Allen West concerned that Americans aren’t being told the truth

This is a little over a month old, but an excellent speech by West nonetheless. He is speaking to a crowd about the reality of what’s going on in our nation and says that it concerns him greatly that the American people aren’t being told the truth, whether it be about of fiscal situation or about national security.

Here’s the full video:

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19 thoughts on “Allen West concerned that Americans aren’t being told the truth

  1. No Doubt that we are not told the truth.
    Let us hope that we are all paying attention this time around.
    American would not survive four more years…it is a long time now til the election and change over…hope we make it until then.
    Bam does more damage with everyday that passes.

  2. Sorry. I know that Allen West is a bit of a ‘golden child’ in most circles, but I’m just still not seeing it. I like a lot of what he says, but the central problem I have with him is that he’s saying most things that I’ve heard many times before. I just don’t see any action out of any of these contemporary political heroes, and, at my age, I’m more interested in deeds, not words.

  3. Oh MR. WEST, you mean well but you’re so gullible and naive! The problem is NOT that the people aren’t getting to hear the truth,it’s that there are so many MILLIONS OF STUPID/INDOCTRINATED left wing/liberal Democrats out there who believe all that they are told by the MSM and Obama and higher education.They WILL NOT listen to the truth! Then there’s all the people who just don’t give a damn about politics, who also won’t care about the truth.

    1. I’m afraid that if Obama wins again, America will degenerate into total anarchy,either Obama will orchestrate a crisis to have martial law declared or the people will have to RISE up and put a stop to his tyranny and multitude of Evils! Because the government is a conspiracy of thieves and con-men for the most parts and will say/do anything to keep the status quo (gravy train) going! Also because America will be in RUINS after another term of Obama hell! You simply cannot allow yourselves to believe that America has the luxury of waiting for the sloooow wheels of normal constitution change to hopefully fix things!

      1. I am amazed that people think that one man has done all this damage to this country in less than four years. What about the last president and the one before that and the one before that. To think that getting rid of one man will raise the titanic is fantasy. This has been in the works for the last forty years. Administrations have been living on bubbles and kicking the can. The sad thing is that it is harder to kick the can when you have reached the end of the street.

        Great book (The Ingenuity Gap), we are so far gone that even hitting the reset button will not do it. Guys it is not about politics. It is about Man-rule (Jeremiah 10:23). We have the best of what man can deliver and it is flawed. Read your Bibles.

      2. Even worse, what if he loses and won’t leave?
        What if he suspends elections because of “an emergency” in Iran?

        What if?

  4. The Media (Entertainment/News) and the Government are certainly not telling anyone, even themselves the truth.

    Here’s one example from Drudge: Oliver Stone (media mogul) son converts to Islam in Iran

  5. Relevant to this article is the fact that Obama’s re-election campaign has rolled out the Ministry of Truth in the form of revitalizing their much ridiculed “attackwatch” site. They claim they are creating a “Truth Team.”

    Yeah, I thought the same thing.

    So did Stacy McCain. He points out that, so did the folks at “American Glob”, who have identified some of the folks that make up The Truth Team!

    1. OK, my x-ray vision reveals that some of you already mentioned the Truth Team.

      If you’re so smart, tell my why the American Glob folks have a picture of Harry Potter in their list of Truth Team members. You can tell it’s him by the glasses and the mussed-up hair.

      1. Easy – because Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        The brain is not designed to run on ‘truthiness’ ‘spin’ ‘contradiction’ ‘fallacy’ ‘wishful thinking’ ‘deception’ etc. We are designed for Truth. Lies always harm us inside and out…relationships, families, societies, churches, governments.

        Eventually, the mind becomes so divided and conflicted and the person gets so far from truth and reality, they can tell lies without realizing it. All sorts of lies just come out. The liar believes his own lies. He believes other people are doing what he thinks, does, believes, projecting his behaviors and thoughts onto them.

        Examples are:
        – Obama’s Truth Teams designed to spread lies and punish and ridicule people for telling the truth.
        – Romney calling Gingrich and Santorum ‘liberal Democrats’ and
        – Romney being caught onstage lying seven times in the last debate.
        – Obama’s ‘Budget’ and Payroll Tax ‘cut’.

        Need to get some Romney lie-check forms printed before the next debate on the 22nd and some Obama lie-check forms for the general.

    1. Yep, that’s where his little verminions show up to bury truth under how ever many lies it takes.

      “Hey Rs, what are verminions?” I’m glad you asked young feller. That’s a cross between vermin and minions. “Ahhh, Thank you sir.” No problem, now skidaddle.

  6. What is truly scary is the unfunded future liabilities under Social Security and Medicare estimated at abou $30 Trillion.

  7. And once again – when will Americans wake up?

    Allen West is a hero in so many ways! Keep getting the truth out. Some day it’ll sink in.

    Thanks for the post! 🙂

  8. Some of us are smart enough to have recognised this BEFORE the chairman won his election. Then again, some of us work and pay taxes too. I bet both of those groups are really all the same people.

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