Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Rich Man, Poor Man

This is more excellence and brilliance from Bill Whittle as he demonstrates a recent study on poverty by the Heritage foundation. This one gets a ‘must watch’ status:

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123 thoughts on “Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Rich Man, Poor Man

  1. I enjoy watching all of Bill Whittle videos. He takes the conservative point of view to clarity so even a die hard liberal is left without defense. I highly recommend everyone to finically support this man’s cause.

  2. Obviously the point here is that Americans don’t really know what poor is. If you don’t have a cell phone you are considered poor. I work with Brazilians and Cubans and Venezuelans who have emigrated here and they are amazed at the “concept” of poor in the U.S. What is more than frustrating is that I am very careful about how and where I spend my money, yet the money the government TAKES from me for taxes, they just throw around with nary a thought behind it. I don’t have a flat screen TV or a fancy cell phone myself, but poor people have these things. Now how is that FAIR?

  3. That was an amazing video. The overinflated sense of entitlement in North American society is overwhelming sometimes and it goes beyond economics. The feeling of wanting what other people have but not working for it enters every aspect of our society from schooling to athletics. I see it almost daily and I find it sad but then I see a glimmer of hope when I see a teenager working their butts off in school, while working a part time job and competing to be a successful athletes while volunteering at a local church. Then I know there is still hope for all of us.

  4. Hey, the Cokie Roberts page is going nuts! What’s up? It’s flashing like it’s fixin’ to blow! On, off, on, off. It’s freaky! I’m scared.

  5. stevenbiot, must be short for bigoted, racist, classless *hole. Conservatives don’t have the black vote for a reason! Where is the compassion for those in poverty – it sickens me. Your not even capable of putting yourself in someones shoes. And then people wax on here about their christian faith. You are all a bunch of hypocrites. And since I never plan to post here again let me say this – If more than 60% (per your poll ) think that Sarah Palin is the best presidential choose then it’s fair to call you anti-intellectual. It is delusional to think that Palin would be accepted by a general populations of Independents.

    1. A-hole is definitely shorter than all of those combined. Black votes, white votes, Mexican votes, we want rational, independent thinkers votes, not dependent, government stooges like yourself. Don’t speak for the black community; you aren’t Sharpton or Jackson – are you? Why the hell would I want to put myself in someone else’s shoes? I’m not them, and they aren’t me. We don’t need emotional hooligans posting to this site anyway, bye! As some of my favorite rappers say, ” kick rocks.”

    2. We conservatives don’t pander to skin colors; that is you democrats job. We live by the principle: We don’t care where you came from, what your background is; we will accept anyone that is independent and a contributing member of society. All others are welcome in the other party. It is our job to make you look as ignorant as we can with facts and historical evidence.

    3. I understand your concern for compassion for those in poverty. After all, you leftists are creating poverty at levels we haven’t seen since the depths of the depression. When the pitchforks, torches, and mobs come after you to “thank” you, please be sure to trot out all your evidence of compassion.

      That will fill their empty bellies.

      Your campaign slogan for 2012 should be: “Let Them Eat Hope”

      By the way, the general population of Independents just called. They said, “Thanks for helping to lose our AAA rating, Mr. Intellectual.”

    4. I, for one intend to insure that because I am sick of your sanctimonious, vitriolic prattle take your self righteous backside to huffpo or think progress where your little martyr attitude will fit right in.

    5. Since you’ve promised never to post here again, I ought to not bother responding. However, calling someone bigoted and racist because they believe in personal responsibility, because they don’t believe in using excuses to stay ignorant is in your word, classless. REAL compassion for the poor is not to give them handouts for generations to keep them in the same circumstances that they say they deserve to get out of. It is not to take what someone else has worked hard for, taken time away from their family to earn a decent living for to be ordered to give it to someone else. Real compassion is helping those people to develop skills, be educated and help them until they can stand on their own. True CHRISTIAN compassion is to get past the skin color and the present circumstances, and show them that they are made in God’s image, given by Him the ingenuity, the talent, the dream, the skill to make things better for them and their community. Where is the compassion in taking someone elses hard earned money and spending it foolishly in programs which have been proven a half a century ago that they are failures?! Where is the compassion about using their skin color instead of their character and abilities?! ‘Nough said. I am through trying to talk to a brick wall. You just don’t want to get it.

