After hitting Cummings, Trump NAILS ‘racist’ Nancy Pelosi!

Well it looks like el Presidente Trumpo got tired of defending Nancy Pelosi against charges of racism and is instead now using the allegations against her!

OK, that’s just hilarious. Remember when he got in trouble for telling the AOC squad to go back to their home countries? He did that IN DEFENSE of Pelosi after they accused her of being racist!! He even defended her on camera!! LOL!

That’s true. Liberals in San Francisco have to play Frogger to avoid the poop and the hypodermic needles, and yet they keep voting for the policies that have ruiled their city.

And he slapped down Cummings once again for good measure:

Eh. Yeah. I mean, he could do both.

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111 thoughts on “After hitting Cummings, Trump NAILS ‘racist’ Nancy Pelosi!

  1. CA has problems with the sewer in streets, now Trump has shown that the sewers have moved to the house.

  2. “Liberals in San Francisco have to play Frogger to avoid the poop and the hypodermic needles, and yet they keep voting for the policies that have ruiled their city.”
    Or they move to functioning red states and then ruin those.

    1. Can attest to that. When Illinoisans run from the crap hole in their state to live in our state, Wisconsin, they immediately begin insisting on the things that ruined Illinois. They are way beyond stupid and so indoctrinated they have no mind of their own with which to think.

  3. John Cardillo
    BTW, pretty much impossible for the dozen or so law abiding citizens in Baltimore to own let alone legally carry a handgun.

    Dems love to make sure their thugs are nice and safe.

    1. Amen to that.

      Liberalism kills, maimes, damages and destroys. There is nothing of any value that comes from the Left – absolutely nothing~~~~

  4. I’m not sure how anyone can deny that Pelosi is a rabid racist. I mean, just recently she revealed her bizarre and quite shocking belief that only whites can be actual U.S. citizens – how is this not racist?

    1. Democrats are mostly racist–that party never changed, but just with diffetent flavors. And you got everyone, including “Republicans”always running to defend them.

    2. Wait until Trump starts talking about the wealth they’ve stolen while being public officials…

  5. The homeless situation in San Francisco has gotten so bad that the people there have become desensitized to the suffering. I just returned from a week long conference in the Bay Area and on my way to the airport via the BART I stopped in to grab some coffee when a homeless women came in asking for change. She mentioned she had not eaten in days so I bought her a sandwich. The look of shock and disgust from the other patrons and the staff (one of which came up and apologized for “it” happening to me) perfectly illustrated how little compassion and humanity is left in that city.

    1. They were probably upset that you “encouraged” her to hang around instead of moving on somewhere else.

  6. Democrats are the real racists. They need to keep blacks living in squalor, infested, crime ridden dumps so they can continue the farce that they, as the party who cares for the poor, will swoop in and rescue the downtrodden. Its all a racist oppressive illusion and I’m so happy Trump is calling them out.

  7. I wish the President would bring up school choice when highlighting these Ds. They oppose school choice, legislation that would directly help inner city minority children the most.

    Enjoy it folks, we’ll never see another president like this in our life times.

    You think a Romney/Bush/McCain would take the gloves off and go directly at these Ds?? I don’t …

    It’s obvious he’s going after the black vote by highlighting the Ds corruption and decades of doing jack shhht for their constituents.

  8. A racist is someone who thinks he is superior to another because of his race…all other claims of racism is simply race baiting.

    1. What do you call black citizens who always vote for black candidates even if they never do anything to help the citizens? Other than fools of course.

      Cummings has represented the 7th district for 13 terms because they voted for him. And while they rot he rails against the treatment of people who are invading our country illegally.

  9. Elijah Cummings has done a horrible job

    13 high schools in your district have ZERO kids who are proficient at math

    90% of the kids in your district can’t read at grade level

    You have become rich while your community is still poor

    Typical exploitative Democrat

  10. We need to see all financial records of these Ds. How exactly did they become so wealthy?

    1. That is what my husband and I keep asking. My husband makes more than these Congress people and he was wondering how they are able to amass such wealth.

  11. Outstanding tweets I must say. Now the question is where are the republican congress members. Silent and docile as always. Trump is leading them to water but the weaklings will not even take a sip. Mock these liberal, socialist bastards with facts. We are at war for liberty for our children and grandchildren and they are AWOL.

