Adam Schiff proves his “impeachment” hearings are just a ruse… [VIDEO]

The despicable Adam Schiff, who claims he wants to reserve judgement regarding impeachment until the hearings are over, just said in a speech over the weekend that Democrats “will send that charlatan in the White House back to the golden throne he came from”.

Schiff and Pelosi are claiming that this impeachment process is fair and impartial (we know it isn’t), yet here is Schiff saying that he wants to kick Trump out of office using their majority in the House and presumably the majority they win in the Senate in 2020. Talk about a charlatan.

The whole thing is a hoax. Just like the 32% in ABC’s new impeachment poll, they’d already made up their minds to impeach Trump before this Ukraine issue ever began. And they are just using this “impeachment inquiry” to bludgeon Trump as much as they can before the 2020 elections.

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