Alec Baldwin Subtweets MSNBC And Melissa Harris-Perry, Wondering If Crying Would Have Helped Him

(tweet deleted, but here is a retweet from the always awesome @duchessrebecca:

Alec Baldwin, recently let go from MSNBC for remarks he made off air, tweeted tonight about crying and apologies, an obvious reference to Melissa Harris-Perry’s emotional apology on her show this morning. In addition to the above, he had two other tweets asking about whether crying would get him off the hook for things. Baldwin was not alone in seemingly questioning the authenticity of the moment, or at the least questioning whether crying was reason enough to accept her apology but not his, as several people today have have expressed similar doubts.

He is also not alone amonger former MSNBC hosts in tweeting about the Melissa Harris-Perry panel that prompted the apology, in a segment first reported here at The Right Scoop. Keith Olbermann tweeted earlier this week:

Full tweet from TwitLonger reads:

Any adults in charge over there? RT @politico Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes to Romney family for using their black adopted grandson in a comedy segment

He also tweeted, among several others on the subject:

There have indeed been a lot of apologies from MSNBC over time. And whether Baldwin is right or wrong, one can certainly understand the feeling of being held to a different standard.

But more importantly, just look at what MSNBC has wrought. Alec Baldwin (!) and Keith Olbermann (!!) sniping at the out-est and proudest … well out-est anyway …. liberal network in the media. Did you see what I said? I don’t think you saw what I said. ALEC BALDWIN AND KEITH OLBERMANN taking shots at MSNBC about over the top hosts!!!! Did the Onion take over the world while I was watching football?

What this is is another example of what happens when you try to run a network directed at, and an echo chamber for, the political left in America. MSNBC will continue to swing back and forth between truly but obliviously out of line, and panderingly and patronizingly corrective. They are the classic example of trying to have one’s cake and eat it too, and that will continue to result in strife, personnel upsets, gaffes, and various outrage outbursts from across the political spectrum.

Or to put it another way … pass the popcorn please.

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