“Absolutely absurd!” – Kayleigh McEnany hits back at reporter for asking if Trump was really glad the South lost the civil war…

Politico’s Chief Washington Correspondent Ryan Lizza literally asked Kayleigh McEnany today if Trump felt it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War. McEnany hit back, calling the question “absolutely absurd”.

Watch below (the video is cued up to the 12 minute mark):

Lizza couched his question in trying to understand why Trump would be against removing confederate statues and such, suggesting that Trump is trying to ‘memorialize’ the South and therefore asked if Trump would have rather the South won the Civil War.

Why beat around the bush Lizza? Why not just ask if Trump is a KKK-loving racist, because that’s exactly what you’re suggesting with this question.

McEnany was right, the question was absolutely absurd. As if Trump wanting to keep these Antifa thugs from tearing down confederate statues means that he wished the South had won the Civil War. How dumb. It never occurs to the Trump-hating reporters that for many Americans in flyover country there is more to these statues than racism and slavery. It’s about law and order, heritage and history, among other things.

I’m glad McEnany was quick to point out that a recent poll showed 60% of Americans believe the statues should remain. It’s not just Trump, it’s a majority of the American people standing with him.

You can watch the full press conference below:

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