AG Barr WARNS that they will get to the bottom of Epstein’s death…

AG Barr is sending a strong message to those involved in Epstein’s suicide as well as his crimes beforehand:

POLITICO – Attorney General William Barr said Monday that authorities will “get to the bottom of what happened” — both in financier Jeffrey Epstein’s death on Saturday and in the ongoing investigation of his alleged sex crimes.

“There will be accountability,” Barr said at the Fraternal Order of Police’s 64th biennial conference. “This case will continue on against anyone who is complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy.”

Barr said in a Saturday statement that he was “appalled” to learn of Epstein’s death, and it raised serious questions of the circumstances.

On Monday, he reiterated that he was “frankly angry to learn of the (Metropolitan Correctional Center’s) failure to adequately secure” Epstein. Barr said, after learning of irregularities at the facility, the FBI and Office of Inspector General are conducting a thorough investigation.

It is puzzling that in such a high profile case Epstein would be allowed to kill himself I’m glad Barr is investigating this with such zeal.

I do know there are conspiracy theories out there about Epstein’s death that even Trump likes to retweet, but I’m not one to really go that route. I don’t know what happened and I prefer to wait on the facts. Hopefully Barr will get them to us at some point soon.

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98 thoughts on “AG Barr WARNS that they will get to the bottom of Epstein’s death…

  1. I lost faith in our judicial system. He’s already dead. Unless he made a secret video exposing everyone our system has failed us again.

    1. Same here. 2 tiers… or you can even say 3. Top is for political elites like Clinton and obama, middle is for rich people who can afford a decent defense, and bottom for people who are just peons or of the wrong political class (President Trump, his supporters, poor folk).

    2. They say he made a lot of videos. Supposedly he has videos of everyone who visited one of his homes to have sex with a minor. Supposedly there are lawyers for the girls working on getting those right now in Florida.

    3. When it involves very powerful people in politics we can be guaranteed that the system will fail us every single time…especially if the exposed people are on the left.

    4. It’s not the system…it’s the people…our enemies are evildoers…especially those who worm their way into the upper echelons of the system.

      1. I noticed that Barr mentioned co-conspiritors as if he knows it was intentional. I hope someone is talking.

  2. Barr does seem to be serious about this as he should be. Some of the conspiracy theories are wild such as he’s in a witness protection program until the trial etc. Personally, I think he’s dead and by his own hand. However, I do think he was “allowed” to commit suicide and that’s why nobody was around. Let’s see what the autopsy and investigation produce.

      1. You could be right. Then, there’s my husband’s theory. Someone told him ether do it yourself or we’ll do it for you. Will we ever know the truth????

    1. We agree. I can actually understand why someone would be so appalled by Epstein that they intentionally skipped rounds hoping he would kill himself. However, in this case it’s extremely bad because he could have blown the lid off the whole thing and brought down a lot of powerful people with him. We could have let him kill himself after we don’t need him any more.

      1. What I’d look for is someone bribing the guards. Of course they’re probably already doing that. 🙂

    2. I hope we actually learn the truth of it, mom. I heard it said this morning on the radio that the people in Epstein’s circle are more powerful than any mob family ever was. FWIW.

  3. Conspiracy theories abound but we do have some facts.
    Fact = Just hours after the Epstein investigation implicated two big shot Democrats while exonerating Trump, he was dead.
    That’s all we have to go on right now…motive and timing.

  4. Right now my “conspiracy” theory is that the situation that afforded Epstein the opportunity to kill himself was purposefully created.

    Hey, if they don’t like conspiracies maybe they should do their effing jobs instead of being massive screw-ups. This was either intentional or our government is so incompetent we should shut it down (sarc).

    1. I am with you but please use the word “analysis” as the word “conspiracy” was coined by the enemy to attack us. You are a logical thinker analyzing a situation.

      1. You are right. I don’t like the use of the word conspiracy because it insinuates wacko theories, and that’s why I put it in quotes.

    1. Uh huh yeah..and at the same time made sure that probably at least DOZENS, if not HUNDREDS, of degenerates as bad or worse than he was GO SCOT FREE!!

  5. supposedly Epstein was supposed ot have a cellmate- but lo and behold, his roommate, according to one site, was removed the day before- A Roommate could have called out to guards if ep was trying to kill himself- IF this really is the case- He was also supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes- that didn’t happen-

    As someone pointed out- EVERYONE knew he was a high risk prisoner- high profile- with very damning evidence- His protection should have been top priority- it doesn’t pass the smell test that he wasn’t given top priority in such a high profile situation where he had very powerful enemies- whether he was on suicide watch or not-

    1. That is why I blame AG Barr for this. HE is the TOP law enforcement officer! BARR should have personally seen to it BAMN that Epstein was kept SAFE for his trial!!

