Adam Carolla: Dave Chappelle plays WOKE idiots like a FIDDLE. Left can’t STAND other points of view.

Adam Carolla lays it out perfectly in this segment with Jesse Watters. The left can’t stand it when someone they think is one of their own doesn’t accept increasingly insane restrictions on speech. They go ballistic.

It doesn’t matter if the person is a fellow liberal, it doesn’t matter the gender or race, if a person says something they don’t like, they want them silenced. That’s their big beef with FascistBook: That it isn’t totalitarian enough.

Watters and Carolla talk about what motivates this insanity — and play a few Chappelle clips to make their point.

“I think he does it on purpose. He gets the whole world talking about his special,” says Carolla talking about Chappelle angering the wokes. “He knows what he’s doing. He plays these idiots like a fiddle. They take the bait all the time.”

That thing about diplomatic plates is a really good analogy. That’s definitely how it used to be. Then millennials happened.

Dave Chappelle, Bill Maher, even the beautiful Gwen Stefani .. liberals who are fed up with cancel culture. That’s important, because despite whimpering about how unfair it is that these celebrities liked Obama or whatever, they are allies against a common threat and, like the United States in pretty much every war, we must accept temporary allies against a specific evil, even if we later have to build a huge nuclear arsenal to bankrupt them.

Ya know? Yeah, you know.

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