Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan speak truth on covid lies and WITCH HUNT, Media crying about it of course

Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan took a victory lap over the tyrannical covid regime failing to break them, and some broads are pretty weepy about it.

I used these two tweets for the video embed because the summaries are great. They are speaking truth about the covid witch hunt, and point out how invasive it was. The government overreach here is just insane. Fauci stooges coming to locker rooms to enforce his will? What the hell country is this?

The media is crying about it, especially the Mediaite NeverTrump nannystate ninny that Mark Levin talks about sometimes. Sarah Buttf or something, who actually used her own fingers to type this sentence in an “article” she expects people to take seriously: “The two college dropouts found a lot of common ground in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience posted Saturday, with host Rogan interviewing one of the most prominent NFL players to refuse to get vaccinated.”

This is the very moment that the words “cry moar” were created for.

There were plenty more whiners out there. It’s not just sour grapes, it’s deep shame in what they did to the rest of us.

They don’t know it, but there will be a reckoning for the Covid Inquisition. Fauci isn’t getting away with his attack on democracy.


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