  6. Better to be guilty of incompetance than murder.
    The mea culpas are coming thick and heavy from the killers.

      1. I think there are a great many of us now who don’t give a hoot in hell WHAT these gd degenerates call us!!!

    1. I’m actually more concerned that the case on the underage sex ring involving Epstein and Maxwell continue because if his death was anything more than suicide, at least the people who wanted this to go away won’t have achieved their goal.

      1. I would love to see all of his victims receive justice for what happened to them. The sad thing is, this goes all the way to the top, from presidents to other world leaders to politicians. Sadly, this will be handled the same way as the monkey and a football scenario. In the end everything will be dropped.

  7. I’m not one for conspiracy theories either, but when you have a mass of evidence and it all points one way, that’s no longer a conspiracy. It’s a track record of behavior.

    Of course Epstein is dead. There’s no way Clinton could afford to have him speak.

    I swear. Sometimes people act like this is the FIRST time someone who was damaging to the Clintons ended up dead, or specifically committed “suicide” while in jail.

  8. I am so glad Barr is so concerned and will get to the bottom of it…I just can’t help thinking it would be nice to have a live federal prisoner giving evidence about the people attending his island of horrors as a opposed to a dead man….. but meh what do I know.

  9. The moment Bill Clinton’s connection to Epstein began to really strengthen, there were lots of people online who predicted Epstein’s eminent suicide. It would be so extraordinarily surprising that law enforcement wouldn’t have been extra vigilant to prevent any incidents that would lead to endless conspiracy theorizing.

  10. Don’t bother Bob. I don’t care anymore. Worry not about Epstein, and start going after his pedo associates instead. Start with Donald and Bill.

  11. If there is no video of his suicide I want to see exactly how he did it. What did he wrap around his neck what did he tie it to if anything. I have heard you can asphyxiate yourself by just tying something tightly around your neck but what was that if that is what happened. More details should have been made available already even if the investigation is not complete you would think that they could provide something more.

  12. Dead or alive, I believe the Feds already have tons of evidence about who was involved in this sex ring. The big question is…………… who, if anyone will be arrested.

    1. The big question they are asking themselves is how do we make this evidence go away?

    2. No one will be. Throw it in there with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Spying & Collecting info on ALL Americans, etc, etc.

  13. I know that I am repeating myself but Epstein had so much information, so much material (fotos, videos) to proof everything and therefore so much power and lots of money. Why should he commit suicide? He was the most valuable witness of all times as a human trafficker and pedophile himself. He was the one who would have brought down the international pedophile ring! And the justice system got him but as all are involved in these crimes, it was decided to increase the body count. I don’t care to be called a conspiracy theorist, a racist or an extremist. Children and country first!

    1. Yes, but as in ALL cases involving the Rich & Powerful, be it CEO’s, Clergy, Judges, Politicians, Presidents, PM’s, Royalty, FBI, CIA, DOJ….. “proof” has a way of mysteriously disappearing.

      We will be “allowed” to see/read/hear what they deem as necessary to accomplish the goal of “inconclusive”.

      1. Remember how Comey and his FBI minions destroyed Hillary’s computers and phones during the email scandal….oh and Barr refused to charge Comey after he was found leaking and mishandling classified information. SO we are suppose to trust Barr, the DOJ and the FBI to get to the bottom of this??

      2. “Inconclusive”, this is one of the Cabal’s favorite words.
        Epstein should have been removed from mainland. He didn’t collect all these materials for nothing. They were his “life insurance”. Was he naive? Yes you are right the Octopus has always a way to make things disappear. Epstein was valuable scum, a terrible criminal, a disgusting pedophile and a horrible human being like all his “clients”.

  14. I’m leaning towards the stunt double conspiracy theory. Epstein and his gang of pedo’s are back in business on a remote island in the Caribbean.

  15. I hope AG Barr has 24/7 protection; there are many names on that list who do not wish to be exposed. The Clintons and Obamas have tentacles all over the DOJ… both cleaned house when they were elected.

      1. Clinton and Obama fired many officials and made sure their buddies were hired. How do you think Yates, Ohr, Weissmann, et al. were hired? Because their exemplary, apolitical, public servants?

