Alan Dershowitz says Flynn’s lawyer is trying to PLAY on TRUMP…

The Dersh told the dimwits on Fox and Friends that Trump has NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT IF GENERAL FLYNN TESTIFIES AGAINST HIM because his credibility will be totally shot if he turns evidence against the president.

Which means, of course, that no deal like this is ever worth it because it always compromises the credibility of the person testifying against their former allies.

Does that make any sense?

LOOK, far be it from me to think I’m brighter than the brilliant Alan Dershowitz, but lately he’s just been tossing a lot of crap arguments in order to protect Trump and this really seems like one of them. Why do prosecutors *ever* make deals like the one Dershy’s downplaying if they never work? Clearly, they do.

But even if he’s lying or exaggerating here, what is the point? To protect Trump and make him think that he’s perfectly OK even though he might be in legal peril? Isn’t he gonna like, figure that out eventually? It’s all just weird.

The Dersh says that Flynn’s lawyer is trying to play Trump by dangling the possibility of his testimony out there – that way Trump might panic and give him a pardon in order to prevent the testimony. But again, Dershy undermines his OWN argument here by saying that Trump is under NO THREAT from any damaging testimony from Flynn.

So what’s the point of all this? No idea…..

Here’s more about Flynn’s possible betrayal of el Trumpo. 

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