      1. Doood! (I know you’re a girl) This is great. I wanted to say something like this but didn’t have the strenf. You’re right…I think it’s that brick wall thingamabob.

        Time for Daddy to catch some zzz’s. We be on EST.

  6. I read all the comments. If interested, everybody should read, A New Earth by Eckart Tolle. This book explains the “insane” human condition. I am on my 4th read. Every time I read it I see more and more how the root of class warfare is driven by ego. It really is an eye opener. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

    1. I’m not meaning to put you down for reading Tolle, I just don’t agree with his philosophies. I would say class warfare that we are seeing is due to people ignoring the 10th Commandment “Thou shalt not covet..Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.” Ego it may be, but that is only another name for sin.

        1. Look Rshill… I’ll make this really simple for you in the “Las Revised Standard Version…. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s Ford F150.” I bet you do covet his F150… c’mon admit it.

          1. No, but I’m pretty sure he covets mine. It is green and beautiful with lots of extra chrome. It is truly a tasty-looking Ford. Neighbor has a yucky Chevy and no ass whatsoever. Of course he’s in his 80’s, and probably worked that thing off years ago.

            I am beginning to think that I am the only serious person on this entire site. Everybody else is pure silly.

    1. It is the price paid for fame, (RS breaking into the Top 20 Conservative sites a while back) it also tells you just how terrified the socialist liberals are that they are going to go down in flames in 2012. They are on the run as long as those of us on the political “right” stay united in our resolve to put Zero and his cronies into the unemployment lines (figuratively speaking of course).

    2. Probably a link to TRScoop from some site with a huge population of left-of-center commenters. I haven’t found it yet. Or maybe TRScoop’s link on twitter attracted a bunch of desperate folks trying to damper Whittle’s popularity.

  7. This is crazy, AC refrigerator and many other things on list are included with most apartments. The rest of the items can be bought at a thrift sale for less than $5. Don’t really see the point in his study.

    1. It’s not his study. It’s Heritage’s study. Pay attention, or get back to what you were doing before making yourself look tarded on the internet.

        1. These damn liberals just don’t have historical, or for that matter, any evidence to back up their beliefs. I just want them to provide something other than emotion.

          1. I’m here 6 hours later and he still hasn’t replied. Not surprising. They don’t know how to respond other than emotion or my personal favorite that I get a lot, “oh you’re just a parrot for FOX!” I get a kick out of seeing the “wheels” turning when I tell them I don’t watch TV and have never seen a complete show on FOX yet.

            1. What! No FOX! Well Missy! You’re in for a treat. I’m still in withdrawal after Beck’s departure… but am now watching Sun here in Canuckistan and OD’ing on Ezra Levant and soon to be Michael Coren who is making a return on the new SUN News Network.

    1. It’s obvious then that you haven’t seen enough of Mr. Whittle. His intellect must boggle your mind if all you got out that piece is that his hair is course and difficult to manage.


  8. LOL! Conservatives are the experts at dirty tactics and dirty tricks. This story that conservative have ever used a “pacifist political appoach” is a fairytale.

    1. As long as the tactics are backed up by historical facts, I say use them. Capitalism, the division of labor and wealth, and individualism is responsible for: electricity, cars, telephones, internet, vaccines, the most wealthy civilization in history, advanced medicine ( I know, I’m almost a doctor), and the richest poor people on the planet. Wanna tussle?

