Allen West blasts UN vote on Palestinian statehood as “delegitimizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state”

This is from my Rep. Allen West via email:

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today regarding the United Nations resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status to a nonmember observer state at the United Nations, approved by a more than two-thirds majority of the 193-member world body — a vote of 138 to 9:

“Slowly but surely, hostile nations are tightening the noose around the sovereign State of Israel. Only those who are not students of history, Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood will be surprised by these actions.

It is naive to think this vote is solely about human rights or a homeland for Palestinian people. This vote is yet another step towards delegitimizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its undivided capital.

When the cease-fire brokered by the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egyptian government was announced, Hamas and the Palestinians celebrated it as a victory over Israel, not as a step towards peace.

The true intentions of nations such as Iran and Syria are one thing, but it is deeply disappointing when countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Norway and Spain vote in lockstep. It is unfortunate that so many in our own country, including those in this current administration, continue to ignore the reality.”

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78 thoughts on “Allen West blasts UN vote on Palestinian statehood as “delegitimizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state”

  1. Well, I guess everyone is asleep by now, and I’m heading in that direction, too. Getting a little lonely here.

  2. This country is lacking a lot of things right now, not the least of which, is leadership and wisdom. But leadership and wisdom don’t just come from the leaders you elect. Those human attributes also come from us.

    Regarding the leadership of this nation, you get what you deserve, meaning that you voted for these idiots. You can’t blame everything on them, because the only way they could be there, in the first place, is because you voted for them. Not you, specifically, but the populace of which you are a part.

    If you are afraid to talk politics with your neighbors, then you helped elect Obama for a second term.

  3. I find it somewhat poignant, as a student of History, that a descendant of slaves, would rise to the prominence this man has achieved, and now stands as our best hope, along with Sarah, for the future of this great nation. One of them, is destined to be President.

    You want to know the truth? I don’t even care which one.

    All the bloated, fat pigs, we call Politicians, fear this man, and Sarah Palin, more than anyone on their radar.

    Because what these unique human beings represent to them, is something that scares them to their bones. Because they get it. They know what these fakes are made of. They know their private secrets. They know what they have been doing. The very existence of Sarah Palin and Allen West, threatens everything they believe in. These two individuals, quite frankly, represent the end of their existence, and that is why they hate them, and fear them, at the same time.

    They hope they can put Sarah and Allen West in a box, and keep the lid of that box, shut and secure. I don’t think they can do that. Because the Genie has escaped. They are no longer in the bottle.

    Colonel Allen West and Sarah Palin are the Genie. These two leaders, are only the beginning of their nightmare. There are more coming.

    Freedom is infectious. You get a little of it, and then you want more. Because Freedom feels good on your skin. That good feeling of Freedom, is what Obama and his minions want to take from you. My advice to you, is don’t let them. Difference between us and them, is we know what it feels like. They don’t. To them, Freedom is a disease, and they have to get rid of it.

  4. On the subject of Allen West, I don’t need to repeat myself. He is the only one since Reagan, save Sarah, who I feel qualified to lead this nation. Sarah, or Allen West, you choose. Either of them, or both of them combined, would lead this country to greatness again.

    After losing this election, I feel that is where we need to concentrate our energies. I believe we need to petition these two great people, for just that. To lead this nation. I don’t mean they can do it by themselves. They need our help. It will be a great undertaking, to divorce ourselves from the two main parties and establish a third, with new leaders. The idea itself, has my vote, because I’m sick of them both.

    AmericanborninCanada, has started the ball rolling. It was a bold move, and took courage. She’s not lacking in courage, but she needs our help. Let’s all get on board with this girl we have come to love, and this country, that she seems to love more than we do.

    Like I always say, its worth shot. Give the girl a chance.

  5. Let’s play, “Pretend,” just like on Sesame Street. I’ll be Big Bird.

    We pretend we have a real President, when everyone knows we don’t. Isn’t this fun?

    We pretend our government is in control of our economy, when everyone knows it isn’t. Ha ha ha! Isn’t that funny?

    We pretend that Hamas is no threat to the existence of Israel, when we know the opposite is true.

    Hamas helps us learn the letter, “H.” We are all learning and growing!

    We pretend that the United Nations is a body of world leaders, who want to make the world a better place to live, when we know the entire charade, is 100% political.

