ll have her “card” to play against the “woman-hating” Republicans when the stuff starts to hit the fan. She’ll have four years to prepare and campaign. She has the money. She’s also (grotesquely) teflon as evidenced by White Water, Bill, and Benghazi. The media is already covering for her and they are already in the tank for her – just ask Chris Matthews. I could go on and on… you all know she is a very serious and very real threat. How many brain dead morons out there want to brag about how they voted for the first woman to be President of the United States? How many people think that a man fighting a woman is okay and fair or gentlemanly (assuming our candidate is a man)? How many people will be enticed by her continuation of all the candy that Obama showered the moochers with? Need I go on?
    We can’t even get our crap together and unify under one flag. Does anyone see the Democrats divided in the same way? Will they be confused if someone other than Hillary runs? It won’t even be a fair fight – she’ll crush her opposition within her party. Then like a dog in heat, she’ll go after the candidate on the right with some of the worst smear ads and lies you’ve ever seen. Bank on it.
    I wish I had the answer to this seemingly insurmountable dilemma… but I don’t. There are many reasons I will have a hard time voting for Rubio or Rand or someone other than my candidate (Ted Cruz or Allen West). And I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your choice. But hey… it’s still early… things can change. Maybe it’ll be a blessing if the Lord returns and takes us away from this nightmare before it gets worse.
    We have to get our stuff together… because right now, we suck. We don’t have our act together. We have no momentum (well, maybe the Libertarians do – but they don’t currently have sufficiant numbers to pose a serious threat). If any band of my brothers doesn’t show in 2016 again… we’re hosed. Literally and figuratively. And America will be done. We must find common ground and we must get a candidate who is clearly the RIGHT one.
    Until that happens… we must pray. HARD!!!

    1. Everything you said is correct but not as dire as you think. The GOP will be just fine….that is not our problem. Our problem is Obama and Boehner. Obama has a horseshoe up his hiney…I mean this man gets a break on every turn. There is no way we could have received a worse Speaker than Boehner…Obama lucked out AGAIN. See…Boehner has done NADA about stopping Santa these last two years and it doesn’t look like he will the next two. When Bush left office, he was spending 2.8 Trillion with a revenue of 2.5 Trillion. Obama has been spending… what…about 3.7 Trillion every single year for four years and revenues as low as 2.1 Trillion? If we don’t stop the Dems from handing out candy….we will never win. Where were a lot of the GOP in 2012 that came out for McCain and Palin? A few stayed home because they were not enthused over Romney but MOST of them were at home ENJOYING their Obama candy. Are we so vain to think that part of the GOP are not tapping into those tempting social programs that Boehner REFUSES to SHUT down! So we close the government…we might lose elections you say? WE will lose elections for sure if we DON’T shut it down to radically reduce Obama’s spending. (BTW: Dems and RINOS keep saying if we reduce spending…we will retard growth….check out the roaring twenties and see who was responsible for that and how they did it. We had just come out of a depression right after WWI. Google it.) Obama did not let the 2008 crisis go to waste…he played it perfectly and got re-elected by spending SIX TRILLION DOLLARS on his donors and 51% of the voters. Hillary will get elected the same way….and she needs to send a BIG SLOPPY THANK-YOU kiss to John Boehner because he is making it all happen for them. Didn’t Boehner just buck his conservative caucus in the House and pass a big fat beautiful CR for “Dear Leader”? We shouldn’t be asking how to stop Obama…we should be asking how do we stop Boehner?

  7. I would have expected Wilson, Carter, and Willy Jefferson to be laughing and clapping in this portrait.

  8. The Obamanation painting and video on Youtube are also excellent. McNaughton is a gifted artist and a patriot.

  9. To my many new friends here at The Right Scoop: please forgive my anger and rage at Disqus for this horrible “upgrade.” I don’t blame Scoop; Disqus has decided to kill off many of the features we all enjoyed.

    Wolfie has it 100% on the money. Same with Duckie and 911Infidel.

    In the last half-year or so I’ve become a Disqus aficionado. A blessing and a curse.