    2. Taking too long. I need a quick response to know you aren’t plagiarizing from an obscure liberal sight.

  9. This is a good example of how to lie with statistics. Where is the list of what “rich Americans” have? There are too many false premises in this silly talk to deal with. Basically he is saying don’t worry about “poor” people because they had 15 year older cars and computers. He is saying don’t worry about the rich who rip you off because you are richer than the poor people in Africa. This is the spokesperson for Corporate Feudalism who tells the wage slaves to be happy with their servitude while the Corporate Lords and Owners of America refuse to pay for the what we the people give them by our government that pays for the infrastructure and protection that they have that allows them to get rich in the first place.

    1. Wonderwheel, huh? Oh, you’re a wonder, alright.

      By the way, “wage slaves” is a term for people who actually work for a living. It doesn’t apply to people who get paid to not work. As for “servitude”? That’s exactly what your little rant here expects of those evil rich people.

      1. You have fun with these people, you don’t take them serious, because if Wonderwheel wanted to match wits, he would get schooled. Get at me if you wanna tussle with facts and figures Wonderwheel.

      2. This is one of the things I like about Jaynie. It is extraordinarily poignant. It has everything that is needed here. I wish I said it.

    2. You could have ended your rant by telling us you just checked out of a mental institution; that would have gained our sympathy. Instead, you left that part off, and now we feel sorry for you, because you are a tool and a class warfare parrot. How cheap do you get your meds? Guarantee I could ship them to you cheaper.

    3. I am sure you are talking about the 51% that pay no federal income tax. I for one do not think the rich got that way because of something the government has done. The interstate highway system was built with military needs in mind that is why there is a straight stretch ever so many miles so planes can land. Military is a responsibility of the federal government. Entitlements is not. This government has taken more jobs from it citizenry than imaginable. The jobs have all gone to asian countries or central and latin american countries. That is why we do not make much here anymore. The government has regulated businesses right out of the country. Wake up, this is not a perfect country but it is the best and if you do not love this country, get out and find one that gives you more. Otherwise if you want something work for it. Bill Gates did not start out rich. And I do not think he thinks he owes the government anything. If you do you are a kool aide drinking liberal with an entitlement mental illness.

  10. I was looking for Bill’s best Afterburner, the one where he rips Jon Stewart to shreds over dropping the bomb on Japan. I couldn’t find that one, but I did find this one:

    Watch it all the way to the end. Until conservatives understand that fighting back as dirty as they fight us, we’re never going to get anywhere.

    1. Well put Jaynie59. If conservatives aren’t gaining traction using the pacifist political approach, we need to go after liberals using rational facts and statistics, and mock them for being idealists, instead of factual thinkers. Every time a new study proves that liberal marxist ideology doesn’t work in a world with individual needs, interests, and desires, we need to exert massive effort to debate these cretins. We will never win by playing nice with barbarians. Capitalism and free market trade have increased wealth, life, and education like no other political system in history. The genesis of all innovation in science, technology and medicine has occurred under Capitalist rules. Viva la Capitalism!

      1. In my fantasy world, right after Palin/Bolton win in a landslide, President Sarah Palin appoints Bill Whittle as White House Spokesperson. The daily briefing will never be the same.

  11. What Bill doesn’t mention is that lucky poor person who get’s to refrigerate their child’s milk, turns on their gift,the TV, to hear 5 teenagers dead in gang shooting in the neighborhood.

    And as the ungrateful mother who doesn’t appreciate her free cell phone doges bullets and gangs to walk her child to school we scoff that she never thanked us for her many blessings.

    I work with poor minorities in helping them find jobs. Bill Whittle may once have been poor but he’s never been black and poor or Hispanic and poor or chronically and generationaly poor. His video was heartless and distasteful.

    1. Weak! Sympathy only gets you so far. Tell your Hispanic and Black parents to focus on educating their children to read, instead of how to fire a weapon and be generational degenerate members of society. I, as well as any other person on the face of this Earth, wasn’t put here to pay out my hard earned cash to a bunch of envious, resentful, unappreciative parasites. All of the things you mentioned are in fact gifts. They didn’t pay for them. Make better choices in life and focus on bettering your life, and lose the victim mentality. Tell them that, and you will make a difference. Keep perpetuating the poor, gang-riddled, me want yo money mentality, you will add to the poor pot, instead of subtracting from it. Go read some poverty statistics from Heritage carkrueger. We have more than enough idiots commenting emotionally, instead of rationally.

