Alec Baldwin Subtweets MSNBC And Melissa Harris-Perry, Wondering If Crying Would Have Helped Him

(tweet deleted, but here is a retweet from the always awesome @duchessrebecca:

Alec Baldwin, recently let go from MSNBC for remarks he made off air, tweeted tonight about crying and apologies, an obvious reference to Melissa Harris-Perry’s emotional apology on her show this morning. In addition to the above, he had two other tweets asking about whether crying would get him off the hook for things. Baldwin was not alone in seemingly questioning the authenticity of the moment, or at the least questioning whether crying was reason enough to accept her apology but not his, as several people today have have expressed similar doubts.

He is also not alone amonger former MSNBC hosts in tweeting about the Melissa Harris-Perry panel that prompted the apology, in a segment first reported here at The Right Scoop. Keith Olbermann tweeted earlier this week:

Full tweet from TwitLonger reads:

Any adults in charge over there? RT @politico Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes to Romney family for using their black adopted grandson in a comedy segment

He also tweeted, among several others on the subject:

There have indeed been a lot of apologies from MSNBC over time. And whether Baldwin is right or wrong, one can certainly understand the feeling of being held to a different standard.

But more importantly, just look at what MSNBC has wrought. Alec Baldwin (!) and Keith Olbermann (!!) sniping at the out-est and proudest … well out-est anyway …. liberal network in the media. Did you see what I said? I don’t think you saw what I said. ALEC BALDWIN AND KEITH OLBERMANN taking shots at MSNBC about over the top hosts!!!! Did the Onion take over the world while I was watching football?

What this is is another example of what happens when you try to run a network directed at, and an echo chamber for, the political left in America. MSNBC will continue to swing back and forth between truly but obliviously out of line, and panderingly and patronizingly corrective. They are the classic example of trying to have one’s cake and eat it too, and that will continue to result in strife, personnel upsets, gaffes, and various outrage outbursts from across the political spectrum.

Or to put it another way … pass the popcorn please.

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685 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin Subtweets MSNBC And Melissa Harris-Perry, Wondering If Crying Would Have Helped Him

  1. Baldwin and president Obama do have one thing in common.
    They are both losing they’re grasp on reality.

    1. Grammar teachers would tell you to be consistent in your use of contractions, if they didn’t think it would be a waste of time.

  2. MSNBC is the radical anti white station.. its where all haters work and attack hard working normal white people.. to be liked there.. you must be a racist black against whites.. and whites must be radical homosexual or lesbian.. forget being a normal white married with children and believing in God.. that doesn’t go well over at that rag of a news station..

    1. Melissa Harris-Perry is just as vile, only she thinks crying will save her despicable butt. She should be fired just like Baldwin was.

  3. When msnbc does a “comedy segment”,they need to warn us in advance,they also need to tell us when to laugh,as of yet,the only thing that’s funny about them is their ass backward logic.I guess you have to have a sophisticated liberal mind to understand their highbrow humor.

  4. I have to admit, Perry did an admirable job on the the teat jerking apology! BRAVO! What a great performance. Now how will she follow up on her next gaff?

    1. It’s BRAVA ! when congratulating a women’s performance, it’s BRAVO ! for a man, and yes, Melissa HP’s act was a performance.

  5. I can’t wait for the day when alec gets in the face of the wrong person,I’d love to see him get put on his fat A$$.

  6. All we are really seeing from MSNBC is the complete intolerance, hatred and yes…racism….of a liberal network left to its own devices.

  7. Baldwin still doesn’t understand the nature of Cultural Marxism despite being a useful idiot for it.

  8. No, Alec. You are a miserable and cruel person (we’ve heard the messages you left for your daughter). Even if you cried, you would not be forgiven. Live it up, because when you meet your maker, you’ll have to answer for the abhorrent way you’ve treated others.

  9. Alec should be in Hunt For Red October 2 but this time it implodes. I heard Keith Overbite pees and poops himself. No wonder he’s always angry. He needs a diaper change.

  10. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Everytime one of their pipsqueaks say something outrageous all of you media types stampede over each other to cover it, giving people like Ms Hyphenated Name, and who I never heard of, name recognition. You have to wonder what MSNBCs ratings would be if the media folks didn’t watch it.

  11. No Alec, blacks can be as racist as they want and get a pass, but a white man is not entitled to an opinion. The Limo liberals have far to much say in this country.

  12. What Baldwin either doesn’t understand or may have forgot is the hierarchy of the liberal protected classes. As a white male (albeit a outspoken liberal) he is at the very bottom of the hierarchy. So he can’t speak pejoratively about anybody above him on the hierarchy without feeling the liberal backlash. If he were black he could make homophobic comments with near impunity, since blacks hold a higher spot on the liberal totem pole. Completely outside the hierarchy are conservatives, which is why it is ultimately acceptable in liberal circles to speak negatively about Romney’s adopted black grandson or to call Condoleeza Rice a house “n” or Michelle Malkin a c**t. Baldwin either needs to get wise to the scene, or do one of the following: 1) have a sex change, 2) come out of the closet, 3) claim that he is descended from Native Americans. Any of these things would place him at a point in the heirarchy where his homophobic comments would be considered acceptable.

  13. Alec, no you won’t be forgiven. Melissa, YOU ARE FIRED. PACK UP YOUR CRAP AND GET OUT OF THE BUILDING.

    1. That’s redundant… Liberal requires no modifiers. Pathetic and whining, among many many more, are part of the noun…

  14. Nooooo! To receive Leftist forgiveness, he will have to kneel in prayer with Jessie Jackson, like Bill Clinton did.

    1. I think they were only upset because he let himself get caught and damaged the office of His Imperial Highness, the President (their perception of the presidency).
      He had to get the forgiveness of the rest of America, which is why the Bushes had a mission to rehabilitate him.

      Mission Accomplished.

    2. Lord,please deliver us from these crazy ass crackers and keep the free stuff acomin,the lord they are praying to would be odumbo of coarse.

  15. There’s a whole bunch of people who need to grow up, and Keith is one of them.

    Is Alec waking up to the liberal perception of a white, European heterosexual male who will never be forgiven for being a white, European heterosexual male while making machismo comments to people who should grow up and get a thicker skin?

    I don’t know. But Alec dishes it liberally and angrily, so he can manage I’m sure and I don’t feel very sorry for him.

  16. An apology coming from MSNBC is somewhat like a jury being told by the judge to disregard an inappropriate statement coming from a witness or a lawyer during trial. Almost useless.

  17. I can understand accepting the apology. They’ve apologized for what their true feelings are. To MSNBC: It’s OK. We know you can’t help it. Maybe if you’d been raised better …

  18. If i ever see Alec Baldwin “cry” hopefully it will be because somebody kicked him in the crotch

  19. I don’t think Alec Baldwin has ever cried. Wonder if he even cried when his mother died? Seems like a cold hearted hole.

  20. “If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?”

    No, but if you renounce your U.S. citizenship and permanently move to the southern hemisphere, we will consider it.

  21. It won’t work, Alec. You were canned for statements that went against the homosexual agenda…MHP went after a Republican and his family, which is more acceptable to the left.

  22. Tears with a sincere apology usually indicates recognition of bad behavior. Except for Baldwin, whose bad behavior is his way of coping. Of course he wouldn’t get her apology.

  23. The fact that Olberman thinks MSNBC anchors are being held to a different standard is laughable. It shows how out of touch he really is to proper behavior. And that goes for everyone, whether a political slanter or just plain folk. It is the reason that we can’t have serious political debate when one resorts to slander and pejoratives instead of logic and substantive discussion. He can now slander sports figures with impunity.

  24. Forgiveness is not the same as approval. Forgiveness is easy to give, but what you ranted came from your true beliefs. If they haven’t changed, truly, apologies change nothing in your heart or character. What you really need is to grow up and quit being so narcissistic.

  25. Alex Baldwin..Crying apology/forgiveness
    No, Alex Baldloser..If you cried, you would look just like the rest of your bleeding heart/hateful liberals.. “crying while choking on your hateful words”

    We know. We know. ” It was your mothers fought for taking you of the nipple “

  26. Poor Alec, still doesn’t get it. She really only insulted Republicans. (most forgivable) He insulted gays (unforgivable)

  27. “I’m the boss of tolerance!”

    “No. I’m the boss of tolerance!”

    The fascists are in-fighting. Too funny…

  28. For the record, this will be the ONE and ONLY time I agree with This POS actor. Crying=Forgiveness no matter what you say or do in the Socialist Media today? We need another source of news,,,the Big 4 have fallen on their own swords for PC. Disgusting, low life people,,,AND they get paid a Decadent salary to boot. Sad, huh

    1. Most of the mentally retarded people I’ve known and seen are kind and loving. Calling Baldwin mentally retarded is offensive to those who are. He has a severe personality disorder perhaps.

  29. You silly liberal men (Alex and Keith). Didn’t you realize that there are different rules for different people subject to change at any time? You’ve been liberals forever now, and still don’t realize that you have been reinforcing an ideology that separates consequences by race, class, and gender? You supported it with every show…now shut up and enjoy it.

