ABC has ASTONISHINGLY bad polls for President Fail, CBS can’t get ONE person to say they’re better off now.

How much do Americans dislike Biden and the Democrats. A lot. Like a lot a lot. He just keeps getting more and more unpopular week after week. And it’s not just covid, although that’s where Nate Silver starts with his analysis in the clip below.

One thing the media don’t seem to understand is that people aren’t mad they haven’t “cured” covid. They’re mad that we all have to keep playing pandemic theater DESPITE the science.

People are mad at Biden not because he didn’t figure out how to abolish the disease but because he hasn’t abolished the tyranny of the covid regime and allowed American life to return to being AMERICAN LIFE.

Still, it’s just awesome to watch the MSM have to admit their boy is a spectacular failure.

Watch Margaret Brennan ask their panel, who they’ve been meeting with throughout the pandemic, if they are better off now with Biden then they were a year ago with Trump, by a show of hands.

Not one hand goes up. Zilcho Joe.

And then there’s Silver with Bidens cratered approval.

“A new poll this week 36% of voters say Biden has done a worse job of being president than they expected.” HA HA HA HAAAAA. Ugh. What the hell we’re y’all dummies expecting???

“If you have to sum up Joe Biden’s problem in a nutshell it’s this, he promised a return to normal and we haven’t really gotten one yet.”

That’s exactly right. Not because the disease won’t let us, but because Biden won’t. That’s what Silver misses.

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