    2. Is not America still the land of opportunity? Is not the President of the United States a self professed poor minority? Most of the successful minorities in this country started out in abject poverty but they were taught they could succeed if they worked hard and stayed out of trouble….strong families propelled them toward success.

      The poor get every conceivable hand out and lift and boost but it still doesn’t work because there is no support structure. The “Black family” for the most part doesn’t exist. Universities are combing the countyside for minority students they’re handed everything, given one on one attention in most cases, extra counciling, extra tutoring, mentoring, and on and on and on and the whole thing doesn’t cost them a dime…..yet still most of them fail and wash out.

      They just don’t have the work ethic that most kids with stable families get almost by accident. Uncle Sam is a lot more dependable than Baby daddy when it comes to making child support payments but as a father he sucks just as bad.

    3. I feel bad for people who live in areas where violence is a way of life, however, that is no excuse for remaining or giving into the same way of life. This is America, and everyone, no matter where they come from, what they did or did not have to start out with, is still the only place on the face of the earth where people can grow and change, and work for something better. It may not be as easy as it was in the days before gang violence and teen mobs, but it is still achieveable to get out of that environment. God gave each human the abilities to defend, to work, to think, to dream. He has given each person a gift, talent and desire- no matter the color of one’s skin. If people would get over the danged skin color, get over trying to one up someone else, get back to respecting all life, respecting each other, and put the energy into something good and positive, practice delayed gratification, thankfulness, mercy and kindness, and if they would stop looking around at what is- and do something to change it or work to get out. We can all complain about something in or out of our lives, but only we can change our own circumstances. People need to take responsibilities for their own choices, behaviors and circumstances.

    4. You work with poor minorities in helping them find jobs, eh? Who pays your salary?

      The truth is that it’s people like you who do more to keep poor people poor than any thousand rich people you hate. Because if it weren’t for poor people, you’d have no job (which I’m sure you call a career). Your industry, that you work in, depends on keeping not only the poor poor, but in ensuring that poverty is generational. Because that’s the only way to keep your industry going.

      How do you sleep at night knowing that your livelihood depends on the perpetual suffering of others? How do you cash that paycheck knowing that everything you do advances a permanent underclass of dependent people to keep you and your ilk living the good life while you make sure they will have no chance to dream about doing the same?

      1. I wish I would have said that. Good commentary! It’s like the various unions. They don’t protect jobs, or benefit workers; they collect dues, which go predominately to democrats, increase the cost of products to the consumer, and cause corporations to move oversees, with the help of government. It’s almost like living in a circus, without the fun.

    5. Sympathy does NOT empower a person. You seem to be employing a false sense of virtue for yourself.

    6. You have fallen into the trap of racism yourself there little camper. You make excuses for them because of their color. You probably believe in affirmative action, which says to folks, yep, you need extra help, extra points, you need to be physically placed in the front of the line or you just can’t compete. Why is that? Are they not as good as others? Why would you want to perpetuate that? It’s BS!

      Take your fake compassion and shove it! These folks are every bit as human and worthy/capable as the rest of us, and for people like you to keep telling them and others what they cannot do, makes me sick. You are the one who lacks compassion by peddling this racist mindset. You are doing them no favors. Why not refashion your pseudo-compassion into some real compassion and your feigned ‘champion of the poor’ attitude into a batch of common sense.

      Next time you give someone a fish, let them you know you have no earthly idea how to catch one and that it cannot possibiby be done, especially by they, because they aren’t nearly as capable as thou art! You stink, just like that fish you keep handing out.

      This is a response to several of your posts of late, not just this one.