    Don’t listen to those bad people! Being United, makes us all the same, so we can take care of each other! Big Bird like that one a lot!

    We pretend that Muslims are just the nicest people on the planet, and only have our best interests at heart, when we know they would kill us all tomorrow, except for our guns.

    Guns scare Big Bird. Guns bad. Muslims good. We have to learn to play with each other.

    We pretend that Liberals and Conservatives can coexist and work together, to guarantee the continued Freedom of ordinary Americans, when we know for a fact, that that’s a damned lie.

    Oooh, Big Bird doesn’t like that one. Romney want to get rid of Big Bird. Big Bird not like this Romney person. Big Bird not like Conservatives. Big Bird like Obama. Obama like to spend money. We don’t have money Obama spend? That okay. Obama borrow money from China! Everything okay now!

    Sorry, I was in a humorous mood this evening.

  6. “…but it is deeply disappointing when countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Norway and Spain vote in lockstep.” Well, well, anti-semitism is returning to certain parts of the world isn’t it?

    1. Call it Jew Hate, because that’s what it is.
      The mealy-mouthed ‘anti-semitism’ is meant for polite society, where the left can and will say they’re not anti-semite because they like muslims …

      Anyway -Jew Hate never went away, it only went underground and dares to come out now because so many muslims hate Jews and are allowed to say so openly. They’re allowed to because ‘it’s their culture, innit’.

  7. This is serious! This is what comes next:

    I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

    Joel 3:2

  8. Here’s an idea. Let’s all ignore every single thing the Republicans do next time around. Instead let’s all just put up “Vote West” signs everywhere, and only consider him, period.

    Let’s just pick him now, and ignore the stupid primary. He’s our guy, he gets our vote, no matter what. Tell the Republicans that, every chance you get.

    Hey, IOWA, we’re picking West now. Get on board or go home.

    No “process” GOP, just West. Get on board or get lost.

    Just do it ourselves. To heck with the GOP. We don’t need to call it a third party. We just ignore every single thing the GOP tries.

    Vote West.

    Tell me why this won’t work.

    1. And, by the way, we don’t need to mix it all up by proclaiming Palin as VP. Leave it up to West, and accept whoever he picks. It would only work if we keep it that simple. I love Palin, and would crawl over broken glass, etc. But Vote West.

      One response to every single GOP action between now and Nov. 2016: Vote West.

      If we hear Bachmann is thinking about jumping in: Vote West.

      If Fox showcases Rubio spending time in Iowa: Vote West.

      If Bill Kristol opens his yap on anything: Vote West.

      If Rove builds up a massive PAC for Mitt: Vote West.

      When they announce early primary polls: Vote West.

      That’s the deal: one response to everything (regarding the Presidential election)

      1. Mitt won’t run again. It looks like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie will be the next “chosen one”… and NEITHER one is acceptable!!!

        1. Or Rubio and he came out as a HUGE democrat today, against independent investigation into Benghazi and supports 9/11 terrorists moved to the US

          1. This was yesterday regarding Benghazi: In a CNN column, Senator Marco Rubio dispassionately lays out all of the open questions about the incident itself and the US response to the threat before, during, and afterward. Rubio manages to make a comprehensive case for extensive investigation without once mentioning Susan Rice…

            I haven’t seen anything on Rubio supporting moving 9/11 terrorists to the US.

            That being said, I do see Rubio playing to the GOP establishment too much to be a true conservative, and it appears to me that like the RINOs he is more interested in his own personal ambitions than doing what is best for the country.


        2. I was only using Mitt as a placeholder for the Moderate-dou-cheour. IE, whoever the RINO’s come up with.

          New Model Huntsman
          Crispie Cream Christie
          Jeb (Jab) Bush

          Even Rubio. Sorry Rubio fans. He’s just not a restoration guy, he’s another values-only Republican. (By that I mean, he has good values, but none of them seem grounded on principle, especially the principles enshrined in the Declaration and Constitution.)

          1. Rubio has already said that he will not run if Jeb Bush does. Obeying the establishment, already. I think it will be Jeb Bush if he decides to run, or Christie. And either one will be another disaster… even if they could win, they will just take us off the cliff a little more slowly. No significant changes will be made.