    1. I was thinking exactly the same. Epstein, the coroner, Barr…….AG will have to move into the White House and operate from there……

    2. Sadly, in our screwed up world that chose to throw God to the curb, pedophiles exist well beyond the Dems & the DOJ.

  16. “get to the bottom of what happened”…“There will be accountability,”

    I have total faith in the DC aristocracy, the DoJ, the FBI, the career bureaucrats, and the courts to handle this with the same determination they did in investigations/cases on:
    – Hillary’s mishandling of classified data (e.g. her personal server, calls to Chelsea) resulting in the death of informants
    – Benghazi ambush and stand-down
    – Solyndra
    – Lois Lerner and IRS targeting of Romney donors
    – IRS discrimination against conservative groups
    – EPA targeting Gibson Guitars, among others
    – FBI mishandling of evidence in the Weiner case
    – voter suppression at Philadelphia polling sites in 2008
    – investigation into Fast and Furious
    – the first Epstein case
    – how congress critters like Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings became multi-millionaires without ever working a real job in their life
    – who locked open all the border fencing gates in the El Paso area? (the IBWC says they only locked open the one gate in the WBTW fence)
    – how Andrew McCabe, a leftist political hack with close financial ties to Terry McAuliffe was ever in a position of oversight (or even access) to politically sensitive and volatile cases

    We can totally trust the DC aristocracy to make sure we never hear about a similar incident again.


    1. If we vote for Donald again, he’ll get to the bottom of all that.

      But not before.

      Only after.

      You have to vote for him in order to get it. Otherwise, tough bananas.

      He’s going to nail all of those guys to the wall that he will definitely start building but only if you vote for him again.

    2. Yup, they are so competent, I know we’ll have all the answers once they’re done their 5 year investigation costing us $30M or more /s

  17. Again, I will believe it when I see it. I don’t count on the corrupt FBI and the DOJ populated by Democrat operatives, doing much……except lip service.

    1. I’m not real hopeful except I do think Barr is very aware of the damage that has been done to all the law enforcement/government agencies in the preceding years and this will be extremely problematic if this gets memory holed. That being said, I think there are very powerful people involved and he may not be able to not shut this down.

      1. You think he cares about the public perception of law enforcement?

        More likely, he just wants everyone to sit down, shut up, and do what he says.

        Barr is a career political lawyer. He’s a card carrying member of the GOP and DC aristocracies. He’s an advocate for more gun control.

      2. The DOJ and Barr not charging Comey for leaking and mishandling classified information certainly did not help matters…especially when an average military guy would have been charged and punished for the same offense.

        Comey and Hillary escaping justice really bothers me.

  18. PFFT Will Barr look at the photos showing a body with a big fat head with no matching features too Epstein and that the lower half of his body on the gurney is gone? No doubt he was swifted right out of that prison and is now in his own safe house where not even the Clintons can get to him and the US can’t get to him also.

  19. Is the warning to us that once they get to the bottom of it they won’t tell us?
    -Update- Unless it’s all a farce to:
    A: Get him out to keep him quiet for all the destruction he could cause.
    B: Get him out and into a Witness protection program in another country.

  20. How many associates have you ever known, that are dead? How many died by suicide, or violent/unusual death? If where there is smoke, there’s fire, then by default, the “Clinton Dead smoke” makes the Mt. St. Helens eruption plume look like “chump change”.

  21. let’s get a real Special Counsel to investigate all Epstein’s contact and put a lot of real criminals in jail. Will that happen? Nah. I am sure they will find a bunch of low level people tot put in jail

  22. AG Barr, I too am “appalled.” I believe it was YOUR failure to secure the safety of Mr. Epstein, THE most valuable high profile prisoner in the country. As I recall, you did intervene somewhat with Mr. Manafort’s jail accommodations. You definitely SHOULD have intervened with Mr. Epstein’s!

  23. “AG Barr WARNS that they will get to the bottom of Epstein’s death…”

    Tomorrow’s headline: “AG Barr found dead with multiple bullet wounds to the back of his head in an apparent suicide”

  24. Ooh, maybe somehow he could bring in Trey Gowdy to do the questioning. Yeah, then we’d get to the bottom of things…oh, wait.

  25. I’ll believe that we have reached the bottom of this whenever we see the Green New Deal fully in place.

  26. Clock is ticking William Barr for results of something.

    I understand work may getting done in the background, but conservatives have been very patient and we don’t see a lot of results

  27. I’m late quoting this, but Daniel Greenfield makes a startlingly brutal point…

    Reasons unknown ought to be Epstein’s epitaph. He wasn’t prosecuted by Florida or the Feds for raping numerous girls for reasons unknown. The signatures that allowed him to leave prison whenever he wanted to are wrong for reasons unknown. Three states failed to register him as a level 3 sex offender for reasons unknown. And now, security in New York’s Alcatraz failed… for reasons unknown.

    Except we do know the reasons.

    You should read the whole article…

    A mysterious criminal dies a mysterious death.

  28. “AG Barr WARNS that they will get to the bottom of Epstein’s death…”
    The name of the game is to ‘Get To The top’, where the real criminals are. How about doing that?

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