  12. Heritage is my go to source for accurate information. Their reports tend to make me have less and less sympathy for the so-called poor. I think if you are on welfare of any kind, you should have to go to thirty businesses a year, and tell each employee, ” thank you.” We need to keep the poor humble, and remind them that they are not entitled to our paychecks, but I am forced to give up some of my paycheck to them.

  13. Boy, the prosperity of our country is really very impressive. I wonder about the standards, tho. We have no airconditioning (don’t live in the Midwest where it gets so hot), nor do we have a gaming system (too old to care about it), and no TV (have never wanted one). I never feel poor. Why oh WHY do liberals feel the need to either apologize for, or destroy such a wonderful standard of living???

  14. Bill refers to it as “envy,” but I think there is a dearth of gratitude in this nation as well. There is great strength and solace to be found in being grateful for those things that we have and in expressing that gratitude. Having an “attitude of gratitude” (to quote my mother) necessarily engenders humility, which will always lead to peace of mind and happiness. Too many have become accustomed to receiving and, as a result, have developed a feeling of entitlement. That which they receive is no longer a gift or a blessing, but merely the payment of a debt owed to them. I firmly believe that until the people of this nation change their hearts, we, as a country, will be unable to change our course.

    1. I can see the envy in the class warfare talk happening now. I wondered why some of my friends were SO INSISTANT on raising the taxes of the corporate jet owners. They really resent people owning jets. These friends have more money than our family, yet they also resent us owning a Cessna 150!!! That is just plain old envy.

      1. You’re right it is just plain old envy. Envy can show its ugly head in many different ways.

        Envy may take the route of jealousy and spite, which may lead to hateful behavior and even violence against the person(s) envied.

        OR it may take the feelings of entitlement route, which manifests itself on a wider scale and leads to riots and war.

        At their root they are still both just plain old envy and may be manifested in a mixture of both the above.

    2. “attitude of gratitude”

      Thanks for the reminder! I used to say this phrase a lot – now I’m making a point to say as often as I can.

      As the Apostle Paul said (from a jail cell), “…in whatever state I’m in, I have learned to be content”. I feel sorry for people who feel ‘entitled’; they don’t know contentment even when they get what they think they wanted. SAD!

      I totally agree we, as a country need a heart change!

    3. The rich are the ones without gratitude for what the government of the people, by the people, and for the people has given them. Taxes are the physical sign of their gratitude yet they refuse to pay with gratitude and instead call the very people hwo made their wealth possible thieves and beggers. There would be no so-called debt crisis today if we had the tax structure that we had under Republican President Eisenhower. In the Eisenhower years the total taxes paid were two-fifths from individual taxes and three-fifths from corporations, and of those individual taxes the rich paid the same as everyone for the lower tier but paid 90% in taxes for the top most tier. Now, cororations pay one-fifth and the iindividuals pay four fifths and the richest individuals pay the same or less at the higher tiers. This is nothing short of Corporate Feudalism.
      With roads, electricity, natural gas, mail, telephones, internet, patents, copyrights, police portection, etc. etc., there is not one second that businesses and the rich are able to get rich on their own with out these supports and protections provided by “we the people.” The rich have not earned anything “on their own” as the people like Whittle trick you into believing.

      1. The top 1% pay over 30% of the national income tax. You better be going door to door in the richest neighborhoods in your city to tell them thanks.

      2. Try not to lump all people into a catagory- the rich or the poor. I’ve known many very wealthy people in my life, and all of them are hard working (most worked 14+ hours a day, even after they had built up their businesses) and while I have not seen their tax returns, I do know a few folks who paid more in a year than I have earned in the years that I have worked into taxes. I have also seen the charity that these people have given. These are not greedy people. However, compared to many of the liberal rich, sure they do contibute to charitable organizations as well, but more often they contribute to “foundations” where their money goes towards some kind of social cause (the arts for example, or public tv and radio- which do little for the poor if anything). I also know some “poor” folks who have more than I do, yet they act as if they are the most destitute people in the world. You can’t lump groups of people.
        What it all boils down to is coveting, and the government has, for decades, promoted coveting- even more so in the past 3 years through class warfare.

