Abortion activist group threatening to hold protests at home of major Democrats until they ‘clean up’ the Supreme Court

The evil abortion activist group Ruth Sent Us, who organized protests outside the homes of several of the Supreme Court justices who appear to be overturning Roe v Wade, are now threatening to hold protests outside the homes of major Democrats like Senator Dick Durbin until they ‘clean up’ the Supreme Court:

They followed that up with a tweet claiming Durbin has a ‘conflict of interest’ regarding his Catholic faith and members of the Supreme Court:

They are using his Catholic faith to try and goad him into holding public hearings into the justices, claiming he’s not doing it because of his Catholic faith.

Which is dumb. From what I can tell Durbin’s Catholic faith is about as sound as Pelosi’s, which means it ain’t good. How can it be with his strong support for baby murder? Durbin would love to hold these justices accountable if he could. It has nothing to do with his Catholic faith.

What’s really going on here is that Ruth Sent Us knows that time is running out on Roe v Wade, so these abortion activists are turning up the heat on Democrats in power in hopes they’ll turn up the heat on the Supreme Court in order to save Roe v Wade while there’s still time. They know intimidating the court works because they’ve seen it happen before with John Roberts and Obamacare. That’s why they called on Patrick Leahy to speak up too.

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