Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair

Bill Whittle is past the point of being fed up with Obama and the Democrats and they way they are treating this country, and in this episode he goes after those he refers to as the ‘Merchants of Despair’:

Who is responsible for the current economic malaise? If you ask Bill Whittle, it’s Obama’s pals like David Axelrod, Harry Reid and Tim Geithner, some of the many Merchants of Despair. These merchants are costing taxpayers trillions and creating deep national divides based on class and race. Will the despair continue for another four years?

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67 thoughts on “Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair

  1. On the day Obama is re-elected, better buy stock in Rosetta Stone stock in anticipation of all the people who will be leaving the country with all the money they can take with them.

  2. My fantasy is that this country gets the gonads to, when this socialist and his Marxist cohorts are run out of office, tar and feather these incompetent, arrogant “smarter-than-you” sons of bitches.

  3. Democrats and Republicans are all the same. They support each other under the illusion that we the people have a choice or a voice and deception for the Amerkin sheeple continues as business as usual. Bottom line is, as long as there are politicians, there will always be misery, suffering, death and wars period! America needs to be reeducated on what freedom really is.

    “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest
    liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them
    the truth.” — H.L. Mencken

    “In a time of universal deceit, TELLING THE TRUTH is a revolutionary act.”
    George Orwell 1984

  4. Thank you Bill !

    I hope every unregistered conservative signs up Monday.
    We need every single vote in November.
    Listen to Bill Whittle. Please.

  5. And when BO abd his black dog are replaced and Holder and Geitner jailed, what shall we do to prevent those who brought him here, those who march for him and lick spittle from his lips, from ever seeing another’s day’s peace?

    If somebody start a BYOG volunteer group, I’ll be there.

  6. Thank you Bill. I find it a mental struggle to make sense of the people who don’t like Obama, who aren’t going to vote for Obama, but won’t stand up or speak out for their beliefs. It was no different when I saw many more pro-Obama online. Where were the conservatives? Do more liberals have computers? We were not organized? I will always believe the online vote for Obama was major. Confounding at the minimum that many conservative people are families, clean (remember how that huge gathering with Glenn Beck in Washington DC… left the place spotless?), slow to anger, etc. yet fall behind simply because we don’t have the “roudy, loud, in-your-face” personality that gets more attention? I appreciate you are here. Now will you get all of us organized for this election? (sigh)

  7. Mechants of Dispair:

    NBPP, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Resko, Bill Ayers, Eric Holder, David Axelrod, Tim Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama.

    It reads like an FBI top 10 Most Wanted.

    If the NBPP can place a dead or alive bounty on a free American citizen and get away with it, why can’t we. I say we take a page from the Iraqi days when they hunted down Sadam’s lackeys. Let’s make these people the deck of cards, in order of disgust, with the top Queen being Michelle and the top, Ace of Spades as Barack himself.

    Let’s make it our goal to get these people out of office and out of our lives forever. We shouldn’t rest until we’ve pulled these gutter snipe out of their rat holes and politically hung them out to dry.

    Then and only then will we be able to reclaim our great nation.

  8. Thank you, Bill Whittle, a major antidote to this mind-boggling cultural tar pit.
    Long may you continue to sharpen our wits and inspire our great American souls!

  9. Ladies and gentlemen. We are at a crossroads in the timeline of our nation. No longer can we afford the luxury of self gratification, and a life spent on our selfish pursuits, in hopes that someone else will sustain the liberties endowed to us by our Creator. The impetus is on us, and it is on us now. What will we do? Cower, and allow our nation to be remembered as a footnote in history of a better time and place, that once existed long ago? Or, are we prepared to offer our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor to preserve the Republic? To what level are we prepared to go to save this most precious gift in which God Himself has so generously bestowed to us? I cannot answer that question for you, and you cannot answer that question for me. We must all diligently search our souls and ask the pointed question. What do we really believe, and if we believe what I think the majority of us still believe, will our actions defend these beliefs, or betray them? This is, or should be all out war. All conflicts must be dealt with in prudence, and our obvious prudent course of action should be initiated at the ballot box. Should that method fall short, are we prepared to follow the example set forth by our Founders? If our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor, are required at the Altar of Freedom, are we prepared to lay them upon it?

  10. Another great vid by Bill. Saw this earlier. Now there’s four people that abortion missed.
    The good die young and the evil ones prosper. Well at least now they do. This is the kind of vid that the RNC needs to show nationally. Hannity, Rush yoohoo?

  11. I am about to puke. To the right of the heart felt commentary by Bill is the image of Michelle Obama for Obama for America. For your information you old hag, I AM NOT IN! There I feel much better.

  12. I have to admit that I really was naive until I heard this about BO the dog

    I have 5 Dogs now and have had many many more that are no longer here

    As such I come in contact with many other Dog people

    NEVER have I ever known anyone to name a dog after themself

    Does anyone find Zero naming his childrens dog after himself a bit narcissistic?

    Did anyone else pick this up or I was the only person in the world to miss this act of self love?

