African reporter that Psaki SCOLDED about decorum says Biden is DISRESPECTING Africa, which is mostly Brown & Black

Do Joe Biden and Jen Psaki have some particular disdain for brown and black people, reporters, or nations? You wouldn’t be breaking any of the new “norms” to think so, because that’s what they would all say if this had happened with Trump and McEnany.

Oh right, they DID say that about Trump and McEnany!

This week a reporter from Today News Africa was attacked by left-wingers for asking questions that Jen Psaki didn’t want to answer during a press briefing. The reporter was actually scolded by Psaki for decorum and told to learn his place by watching his white counterparts.

The reporter, Simon Ateba, was confronting Psaki about Biden banning travel from South Africa and several other mostly Brown & Black countries, as the libs call them, over the Omicron variant, which actually showed up in White Europe first.

Well Ateba got a chance to speak his piece finally by going to Fox News Channel, where last night he talked to Jesse Watters about the whole thing.


From Fox News:

While people from Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Eswatini, Lesotho, South Africa and Botswana were blocked from traveling to the U.S., Ateba told host Jesse Watters that only two –the latter two – had confirmed cases of the new variant.

“The travel ban was built on a lie,” Ateba told Fox News. “The president on November 26 banned 8 African countries. Only 2 of those countries had any case of the omicron variant.”

Ateba, a native of Cameroon according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, went on to question the supposed science behind Biden’s ban, pointing to Namibia, a small country on the continent’s Atlantic coast.

The nation of 2.5 million people registered only 400 cases of COVID-19 since the virus’ inception, he said, but yet Biden essentially punished them anyway.

“There’s total chaos: People can’t travel to Namibia, Zimbabwe [or] Mozambique, yet they have zero cases. So I don’t believe I was the one being disrespectful. I think Africa was disrespected, by banning countries based on a lie,” he said, referencing claims by Psaki he was being disrespectful of his fellow White House reporters on Thursday.

They accused the black reporter from Africa of being disrespectful of Jen Psaki and other reporters because he was accusing Biden of hypocritically being ant-science and banning travel from mostly black and brown countries.

I mean think about that, y’all. Are there any bigger hypocrites on this planet than the lib American media? Seriously, ANY??

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