            1. Oh, they won’t have to worry about the cliff, coz it’ll be behind us by then. They’ll be trying to look like the white knight who’s gonna help us pull the pieces back together after we crash next year.

              The marching moron moochers voted for the cliff, and Obama has decided they are gonna get it, with knobs.

              But the problem is those Bush/Christie/Romney types think everything is a “management” issue. So they’ll continue to let liberty go hang while they act like deal-making is the “real” job of a Republican president.

      2. I personally hope he chooses Jeanine Pirro! No one, and I mean no one, messes with her! Palin would be great Sec of Energy.

        You are on a roll tonight K-Bob and I’ve missed reading your great thoughts 🙂

    2. It will work and I’m all in! I live in MN but financially supported Allen West. I know some my disagree with me but I believe the potus must have served in our military.

      1. I waffle on that issue, I must admit. However, a quick look at the list of Presidents who served versus those who didn’t pretty much spells it out. Of those who never served, most were not effective Presidents, and that pointedly includes Wilson, Hoover, FDRoosevelt, Clinton and Obama.

        So I guess I’m convinced: Always prefer a guy who served.

        If you can’t get that, get someone like John Adams or Sarah Palin: VERY strong advocates for the military. No more Jimmy Carters.

        1. So, no more “progressives” or big-government Republicans… the problem is that is all we are going to get out of the RNC/GOP establishment – they proved that with Mitt!

      1. Heh. I just write whatever God shoves in my head. Blame Him!

        Just kidding. (Whoah! Was that lightning I just heard?)
        It just popped into my head after I read Scoop’s post. It was about one second before I started typing, and it just came out in real-time.

          1. I hope so. We need to find a conservative shop owner who will take one-off orders to print signs and stuff, and deliver them via mail to whoever orders them, anywhere in the world. We can tell Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage, and Tim Blair about it, too, and get some worldwide support. After all, restoration of our Constitution is vital to the entire world.

            I’m not even sure we should ask Allen West for permission. Let’s just make him the next George Washington, and vote him in. In other words, follow what we mean by trusting in God to see us through.

            There’s probably a catch, but if we get enough people on board, we can steamroll right over it.

            The cool thing is, nobody has to be in charge. We just all act. Done deal.

            (Tea Party organizations and The Constitutional Freedom Party and others could all participate by having rallies and stuff, just like in Wisconsin.)

            1. I love it when you’re fully leaded. No decaf for you!

              I love it so much, I did post it on a secret FB page lol, and others (all scoop folks) loved the idea! 😀
              Seriously K-Bob, this is such a cool idea!!!

    3. k-bob – I heart you!!!!

      This is a brilliant idea, go for it, people! The time is now, not in 2014 or 12016!

    4. I only have one thing to say about your post : Vote West.

      That says it all. Love it, K-Bob. (oops, I guess that’s three things, lol).

  9. This is just another step to isolate Israel. And, from the looks of it, the UN is doing a fantastic job of it. Well, what do you want from the worlds largest organization of petty dictators, Muslim fanatics, Islamic fundamentalists, anti-semites, and anti-Americans? We shouldn’t be giving the UN a dime of our money. Let them move their headquarters to Zimbabwe and lets see how all those lazy western European “diplomats” (I prefer social parasites) like that.

  10. Allen West is a man that knows his heart, his conscience and speaks form those two places. Good for Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. With the corrupt United Nations and the current Administration in the Whitehouse, Israel needs to be diligent in light of the current circumstances that surround her. May more patriots like Mr. Allen West awaken to the distress call of America.

  11. West will be back as were Reagan, that I don’t doubt. God has a special mission for this Warrior. My prayers are with you sir, recoup & hypernate at least for the time being.

    And Sorros and the Rinos laughed agreeing West is gone. WRONG AGAIN. West words which were and are and will be in often time will continue to eat up in the brains of these evil foes of his in many sleepless / restless hours for their hatred of what West stands for.

    West, I appreciate you love for Gods’ Chosen. May your God continue to protect and blesses you and America till He comes

  12. This is my candidate for POTUS in the next election.

    Never fear people. These things must come to pass. How else can Joel 3 be fulfilled in our time? The end of the scourge of Islam and anti-‘Israelism is near.