  30. Any Libtard (except Martin Bashir because he got bad press for MSNBC) that insults a Republican will be forgiven.
    But Libtard Alec Baldwin insulted “gays”, which is perceived by the Left as an ultimate sin.
    Personally, I agree with Baldwin. He’s an assh*le, but he’s an honest assh*le.

  31. Hey Alec, the white man is the American left’s newnigga. Get use to the new reality and fight accordingly.

  32. You know it is really bad when loser Keith Olbermann has to come out of his hole and defend you. Phil Griffin has put together one of the most vile channels with MSNBC and he seems to be happy about it.

    1. The fascist copulation of corporations and government is quite incestuous. The globalist Zbigniew “Dr Death to America” Brzezinski is often a guest on his propagandist daughter Mika’s MSNBC show, Morning Blow. He also has the presidential suite in Obama’s brain.
      Know your enemy…read his books. He has zero love for America or the American people, blacks and gays included.

  33. If you are a black le s bian mocking heterosexuals that gets a pass ….any AIDS infected black gets the keys to the city …or the oval office

      1. I Was referring to the angry black leader occupying the new
        “Mother_in_law Wing”
        of the white-house….

        1. Well, we know Baracki is queer for Reggie Love. The big question: WHO is M00shell queer for?

  34. Why am I not surprised that Alec A$$hat Baldwin and Keith Ichbinuberalles have chimed in on this. Just proves my belief that there may be no I in team; you can always find a twit on Twitter.
    When is the FCC going to revoke PMSNBC’s broadcast license?

  35. Would it surprise anyone here to find out they bashed two sets of kids on that same show?Panelist and comedian Judy Gold commented on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, expressing her dismay that the Republican was the father of two daughters, Catherine and Caroline, in another segment on the Sunday show “2013: The year in political ridiculousness.”“Men like this … they have daughters. That disturbs me,” she said, chiding Cruz and conservative Republicans for being anti-women.Did they “learn” when they bashed Palin’s special needs child? Obviously not. Was this a “one off” about Romney’s grandchild? Obviously not because I just put a quote there about the Cruz children in the same show.MHP isn’t sorry. No one stopped that “bit” from going on air during pre production planning, the cast, not the manager. . . not a single person at MSNBC had a scruple that said “whoa. wait. stop.”She’s not sorry, and neither is MSNBC. They did it before – the did it this time, and they’ll do it again. Liberals constantly prove there is no low that is “too low”. .. . until they feel the heat and outrage from the nation. . .then apologize after the fact, after their “hate a thon.”

  36. Both Baldwin and Olbermann are right.The crying after the “hate a thon” doesn’t absolve her of her premeditated “hate a thon.”And not a single person in pre production planning, production, set up, prep or anything stopped this grotesque woman with “wait, whoa. This is a baby.”Not a single person at MSNBC had a scruple or any common sense.If they did, that bit would have never made it on air.To cry now is simply whining because she’s being roasted alive in the jet wash of outrage from her “hate a thon”. . . Baldwin, Olbermann, Bashir. . . she knows her job is hanging by a thread. That’s the only reason she’s “sorry” now.They should all be fired – even the production crews and the managers. . . not a single one showed a lick of common sense to stop that bit before it went on air. . . .

  37. I agree with Alec (will wonders never cease) she cries and thinks that makes being hateful and rude okay. She is bogus and racist. MSNBC attracts that sort it appears. Change would have to come from the top. lol.

  38. what a large ZERO. I can’t believe he still has ‘followers’ or anyone pays attention to this idiot…
    This is in the news because?…

  39. MSNBC has finally found a way to be relevant. Say outrageous things… get buzz from it… apologize… get more buzz from it.

  40. I’m so glad Keith & Alec are liberals and not conservatives. They seem to posses a high level of obnoxious cursing through their veins .

    1. Why should people move on, because you say so?Would it make it more relevant if you knew they bashed two sets of kids on that same show?Panelist and comedian Judy Gold commented on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, expressing her dismay that the Republican was the father of two daughters, Catherine and Caroline, in another segment on the Sunday show “2013: The year in political ridiculousness.”“Men like this … they have daughters. That disturbs me,” she said, chiding Cruz and conservative Republicans for being anti-women.Did they “learn” when they bashed Palin’s special needs child? Obviously not. Was this a “one off” about Romney’s grandchild? Obviously not because I just put a quote there about the Cruz children.So while you want your sanctimonious position to be the position of everyone – excuse us if we’re not willing to forgive/forget the liberals because they never seem to have any guardrails on their behavior. . . . .

  41. But she offended a conservative, liberals aren’t forgiving but cheering her for pulling the wool over conservative eyes with her false apology.. Alec offended a liberal. That sin will never be forgiven by liberals.

  42. Well, Alec, how about a swift kick in the balls to generate a few REAL tears? I’d pay good money to watch Kim Basinger kick you in the balls, for starters.

  43. What made me believe that Perry was sincere was that she has a following at MSNBC that did not require her to apologize. She was still on good terms with the leftist liberal scum with whom she communes. So for her to stand up and apologize, when clearly, there was no pressure from her side to do so (and witness that none of the other panelists who said most of the awful stuff have not apologized – and won’t) – that tells me it was likely a very sincere apology. Could I be wrong? Sure. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for the reasons stated.

    1. Oh, THERE WAS PRESSURE for her to apologize, you’d better believe it. Too bad the pressure wasn’t there BEFORE Perry and her crew of Libtard comedians decided to go RACIST on-air.

    2. I would betcha there was ‘pressure’ from someone/somewhere otherwise the apology would never have happened…

      1. She’s on the most scummy liberal station in the galaxy and you think they’re going to require her to do anything even remotely decent for a conservative? Who’s going to put pressure on her? The NRA? A Tea Party organization? MSNBC spits on them; takes ‘pressure’ from them as a badge of honor. Advertisers? They know what MSNBC is. So again – who’s going to pressure her to do something honorable and nice – especially to someone like Romney. She came across as sincere; That said, I’m willing to accept the possibility that I could be wrong.

  44. Alec, you have to really cry and mean it. Like………, sorry “IF” I offended the soldiers for calling them NAZI’s. I didn’t have, I don’t remember, Wrong LIBS. If you like your opinions, you can keep them.

  45. While bizarre and telling Hairlip-Perry attacked a Negro baby in her zeal to attack perceived racism. Apparently “liberals” know no bounds of tolerance when trying to defend their defenseless positions.

  46. Caleb, I don’t laugh at too many articles but the line ” Did the Onion take over while I was watching football” made me laugh out loud, loudly. Hilarious!

  47. some real low class warms are crawling back up from some real filhty rocks. Keith Olberman ??? really. That man belongs in the toilet of some Venezuelan prison.

  48. MSNBC is in a death spiral, nothing they do can break them out of that spiral or gain back any crediability except for dumping their CEO, VPs and all the current crop of talking heads.

  49. Olbermann & Baldwin – The first can’t keep his head out of his ass and the second can’t keep his foot out of his mouth; but they’re both more entertaining than Harris-Perry. She’s an idiot. All three make my fantasy crew on a viking funeral ship.

    1. Have you ever noticed how the bi-racial types are the most aggressive racists. 2 to 1 in under six months Perry will be at it again.

  50. Let an NFL player even HINT at something homophobic, and the NFL is all over him.
    Let Baldwin actually hurl a homophobic slur in public, however, and he’s hired to host the NFL Honors Awards on FOX.
    What hypocrites.

  51. boycott NBC and MSNBC sponsors. money talks. It’s a strategy the left uses all the time………but it backfires on them (Chick Fill A and Duck Dynasty). Let’s show them how conservative boycotts work!

    1. Great advice. To go a step further, let’s go after the money……. GENERAL ELECTRIC. Don’t buy any consumer goods made by GE.

  52. The difference is the two of them were white males, she is considered a black female. Two different types of consequences for two different demographics. But I thought women and AA wanted to be treated equally. I guess…………not so. They want more rights, not equal rights.

  53. It used to be, when Americans wanted to expose what was wrong they called the press. That was 30 years ago.

  54. Perry has a really annoying and noticeable lisp. But her worst trait is her obvious discomfort with her own biracial background. She feels she doesn’t look black enough, so she tries to compensate by bellowing racially inflammatory opinion pieces designed to bolster her black cred. It’s much like how “born again” Christians are much more irritating and persistent in their proselytizing than those who have been Christians all their lives. The born agains have a certain fake vibe around them associated with their conversion of convenience, timed just after they’ve gotten all the sinnin’ jollies out of their systems. Perry has that disingenuous air swirling around her as well. A contrived personality.

    1. You can add that hispanic/latina/half black acting Soledad O’Brian and Irish and arabic or whatever she chooses to be one week.

  55. Melissa Harris-Perry is a racist and will do it again and again, but how long will people allow NBC to support and promote racism and racists?

