ABC News gets BLASTED for trying to embarrass Trump kid!

Yesterday ABC News published an article on the Trump kid that Donald Trump invited to the State of the Union because he’d been bullied over his last name:

Seriously? He’s a kid and that was a freakishly long speech! What’s he supposed to do at this time of night when it’s probably his bedtime?

ABC News even points out that the Trump kid got bullied over his last name, and then they publish this garbage which is sure to get him bullied more?

How pathetic!

People on Twitter weren’t too happy with this at all:

There are a ton more of these tweets, as you can imagine.

I think that last tweet is dead on. They hate Trump so much that they are blinded by it and they write crappy stories like this one.

I hope the parents sue, but I doubt they’d win. Even so, ABC News should give them a whole crapload of money for posting this.

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