    I used my Safari browser on my Mac and began bookmarking Disqus sites. 2 folders were created: Crummy UI and Enhanced UI (User Interface). Inside of Enhanced went American Thinker, Zilla, Breitbart, several others. A much larger folder had the “Crummy” ones: NewsBusters, Daily Caller, too many to list here.

    I strongly prefer the **older, superior** UI.

    If Disqus is trying to spin this as “progress” or a newer, better UI, I’d strongly disagree. The other version is far better. I need only look at the 2 folders of bookmarks, good and bad, a total of about 70 sites(!!), and the choice seems clear.

    Maybe I’m a dreamer and an optimist, but I pray it *may* be possible to “go back” to the previous look and feel, the prior UI. If not, oh well, so be it.

    I deeply regret if I’ve been full of negativity, but I cannot deny what my heart says, and what my eyes see.

    I’ll be away from my screen for a while, but will re-join this thread in less than 3 hours. I’ll be eating dinner while sobbing convulsively as I ponder the new Disqus here.

      1. Thank you badbadlibs. I’ve dried my tear-drenched, soggy cheeks. Trying to compose myself. Sniff, sniff . . .

        The comment tally is showing just a small # of new posts since I stepped away. Just a theory, but the joy over the new Pope is probably generating more fireworks.

        I’ll read some of the new items here, and return for more musings.

        1. It’s been a stinky evening for me too. All my family here hates this and some are threatening to leave. 🙁 That makes me more sad than any crap our government is throwing at us right now. I have only kept my sanity these past 2 years because of this family and this crap new format is tearing it apart.
          OK my rant is done. I complained to disqus, know Scoop has most likely had his fill of folks complaining to him so I’ll just sit here and keep doing what I do every day, talk to my friends even if it’s harder to do.

          1. I’m staying, yikes! That probably doesn’t bring any comfort, but I bet once people get use to this new format it will all get sorted out.
            And those who are leaving will just miss YOU too much! 🙂

          2. You are the best, DuckieFriend!

            Your big heart and generous spirit will always bring me back here, even if I despise the new Disqus with every fiber in my body!

      1. So true, FreeManWalking. Just as Orwell warned us in “1984,” the Conformity seen in the new Disqus is repugnant. Much of the personality, spirit, soul, and spunk has been stripped away.

        It goes beyond the dumbed-down display of “Likes,” although that’s an obvious flaw that has generated much angst already.

        Clicking on our avatars reveals a vastly different view, much worse in many ways. Killed off is the ultra-informative Profile > Communities. As a work-around, this is still visible thru the Disqus Dashboard, which I would strongly encourage all to explore, if you have not done so. Unlike the previous Disqus, when every post allowed this view, now one is required to follow a fellow patriot to see this in the Dashboard.

        I must grudgingly admit one improvement in the new Disqus: clicking avatars in a thread will reveal the # of Followers and the # Following. For many people, this can be 0 and 0. I’d suggest that’s a wasted opportunity.

        The new Disqus allows you to click on my avatar, and see my over-the-top tally of 45 patriots I am now following.

        Of course I’m just a small fry when compared to my buddy, Wolfie! I tease him that he should collect his prize from Disqus: following more than 130 people; yeow!

        I hold my head high as one of his loyal 21 followers! 😉

        1. I thought I would reply from the original thread using the email link, but I can’t sign in with my discus acct it isn’t available. So one more reply Freedom Fighter. All the post are missing on Scoop now, and the link doesn’t take me back to the original thread. I tried to make a comment on another post and it doesn’t even sign me in as Discus and there isn’t a Discus Option. So I will probably be like my friend Rshill7 and ride off into the sunset.
          Have a good day, FMW

      1. Seems encouraging, Is_Sense_Common; I hope the survey results get thru to the key people at Disqus.

        The cynic in me hopes it does not just generate a digital file which sits unread in someone’s Inbox. Or a pile of paper sitting in a folder. I know, I shouldn’t be so suspicious.