      1. As long as there is affirmative action, all those that support it consider all whites to be racist.

  56. although i will add that alec baldwin has allowed his success to go to his head. he thinks because he has money and recognition that he can treat people like they are beneath him. you can’t. you are just as human as the rest of us. get it alec? i have no tears for your situation either. you are a jerk. i don’t watch anything that you are in.

    1. You should watch him in Team America. He delivers a great performance playing himself. “Thanks Film Actor’s Guild!”.

  57. The answer to all these questions is the elephant in the room that no one wants to speak of.

    What’s the most obvious difference between Olberman, Baldwin and Harris-Perry – and I’m not talking about gender.

    1. Baldwin doesn’t tip?? Olberman snorts crank? Harris-Perry kicks puppies? They all look like the same kinda clown to me.

  58. Nobody should be fired! Let them expose themselves for the vile, hatting people that they are. Just be sure to show their comments to our liberal friends and ask them how they feel about them. It makes for stammering conversation.

  59. i wrote that she was fake. her tears are fake. it was a plea to save her career not because of what she said. disgusting. she should be fired.

    1. She didn’t cry about the Romney’s she cried when she spoke about bi-racial adoption…..
      It was not a sincere apology to the Romney’s.

  60. I know the tears were false. She was just too gleeful in her remarks. Disgusting. She should be fired.

  61. Shouldn’t Harris-Perry still be fired for what she said? Should that panel on her show be fired, as well?

  62. He’s right. Women always do get a break when they melt down and act like blubbering vaginas. Feminists sure don’t mind keeping that trump card valid.

    1. Perry being Illiberal, female & kind of Black = do no wrong.

      Take a look @ Eric My People’s DoJ personnel with the same aforementioned features whom have perjured themselves multiple times.. nada.

      Pathetic stuff.

  63. Saw today that Baldwin has been chosen to host the NFL Honors Awards yet again.
    One more reason to boycott the NFL.

  64. I doubt we’d forgive his transgressions, but we may find some amusement were he to shed some crocodile tears.

  65. Baldwin is a reptile. They all have common characteristics. It’s the Cydonian reptiles that have let in the fetal alcohol reptilian satan and so many of her other fetal alcohol reptilians. You’ll have something to cry about soon Baldwin… and you will cry. So go drink some more beer and urinate all over your children ya reptile fool.

  66. The guy’s got a point. It has to be hard as a lib to try to navigate the ever changing in’s and out’s of what is accepted in liberal land. One day it’s ok to bash X, then the next it’s not cool anymore, so everyone is bashing Y. If I were Baldwin, I’d go conservative so at least I knew every day where I stood with all the two-faced, backstabbers in lib-land.

  67. Apologies to the most intolerant group (liberal media) in the universe will not work. Tey dumping them for those with compassion, conservatives.

        1. Sorry, just realized that you were only a little kid. thought you were an adult.

          You can take your thumbs out of your ears now and stop wiggling your fingers. We already see how smart you are.

          Shouldn’t you be in bed – school starts back tomorrow.

            1. I suppose I should say, “nana nanana, I know you are but what am I?” to stay at your intellectual level, but that would just cause your mommy to jump in with more stupid insults. So, I’ll bail now, and let you mature at your own pace.

              1. You are able to generate so much wisdom and wit by wearing your used Depends Adult diapers on your head. Before you graduated to a Frank Zappa blow up doll, I’ll bet you trolled your neighborhood for nine year old boys.

                1. I see you have a passion for insults, if only you had a talent as well. Do you hunch over your keyboard like that mouse in Pinky and the Brain while you type these inane, grade-school taunts, imaging that I recoil in shame as I recognize the truth of your words? #delusional

                2. Finally, you demonstrate some area of expertise other than vulgarity. So, why the passion for all things paedophiliac? Are there fond memories or horrid nightmares for you?

                3. Because I swear I saw your face posted on a Megan’s Law web site of sexual
                  predators. Your handle was “Jerky Boy.”

  68. Alec, you have said a lot of stupid stuff over the years. However, it is only liberals would turn on you like that, and blackball you for what you say.

    Maybe it’s time to turn conservative. At least conservatives respect an independent mind and value free speech.

  69. Baldwin is a little beiotch! He keeps doing the same low class BS over and over. If Romney forgives it’s Romney’s business!

    1. I expect he was complaining about CNN forgiving her (compared to MSNBC not allowing him back on the air) and not about Romney.

  70. I’m with Baldwin on this one.
    I say if he cries like a good lib, Alec boy gets his job back .
    But the crying has to be on Fox.

      1. Right on. What is the point of having Jerry Rivers on the show. And every time Bennett wants to squat down and suck kok he remembers how much he is getting paid to smile.

  71. Women cry to get out of tickets, why not try crying to keep your job. Of course it is extremely hypocritical for a feminist to use this tactic. I guess she wants to have her cake and eat it too. This whole thing is almost as dumb as her tampon earrings. Alec cries all of the time and that never works for guys. It just turns into some wild angry rant that gets all over the Internet. All liberals are pathetic and gross.

  72. Baldwin repeatedly acted like an idiot, both verbally and physically and then pretended like he’d done nothing wrong. The people at MSNBC probably had to grit their teeth numerous times not to react. In fact, he’d beat up photogs and made anti-gay comments before he was even given his show so they clearly weren’t worried about that at that point. Ultimately, he was most likely fired because he was acting like an entitled primadonna when he was given his talk show, which then delivered horrific ratings. In the end, ratings are what got him fired, not the fact that he is basically a douchebag yet acted like he was in great demand yet never delivered on that. Nobody that watches MSNBC and is former bosses there don’t miss him. They don;t miss the other entitled douchebag primadonna Olbermann, who I’m shocked was rehired over at EPSN, but that’s another tale.

  73. Alec used gay slurs, apparently this is much worse than making fun of white people who adopt black kids. Liberals are so freaking racist

    1. The only thing Alec has ever done is use a “gay slur” LOL – reality is the queeer nation runs Obama and the Dems, but everyone else ignores them.

    1. They were right for firing him and wrong for not schit canning Melissa. Oh well, just another way for Romney to show America what they phucked themselves out of by being so classy and humble in accepting her apology.

      1. Ed Schultz is the consummate white male liberal and he’s stepped on his own dick a number of times but they’ve never fired him. I don’t think it’s ultimately a racial or gender thing, I think it’s about ratings. If you are a liberal jerk but light up the ratings somewhat, you’ll stay. Baldwin did not and behaved pretty intolerably along the way. So, he got the axe.

  74. Sorry Alec wrong genitalia ,wrong color. You’re way way down the PC ladder but get points for being a loudmouth Hollyweird douche bag. Puts you a notch or two above your typical white male liberal but not good enough to keep that job.

  75. Alec, read the label on the bottom of your trophy. Winners of the All Around Turd LIfetime Achievement Award do not get such indulgences, not even from PMSNBC.

  76. Brad Jolie Pitt! Madonna! Bullock! Tom Cruise! Nicole! Kardashians!! OMG can you just return your hip black babies before CNN makes fun of you!! OMG!! Adopting black babies is not only not cool, REPUBLICANS do it. OMG!!!!!! Chinese and Russian babies are next. OMG!!!!!!! the sky is falling…….

    1. Yeah, bigsurb – but you forgot Calista Flockhart and Michelle Pfiffer – two other Hollywood liberal chicks who also adopted black babies. It’s so trendy, dontcha know – THE latest accessory! But of course when they do it – it’s a wonderful and socially conscious act. NO double-standard here! /sarc

      1. I agree, infants treated like an accessory, like driving an electric car, look at me. Blackmail payments must last lifetime to families they were snatched from. I have a theory about the women and men who do this as a lark. They get a baby they will stay emotionally detached from. They get hoopla, congrats, high 5’s, good press. Best of all a child who will stay appropriately remote. All very sad. I hope every now and then it’s done with love.

  77. No, Alec, you have to be a woman AND cry a little before all is forgiven. If you are a white male and your words offend, you are doomed. That plays only for white males, the hated class.

  78. Fact check

    1. You are not born homosexual you are persuaded to be homosexual.

    2. Homosexuals are predators: watch out girl scouts, boy scouts, and military.

    3. Homosexuals in military = hiv/aids + medical care.

    4. Homosexuality, Bestiality, Pedophilia is a sexual perversion.

    5. Homosexuality is in the top 10 ways to die.

    6. 20,000 U.S. people die annually of HIV/aids.

    7. 70,000 U.S. people are infected by HIV/aids annually.

    8. One out of five HIV host do not know they are HIV hosts.

    8.1 Homosexuals must be HIV checked every three months.

    9. There are 1.4 Million U.S. HIV hosts.

    10. Annual hiv/aids treatment cost $23,000 per host.

    11. 1.400,000 hosts x $23,000 annual cost = $32,200,000,000 annual HIV/AIDS treatment.

