Advertiser DROPS Tucker Carlson over segment saying immigrants make America ‘dirtier’

Leftist activists on twitter are going after Tucker Carlson over a commentary he gave on his show where he said immigrants make America “poorer and dirtier.”

This guy works for Move On, and other groups. And they got Pacific Life to drop Carlson’s show. 

… And they’re going for more:

This one of the reasons I’m not such a big fan of Tucker Carlson. You can make the economic argument against having massive immigration into the U.S. without saying they make the country “dirtier.” That is pretty offensive language, and it’s just unnecessary. Why give liberals ammunition to go after you?

I think Carlson does this a lot. And he does it on purpose. And it doesn’t help our side. 

It must be noted that he’s not just talking about illegal immigration, he’s talking about ALL immigration. 

I generally agree that America is already accepting enough, and maybe too many, immigrants through legal immigration, and we’re definitely not cracking down on illegal aliens enough. See? I can say that without calling people “dirty.” Very easy. Why can’t Carlson do it? There must be a some reason….

UPDATE: As expected, there are many who are saying Carlson is talking about illegal immigration. Here’s the entire segment:

He doesn’t make that distinction. And he’s done this before. This isn’t a secret position of his. But people will believe whatever they want to believe, despite the plain facts in front of them. 

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