ABC genius Dowd says GOP would act different if Barrett were MUSLIM, misses BEAM in OWN eye

ABC News total genius Matthew Dowd was on air today to give his smart brain opinion about dumb hicks Amy Coney Barrett and the GOP. He was mucho angry about the whole religious thing, because you know Biden and Pelosi are DEEEVOUT Catholics after all.

Besides, he said, the GOP wouldn’t care about a religious test if Barrett were a Muslim.

“I think it’s a complete faux issue that the Republicans are pushing at this point. I listened to almost all the hearings today. The only people talking about her faith were the Republicans,” he said.

Well no, they were all doing it without saying the words, and the media lets them get away with that because they are working together, as Down demonstrated angrily. But even if that WERE true, the idea that somehow not mentioning Catholicism in the opening statements on Day One refutes the last few WEEKS of openly attacking Barrett’s faith at every opportunity is a heckuva magical leap.

“The last two weeks has been a whole push on the Republicans to say the Democrats are attacking her faith, which I find fascinating since Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic, a third of the Democratic members of Congress are Catholic. So I think it’s a faux issue,” said the actor playing a blind, deaf, and dumb ignoramus.

Well, maybe the dumb part isn’t an act. Because next he says…

“What I would like to ask the people listening and watching this, I would wonder where the Republicans would be if this nominee was a devout Muslim. Would they be saying the same things they’re saying now about don’t attack somebody’s faith and don’t go into their faith and don’t make an argument about their faith if the person sitting in front of them was a devout Muslim? I really doubt they would be saying the same argument.”

And what PRAYTELL would the Dems be saying, Dowd-o? By saying GOP wouldn’t object to faith tests for Muslims, you’re both ADMITTING they’re giving Barrett faith tests AND you’re saying the Democrats would do that to a Muslim. Otherwise, what would it be that Republicans wouldn’t be objecting to?

Plus, let’s not forget that little place called reality where we all live but only some of us are able to comprehend. The Dems of course would NEVER EVER suggest a female Muslim judge was unable to rule on abortion because of her faith. THINK ABOUT IT.

Anyway here watch this lunatic rant like a drooling partisan hack, in case you haven’t seen the rest of the drooling hack partisans on TV today.

Seriously how off-putting is that dude? The floor would dodge him if he fell out of bed, know what I mean?

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