    12. Lifetime treatment cost of an HIV infection. $23,000 per yr x 40 yrs = $920,000

    13. 1,400,000 hiv hosts x $920,000 life time HIV hosts cost = $1,290,000,000,000 life time HIV hosts treatment tax dollars.

    14 HIV/AIDS treatment is one forth of Health and Human Services (H.H.S.) annual budget.

    15 .Health and Human Services (H.H.S.) annual budget is $775,000,000,000

    16. $25,000,000,000 (BILLION) annually is given to U.S. homosexuals to promote HIV/AIDS prevention. This number is not including $32,000,000,000 for HIV/AIDS treatment?.

    17. HIV is transmitted by all bodily fluids: semen, blood, saliva, tear drops, and sweat.

    18. Refugee’s from other countries not checked for HIV.

    Planned parent hood is having a Two for One Abortion 2014 Special, bring your UNBORN/NEWBORN and also bring one of your GRANDPARENTS . Open Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. ( $1000 per abortion X 1,000,000 abortions per year = =1,000,000,000 (One Billion U.S. tax Dollars).



  79. Total bs as usual from Baldwin. He has many strikes against him. This woman made one error and apologized. He should shut up. Every time he opens his mouth he shows what an imbecile he really is.

    1. Harris knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she made the joke. It was no mistake or accident. You only need to look at her past comments to see her cultural ideology infers only people of her moral character are the truly righteous and anyone who is not is a bigot.

      She told a racist joke with like-minded friends on live TV.

      Unfortunately for her, MSNBC realized not every viewer appreciated the humor. MSNBC has a higher authority IT lives by… AD REVENUE.

      No doubt MSNBC told her to apologize or they would leave her out to dry.

      1. How can u possibly say it was not a mistake? She said something and got hit (rightly) by a sh#$storm.

        1. Of all people that should be sensitive to racism, you’d think it would be a black woman. No way she just let this slip and really didn’t think it would inflame things. She and her bosses were just shocked by the fact that people called her on it. She’s not falling on her sword or anything, she’s throwing out a cheap apology, shedding a few tears and she’ll be on a shorter leash for a while. You think in her private life she’s not telling folks the same joke and still getting laughs about it? You think she’s genuinely remorseful about what she’s said and it’s caused her great introspective moments of soul searching? Nope, she’s just privately pissed that she got caught.

          1. Black women are probably the most racist group of people in America. Why would you think they’d be more “sensitive” to racial mockery?

            1. If you read past the first sentence, you’d have realized that we’re in violent agreement. My point was that what she said was not a mistake, she meant every bit of it.

        2. He means that Perry purposefully intended to make fun of the racial odd man out in the Romney family photograph, so her claim she did not “intend” to mock interracial families is bogus. Obviously, she thinks that a large family of white people adopting a black child is downright hilarious and worthy of ridicule on tv. Now that she’s been outed as a bigot, she’s pretending that her motivations were more benign and innocent.

  80. Baldwin: Ignore the purists, The right-wing’s always got a place for nahkampfspezialists. Come over to the darkside.

    1. I believe it’s the left that not only adores, but practices Nazi strategy and tactics.

  81. Be honest. Is there a more despicable, loathsome human being on the plant than Keith Olbermann? On second thought, Rachel Madog and Ed Shitz give him a good run for the money.

  82. Baldwin has the emotional maturity of a 3 yr old and is a bully. Sociopaths never think they are at fault, He should be shunned.

  83. all this outrage over a show that no one watches…following the path to oblivion that Current TV and Air America followed;

  84. Mr Olberberman Sir… Why say anything? We have all seen your false outrage, your attacks against anyone working at Fox News, and yet its MSNBC who Fired you Twice..that has the lowest cable News ratings known to civilized man,,Its a supply and Demand thing..Get it.
    Conservatives know that for Liberals the end justifies the means, you will do or say what you want ,true or not, edited clips so the truth is cut out, Just like the Race baiter Al Sharpton..

  85. Who wouldn’t want to open up a can of “Woop A$$” on this intellectual moron. The line forms on the right.

  86. Phoney Progresssssve… not sincere at all, trying hard to be a good actress to save her Racist azz.

  87. “If I’m a ridiculous buffoon, who makes a degree from Tulane look like worthless piece of paper, should Tulane fire me?”

  88. HA, HA, HA! Left wing commie rat Baldwin feels put upon!
    Left wing commie rat Olbermann gets to take HIS shots at
    MESSNBC! I love it!

      1. You may have something there.
        The side effects of that particular antipsychotic are
        agitation, excitement, and mental confusion.
        Sounds like Alec and Keith to me.

  89. Love, love, LOVE AB on 30 Rock. Brilliant actor on a brilliant show. But he needs to stop pretending he is “sober.”

  90. Liberals are people just like conservatives. I can’t really connect my kind, well-behaved friends to this lady or Alec Baldwin, or the do-nothings in the ghettos. Look at them as individuals, rather than one amorphous blob. Not every liberal is a scumbag. Wish the general liberal public was as charitable towards us…

    1. Most liberals are not even liberal. Unless you consider enforcing tens of thousands of laws to micromanage every persons life, is “Liberal”. Welcome to upsidedownland.

  91. Olbermann is such a toxic stew of bile. How does a TV exec look at that regrettable waste of skin and think ” That’s a man I want on my team”?

    1. Olbermann showed his contempt for his viewers by throwing his notes at them (the camera) after the segment ended. A real class act.

    2. Not to mention a waste of perfectly good natural resources of ALL sorts, as well. Just my two cents.

  92. Wont work alex,
    1 Your not black
    2 Your not gay
    3 You dont get a thrill up your leg
    4 Your an ASS HOLE!

    1. Notice the only roles AB is noticed in are roles where he plays as asshole? That’s because he is not acting. He sux in any other role meaning he sux as an actor for you libs

      1. The only thing I like is he says openly who he is and what he thinks. He never pretends to be a moderate or an independent.

  93. Alec is a serial offender and has demonstrated that he doesn’t have a sincere bone in his body.

    1. You know nothing about Alec Baldwin other than what you have been allowed to know by the lamestream ‘media’.

      1. Alec Baldwin has a very public record stretching back many years, including photographs, police records and twitter records in his own words. I submit that I’m not making them up.

  94. Maybe if Alec went on national TV an came out of the closet as Gay they would give him a pass.

    1. No, no, no… you have to have an affair with a HOOKER to get a book, a movie contract, and a government job.

  95. In the Liberal deck of cards, a black, lying, racist, female trumps a loud mouthed, white male that doubles as an ignorant jackass.

  96. He’s right. These lib women want to talk and act like a man, but they reserve the right to cry when the chips get deep, and they expect everyone to suddenly see them as little darlings.

  97. Liberalism is a form of insanity. They do not really believe what they say but can not help themselves and continue to make outrageous comments. It is a form of political Tourette’s Syndrome.

    1. I think that is about as good a description of liberalism as I have seen. Well played Jeffrey, well played.

    2. An ENTIRE generation has now grown up distanced from the Cold War, and the infiltration of the old Soviet Union into every facet of our society. The Usurper King of Kenya is the sum total of 60+ years of obfuscation, lying, revisionist history and undermining of the means of information in America. We are doomed.

  98. gays are the golden group. he should know that. as much as I don’t like him, that gay comment stuff wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t follow him and wife with cameras 24/7

  99. Mr. Baldwin, if you want forgiveness go to your nearest house of prayer and ask for Jesus. It requires a bit of humility though. God has the power to forgive you. You won’t get it by crying on TV or blubbering like an idiot to the masses (I.e. Jim Baker, Jerry Falwell, etc.). You are worshipping the wrong things.

  100. When you really look at the serial
    apologies emanating from the ilk at MSNBC, you cannot but conclude that
    this is a world of their own making. They’ve shoved the speech
    censorship and the feigned outrage on us incessantly, as though it were a
    vaccination against conversation they deem offensive. The consequence,
    as they are discovering, is that they have painted themselves into the
    same corner they intended to trap us in. This is not an ideological
    conflict we have here, it’s an identity crisis.

  101. the truly alarming thing is that this vile, hate filled woman is a political science professor at tulane. what sort of lunatic classroom indoctrination are we missing because it simply isn’t televised?

    this woman jumped the shark when she hung tampons from her ears.

  102. Baldwin and Olberman are just upset because they didn’t think of joking about the Romney kid first

  103. No but if you disembowel yourself on national TV, your last moments will be filled with the roar of America’s approval. Need to borrow a shiv Alec?

  104. In one of his rants against the press, he got in the face of a white, female conservative, reporter, screaming at her. When approached by an invasive, black liberal male reporter, he was nice and invited him out drinking, probably out of fear. Alec Baldwin likes to bully white women and little girls, but he kisses up to angry black men…what a pathetic coward.

  105. No, if you cry, Alec Libturd, you won’t be forgiven,
    but, if you die, then I forgive you for ever being born.

  106. phoc ewe Alec! Can hardly wait for the day we you pop off to the guy that beats your a$$ bad! I will be laughing all day looking at your beating on a video loop.