        1. Why is it that conservative presidents and politicians give more to charity than their liberal counterparts? Simply, liberals are generous with other people’s money, and conservatives are generous with their own money. Also, which nations give the most for natural disaster relief? The capitalist, christian ones (America) top the list. Tyrannical countries, although believing in a utopian, marxist system, seem to concentrate wealth in the hands of their dictators, instead of the people. Seems obvious that marxism and equality ideology seem to keep wealth concentrated alot more than corporate CEO’s and capitalism. The Soviet Union had some of the most fertile land in the world, yet millions of people died from starvation, due to the marxist ideology that was, in theory, supposed to prevent human suffering. Why is the debate of whether the separation and division of labor and wealth being the most advanced social and political system man has ever created still going on? Seems that the death of over 60 million people would have put an end to marxism and liberalism.

      3. Hello silly libratard troll. Did you get lost on your way to huff po?

        Your comprehension ability is suspect so I try and keep it simple.

        You are an idiot. STOP proving it with every statement you make.

      4. You exhibit everything that is wrong in the state of California, you and your liberal friends have run the state into the dirt, and before you ask my family lived in the same area you do now. The primary flaw in the entire anti business argument is you and your cronies keep bringing up how evil business is like “business” is a living, breathing, sentient being. Get a clue businesses are operated and owned by people, taxpayers who actually “contribute” twice to the tax accounts at all levels, they do more to support your precious social programs than you do tax wise.
        With roads, electricity, natural gas, mail, telephones, internet,
        These all came about because of business and private enterprise, not a one of them was produced by a government or social program (although these have managed to screw all these services up) and you people wonder why all of are jobs are going overseas and the economy is in the toilet.

  15. What was the line in that movie: Colbert and the rest of you left lunatics, “you can’t handle the truth”!

  16. Not to get all corny on y’all, but Envy is something that God is dealing with me in my life right now. God has been showing me through events that have happened in my life that whatever I own is temporary and that I should not covet it or envy others for having more, instead I should strive to become my brothers’ and sisters’ servant. Because true worth is not in the getting, but in the giving…or maybe I’m just having a mid-life crisis – lol!

    1. WOW Dude,
      I too have experienced the same savior-faire when I found myself doing the same thing Con-Hip.
      Not to worry about what I think “I” should have because of all the things that I have endured in recent times, all the loss,
      And if your having a crisis, then so am I my friend.

      I understand what you speak of and Thank you for sharing in this forum.

      I have found that if you just focus on “EXACTLY what is the right thing to do,all the other stuff goes away my friend,
      there is much more reward in “Doing the right thing”
      Thank you again.

    2. Not corny at all C Hippie! I think a lot of us believers are being taught the same. Whenever I get that “woe is me” thing goin’ on, I am convicted before it really gets too far, and I immediately ask the Lord to help me with it, and He reminds me of everything I do have. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or wiser 😉 but I am looking more to treasures I have in heaven- nothing can compare to what we stored up there! God Bless!

    3. Read more classical liberal theory. The problem with this nation is that people are somehow brought up to think they are their “brothers and sisters servant,” when that couldn’t be further from the truth. By being completely focused on your wants and desires, pursuing anything that makes you happy, you will better the lives of those around you. The notion that we are put here to serve ,altruistically, other’s needs is ridiculous and socialist. If you want to help others, do it. But, don’t do it at your expense. Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates and countless other atlases didn’t focus on helping everyone else. They focused on themselves and their desires, and what they created naturally benefited others. Capitalism is a selfish theory that promotes the individual, not the community, like Socialism. Prop yourself up and go after your dreams. In the end, that will do more for the whole.

