Adam Schiff says Roe v Wade leak is just a ‘sideshow’, calls on Democrats to EXPAND the court

The utterly despicable and corrupt Adam Schiff took to Twitter last night to say he doesn’t care about the leak from the Supreme Court on the potential decision overturning of Roe v Wade, calling the outrage over the leak a ‘sideshow’.

No, Adam Schiff wants to use this ruling as an excuse to expand the court, saying codifying Roe v Wade into law just isn’t enough.

This is just another example of how when radical liberals don’t get their way, they want to destroy everything. They were fine with the court supporting their leftist agenda until Trump got the chance to nominate three justices to the court.

Since then they’ve made clear their intent is to destroy the court by expanding it, and now in the face of what is sure to be a blockbuster decision overturning Roe v Wade, they are making that clear again.

Radical Democrats like Schiff are the arrogant and petty bullies on the playground who refuse to play fair and must always change the rules so that they never lose. Which is why they mustn’t be bargained with, they must be defeated in November.

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