  107. Well being a Smart Alec ALEC is not gonna get you anywhere. Anyone that screams at their daughter like you did though probably isn’t really much of a person.

  108. Loved AB in Hunt For Red October, beyond that he’s a boor. But I agree with his sarcasm; can’t help but wonder if he gets the (liberal) irony?

  109. Alec c’mon your transgressions were off line, you insulted the holy church of Homosexuality and….. You are white, you get no benefit of the doubt and no affirmative action.

  110. Dear Alec, No, you can’t cry because it isn’t manly. You are a chicken sh!t for getting in the face of a female reporter. If you ever shove me, I am going to kick your pretty boy a$$.

      1. James Earl Jones (and Connery in Red October) pulled up all the other acting. Without their bootstraps, he’d have been utterly forgettable.

  111. I’ll get a lot of hate for this I’m sure, but if A&E can bring back Phil Robertson then MSNBC can bring back Alec Baldwin. I’m a staunch libertarian and while I disagree with MSNBC’s views, I respect their right to air them. Even if it’s personally disgusting to me.

    1. Hi sidray,
      “I hate you.”
      I don’t really but just in case no one else comments on your post I didn’t want you to be disappointed.
      I agree with you about the right to air dissenting views although Baldwin was fired more for making MSNBC look like horses a$$’s as much as anything else. Without a script and retakes he is a very stupid vulgar man. He can’t really cut it on any type of live broadcast.
      It also would have been a good idea to can who ever hired him in the first place but we are discussing MSNBC. They all probably thought Baldwin was a great idea.

  112. Baldwin hasn’t caught on yet – you have to be “Afro-American” to get the “free pass”. Attorney Holder passes them out faster than you can count.

    1. You have it all wrong. He doesn’t get a pass because he insulted people on the left. Its not about race.

  113. Alec, you would have never been in trouble in the first place if you just would have called a conservative a co*#k suck**ng fa**got instead of someone who actually is.

  114. No Alec, psychopaths don’t have any remorse. But I’d pay good money to watch you beat the stuffing out of Hairy-Perry while you’re both attacked by pit bulls.

    THAT would be entertaining.

  115. Alec is a true racist…Most MSKBG hosts are just children with no minds yet developed…Boycott NBC!!!!

  116. Sorry Alec…. You’re white and straight…. No do overs for you . You’re a pathetic victim of your own twisted ideology. Warms the cockles of my heart…. giggle, giggle, giggle….

  117. Actually Alec, the answer is NO. However, if you fatally shoot yourself in the mouth we might consider it. Suicide won’t get you through the Pearly Gates though. They have very stringent criteria up there.

      1. Alec made a joke. So did I. Now get off your high horse and develop a sense of humor you condescending jerk.

  118. Alec,
    If you’re looking for forgiveness for all your past sins, try a confessional. Or take Jesus into your heart. You won’t find salvation on a website, nor your last job.

  119. So Baldy, Olby and Bashy are trying to establish themselves as arbiters of fairness and civility?

    What is the world coming to?

    1. Next thing you know they’ll be trotting out Hitler’s corpse (since it’s in Barry’s closet) and parading him around as the next messiah.

  120. Both of them are pathetic losers….but Alec is a white male and she is a black female..who do you think gets special treatment..?

  121. I don’t know if the tears in miss Harris-Perry’s apology meant she was genuine, but it’s still an apology. Baldwin for weeks refused to admit he did anything wrong, then trotted out his token gay friend to vouch for him in front of cameras, then claimed he was the target of a homosexual mafia conspiracy, then kind of admitted he has used gay slurs before while still never owning to the original thing people were angry about.

    So yea maybe if he had cried and said he was sorry people would have forgiven him. Hollywood and the liberal elite are pretty forgiving of their own. Ironically, while he is one of the best actors in hollywood I don’t think he can fake the kind of humility that would have required.

  122. That whole bunch at MSNBC is beyond pathetic. If there is anyone with an I.Q. over 9 that thinks she is sorry, I feel sorry for you. Unless she is brain dead, she knew exactly what she was saying and did so deliberately. “I’m sorry”? please!

  123. In the words of MSNBC, Take Alec, Keith, and Melissa and sing…”which of these things is not like the others?” and you get your answer Alec.

    1. Let’s put Alec and Hairy Perry in the ring together with sledge hammers and a copy of the Marxist Treaty and let them slug it out.

    1. But maaayybe if you show the depth of your remorse by, say, severing your hand with a saber saw: THEN, maybe, Mr Baldwin, all will be forgiven.
      Worth a shot. Give it a try.
      Let us know how it goes.

  124. These little self indulged, important sodomites can say and do anything they want, because their little barry will back them up….

      1. Exactly, Im what the call a WASP and to me, forgiveness is an essential part of life. But apparently I’m suppose to hate people because they don’t agree with my political leanings..its sad indeed.

        1. It didn’t use to be this way. The political polarization has become much more stark and people are running with emotions rather than logic. It has a lot to do with the right going center and the left going WAY left, leaving more traditional conservatives (Goldwater conservatives I call them) disenfranchised.

  125. False Baldwin you homophobic moron. At least MPH apologized in a short amount of time after the comments, and she really didn’t even say it. Alec Baldwin is a shining example of what I’ll tell my kids not to be..

        1. That is a nice sentiment, but the progressive left still hates you. You try to pander to them, but they still want to destroy you.

          1. Its not pandering as much as just not being judgmental towards people. I realized that nobody is perfect, and having hate towards a certain person or political group will eat me up on the inside. I disagree with alot of the Liberal ideology, but I don’t believe in a personal vendetta against them. I carry out my beliefs in the ballot box, and volunteering on campaigns

            1. I admire your good will, but voting will not stop them. The liberals designed immigration laws to render your vote irrelevant. I am from California. I used to be a liberal. This place was transformed from the golden state into a third world hell hole. Liberals want us to turn into Venezuela or Honduras. They want a one-party state that dictates failed social experiments without any opposition. I’ve been on both sides of things, and I believe you are sitting duck. i.e. Liberals support open borders with Mexico. About 20 US children per day or more are raped by illegal aliens. I cannot just sit back and be ok with that. Liberals are ok with that, and hysterically side with foreign child rapists over US citizens. I cannot just sit back and be ok with that. You have to do more than just vote and spread good will. Voting doesn’t work anymore.

            2. Your good will is admirable, but voting will not stop them. The liberals designed immigration laws to render your vote irrelevant. I am from California. I used to be a liberal. This place was transformed from the golden state into a third world hell hole. Liberals want us to turn into Venezuela or Honduras. They want a one-party state that dictates failed social experiments without any opposition. I’ve been on both sides of things, and I believe you are sitting duck. i.e. Liberals support open borders with Mexico. About 20 US children per day or more are ra ped by illegal aliens. I cannot just sit back and be ok with that. Liberals are ok with that, and hysterically side with foreign child ra pists over US citizens. I cannot just sit back and be ok with that. You have to do more than just vote and spread good will. Voting doesn’t work anymore.

  126. Alec forgets that he offended one of liberalism’s most protected species – gays.

    Sorry, ol’ boy. No forgiveness for you.

  127. I’m scared. There are people out there. albeit not many, that watch MSNBC as if they are giving rational views ,, discussions and news.
    Each one could potentially be tomorrows national headlines

    Even if it’s just 10,000 of them , it should terrify us.

  128. Don’t flatter yourself, Baldwin.
    America has already forgotten you.
    Anybody who’s gone from “Glen Garry, Glen Ross”, to “30 Rock” and a cancelled-after-two-weeks cable show is not likely to be at the top of anybody’s VIP list.

  129. Why is this sewer still on cable? Must be some deeeep pockets at NBC to keep this sludge fest going!

        1. Have you been to Seattle? they brought China to America. there are more Chinese illegals in shipping containers at the port in one day than the number of Mexicans galloping across the border in a month.

          1. I’m having trouble believing that number. I’m sure your saying it to make a point, but do you have any real numbers on how many illegal Chinese are arriving on our shores? I’m genuinely curious.

  130. Alex Baldwin, I’m sorry, but you are not the type that it is easy to forgive.
    You are an actor, so tears should come quite easily.
    Your past connections with ordinary people, indicate that your charm is in short supply.

  131. “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” Micheal Savage, of course if someone opened a door for her and called a Gay Slur well these are unforgivable to a “Leftist”. To the Core they’re mean,corrupt,and extremely Selfish with they’re own money , generous as can be with they’re Pet projects.
    They Exempt themselves from Laws and the very Pactices they accuse you of? They do in Spades.

  132. And the ratings ratchet down another notch, a classic death spiral. It won’t be long until the only attention this lap-dog network gets is from tweets and blog comments.

  133. Msnbc constant politically incorrect misbehavior is as bad as the Evangelical Pastor who is caught in flagrante delicto. Democrats mercilessly comdemn party, morality and religious affiliation when the pastor is caught – yet when one of these judge and jurors of MSNBC and upstanding members of the Democrat party gets caught its sold as just another glitch to be ignored.