      1. Steven, I think I know where you’re coming from and I have thought about this issue also. Are we to be our brothers’ and sisters’ servant? There are two views to this (at least) IMO. The Liberal view would say you are your brothers’ and sisters’ servant therefore we are forcing you to give us money so that we can force your brothers’ and sister’s to take it. That leads to socialism and, in a sin cursed world, godless communism or the like. A conservative (and I should add christian, because not all conservatives are christians) looks at the servant issue differently. We do not believe that we should be forced to give, but rather do it voluntarily. Because if we are forced to give, there is no blessing involved. This is one of the problems 9among others) that I have with liberalism; that the government is on big church. I think poverty should be taken care of by faith-based organizations, not the government.

        1. Excellent point! I am not a believer, but you make great sense. As long as it is an individuals voluntary choice to perform acts of kindness, I am wholly supportive. My dad says the exact same thing you do in your final sentence. Also, I didn’t mean to slam you; you are very brave and honest to provide your information about your struggle. Christians are the most generous people on Earth; I am married to one, and she is a shining example of the Christian faith.

          1. I am a big fan of Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Friedman, and Ayn Rand. I believe that I got most of my political and individual ideology from them when I was a little tike. When I got a little older, my dad and I would listen to talk radio from yard to yard (landscaping). I have to say that the conservative and individual theory have created a drive in me that no liberal could understand. For this reason, I owe everything to Capitalism.

      2. Read more Bible. If you distill your concept of universal truth from “classical liberal theory”, then it is not surprising that you consider ConHip (and by your extension “people” in this nation) to be foolish “to think they are their ‘brothers and sisters servant’”. The Apostle Paul, following his encounter with the risen and glorified Lord Jesus, was commissioned as The Apostle to the Gentiles, and made himself a servant of all men to win as many as possible. He had (before) profited greatly in the Jews religion, but for the sake of proclaiming the good news that God was reconciling men from all nations to Himself and the hope of resurrection of those who believed in the Lord Jesus, he abandoned pursuit of personal gain.
        He said this of his own servant-minded activities, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most pitiable.” (1 Corinthians 15:19)

        And this: “17 For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of no effect. 18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 19 For it is written:

        “ I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
        And bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”

        20 Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? 21 For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. 22 For Jews request a sign, and Greeks seek after wisdom; 23 but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, 24 but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. 25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” (1 Corinthians 1:17-25)

        What you disparage (though I don’t think you despise) in the American people is that great separator, the essential ingredient that informed the founding fathers and fertilized the American Tree of Liberty so that it flourished here as it has in no other place in history: The Right to study and apply the principles of the Bible in Christian Liberty. This environment did not necessitate that all members of the society were Christian, but allowed the ‘altruistic’ application of personal liberty on the part of the few who applied it to have a restraining influence on society as a whole.

        We have come to the present state because of the dilution of the influence of self-governing Christians both in the public market and the body politic.

        The solution is evangelism.

        The fatal flaw of agnostic ‘free market’ arguments is the humanist assumption that, “men are basically good.” They are not, which is why the seeds of the French revolution withered and perished in each successive planting. The American Constitution was founded on the fundamental recognition of man’s depraved moral condition, the inevitable tendency toward personal interest at the expense of his neighbor, and the necessity of restraint-a check on the accumulation of power in any individual.

        1. I don’t believe that at all. The Constitution was founded on the fundamental principle that man, unrestrained, could accomplish anything, without government interference. Government was only necessary to ensure that individuals didn’t harm or coerce other individuals, and for defense. I do believe man is not naturally good or bad, just man. As long as individuals don’t harm anyone else in their pursuits, I believe anything goes. Also, Americans broke free from a repressive religious system in Europe, so they did not believe there should be a national religion whatsoever. Remember, Jefferson and Franklin weren’t devout Christians. Altruism is a socialist term, and I don’t believe in it whatsoever.

        2. I don’t think anyone is foolish for believing in God. I just don’t follow their belief, plain and simple. I think Individuals accomplish things, not social units. I have no problem with Christians; I’m married to one, and have two children that are also Christian.

