Allen West: Democrats complain about Republican diversity but then viciously attack minorities in GOP

Allen West explained tonight that it was the first three days of early ballots that were recounted on election night that magically swung the election by around 4,000 votes in favor of his opponent and those were the ballots they were most concerned about. However, as we already know, the canvassing board didn’t recount all early ballots yesterday as they had promised nor did they recount the three days of early ballots West’s campaign were concerned about. But despite the cherry-picked 42-43% of early votes they did recount, West still gained 535 vote which means there’s probably a lot more votes he would gain if they did a full recount of all early ballots.

He added at the end of the interview that Democrats complain about the lack of ‘different faces’ in the GOP yet when these ‘different faces’ run as a Republican, they are viciously attacked by the left.

Watch the full interview:

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