Actor and Conservative James Woods UN-endorses Fiorina, Goes In For Ted Cruz

Legendary and respected actor James Woods has a huge following on Twitter, as most big-name celebrities do, but his is not just fans of his work. He is a very vocal political Tweeter and staunchly, steadfastly conservative. He is not a dabbler. If you follow him, as I do, you know that he knows what is going on, pays deep attention to the issues as well as the electoral winds, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

And he spoke his mind last night.

There are, inevitably, those who comment on stories like this who have to say something like “who cares” or “why do we care what celebrities think?” To them I say, whatever dude. Why do we care what you think? That sounds flippant but it’s a valid point. Like any other American, Woods is more than free to share his political beliefs, to argue for them, and to stand by them, which he does. And with a huge platform and hundreds of thousands listening to those views, why wouldn’t it be of interest?

Besides which, Woods is a savvy political activist who knows how to get people behind his issues.

Everyone who reads this blog post probably engages in politics online, and when they same something that is worth repeating, it usually gets repeated. Or retweeted. So spare me the “I don’t care about celebrities” talk.

This is good news for Cruz. James Woods is easily the most vocally conservative actor of his caliber, and still manages to stay in Hollywood’s good graces. His support for Cruz is nothing but good for the Senator.

h/t Truth Revolt

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