ACTUAL ‘Big Lie’ of last year is FAKE centrism Biden used to SCAM these voters. And they are MAD.

Democrats and media in collusion as usual have been having a good time using “big lie” to refer to questions about the election, evoking Hitler as they so often do. But the REAL lie, the BIG one, that was told in the last year is the one that CNN (not MSNBC) and the DNC cooked up together: that Biden’s administration would be centrist and mainstream rather than far-left and AOC.

LIE. BIG ONE. And voters who are finding that out are feeing betrayed and PISSED.

The Ute tribe is ticked off, but you won’t hear that from the MSM. They’re still selling the big lie and, despite the official statements, are pretending the tribe is HAPPY about it for environmental reasons.

There are millions of American voters who do not want a radical left agenda and are going to get one anyway. Biden voters. And you better believe Fake Tapper and the Fat Dumb and Bald Guy won’t bring it up.

By they way, why not MSNBC? Because while CNN in collusion with the DNC was selling the centrist Biden, MSNBC in collusion with the DNC was selling leftist Biden.

That’s how it works now.

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