    1. 3…2…1..Romney and Collins will get in front of a microphone and condemn Trump’s tweets regarding Cummings……

    2. An overwhelming number of Republicans are just about as left as Nancy, they’re just not in the same club.

    3. Exactly… go on offense. The Rs are still afraid of their own shadows. The media says sit, they sit. No fight at all.

      The black community has been treated with such disrespect by the Ds.

      Open borders directly harms the inner cities the most.

  12. A smarter and more nimble Donald Trump would have pointed out that Nancy et al suggesting that people of color shouldn’t be criticized because they don’t have the intelligence to defend themselves, is itself racist.

  13. Baltimore is a total and complete disaster. This is what happens when Democrats hold control and build their plantations in the city.

    1. All cities in the US are disasters, I avoid them at all cost–haven’t been to Jacksonville or any other city in FL or elsewhere since I retired 3-1/2 years ago..

  14. I’m surprised their coordinated astroturf riots haven’t commenced yet. Probably planning it as we speak.

  15. Wallace, this morning, quoted an article claiming things are fine in Baltimore and implied Trump’s statement was racist but scores of articles and persons that live there offer the opposite view-even Bernie Sanders in 2015 [?} said more or less the same thing.

  16. Wendy Williams expressed her disgust with the attack on the police in New York and said “shout out to president Trump”. Her (mostly white liberal) audience who usually clap for everything did not support her this time. It is the second time in a short time that she seems to hope for the president to intervene. First time she suggested Trump would help with that rapper in jail in Sweden if asked. People in the black community are not as opposed to Trump as the Dems are hoping.

    1. The Wire had a lot of PC BS, but it was the most accurate portrayal of life on the street that I’ve seen.

      1. I recently binge watched every episode of THE WIRE…you are correct…brilliant insight into the political corruption as well as the brutal amorality of life on the street.

        1. Did you notice that the “good guy” cops were a black woman, a wimpy white guy and a couple of homosexuals, while the “bad guy” cops were all straight, white men? Ignoring that aspect, it was an excellent crime drama.

    1. What we have here is truth. Everything Trump has said is true about both districts. One has to wonder when they treat their constituents so badly why they keep getting elected?

  17. Trump is the greatest president ever…just because he fights back better than any republicans ever!!


      1. Honestly Thomas A, that a very low bar. Most Republicans prior to Trump never ever fought back. So many were scared to death of getting negative press in the media, and on the leftist MSM cable channels. As much as some don’t like Trump’s style, he is teaching them how to turn it right back on them. The Alinsky Rules for Radicals can in fact go both ways.

  18. I think Cummings is a despicable swamp creature. He’s a do-nothing guy that can only shout about fake issues and verbally slap others around while he and his wife are corrupt. Had he been a republican, he would be in jail already.

  19. Democrats ruin everything they touch. One only need to look at the destruction of major American cities to see the results of decades of Democrat governing. Most are crime ridden and have poor living conditions.

  20. I saw nothing wrong with President Trump’s tweet on Baltimore. It is a dumpster fire filled with rodents and trash. All big cities are like that. I live near Indianapolis. I would not go there past 8 pm.

    1. Trump is doing a bang-up job. Every response to critical Dems like Cummings should be, “clean up your own bleephole city, then talk to me.”

  21. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore has some of the strictest gun control laws in America

    Yet last night, 5 people were shot & 3 were killed

    Baltimore shootings were up 80% in 2018 and 2019 shootings are set to surpass that

    Cummings’ Democrat policies have failed Baltimore!

    1. Yeah. Chicago’s got them beat in raw numbers, but per capita Baltimore is the champ.

  22. My 37 year old, Hispanic wife, from a very small town here in the Central Valley, that at first despised President Trump is now firmly voting Trump in 2020.

    If she can see through the 24/7 Ds/media bullsh!! , anyone can. She does not pay attention to politics in the slightest.

    Where was this media in O’s Administration? Did jack squat for the black communities.

    “Get in your neighbors faces.” “They bring a knife, we bring a gun.” Etc

  23. This is a conversation we need to have as a nation. We have the Democrat party doing everything they can to cater to illegals as our fellow Americans of all color suffer. Congress needs to do their job. Has anyone looked at their approval ratings lately? In the pits and a lot worse than Trumps.