        I have done a bit of posting in some of the Disqus forums. It no longer shows in my Profile > Communities view on my Disqus activity, since it was a while back. Small #’s that age too far are simply dropped out of view. Adding a few new posts can help to “resurrect” a dormant, non-visible Community. These are venues where I’m quite certain that Disqus is listening, since you can see their employees posting on the thread.

        However we get the message thru, I do hope the Disqus team will look at the outpouring of negative feedback. I’m not sure if they can bring back some of the older features which are so widely enjoyed by us. Let’s hope so.

        In the meantime, I’ll probably continue with my recent postings on




        in addition to this fine site. All of the first 3 continue to stay with the old, superior flavor of Disqus. Call me a traditionalist: I stand before you, guilty as charged! 😉

        I will continue to visit here, partly to honor my promise to Duckie. I’m in a transition, though, as I seek out the right mix of sites. In recent days I was getting closer to a good mix, but the Disqus “upgrade” here has added much turmoil to the mix.

        If this Disqus topic remains relevant in the next fews days, I’ll follow along and share when I can. We can learn from each other.

        OK, signing off for the night. Weariness is setting in. Thank you to so many wonderful people here at The Right Scoop! 🙂

        Fond Regards,

    1. Been reading for 10 minutes and it is killing my eyes and giving me a headache… Got take a break already. Oh well I guess I’ll be getting other things more tangible done since this new UI is affecting me…

      1. I’m sad to hear it, ClockWindingDown, but it makes sense.

        Your browser should allow for a larger font. Changing your screen resolution (bigger pixels) can also reduce squinting.

        Some experimenting may be called for to find the right balance.

  10. I provided very negative feedback to Disqus regarding their forced downgrade.
    P.S. Hussein may be the first president to actually want to see America collapse, but he wasn’t the first to step on the Constitution.

  11. Here is a link to the Imprimis article we read this morning in our Homeschool Economics class, we being my 14 year old son and myself. The title of the article is “The Legacy of the 1936 Election” by Amity Shlaes. It’s worth your time to read and reflect on the thoughts given regarding “The Forgotten Man” as described then (1936) and now (2007 when the Imprimis article was written).

    To those homeschool parents reading, our curriculum is by Notgrass, titled Exploring Economics. I highly recommend all their courses. Biblically sound, historically backed lessons for all ages.

  12. I must have missed this one…Apparently in the frenzied Dorner manhunt, LAPD mistook two newspaper delivery women for Dorner and rained 102 rounds into their pickup truck.
    – The eight officers managed to injure one of the women.
    – LAPD promised them a new trick and reneged.
    – A Ford dealer donated a new $33K F150 4wd
    – They women were told they would have to pay income tax on the $33Kand said no thanks

    Unbelievable that the women are alive. But 102 rounds!? No wonder big sis buys ammo by the billions.


    1. Yeah I heard about that, probably because I live in the area.. F’d up.. and yup lucky to be alive.

  13. This is a huge step *backwards* for Disqus. You can’t tell which comments you liked. (The like button being ghosted) You can’t even tell who liked what comment. It’s harder to tell which are the new and which are the existing comments as well. Damn Disqus anyway! They’ve actually made the service WORSE!! 🙁 My enjoyment of reading and posting comments on this site will suffer. I’m angry at Disqus and sad for TRS. Later.

    1. I agree with you. Too many people think newer is better, but nothing we can do. Even tho Disqus is much worse TRS is still the best site to get the news you can’t find on LSM. Just use it for the news.

              1. It is kind of chicken scratchy.
                Like the words are almost fading right in front of you.
                And the gadgets are cryptic.
                and the separators aren’t separating enough.

    2. We are now in the age of “If it ain’t broke, fix it till it is.” HAHAHA
      I guess Disqus’t’ works on the same philosophy as our government.

      1. As an engineer, I worked for major companies that engineers hired were expected to go out and find new ways of doing something. Often, even if something was working well, a new engineer would go out and come out with a plan of improvement that when implemented turned out to be a disaster.

    1. Me too. Most of the web that uses disqus is in this format and it’s difficult to discern. I was hoping TRS wouldn’t get co-opted.

