AGENDAS: Turns out graffiti that is Pro-the WRONG Black Lives can get you ARRESTED

Painting “Black Lives Matter” on every public space has been the subject of non-stop cheering from the mainstream press, and has not only been free of any legal consequence but has been embraced, encouraged, and even participated in by city officials and mayors across the country.

But that effort at politically correct pandering only goes so far. If you’re in favor of protecting black lives of the wrong age group, the police are more than happy to pick you up.

The Daily Caller posted the story on Saturday, with video of students getting arrested for writing “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” on a sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood. In CHALK, not BRIGHT YELLOW PAINT, for the record.

Burning Bibles, arresting people for being pro-Life. Are you still unclear about what’s behind this “movement” sweeping chaos and ruin through our streets?

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