Alan Dershowitz calls out Democrat Jamie Raskin for SPECIFIC hypocrisy during phony impeachment

Alan Dershowitz called out his former student, Democrat Jamie Raskin, for his duplicitous use of the first amendment that protected his own father:

Dershowitz makes the point that Jamie Raskin’s own father took the Pentagon Papers from Daniel Ellsberg after he stole the and gave them to the New York Times. But Dersh says that Marcus Raskin was saved from felony prosecution by the first amendment. He note that this is the same first amendment that Jamie Raskin is now trashing, saying it doesn’t apply to Trump.

“You can’t say first amendment for me and my father and not for President Trump. The first amendment to all or to none, there’s no distinction.”

A lovely point made by Dershowitz, which is just one more reason (I lost count how many) we know that this impeachment trial is absolute garbage. It’s exactly what Hawley said it was this morning, a personal political vendetta and nothing more.

Watch the video for more…

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