ACORN in paper shredding frenzy after exposed as backer of Occupy movement

Last week, Fox News reported ACORN’s ties to the Occupy movement:

Of course this was not exactly groundbreaking or surprising. We’ve known ACORN was indelibly connected and likely assisting with the organization of the Occupy movement for quite some time. Despite the leftist claims that “Faux News always lies blah blah blah, ” following the Fox News broadcast, ACORN went in to full-on damage control, complete with firings and Enronesque document shredding. Fox News reports:


Officials with the revamped ACORN office in New York — operating as New York Communities for Change — have fired staff, shredded reams of documents and told workers to blame disgruntled ex-employees for leaking information in an effort to explain away a report last week on the group’s involvement in Occupy Wall Street protests, according to sources.

NYCC also is installing surveillance cameras and recording devices at its Brooklyn offices, removing or packing away supplies bearing the name ACORN and handing out photos of Fox News staff with a stern warning not to talk to the media, the sources said.

“They’re doing serious damage control right now,” said an NYCC source.

NYCC Executive Director Jon Kest has been calling a series of emergency meetings to discuss last week’s report—and taking extreme measures to identify the sources in their office and to prevent further damage, a source within NYCC told

Two staffers were fired after NYCC officials suspected them as the source of the leaks, a source told “One was fired the day the story came out, the other was fired on Friday. (NYCC senior staff) told everyone that they were fired because they talked to you,” a source said.

NYCC spokesman Scott Levenson denied that anyone was fired for talking to the press.’s report identified NYCC as a key organizing force behind the Occupy Wall Street protests. Sources within the group also told NYCC was hiring people to carry signs and join the protests. NYCC — a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by former ACORN officials and employees –did not reply for comment prior to the publication of the initial article, but later posted a statement on its website dismissing the article and denying that it pays protesters.

A source said that immediately following publication of the report staff were called into the Brooklyn office for meetings headed by NYCC’s organizing director, Jonathan Westin. Westin handed out copies of the article and went through it line-by-line, the source said.

Staffers were also given copies of photos of Senior Fox News Correspondent Eric Shawn and three other Fox News staff members, including this reporter.

“They reminded us that we can get fired, sued, arrested for talking to the press,” the source said. “Then they went through the article point-by-point and said that the allegation that we pay people to protest isn’t true.”

“‘That’s the story that we’re sticking to,’” Westin said, according to the source.

The source said staffers at the meeting contested Westin’s denial:

“It was pretty funny. Jonathan told staff they don’t pay for protesters, but the people in the meeting  who work there objected and said, ‘Wait, you pay us to go to the protests every day?’ Then Jonathan said  ‘No, but that’s your job,’ and staffers were like, ‘Yeah, our job is to protest,’ and Westin said, ‘No your job is to fight for economic and social justice. We just send you to protest.’

“Staff said, ‘Yes, you pay us to carry signs.’ Then Jonathan says, ‘That’s your job.’ It went on like that back and forth for a while.”

During the meetings, NYCC Deputy Director Greg Basta provided Westin with the copied photos of Fox News reporters to hand out to staff members, the source said. Basta told staffers they might be asked about the article when out in communities working on campaigns or when calling people by phone, the source said.

“They told us if people bring up the article, we’re supposed to say the source and all the stuff in there came from a disgruntled ex-employee who’s not working with us anymore.”

NYCC is also monitoring its staff’s behavior, cracking down on phone use and socialization. Officials have ordered all papers — even scraps — to be shredded every night, the source said.

“And all the supplies—everything around the office that said ‘ACORN’ — is now all in storage until this blows over,” the source said. “People literally have to cover up the cameras on the back of their cellphones in the office.”

“Now there’s no texting in the office, no phone calls in the office. They tell us to take our phone calls out into the waiting room where there’s an intercom, and then they turn on the intercom to hear our conversations. They’re installing new cameras and speakers around the building so they can hear everything. 

“It’s almost like working at Fort Knox.”

