Absolutely In-CRED-ible flashback of a CERTAIN politician complaining about ABSENTEE ballots and PURGING voting rolls

This will knock your socks off, and I cannot believe I’ve never seen it before. One place you sure as HELL haven’t seen it is on CNN or MSNBC, where they would jump all OVER such a huge reversal were the person speaking a Republican. But this person is not a Republican. She’s a Democrat. She’s THE Democrat.

Nancy Pelosi herself, giving a speech that you could have heard on January 6, 2021 from any member of the GOP and expected outrage if not actual criminal proceedings.

But in 2004? Absolutely fine.

I embedded these joined together because the second, shorter video is the one you want to watch FIRST.

Before the election, there were complaints about absentee ballots that were requested, but did not arrive. There were reports of registration problems and of improper purging of the voting rolls. The Ohio Secretary of State made decisions about provisional ballots, partisan poll watchers and paper requirements for registration forms that some found questionable, leading to widespread confusion and possible disenfranchisement.

Nancy frames it as some concern for the poor and disadvantaged, but what it IS is her saying there were PROBLEMS WITH BALLOTS AND VOTING THAT MIGHT HAVE TURNED THE ELECTION.

That’s the kind of talk that makes you an insurrection these days.

My how times change.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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