  24. … know tooo much TDS can make your head swell and eventually the head explodes…..I think it’s time to duck

    Trump 2020

    1. I saw those. They were masterful. Again, the out and out lies – Trump isn’t calling “people” rats, he is calling out those politicians who represent districts where there are conditions that you wouldn’t want your dog to live in. The race baiting leaders are colluding with the left-wing attack dogs in the media in attempting to provide a false narrative and we aren’t buying their crapola.

      Show us where there isn’t a major metropolitan area run for the last 40 years by a Democrat (black or white) where there isn’t a breakdown in the living conditions of the constituency.

      Also, I saw a picture of antifa thugs on RedState and every single one of them looked white to me and Trump is going to announce that they are a domestic terrorist organization. How can that be – I thought he was the go-to guy for white supremacy. Here is the real lowdown – It isn’t the color that he hates, it is the character of those who wish to do our country and its people harm and most here agree.

      So here is looking right at you Pelosi, Schumer and Warren and Gillebrand. The melatonin of your skin doesn’t protect you, not one bit from his rage. I call it righteous rage.

  25. OT-I’ve just read that according to the leftist Axios Trump is expected to name Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe as the Director of National Intelligence to replace Dan Coats. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

  26. The disgusting democrat party and their propagandists are trying to gaslight citizens when it comes to how these craphole cities became craphole, years and decades of being run into the ground by democrats.

  27. Somebody forgot to tell the President that all black Democrats Are Above Criticism.

    That’s Black Supremacy!

  28. I guess Nancy assumes that only blacks would govern so badly.

    She keeps making associations and assumptions that are, in fact, racist.

  29. In this video, RepCummings constituents explain how clean Coppin State University is kept, while their neighborhood is used as a dumping ground. I was told if trash was not in marked green cans, the city refused to remove it. More abandoned row houses.

  30. Now ask yourselves why people keep voting for these same people over and over and over. They bitch and moan about the state of things, but then ask – ask! – for more of the same.

    I know I’m beating a dead horse here – but the problem isn’t bastards like Cummings. He’s a RESULT of the problem. And the problem is Americans.

    The people of this country are lazy, ignorant, stupid cowards – and it’s making them suicidal. Well, they deserve what they get. What they asked for. And they’ll prove me right again in 2020.

    Anyone voting binary choice deserves “leaders” like Cummings, Pelosi, and Trump.

    A pox on all your tribal houses.

    1. If Trump would argue with Pelosi and Cummings over policy, I would be fully supportive. Instead, he argues with them over nonsense while supporting their liberal budget policies.

      1. Kind of like he’s deflecting and distracting, isn’t it.

        But let’s MAGA this beeotch, am I right?

    2. Just think, guys! We coulda had open borders MacMuffun, or… or that Libertarian nutcase no one remembers… or, or, see, if David French hadn’t been scared off by the laughter, we could have voted for him and gotten a Clinton fan who most surely would’a saved us all!!

      Because it’s not binary, and humans are awful!

      Being a conservative has never been easier, I tell ya.

      1. I wrote in Cruz because he was my choice. I live in CA, the whole state went for HRC. I haven’t had a “voice” or a choice in years. I will vote for DT in 2020. Thank the Lord HRC did not win. She IS awful, binary or not.
        I don’t really get the argument above prolly because I’m lazy, ignorant and a stupid coward, but and I’m sick of hearing it.

        1. Yeah, it’s an idealist argument. Real world choices involve risk. We had as close to a flawless candidate in Cruz that we’re likely to see in the next 50 years. But some people didn’t like his face or something, so superficial concerns won the day.

          Regardless, we got lucky that Hillary lost. The why doesn’t even matter now.

          To put a finer point on it, the choice was essentially binary. The way a voter decided to handle that choice was not. For instance, I didn’t bother to vote, because I wasn’t terribly excited with either candidate, and Trump wasn’t remotely in trouble in my state.

          So I picked a different option. By doing so, I still didn’t help Hillary, so my different option redounded to helping Trump.

          But apparently that was a brave, brave choice by me; to sit back, relax, and do nothing but drink heavily on election day.

      2. Why not demand better? Why do you resign yourself to the “choices” you have?

        Like I said, the problem is Americans. You’re illustrating that well. But hey, let’s just keep voting for more of the same, hmm? That’s definitely the way to success. We have to sacrifice conservatism to be conservative!