        3. Also, I don’t believe or condone ” destroying the wisdom of the wise.” To me that is a statement that runs contrary to individualist principles, and fuels bigotry towards innovative people.

        4. You are horribly incorrect in your claim that “men are basically good” has anything at all to do with free market “arguments” or more properly, economics.

          The free market works despite the flaws of men, not because of their virtues.

    4. You are a good person, and honest for sharing this with us. Remember, you are money, and you can overcome any obstacle by using your intellect and being tenacious about achieving what you want to achieve. I didn’t mean to come off harshly; so if I did, sorry.

  17. Oh man- THANK YOU! That was great! I love the phrase poor mongers. That is exactly what the left has always been! I remember when I first moved to the states, G Bush Sr was president- and always on the news was stories about the poor and homeless. You’d think there was an epidemic. These poor homeless people were poor and homeless right up until the day Clinton took office. You know what?! Miraculously the very day Clinton took over, there were no more poor and homeless! The news never showed them anymore, no more nightly stories.
    It’s the same thing now only on hyper drive. I am sick and tired of being used as an example by the “caring” leftists, whether they’re politicians, news media or hollyweird.
    Yes there are some of us who don’t have as many toys as those who are wealthier. Some days, living in the south of Florida, it gets purty danged hot here without air conditioning, and like Mr. Whittle, sometimes in the colder winter snaps, I have woken up shivering and seeing my breath. But, I have a roof over my head, running hot water, electricity, food on the table for my family every day, a chance to grow our own food, we even have a computer. I am grateful to God who has provided for us these past few years, and who has given my husband and I the common sense to save when we had more, so we could be sustained through 2 hurricanes, a wildfire and now 3 years of unemployment. I will not complain about my little old shack in the woods, as it is palacial compared to what some people have to live in- but when the left tries to use it for their own purpose, they’d better not even try it!

  18. The Heritage Foundation is a superb profession pro-American organization.

    Bill Whittle is brilliant.

      1. Come on now, Alicia. Professional is what was meant to be typed. Heritage Foundation is the pinnacle of conservative information.

  19. Just about every video Bill Whittle does is a “must watch” for me. Next to Limbaugh this guy is probably my favorite spokesperson for our cause. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gains some sort of national prominence, he’s just too good.

    One of the interesting things about Whittle is he is the exact kind of conservative liberals pretend don’t exist: articulate, sharp, persuasive, “civil”, and just plain brilliant. I think that with the right audience videos like these really could change some minds on the left.

    1. No, because some audiences already think they know the solution to the problem. You will never get rid of the envious and hate-filled. They are like the crappy banana flavor starburst that get thrown in the package with the cherry, strawberry, and other tasty flavors. You get the whole package when you are born into any society. Our best hope is to keep them marginalized. Maybe we could all pitch in and buy these haters a jacuzzi.

    2. I follow Bill on Facebook and I “share” every one of his videos. I figure it can’t hurt even though I have less than 20 “friends”.

      1. Consider me number 20 or 21… you know… just to bolster your numbers.

        But Whittle touches on the 10th Commandment. Why the 10th? Because the last is the most important in terms of human behaviour. It’s the secondary wellspring of all evil after pride. It’s the least appreciated of all the commandments… kinda like an afterthought to round out an even set… except the last word (the tenth) is to emphasize it’s preeminence in human flaws. And envy is the pathological driving force of the liberal/left/progressive/Dems… it’s the currency in which they trade in their onward march of sanctimony. The greater their false morality as public scolds, the greater their envy.

        Bring back the 10th Commandment. It’s vastly under appreciated.

    1. Branding. He’s changed his look, so you’ll see it for awhile. He’s probably trying to tick off Tim Robins and Dennis Miller at the same time.

      That was very humanizing when he described his own experience with poverty and envy.

      I wonder how much soul searching is going on in the hearts of people around the country. I know my entire priority set has changed in the past 2 years.

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