Adam Schiff DEFLECTS when confronted on his LIES about the FISA abuses

Adam Schiff just refuses to acknowledge that he lied about the omissions in the FISA application when gently confronted by George Stephanopoulos about it.

You just know that if this were a Republican in his place they would be pressuring him and embarrassing him about his lies, but good ol’ Georgie boy just lets him get away with it. I guess we should be happy that he even asked the question, but it is pretty telling that Schiff can’t answer and instead whines about the Republicans instead.

Here’s the reaction from Scalise:

I think this dooms any small prospect the Dems had that Trump might be removed by some dissenting Republicans in the Senate. They needed a smoking gun against Trump and instead got smacked down by the IG report. It didn’t prove the kookiest conspiracy theories from some of our less savory compatriots on the right, but it proved just enough of the abuses at the FBI to bury any hopes the Dems had….

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