  134. Alec is unforgivable just because he’s such a d’bag in life. I am surprised Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al haven’t spoken up about this obvious racial slur and demanded her and her panel members immediate termination forthwith, etc..

  135. Baldwin reminds me of a spoiled child . When disciplined, the spoiled child list a litany of offenses done by his siblings that were not handled correctly by weak , stupid parent. Correct response to spoiled child, ” Shut the F up Baldwin baby before your ass gets kicked by Daddy”……..

  136. Assuming for the sake of argument the tears were sincere, I can’t halp but wonder if in seeing some of the responses Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t starting to realize just how ugly, caustic and hateful the political left is at its core.

  137. Poor Alec, as a white hetero male, he just can’t get any breaks. Harris Perry is bi-racial and a woman, which is why she gets a pass.

      1. It doesn’t matter… she has her own pass making machine in the basement of MSNBC.
        She just says what ever the hell she wants, and then calls down to the basement and tells them to turn the machine on. It’s a pretty simple process… she opens her mouth, and then goes downstairs to pick up her pass.

  138. Letting her keep her job just perpetuates the widely held perception that people of color in professional positions are often allowed to keep their jobs despite lacking the credentials to do so and primarily because employers fear the race mafia. MSNBC is a victim of the model they have helped create and foster.

  139. Phil Robertson, Alec Baldwin or Martin Bashir who has the freedom of speech? Does it matter if you are a bible thumping conservative like Phil Robertson or a Marxis liberal like Alec Baldwin or Martin Bashir .

    1. Hard to compare what Robertson said and what Baldwin/Bashir said. Robertson did not attack any one indvidual (like Bashir), or did he use derogatory remarks toward gays as an insult to another.

    2. Phil Robertson quoted what all bible believing Christians believe. If you don’t agree with him, too bad. Didn’t that bashir guy say something about pooping in Sarah Palin’s mouth? I don’t think he’s gonna get to many people to back him up on that one.

  140. She gets a pass as sharpton does which is wrong as if baldwin has said something about someone of color he would have been gone too. Until guilty white liberals let the cards fall as they may, such “passes” will continue.

  141. No Alec, it’s about sincerity, so if you cried you wouldn’t be forgiven, simply for the fact that you are an arrogant elitist.

    1. Credit? yes. Forgiveness? no. This lady has spouted more racism and hate in 2 months than most any “host”. Until she apologizes for that she is just a race hustler like Al Sharpton. And she turned right around and did it again to another group later that day. She just picked the wrong person to trash with the Romney’s grandchild that time.

        1. She spouts off every day. She has spit out more hatred in 2 months than most lefty’s do in a lifetime.

  142. Just one more pseudointellectual pontificating nonsense. Perry should take those tampons off her ears shove them in her mouth.

  143. Melissa Perry will get a promotion to a prime time spot after she cried about how much she cares for inter-racial families.

  144. Sorry Alec, you now understand what it means to be just a plain old white guy. You get no special treatment and all your motivations are suspect.. And understand, this is your fault because you’re a white male hater.

  145. Alec was the reason I cancelled my Capital One credit card, and with that racist Jackson pimping the new commercials I see no reason to go back.

    1. I did the same thing. And told them why I did it. Then I saw the Jackson commercials. They went from dumb to dumber.

    2. I haven’t seen those yet? How discusting for Capitol One to have a Black David Duke. Shameless Hater.

    1. Consider the offenses: she failed to criticise ugly remarks by her guest, Baldwin has been aggressively vile on multiple occasions. Consider their apologies: someone, maybe Harris-Perry herself, put some effort into hers. Baldwin’s was celebspeak boilerplate. His whining via Twitter further underlines the insincerity of that apology. If there are standards for apologies by public figures, hers is pretty good.

  146. Don’t like Alec Baldwin at all, but he has a point. What is good for the tampon wearing gander, should be good for the gay bashing goose.

    1. Agree these Feminazisis want Equal Rights, then she should be Fired. I will Cry and enjoy being a Lady.

  147. Alas – True apologies tend to be more REAL and HEARTFELT and GENUINE when they…
    1) Are not read from a teleprompter (and not written by network PR folks and lawyers only trying to do damage control).
    2) Are accompanied by authentic tears of remorse and/or shame and/or contrition; and not just disappointment and embarrasment over having to deliver an on-air apology.
    3) Do not spend so much time equivocating and offering additional lame excuses and unbelievable explainations about not intending to hurt anyone, especially in conjunction with claiming to offer the alledged apology “without reservation or qualification”.
    4) Are not delivered by talking heads on MSNBC (even former talking heads like Mr. Baldwin).

  148. If you’re a liberal, you can say whatever you want and if it even causes a stir, a simple apology will do and you’re fully forgiven. If you’re a conservative, you can’t ever say anything that could even be taken entirely out of context, and if you do you do, and even apologize, you will never be forgiven and liberals will demand your immediate resignation, then threaten to boycott your sponsors. No double standard there!

  149. Her tears were produced by self-pity.

    Perry is only ‘sorry’ that the Romneys adopted a black child. According to Marxists like Perry and Obama, the only people designated for the privilege of having interracial families are other Marxist families.

    She HATES that this beautiful baby’s last name is Romney. Makes her dopey little head implode.

  150. “If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?” alecbaldwin

    No, because you do NOT have any redeeming values, what so ever.

  151. Oh by the way, Santa Claus IS white. You libtards can no more change his race, fictional character or not, as you could make Jim from the Huckleberry Finn novel into a white man rather than black slave.
    Jesus was semitic, a people generally recognized as Caucasian also. Stop your revisionism and prove to the rest of us that your brains work in a normal manner.

  152. Actually, with respect to Baldwin AND Missy H-P, may a pox be upon BOTH of them! …

    And while I’m at it, upon KO as well!

  153. Harris-Perry should have been fired. Double standard, only conservatives pay a price for racist remarks.

    1. I’d be willing to bet cash money that he would throw you a beating you’d feel for the rest of your life, Mary.

    1. Because they would rather see them aborted than go to a white family.
      Sad but true.
      They hate whites, but they really hate black babies going to whites more. They would honestly rather see them aborted.

  154. Maybe Alec Baldwin should change his hairstyle so he looks like a nappy headed ho. Add that to crying and maybe you’ll be forgiven. Or not.

  155. Baldwin could literally start beating-up gays and Capital One would keep using him with no outcry. They must be the Left’s favorite company.

  156. Actually no one aside from the 3000 media and entertainment hacks in NY and CA care what either of these two droolers think or say.So if Alec wants forgiveness he can get it from the Gayshtapo

  157. Hey Smart alec, if you didn’t make stupid remarks you wouldn’t have to apologize or cry!

    When you get smart enough to realize that, maybe you will be able to keep a job.

    You and Keith Odorman are two peas in a pod!

  158. Harris-Perry is a twofer. Cannot be fired. She could murder a Tea Partier with a hachet and she could not be fired.

  159. Uhh the answer would be no. Certain kinds of people have a automatic “get out jail free card” for comments like this…and you are not one of them. Isn’t “progressivism” a [email protected]?

    1. Neither is Harris-Perry. She’s made many hateful comments, but she just got called on this one. Hence, the fake tears.

  160. We all know that MSNBC is not a “news” organization. But, I truly feel that they also do not
    represent the Liberal base in America today.
    They have the lowest viewership on a regular basis of all cable news
    outlets. My problem with them is not
    that they are radical liberals. It’s
    just that they are so over the top that they tend to damage any good that could
    come from Liberals that continue to strive hard to bring honesty and dignity to
    the Democratic Party. Which is a tough enough challenge for them anyway.

  161. Baldwin used a gay slur, which is a cardinal sin.
    Harris-Perry mocked a white family, which is encouraged.

    The only reason why Harris-Perry was even required to apologize was because her mocking secondarily involved a black baby.

        1. Melissa Harris-Perry is the poster child for the lefts black victimization movement. Its ok for her to hate…

          1. @Combat Override: direct hit! Zbig “Mr. MSNBC” Brzezinski must have contracted Sharpton to re-educate Ms Harris-Perry.

    1. I think that’s right @combatoverride:disqus . You can just imagine the intense pressure that was brought to bear on her by liberals and progressives alike, who must have panicked because they instantly knew that her thoughtless mockery had rudely flung open a forbidden doorway. It was an intentional foul on her part, one that conservatives and moderates alike were henceforth free to shine the light of exposure on.

      The whole bit was a planned segment on her show, one that involved a production team and a certain amount of rehearsal, or at least basic preparation. And, therefore, it was undeniable evidence of her utter lack of decency, and of the ruthless thought processes of those working at MSNBC.

      I’ll bet the station received an almost instant flood of indignant telephone and email responses — in other words, anger and concern from their own (and her own) viewership. That was why she cried . . . she cried because she knew that she would be publicly ostracized by liberals for tastelessly mocking the rescue of a child by a loving family from a likely life of depravity. She did not cry because she felt any personal remorse for having thoughtlessly made a bad joke. She cried because she was caught actively and intentionally heaping glaringly negative exposure on a tenant of the liberal narrative.