  13. Maybe there will be a vote for recognizing the intents of about any Islamic group, which are:
    1. Destroy Israel — Little Satan
    2. Change/Collapse the USA — Big Satan
    3. Apply Sharia globally
    4. Dhimmitude
    5. Caliphate
    6. Jihad

    1. When you have a precinct with 59 registered voters that counted 900 votes… he didn’t lose! It was stolen, just like with Al Franken. Our problem is that everyone knows this goes on and nobody does anything about it!!!

    2. The Dims gerrymandered his district to weight the voting in favor of their candidate. They did the same thing in IL so two R’s had to run against each other.

  14. Well said, Colonel West!

    At least someone sees the truth; hopefully there are more. I pray Allen continues to be in the public eye because we need his strong patriot voice.

  15. I think the USA and Canada should grant the UN nonexistenthood, thereby delegitimizing their right to exist.

    If West were President that kind of world-bettering could occur.

  16. Hopefully he will have a lot more to say since he doesn’t have the confines of Congress. Bless him for speaking out. I want to know more about all of those Communists in Congress, too. There are a lot of them. Also Islamists and their members in and around the WH and State Dept. Speak right up, Col. What you have to say is very interesting.

  17. It is really a shame that America’s first black president could not have been someone like Col. West, Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams. Instead we got a modern day stepin fetchit and the choom gang. Sad.

  18. Allen West is a true patriot, we all know that voter fraud was in place, as West is loved and respected in Florida and throughout, America, he would have won, a fair election.

    Palestine now gets non-member membership in the UN and the next step that is sure to follow is the enforcement by UN’s “Responsibility to Protect” policy that states that the UN can decide to invade a country if it thinks the leader is abusive to their people. And of course, many Islamic countries have stated that Israel is guilty of “war crimes”. Interesting to note that the accusers of Israel’s “war crimes” allegations conveniently forget the rockets and violence it has perpetrated on Israel.

    Pray for Israel, it looks like bible prophecy regarding all nations going against Israel may be happening soon. This is beyond distressing.

    The Coming Four Blood Moons. This is a very important series that may help to explain what may very well be coming our way in the near future.
    By: Pastor John Hagee
    John Hagee Ministries
    Sermon 1 of the series, The Coming Four Blood Moons
    This prophetic sermon is a teaching like you have never heard before! Listen to Pastor Hagee as he explains the Jewish meaning behind the coming Four Blood Moons. Are you interested in the future? Do you want to know what will happen to Christians before Jesus’ return?
    This sermon will walk you through the details of the Bible, giving Scripture verses and historical dates of when things happened in the past and how they will affect our future. As Creator, God has exact control of everything: the sun, the moon, the stars. The earth is God’s billboard. When he gives us a “sign in the heavens” as described in Genesis, it is a signal that something big is coming!

    Sermon 2 of the series, The Coming Four Blood Moons
    Joel says, “These signs will announce the destruction of those nations who join with Gog and Magog in attacking Jerusalem.” Pastor Hagee says that God has continually watched over Israel since her inception. He is not going to sit idly by and allow Russia and Iran to cross her off the map. Our God is a high tower, our shield and buckler. When any of us is in trouble, we can run to Him for safety. Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord SHALL be saved.
    Listen to this in-depth teaching that intertwines Scripture with world history and see how the coming four blood moons tell us not only of the past but of our future as it relates to the Jewish people. Make no mistake; Israel will prevail!

    Sermon 3 of the 3 part series, The Coming Four Blood Moons
    Pastor Hagee says until you see world history from God’s point of view, it makes no sense. Once you accept God’s point of view, world history (past, present and future) becomes crystal clear. God is the judge of all the earth. Anyone that rebels against His authority will either be destroyed or removed.

    Listen to this in-depth teaching by Pastor Hagee and learn how historically those who rebel against God or deviate from His will are chastened. In God’s Word, obedience brings the blessing. Disobedience brings judgment. Find out what the future holds as Pastor Hagee describes the New World Order.

    1. He can be, he’s waiting in the wings to do something 🙂

      Sorry ABinC Sis, these fingers started again before I saw your reply below.

    2. Because he had the guts to step off ‘the Plantation’ and speak conservative values, that’s why.

    1. And we need to find a way to identify them and call them out for Israel so when they want to travel or even relocate, they are DENIED ENTRY!

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