Acting Sec Def admits he did NOT discuss deploying National Guard with Trump, but rather Mike Pence!

People are disturbed by the fact that Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense didn’t discuss deploying the National Guard to the Capitol Building today with Trump, but rather only with Pence, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer and Hoyer:

Why was the Commander-in-Chief left out of this discussion?

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted earlier that the National Guard was deployed at Trump’s direction:

Dupree tweets that the New York Times has confirmed this:

Didn’t give the order? It sounds like he wasn’t even consulted!

Sean Davis suggests this sounds like more of a coup than what we just witnessed at the Capitol:

It is very odd, but I wouldn’t go that far yet. Perhaps there’s a legitimate reason why Trump wasn’t in this discussion. It could be that Trump sent Pence to the discussion in his place because he was busy recording a video to tell people to stop with the rioting? Just a guess, but my point is we need more information on this.

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