      Remember back when Bill and Hillary told the press and the public that they should leave a young Chelsea out of the light of press and media exposure? They were right. This, however, was a case of turning that bit of uncommonly good judgment right on it’s ugly head — purposefully mocking a little child, and a young black girl at that, for sport.

  162. White Liberals should take note how “mistakes” are accepted by other Liberals….embrace the suck! Bwahhhh.

  163. Here’s a better question Baldwin you piece of filth:
    If any conservative ever said something that can be misinterpreted and then apologized, would you maggots on the left ever let up on him/her any time in the next 20 years?

    The answer is no, Baldwin, so E.S.and.Die.

  164. Alec Baldwin is a middle aged male Caucasian and therefore does not qualify as someone who can apologize acceptably enough to receive forgiveness.

    1. Have you been following the Ani Defranco fiasco? It seems like satire but these people aren’t joking. She can’t grovel enough for these people. It’s hilarious.

      1. Only on the headline level. Just hope NY Mayor Deblasio doesn’t hear the Midnight Oil song “Beds are Burning” or he’ll want to give Manhattan Island back to the Redskins, er Indians, er Native Americans, er indigenous peoples.

  165. It’s too bad that Alec Baldwin can not see the hypocrisy in his own party. Pay attention Mr. Baldwin, liberals will have the back of blacks, gays and women, they turn and burn their white males.

    It’s sad that someone who considers himself to be intelligent can’t comprehend this

  166. what Baldwin and others need (in addition to a sex change and darker skin tones) is a better teleprompter writer (cry here, cry now!)

  167. Baldwin, not just no, but H-ll NO!
    First of all, you must be sincere, and you’re not a good enough actor to fake that.

  168. Baldwin is a small man, acidic, rancid, cruel, hate-filled. There is a difference between stupid / hyper-partisan (MHP) and a raging hate-filled duche.

  169. Alec Baldwin probably doesn’t even cry tears – only sawdust from that empty head. What an imbecile.

  170. In their defense, MSNBC has a ratings problem in that there is simply too much competition for the liberal viewer. Liberals have a smorgasbord of options, whereas conservatives have basically two: Fox and talk radio.

    1. Sooo. . . nobody watches them because everyone likes them so much they watch other shows instead? Now that’s what I call a typically illogical liberal explanation. You are a funny one Neechian!

        1. OK, I understand…..”that there is simply too much competition for the liberal viewer” ok, so much competition for the 17% of the population who watch liberals outlets? ,much better now or do I have to reread as well?

    2. I as a conservative tune in MSBBC and when i see an occasional discussion that is fair and balanced ‘Fox News ‘ I watch. There is no need for the hate, mocking and vitriol toward the 50% of Americans that do not agree with them.

      1. I watch MSNBC all the time, usually with my mouth agape. I was actually watching when Contessa Brewer addressed Jesse Jackson as “Rev. Sharpton” to his face. A precious moment when even MSNBC admits it can’t distinguish one race-baiting demagogue from the next.

      2. Turn off the TV altogether – you will be much happier without the phony “news” blather. It amazes me when people claim that Fox is conservative while the xBCs are somehow liberal. Look at who Murdoch parties with and tell me there is a big gap in the political leanings.

        The Major Media are now subsidiaries of .gov, and any perceived controversies or leanings are part of the manufactured propaganda intended to distract us from what is actually going down. Bread and circuses for the 21st century while the big banks and connected cronies loot and pillage.

  171. Ohhhhhhh, so now 2 guys who got the boot for saying things are pointing out the hypocrisy of her crying on air – even though her segment was a preplanned, premeditated “hate a thon” that went through pre production planning and not a single person said “whoa. wait. stop.”Also:Panelist and comedian Judy Gold commented on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, expressing her dismay that the Republican was the father of two daughters, Catherine and Caroline, in another segment on the Sunday show “2013: The year in political ridiculousness.” “Men like this … they have daughters. That disturbs me,” she said, chiding Cruz and conservative Republicans for being anti-women.Does anyone really think this was an accident?That they’re sorry?They did it to 2 different republicans’ children.Do you really think they learned? Did they learn after the blowback what they did to Palin’s child? Obviously not – and here, they bash children twice in 1 episode.They should all be fired – the production crew – everyone, because they’re now liabilities. Not a single scruple among them said “whoa. wait. stop.” They did it before, they did it twice in 1 show, and they will do it again – until they’re fired for this hatred.

    1. They won’t be fired for it, because the whole network agrees with them and think it’s cool to try to destroy a conservative. They take great joy in their hate-filled rants against honorable men like Mitt Romney, George Bush and Ted Cruz.

  172. Kind of like how you made your 9-year-old daughter cry by angrily yelling at her, calling her names and threatening her, Alec? Would that be how you would cry, you d**chebag?

  173. Can anyone tell me if Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz are all the same person?

    If not, how in the hell do they get so many dumbasses in one room to talk about ‘news’ everyday?

    I can now see why MSNBC doesn’t work…!

  174. Watching MSNBC gives one the impression that the Dean has been locked in a closet and the students have taken over the administration building.
    It’s just an echo chamber of smug, puerile mockery and ridicule of others they consider unworthy of decency. They also seem to enjoy the conceit that they’re “nerds” but in reality they’re the bullies, which they will never understand.

  175. I never heard of Perry-Harris before, she must be another liberal-journalistic rising star hired with a glowing recommendation and approval of Al (resist we much) Sharpton.

  176. Harris took a play from the Hillary Clinton playbook on how to deflect blame. Simply be emotional…

    1. Yes, but Harris didn’t quite have Hillary’s full act down pat.

      For one thing, she forgot to hit her head first.

      Instead, she just went straight to her best imitation of the crying face emoticon . . .

    2. That’s a common, probably genetic, defense mechanism for females. My wife got out of a speeding ticket for crying. If I tried that, the cop would probably taze me (and rightfully so).

  177. Harris-Perry is nothing but a left wing racist and should be fired.She is a steaming pile of socialist shit and needs to be eliminated from from any kind of pulpit. be it the dem party mouthpiece or Pravda. What a piece of shot!

    1. She would have been fine, if only she had worn her tampons while apologizing. That is what Alec missed.

  178. To be a liberal is to hate humanity, most of all yourself.

    So think of where they are coming from, every time they open their mouths. Every time they complain about the environment. Every time they lie about “man-made global warming”. Every incident of perceived racism or sexism on the part of another person. Every tax dollar they take in the name of “helping the disadvantaged”. Every fantasy about some equalized utopia that we’re all supposed to aspire to live in.

    All of this gunk is coming from a center core of hatred: hatred for humans, hatred for human behavior…..and hatred for themselves most of all.

    Can you take any of their hatred or phoniness or lies or ridiculous, self-pitying rants seriously, anymore? I can’t.

  179. Baldwin made comments about gays. Any type of criticism of gays somehow is forbidden due to extreme political correctness. GLAAD has been able to push their agenda too far. And we basically have attacks on freedom of speech.

    1. GLAAD just got their come-uppance from none other than Phil Robertson. The problem with GLAAD is that they cannot bear to live in a world where EVERYBODY does not agree with them. They do not want to peacefully co-exist. They want to destroy anybody who does not agree with them. Just like the Obama administration. Don’t just defeat, one must DESTROY!

  180. No wonder Perry-Harris is confused. Liberals had a real party ridiculing Palin’s special needs child, Trig, and everyone loved Obama’s little crack at the Special Olympics.

  181. “panderingly and patronizingly corrective”– that’s a great way to put it. I’ve been trying to find an efficient way to explain how, no, Comedy Central and SNL do NOT truly “make fun of both sides.” On the rare occasion they mock progressives, it’s in this vein. I think this description works 🙂

  182. lol. MSNBC is the best network to promote conservative ideas in America.
    Watching those classless clowns helps more Americans see why conservative ideas are better every time they go on air.

    1. I can say with a straight face that I haven’t eyeballed that channel, ever. Time is too short to watch a slow-motion train wreck from Hell.

  183. MSNBC is a top qualifier for how to put lipstick on a pig. I believe there are many interns straight out of the liberal arts and journalism academies. Their advertisement rates must be very low.

  184. Alec Baldwin has a long track record of running his mouth and not giving a sh*t. No one would find his apology all that sincere.

  185. Alec!…My friend!.
    Here’s some advise straight from Tom Hagen himself….Abandon the libs! They don’t have your back!
    Your feelings towards the media, cameramen and gays are main-stream!
    Dis-own these bleeding hearts and come back to the fold!
    You can turn the tables on all of them if you play this right!
    Tom will call you in the morning with details.

  186. Well, I guess MSNBC draws the line at Pi$$ing in a woman’s mouth. Barely. What a waste of a perfectly good Muslim extremist.

    1. I bet they can afford it! MSNBC can’t be making squat from their commercial time base on their incredibly low numbers. Nobody knows what is said on that channel because nobody is watching it. The only time we find out is when it is on Drudge.