        1. For the satisficer, there is no “better.” There is the expedient. In politics, the expedient is governed by partisan loyalty, which has evolved to the extent that it now resembles tribal affiliation. The bond is now so deep and intense, that principle is routinely sacrificed on the altar of that relationship.

        2. Resign? What a goofy concept.

          Do you really not understand how hard it is to simply get prepared for a primary race? This isn’t like picking out a puppy from the litter.

          Claiming the problem is Americans is damning the very concept of a vote. You can keep your totalitarian impulses (“the perfectability of man”) to yourself. I’m quite happy to illustrate what an American is.

  31. Trump has always been an equal opportunity critic… and Democrat-run cities are inefficient and pro-illegal immigration. Democrat Party defends illegals while throwing US citizens under the bus!

  32. Trump is one of the few Republican office holders willing to name names. I know comity rules prevent a lot of smack talk, but there are artful ways to deliver a serious rhetorical blow to your opposition without crossing the line.

    Most Repubs just keep their heads down.

    Ace ranted about this, in relation to other Trump tweets about “spygate”…

    Here’s a question:

    Why are the Senate Republicans not calling Hillary Clinton to testify, under oath, about her knowledge regarding the payments she was making through cut-outs to Russian intelligence operatives for political dirt?

    And more importantly: Why are we not asking that? Why has no one proposed that?

    Here’s my answer. And I think this is true — and chilling.

    Because we’re conditioned to understand, in our very bones, that we’re not allowed to ask that.

    That we’re not permitted to even think that.

    …because of the terroristic left and the constant barrage of media criticism and attacks has put us into a state of constant self-censorship which has evolved into actual, genuine doublethink.

    We know that Good Conservatives — Conservatives who do not get attacked and doxxed and harassed by partisan government officials — simply do not ask things like “Why isn’t Hillary Clinton, the ultimate paymaster who paid Russians for dirt to attempt a soft coup, being asked questions under oath?”

    Even thinking that immediately causes our superegos to step in and shut that thought down: That’s not proper! That’s not who we are!


    They’ll make you PAY for thoughts like that.

    That’s pretty much the entire real dispute between real conservatives and NeverTrump — NeverTrump are the enforcers of the left’s doublethink rules and the ones shrieking at us that doublethink rules are good and wise, because otherwise, we’ll devolve into the monsters everyone knows that we are.

    They want to be Good Little Boys and nice little dogs that don’t go outside the range of the leash Master was kind enough to tie around their throats.

    I don’t.

    Maybe it’s time to start thinking some unthinkable thoughts, just to prove we’re even capable of it any longer.

    1. I’m with you K-Bob. Freedom is something that these “good” R’s like Romney, McCain and Flake have no concept of. They have been “trained” well to behave for their masters and in exchange, they get to stay well fed and live in a nice zip code.

      1. They were the same weaklings who cringed when Reagan called out “The Evil Empire!”


    2. He’s the Only One to call out black Democrats, who have superior rights, they Can’t be Criticized!

  33. If Pres. Trump would just make a series of good commercials shown at prime time and put it out in ’20 actually showing the failed policies of the donkeycrats, starting with LBJ and his great welfare society, to Jimmy Carters sweaters and now with the failed cities, and everything else the dems touch from Obummers stupid policies and at the end of every commercial out in big bold letters “To be continued?”. We’d have the House back, pick up seats in the Senate and nearly the up the WH.

  34. Great words of truth and thankfully more and more of the democrat party chickens are coming home to roost.

  35. If i lived in his district i would be mad if anything, the man has been there for 23 years and has done nothing for his voters at all. Deflecting to shouts of “racism” is a cop out and is a away of not discussing how terrible of a job Elijah Cummings has done, he may have walked with MLK but that doesn’t put bread on people’s tables or do anything for the horrible gang plague that they have.

  36. I guess if you have to state the obvious, then it really doesn’t matter. As my buddy Eric Sparkes stated: I am a Democrat and I will vote Democrat ’til the day I die.

  37. Baltimore voters keep voting the racist scum into office. They deserve their own fate.

  38. The voters of Baltimore probably can’t read and keep listening to CNN. The MSM has poisoned their minds with lies. MSM is truly the enemy of the people.

  39. Cummings and Pelosi would give our tax money to illegals while their cities go hungry and veterans dies in the streets. Shameful.

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