NYCC officials declined repeated requests to respond to specific questions about the organization’s response to last week’s story. The group on Wednesday instead sent this statement, attributed to NYCC board member Jean Sassine:

“New York Communities for Change participates in protests, direct action, social activism and campaigns that promote social and economic justice.  We see FOX as the enemy to those efforts.  For the record, this is consistent with Fox attacks on Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, George Soros, Citizen Action, Planned Parenthood and all those who stand for social justice.  Once again, FOX entertainment poses as FOX News. Once again, FOX makes a series of false, unsubstantiated claims and accusations which have no basis in fact. Once again, through a series of sources FOX structures a story which is nothing but a series of lies.”

Westin did respond to some questions a day earlier, when approached by at an NYCC event in Manhattan.

When asked if a staff member was fired because people thought he’d talked to the press, Westin said, “I have no idea.” When asked about handing out photos of Fox News employees, he said, “I have been? No, I don’t think I have been. That wasn’t me.”

Westin did acknowledge NYCC staff have met to discuss last week’s report. “People talked about it,” he said. “People are interested.”

He also deflected a question about the allegation that staffers were being told to blame the report on disgruntled staffers, telling this reporter to contact him later via email.

Responding to reports of pushback from staffers who said they were being paid to go to the protests, and reports NYCC had recently hired people as canvassers or organizers and then sent them to the protests, Westin replied repeatedly “We don’t pay people to protest.”

Westin later did not reply to two emails asking for follow-up.

Also hilarious is the irony of those fighting for “social justice” turning their office into a virtual prison after a news leak. But the left is made of irony and hypocrisy, so it’s fitting.

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42 thoughts on “ACORN in paper shredding frenzy after exposed as backer of Occupy movement

  1. The media are still trying to tell us this is a spontaneous gathering. NO mention of who’s funding it. NO mentionof the real crime going on within the Fleabaggers camps either. The MSM – Pompoms ever ready to advance a leftist agenda!

  2. I was just thinking that the “EAT THE RICH” photo — on TRS home page — should have had Michael Moore standing in the foreground. Now, wouldn’t that rich guy make a super-sized Happy Meal for those cannibalistic communists to munch on?

    1. It would be like watching a troop of hyenas tuck into a hippo! Your disgusted by the scene but you just cant bring yourself to turn away.

  3. Acorn /NYCC involved in the commie occupy operation….

    Well I just can’t act or look surprised to hear of this. Hard as I try, I just can’t produce that look of surprise upon reading this article.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll never be able to get a hollywood acting role as a progressive liberal extremist.

    I think that only those who read the nyslimes or watch cnn will be able to act surprised.

    1. The sewer is the NK utopia, friend Hutch, or if you are from the rural south, the ‘cess pool’! Either is appropreate.

  4. Isn’t it interesting that the Unions, Acorn and these leftists organization are going after via protests people that work at banks and local businesses that they claim are rich, while the federal gov’t is allowing mexico to take over the trucking industry in America……

    Mexican long-haul trucks take to U.S. highways today
    Posted on Wednesday, November 02 @ 11:20:37 EDT
    NAFTA CAFTA FTAAKimberly Dvorak
    San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner
    October 21, 2011

    posted on alipac

    Despite a protest rally from Teamsters, a speech from Jim Hoffa Jr. and bi-partisan Congressional members, Mexican long-haul trucks will take to U.S. highways today.

    Safety standards and the threat of losing more than 100,000 truck driver jobs was not enough to sway the Obama Administration’s decision to allow Mexican trucks, approved through a North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) pilot program, to gain access to U.S. and deliver their goods.

    Using a Russian roulette analogy for Mexican truck safety standards, Hoffa said it would take a serious car accident to get Mexican trucks off the highways…

    “This pilot program will be a fiasco, just like the last one was,” Hoffa told roughly 100 Teamsters at a San Diego border rally. “You know it’s trouble when the very first carrier that DOT approves is axed because of safety concerns. Department of Transportation (DOT) has never been able to verify the safety of Mexican trucks. That’s why the Teamsters for 17 years kept the border closed to a permanent program that would let any Mexican truck travel anywhere in the U.S.”

    San Diego Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. and Democrat Bob Filner voiced their bi-partisan support of the Teamsters and vowed to continue the fight in the halls of Congress. “It’s about American jobs,” Hunter told the rowdy crowd. He also said the Mexican drug cartels would find a way to take advantage of the new trucking arrangement with America.