        1. It is still way better than livefyre which is what Fox Nation uses.I hated it and haven’t been back there since they changed it,among other reasons.

        2. Hurts my eye’s, harder to see what is going on, disqus really blew it with the new format. Must be microsoft type stooges, always changing what works until it doesn’t and people don’t like it…

            1. “I miss not knowing who “likes” us. That came in handy for more than just ego!”

              Agreed, that was a very useful tool!

              1. It gave you an idea what page posters are on. If you saw a “like” to a liberal lunatic, then you knew what you were up against.

                1. Sheesh…even the email version sucks. Use to be it at least took you directly to the post.
                  Disqus must be an arm of the democrat party….if it’s fine, then break it.

                2. i keep accidentally disliking posts. If there was a button to dislike the new disqus, I would push it on purpose. 🙂

                3. I’m beginning to think it’s their way to ruin the momentum the Conservatives have with the internet. If they can make us hate it & not want to chat with each other, then they win…

                4. Hmmm…you may have a point. Well, they can just get over their badselves, it’s not going to work!

          1. Run by liberals …what did you expect. “Hey, we got some improvements whether you want them or not”

        3. My kindle fire and the new disqus apparantly do not like one another. It has taken me 2 hours to figure out how to reply. I could get a box to reply but the keyboard would come up. Grrr! It’s all okay now! 🙂

            1. I try not to be a complainer but I am going to as well. This was a very unwelcome surprise.

  14. As a homeschool parent I have re-learned so many things along our journey. The Forgotten Man, believe it or not, was our lesson today, seriously! It’s really quite sad to see where the POTUS is leading our country. He is following in the footsteps of FDR and it’s sad and frightening at the same time. Breaks my heart to think that the America I grew up in won’t be the same America my son grows up in, unless we do something about it. Rise up!

  15. I struggle to find one recognizable face in that painting that did have a hand in forging soft chains of slavery which Hussein Obama snaps shut.

    Mr. McNaugton I hope, will paint the face of new revolution coming.

  16. I like this version of DISQUS comments, you can see when someone replies to your post. The thing I don’t like is, you can’t tell who liked your post, or disliked your post in this version.

    1. You get to vote up or down in this version. I just voted you up. So you get a “1” under your comment. I like the old version better.

            1. One way to complain would be to switch to another commenting software and tell Disqus to go to hell.

  17. I’ve seen this, but watched it again anyway because it is so powerful.

    My only niggle with the painter now is that he’s made BHO look less haughty and imperial as he really is. He – and we – didn’t know how truly awful this POS would become.

    I pray daily that we all be freed of this man, accepting that His Will alone governs, and that we must endure.

    1. obo hasn’t surprised me one bit….

      But the American2012 Voters have surprised me very much.

  18. 911Infidel, thanks so much for posting this brilliant video of Jon McNaughton’s painting and narrative – brilliant.

      1. I have seen the painting but never the video. Thank you for sharing the video. I was in tears. That is the most powerful painting of this generation in my opinion. This man has a gift. The emotions and thoughts on Madison’s face alone as he reaches toward the Constitution have left me in tears. It as if he were in the room with me. I feel the exact same way. Not to mention how he captures the rest. Brilliance.

  19. Mr. McNaugton is a genius. I would like Mr. McNaughton to paint a picture representing millions of people/hands pulling on a door in the darkness with a brilliant light (freedom/liberty) shining on the other side of the door that we are all trying to keep the door from closing on.

    1. God helps those who helps themselves.

      If you have not done so, read (or listen to) The Federalist Papers, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Ameritopia, Men in Black (Levin), Conscience of a Conservative, etc….know your stuff.

      Go exercise your Second Amendment Right, stock up on Ammo. Practice- and stand by.

      Either we will set this government straight through the ballot, or we will throw them out of power by force.

      That’s what our Founders wanted for us and what we should want for ourselves.

      The test is simple: either your support the Constitution not as defined by activist judges, but by the intentions of the Founders OR YOU DO NOT!

      Give me liberty or give me death!

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