      Really, how big would their revenue stream be if it wasn’t pumped up by Big Brother NBC? Hell of a way to run a railroad….

  187. The best part about Leftists is that when push comes to shove they always eat their own first-which gives us time to prepare.

  188. She is obviously given another chance and not fired because of the color of her skin. It’s not about the tears it’s about the skin.

  189. here’s an idea: fold up shop @ MSNBC.of what good do they provide other than red meat for drooling haters of Republicans,Limbaugh,and Faux News?

  190. Mean girls Olberman and Baldwin will never be forgiven because they act out of malice (or, even worse, vanity). Olberman is OCD about sports, and Baldwin about younger women, just to distract from their basic nature– sissies and smart alecs.

  191. Liberals…they hate everyone. Themselves most of all.

    It’s why they’re such miserable creatures.

    1. most leftists believe humanity to be a plague on mother-earth …

      it drives almost all of their decisions…. Well, the elite ones just think you and I are plagues, the useful-idiots agree with them

      1. But they’ll fly in private jets and take separate limos to their next “Reduce America’s Carbon Footprint” meeting.

          1. What people in a poor third-world country would drink $1000 bottles of champagne or eat caviar or $100 per pound Kobe steak while demeaning the excesses of rogue conservative capitalism, as Progressive liberals do?

    1. On MSNBC-LSD the first, and last, segment of every show should take a “Crying Pause” moment for what was said, and what is about to be said, on any particular show.

  192. MSNBC on LSD or PCP or CUSH or CRANK or something, is a laughing stock. A joke. A daily witness to the truth that Progressive, secular-humanist, liberalism is a mental disorder.

    MSNBC-LSD should play to it’s strength and place all of their host in straight-jackets! This would be an honest statement to the audience that MSNBC-LSD retains the hosts that appeal to a certain audience.

  193. > If I cry, will I be forgiven
    Yes, Alec and you can even have your “show” back. But it has to be real, no play acting.

  194. I’d like to welcome you Mr. Baldwin to the world your fellow “Progressives” created where men are not forgiven as quickly, punished quicker for their words or actions, and so forth and so on. Oh, and by the way you are a white man so in certain cases you’ll get even worse.

    I’m glad to see you are finally seeing OUR way.

  195. Alec, when you become a female, mixed race scholar with a lisp, then we can talk about bringing you back. But hey, it’s America where anything is possible…well, where anything used to be possible.

  196. The forced apologies are ridiculous. Maybe if you stood your ground with your anchors comments, then you would look stronger, instead of taking back every opinion they spew out. Free Bashir!!!

  197. Rush has been saying for years now that all one has to do to be forgiven, is to shed some tears with that apology…and so it goes. See Alec, if you’d only listened to Rush, you’d still have your show.

  198. Dear Alec: Crocodile tears and faux apologies do not work to rehabilitate those who displease homosexuals – it only works for libtards who insult conservatives. To survive an attack by the twinkies, you have to have a much much more popular program than the one you had, and which appeals to a demographic that will defy political correctness. Sorry, but you chose your audience and they don’t allow anyone to criticize sexual perversion – homophilia is an article of faith with them.

  199. It really doesn’t matter anyway. Hardly anyone saw the commentary or the apology, because no one watches MSNBC. Seen the ratings lately. A man talking to his dog on the shopping channel gets more ratings.

    1. Baldwin was fired because he insulted a Preferred Species. In fact, he went after the one only one rung down from the top of that ladder. Romney has NO standing whatsoever on the Preferred Species ladder, and as such is fair game.

  200. My advice to Melissa Harris-Perry: Go back to Africa and fully connect with your roots… But the bad news is, I don’t think Africa would welcome her.

  201. would be so much fun to line these liberal p*ussies up and beat ’em about the head with a baseball bat, for ruining our nation.

  202. No, you won’t. You seem to forget, Alec, that you are a White male, and nothing you do can absolve you of being a slave owning, negro hating misogynist.

  203. If you like your racist, kid hating, phony apology, socialist, MSDNC host, you can keep your racist, kid hating, phony apology, socialist, MSDNC host.

    1. Excellent adaptation! Think of all the variations possible, as per “If you like your moralistic grandstanding slurs against heterosexual male conservatives you can keep your moralistic grandstanding slurs against heterosexual male conservatives.” The sky’s limit. I like best “If you like your habit of lying to the American people you can keep your habit of lying to the American people.”

      1. Harris-Perry had the opportunity to stop the mockery immediately during the broadcast of HER show…she did not.

  204. Just no penalty. Typical liberal. Give them a ‘reward’ for trying.
    The spare the rod spoil the child rings true.

  205. You need to have some shred of a soul left to be forgiven, the chances of that guy having one is slim to none. I wish him the best though, if he decides to give up his hatred maybe he has a chance.

  206. There’s too much of a bubble at MSNBC. The folks do not bump into conservatives at all, so they never get to share the views of these folks.

  207. I think its time MSNBC rethink its style of newscasting but they won’t because as long as they continue to hire the Left they will be faced with hatefilled and racist hosts. They don’t know any other way.

  208. If Baldwin came out as gay and went through some sort of self-loathing rehab, I think then he’d get his show back.

  209. This pathetic news rag tries to only step in poo with one boot by ‘going there’ and then apologizing… They are despicable. It’s funny that on T.V., they’re always trying to push the envelope (or boundaries) on ‘edginess’. Numerous shows come to mind (too many to list) but they keep getting more and more violent, sexual, perverted, sick, controversial, etc. MSNBC appears to be trying to do the same thing, while erroneously thinking that they are appealing to a large audience by doing so. So, rightfully so… they become the pariah vs. the paragon. They remain the National Enquirer, the Jerry Springer of national news. And these revolting racial and liberal outbursts are nothing more than pleas for attention by the class bully.

  210. in order for crying to have any impact it must be sincere Alec Baldwin is a self centered sociopath who does not care about anyone but himself he considers himself superior in every way. so apologizing is not something he understands nor is remorse for hurting people .

  211. Why is it that the MSNBC people are CONSTANTLY having to apologize and the FOX people really NEVER have to…it’s ridiculous…and yet FOX is the butt of so many jokes all the time…please…

  212. Sorry Alex, won’t work. You’re daddy isn’t Black. 😉 😉
    Last stand for a phony, ‘Woman’s Liberalizationist’, Pig. When all else fails, …. bring on the tears.
    I don’t care about this ignorant Twit. That segment was produced and directed. I want the heads of those who knew exactly what she was going to say, before the camera lights ever when on.

  213. Someone needs to pass on the good news of forgiveness to Mr Baldwin that if he repents for his transgressions in the name of Jesus Christ all things are forgiven. He can start a new life in Christ.

    1. Don’t worry…his brother Stephen is Christian so I have no doubt he’s been witnessed to and prayed for.

      1. Thank you for sharing that with me. I’m that case I’m sure he is being witnessed to and prayed for in a big way, and more than likely that’s why the devil is having fun with Mr Baldwin’s anger/temper tantrums and assaults. The devil likes going after the very weaknesses of men.
        We who call upon the Lord should be praying along with his brother Stephen that Alex will accept Jesus Christ as his Lord.
        Thanks again for sharing that good news, I had not heard that Stephen Baldwin was a Christian.

    1. It feels to me like The Onion took over the world on Jan 20, 2009. What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good. We’re told what’s normal is freaky and what’s freaky is normal. The election that ended racism turned all criticism racist. on and on…..

  214. If Baldwin was half Black he would get away with crying. Such is the political correct climate of the Leftist media.

  215. The standard at that network is that if caught offending anything or anyone conservative, a well rehearsed insincere apology suffices. And then just resume the elitist narrative as if nothing ever happened. While there is never a smoking gun to be found, those offensive comments couldn’t get on the air in the first place absent tacit knowledge and/or approval of top management.
    But, if one inadvertently offends any holy aspect of the liberal extremist, marxist, socialist religion, that person has to be fired immediately. No apology can overcome that. Cryin’ won’t help ya and prayin’ won’t do ya no good either.

  216. For those two, to be commenting…..About the non apology, apology….and the classless hosts!

    1. Perhaps, but has Baldwin ever convincingly expressed contrition? It doesn’t require tears, just sincerity and follow-through. He remains a boor who has learned nothing over his public flaps.

  217. That’s all great and everything… but it also means I’m agreeing with Alec Baldwin and Keith Olbermann… KEITH OLBERMANN!!! Are you kidding me?

    1. Yesterday I agreed with Sherrod Brown about it being wrong that the playoff games that weren’t sold out wouldn’t be televised. Today I agree with Alec Baldwin. Not only did the onion take over while I was watching football but hell foze over too.

    1. Maybe if Baldwin was to throw himself off the Empire State building someone might forgive him….

      1. ROFLMAO! No one forgives… they pacify. Welcome to the new PC order. 20 years ago, the piece of chit would have been thrown off the air, no questions asked.

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