    Rep. Filner agreed and added that “lives will be lost. I just hope it isn’t a school bus full of children.”

    Another fear American truck drivers voiced concerned about was the loss of union wages. While many union truck drivers earn $250 for a trip from the border to Los Angeles, Mexican drivers could charge as little as $50 for the same trip.

    Traditionally, the Teamsters have provided good-paying blue collar jobs for drivers throughout the country something they contend will be put in jeopardy if this pilot program is expanded. “The whole idea is to tear down the Teamsters,” said Richard Middleton, Vice President for the Teamsters International Western Region.

    The new program will also affect local independent truck driving operators. Jose Escott, of Yucipa, California explained that he immigrated, legally, in 1987. “I gave up my Mexican passport and worked very hard to earn my business. I oppose this NAFTA program. It will kill the American spirit that I love and it will export trucking jobs to Mexico.”

    Hoffa wrapped up the questions by pointing to the unsafe driving conditions south of the border. “This is not a level playing field. There were 10,000 hijackings in Mexico last year. What American truckers are going to put their lives on the line to deliver flat-screen TVs in Mexico?”

    “We’ve had enough of this madness,” he …..go to alipac for the rest of this article and other interesting information.

  5. According to Media Matters it’s not true. This is why us conservatives have a hard time convincing a liberal of anything. One, if it comes from Fox News it’s a lie. Second, one of the first things they do is run to Media Matters to see if they can debunk the story. If Media Matters says it isn’t so… well… it isn’t so.

    Inevitable: Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Nonexistent “ACORN” Tie To Occupy Wall Street

    1. Not Media Matters, it’s the voice of George Soros. Since Glenn Beck is no longer their target, their “reporting” has gone way downhill, as have their viewers, only the hard-core OWS supporting basement bloggers – kinda like this one (see link) actually comment there.

  6. More “putsch”…

    From –

    “The fingerprints of the preeminent funder of the activist Left today, George Soros​, are all over the anti-American “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

    “The seventh-wealthiest person in America (net worth: $22 billion), Soros has publicly embraced Occupy Wall Street and financially supports a left-wing group that is funneling money to the movement.”

    Soros is the puppet master of “Lenin wanna-be” BHObama… who also has given a verbal pat on the back to the “putsch” puppets.


    1. This does not surprise me at all. This OWS movement that has expanded worldwide is the modus operandi of this slimeball (read “The Shadow PArty) who has caused financial mayhem worldwide. Glenn Beck nailed this so perfectly, describing not only Soros, his ties to Obama, but the unrest that would hit the US, Canada and the world.

      The people of not only the US, but other parts of the world are fighting back against this movement and the more we push back, the more their true colours of violence and anarchy show.

  7. A lot of my friends (and im from California near San Fransico) say the same thing, “Faux news lies” and so on. Yet, these are the same friends that think following politics is watching the Daily Show and the Cobert Report every night. And the teachers at these colleges… im 21… and my college is an indoctrination camp no joke…, i feel bad for people my age who have never been interested in politics yet get emotional over certain issues they do not understand at all, it really is not their fault it is mainstream education and media, and the liberals have controlled it for far too long.

    1. It happens to people of all ages. The indoctrination, I mean. I know some folks who have never watched fox (actually I never have either) but slam it and calling it an arm of the republican party or full of lies. How would they know if they’ve never watched it? Oh right- they’re too busy watching msnbc and cnn.

      1. For myself, it wasnt obvious until Obama became president. From age 10 to 18, Bush was President, and at the time i enjoyed listening to people like John Stewart. It was not until Obama, who like Bush has spent more money than any President before him, who like Bush continues to fight preemptive wars, (list goes on and on), and all of the sudden John Stewart is defending him, defending the OWS movement, it is just soo sad. And yes i watch FOX news religiously but they are definitely guilty of being bias as well.

        1. FOX News may be “biased” – toward truth. They have more guests on from the opposing side than MSNBC or CNN at any time. Fair and balances is mor ethan their slogan-at least you’re not called out for being on the opposing side of an issue.

          1. The only reason I can briefly watch MSNBC or CNN is….when they accuse the right of something, I know what THEY are up to. Fox does try to balance. But to get balance at MSLSD/CNN you’d have to have Dave Duke on w/ that skank Jenny Gerafalo.

