ABC edited out Sarah Palin’s mention of Mark Levin’s book

Mark Levin said tonight on his show that when Sarah Palin was asked by Barbara Walters what she reads, among the others she mentioned was that she reads Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin’s book. According to Mark, they edited that out:

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17 thoughts on “ABC edited out Sarah Palin’s mention of Mark Levin’s book

  1. Every American should read M.LEVIN’s LIBERTY AND TYRANNY never mind it should be REQUIRED reading for all who live in the spheres of WESTERN CIVILIZATION to wake us all up to the EVIL that lies within all FREE LOVING NATIONS !

    1. No. Everyone should read the Bible first. Then Goldwater’s Conscious of a Conservative. Levin’s book is just a rehash of what has already been written and written better.

      Neal Boortz is much better anyways.

  2. Palin has an opportunity here to use the Walters interview to validate every complaint she has with the mainstream media. That one, short interview contains the proof that no network news personality (journalist) can be truthful when it comes to Palin.

    They edited her answer.
    Walters promoted the interview by ridiculing Palin.
    Palin haters have ridiculed her for reading C.S Lewis and Newsmax.

    If I were Palin I would write a Facebook post on the interview. Explain what they edited out, explain how Walters has slanted the interview in her promotion of it, detail the media ridicule of her mention os Lewis and Newsmax. Then write a list of everything she’s read in the last week and NEVER give another taped interview again.

  3. And Matthews and Richard Wolffe were giggling the other day on Sarah’s reading list based on the BaBa interview.

    1. “Wolffe seems to think it is clever to mock Palin reading a “children’s author,” while disrespecting one of the greatest authors in literature. Yes, C.S. Lewis is most famous among the pop culture crowd with the movies and sudden ressurgance of The Chronicles of Narnia, which happens to be an allegorical tale of Jesus Christ, who became a human being, and gave His life to save undeserving human beings from the penalty of sin. (Richard Wolffe seems to be in the same boat as Liam Neeson when it comes to not understanding C.S. Lewis’ Christian tales.)

      Lewis is also a well-accomplished Christian author who writes novels of human nature in some adult fictional work and essays on Christian faith.”

  4. Palin really should learn from what other Executives do when doing an interview with the media. ALWAYS BRING YOUR OWN VIDEO TAPE RECORDER. So that if the media decided to put something in wrong context, you got proof

  5. L & T is THE defining conservative book of our generation imo. First thing the book has going for it is that Levin is quite a wordsmith. Second he’s detailed in his facts and research. Third he puts up extremely cogent arguments rather than the old cliche yada yada conservative/Repub lines.

    1. I read L and T and it was ok but I’d put The 5000 Year Leap ahead of it for crystallizing conservative, republican (in the governmental style, not political party, sense) ahead of it when being described as “defining.”

      There’s probably other books some people would put forth which I haven’t read or don’t know about so …

      What are they folks?

    2. Hello? Conscious of a Conservative should be read by every generation. Levin couldn’t hold Goldwater’s jock, and that’s a fact!

      Levin isn’t even in the same league as William F Buckley; he’s not even better than Christopher Buckley!

      1. Super Chunky, you should be conscious enough to try referring to your favorite book correctly, as in “Conscience of a Conservative.” What you probably don’t know either is that the book was ghost written, and not actually penned by Goldwater.

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