    1. Back when they first got Bo, on twitter we had running jokes of what the name of their next dog would be. My pick was Mo or Mao. hehe

  13. What fool from the Rebuplican Party didn’t think to have Bill Whittle out in front of the cameras? Bill deserves prime time tv. Fox should give him his own show.

    1. That would be “the FOOLS” who run the party with a statist,Non-Conservative agenda, THE GOP ELITES!!!

    2. He needs a speaking position at the Convention. And he should be have his own show on Fox although they would probably ask him to taper down his commentary which I’m sure he’d say no way and bolt back to the freedom (while it lasts) of the internet.

    1. “It is ALL obama’s fault”…… and those who voted for him and those who didn’t vote at all.

    1. Joe, that was my initial thought as well. But then on further review I came to the conclusion that it is Bill’s lack of affiliation to a political party that gives his words and their meaning a sense of honesty and truth. It has been my observation that almost all politicians (the only exceptions that come to mind are Regan, Bachmann, Palin and maybe Paul) talk out of both sides of their mouth. My concern is that if Bill were to associate to closely to the GOP elite (eg. Mitt) he may catch whatever virus most of them have and lose some of the bedrock foundation that produces his clear messages.

  14. This sums up from 2008 ’till present

    Everything he said is – of course – dead on

    I wish he were running for President

  15. Awesome recap of these past few years! Wow this needs to go to the RNC, the RCCC , the RGA and all of our GOP candidates campaign headquarters immediately!

  16. Holy cow, this Bill Whittle has given some great commentaries but this one is his masterpiece. Right on Mr. Whittle, you had me cheering at the end of this wonderful commentary.

  17. Bill got really really pissed off when Obama was caught openly and treasonously conspiring with Medvedev, and you can see he hasn’t calmed down one little bit, which works to OUR advantage because now he’s produced his best video yet (and that’s saying something) to share with all our friends. I’m sending this to every single person I know, and I’m saving it to send again when we close in on election. Thanks Bill…

    1. The sheer contempt for us you hear in Obama’s voice every time he speaks literally makes me sick to my stomach.

    2. You have 10 years on me, but I’ve been following politics closely since 1964. I have never been so concerned about the future of our country.

      In the past, I tended to feel that the liberals were misguided and advocated the wrong policies to achieve admirable ends (improving education, reducing poverty, etc.).

      No longer am I willing to concede that those on the left have those good intentions. I think they are far more concerned with power, telling other people how to live their lives (with the force of law behind them) and turning the greatest country the world has ever known into just another Socialist state. All this while richly rewarding those that agree with them (and donate money to them) and punishing those that disagree.

      1. “No longer am I willing to concede that those on the left have those good intentions. I think they are far more concerned with power, telling other people how to live their lives (with the force of law behind them) and turning the greatest country the world has ever known into just another Socialist state. All this while richly rewarding those that agree with them (and donate money to them) and punishing those that disagree.”

        What took you so long?

        1. Well, I used to be a liberal in my foolish youth and I certainly had good intentions. Watching Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose” on PBS made me a conservative – so I’ll always have a soft spot from PBS even though I want to defund it.

          Y’all might want to look at the following RedState article I am linking to. It shows that there is a real difference in values between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives have more of ’em. Conservatives also understand liberals pretty well while liberals don’t understand conservatives – primarily because conservatives have three values that liberals do not: loyalty, respect for authority and sanctity.

          When have you ever heard a liberal properly describe a conservative position and yet still advocate the liberal one? It is rare indeed.

          Anyway, here is the link:

          1. ” Conservatives also understand liberals pretty well while liberals don’t understand conservatives -“…..I’ve always said that one of the many areas where Conservatives and Liberals differ, is that Conservatives have ‘intellectual curiousity’. Liberals are by nature walking talking contradictions….they claim (loudly) to be the ones who are the most ‘open minded, and tolerant’ people, when the evidence is that they are the exact opposite. Andrew Breitbart was dead on when he labeled them ‘totalitarian freaks’.

          2. Working my tail off for the first years of my adult life made me realize just how ignorant my first years of adulthood were. Watching the govt take money out of my paycheck and watch others collect money from same govt really opened my eyes. Watching Bill Clinton look into the camera and lie to everybody watching helped much in determination that character defines us all and Klintoon didn’t have any nor did his wife. After that I realized just how detached from reality liberals are.

            I then began my real education of the nature of things by reading all things conservative. I found new respect for the ancient teachings of the Bible ad the writings of our Founding Fathers and those that agreed with them. I instantly realized that progressives and their demented ideology all lead to one place, a living breathing Heall on Earth be it Nazi fascism or it’s sibling communism where all free choice is usurped by the state.

            I could drone on but you get the picture….

  18. Thank You!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!! That was brilliant and I immediately shared it on FB. I’ll probably have a lot less “friends” tomorrow but he was so right, I could not help but share his brilliance with the world!

  19. Thank you, Mr. Whittle for posting exactly what I’m thinking about the current occupant in our White House.

  20. W O W – can the RNC make this into an ad and blast it all over the country? Pretty, pretty puhhleeese!!

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