            1. David Duke and Jeanie Garafalo, together? UGH ! Now I need to go wash my brain to get that image out of my mind!

          2. FOX news is definitely more leaning towards the truth than CNN, but just look at this OWS thing. In America, you either listen to the conservative side or the liberal side of an argument. The tea party and the OWS are upset about the same thing, but the media does their best to hid that fact. People are upset because the banks got bailed out, period. So… liberal media blames the wall street investors and bankers who were bailed out and received million dollar bonuses, and FOX news blames the government for their infringing on the housing market and forcing banks to give houses to those who could not afford it.

            In reality, it is both the government’s and the banker’s fault. Its actually really simple if you just look at it from a rational view. But watching the media and not thinking for yourself is how you get trapped in todays politics.

  8. When the fire gets hot the liberal goons don’t come a trolling.


    Truth soup can be bitter, no?

  9. OK Taxed Enough Already leaders…

    How about somebody taking the conductors baton, tapping the music stand, raising the baton in the right hand to get the attention of the chorus, and leading “right thinking” minds to inhale in unison and sing with a united voice about the marxist / jihadist inspired “occupy” propagandists and pinning the despicable marxist / islamist tail on the head donkey, “Lenin wanna-be” and Soros puppet BHObama.

    Herman Cain can sing lead baritone…. on pitch and with excellent timbre.

    (Timbre is “the combination of qualities of a sound that distinguishes it from other sounds of the same pitch and volume.” American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition)

    Cain is definitely distinguishing himself from Romney, Perry, Gingrich, that’s for sure.

    Is there ANYBODY out there in the political stage taking the leadership position to confront the marxist / jihadist “putsch”?

    Ok Art, what is a “putsch” someone might ask.

    THAT is an excellent question.

    A “putsch” is “… a sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government.” (American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition)

    With a respectful nod of the head to Rush Limbaugh, “Two If By Tea” is a business, not a response to a political “putsch” against freedom to be free.

    As John Lithgow says in “The Day After” the atom bomb blast, “… is there anybody out there… anybody at all?”


  10. So, they go into full cover up mode and lock down their offices. They then threaten their paid employees with losing their jobs and even arrest if the employees exercise their rights of free speech. Then, DENY, DENY, DENY! Tactics straight out of the marxist handbook. I’ve got an idea. Lets occupy NYCC’s office! Lets turn their records and documents over to a free press, that is if a free press still exists in America. ….Don’t you think its time to turn THEIR world upside down? Don’t you think it is time to DESTROY socialism/marxism in America? They are attempting to destroy the very fabric and foundation of American life. …..Face it, they are the enemy. Will we just sit on our azzes while they destroy everything we believe in and hold dear? Most of those protesting are witless tools. It is the 15 % running these idiots who are your enemy, my enemy! If we are waiting for one candidate to ascend to office and fix this mess for us, then we are cowards and worse and we do nothing but decieve ourselves. We will be assisting in our own overthrough and the demise of Constitutional law in America as we wait for one man or woman to save us. The marxists have flagrantly started their revolution. Watch the news on tv. Read the papers. Surf the news orgs. on the web! They are already at war with us, the quiet majority of American citizens. What shall we do about it? Whine, cry, bitch and moan? Or take direct action against those who are responsible. You know the names of many of them. Their names are in the news every day. The above article brings a few more to light. Take legal action first. Bleed them of their resources, their money, their marxist backers. For those who have never stood for something before, here is your chance to make a difference to aide in the restoration of a Constitutional America. The other choice is to cower, hide under the bed and let our Republic collapse into the cesspool of marxism. If legal means fail, Thomas Jefferson urged citizens to use the power of the 2nd Amendment. If there has ever been a time for soul searching, it is now.

    1. Maybe the American Conservatives and all patriots will become the true “revolting developement” next November 2012.

  11. Shred Acorn in Nov. Under any name and hiding befind any meme it’s always the the same virus.

    Why don’t they pay for “protestors”??…it could be part of Obama’s “Jobs” plan!

  12. Are these new off-shoots of ACORN getting government money?

    Edit: that would mean that government is, at the very least, facilitating, if not behind this uprising…..there would be only one reason to do that.

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