Allen West hammers Obama for acting like bystander president when his policies are harming black community

A great interview with Allen West tonight on if Obama is doing enough to help the black community. West calls him the bystander president because he acts like he’s a bystander even though his policies are helping create a dependency plantation in the black community.


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29 thoughts on “Allen West hammers Obama for acting like bystander president when his policies are harming black community

  1. Obama is a first-class bull$_h1tter.
    It’s all he was ever good at….the Elmer Gantry of the 21st century.

  2. When I go into Gary, Indiana or have to travel through Chicago’s south side, in which blacks are the majority of the population in these areas, I can tell you I can’t help but shed a tear knowing that these people could do so much better but continue to believe in the Democrats propaganda, and it hurts not knowing if the beautiful adorable children getting out of school are going to have a chance to make it or if they are going to be killed in a week.

    Part of the blame is on Republicans; for listening to their bonehead campaign strategist and not reaching out to these communities, going out into these communities and explaining to the people that the perception they have been given of us by the Democrats is wrong and that our policies can help them. There was once a time where the black community was solidly Republican, but all of it changed in the 1960’s Kennedy and Johnson laying ground work for a black Democrat majority by going into the communities.

    Since the large majority has voted Democrats the past few decade the “strategist” have advised that we stop fighting for their vote. I think it was a big mistake and the RNC should start campaigning in the black communities. This is a problems that many black conservatives have said the Republican Party needs to fix and I agree.

    1. I agree with just about everything you say BUT… The indoctrination of the Black community has been so thorough, that sending a White, Republican, politician into the Black community to campaign, would be about as effective as sending Richard Simmons to Ft. Campbell teach the 101st. Airborne that ‘Gay’ is the way. 😉
      We need more people like Col, West, Alfonzo Rachel, Colion Noir and other Black conservatives do do that job.

      1. Perhaps but I will say is that change will not happen in 2, 4 year period. I am constantly remind of the stories told by people like Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM) and Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV) of how they used to be Democrats because that is just how things were and it wasn’t until republicans actually reached out and talked about policy that they realized that they were Republicans. I remember when I was in college just a few years ago we had simple discussion about the role of government and government policies. not democrats or republicans, conservatives or liberals but real issues. Keep in mind that the majority of the class was black and Hispanic, and I saw a majority of them who vote Democrat agree with the Republican platform and not even know it. No one pointed out to them that they were agreeing with the Republicans and that is sort of sad because they are still going to vote Dem.

        1. I get what you’re saying. There was a test on the net several years ago, the title was very vague. it was very comprehensive, maybe 50 questions. Once you completed it, it told you where you stood politically. It came as a big shock to a lot of liberals (and conservatives) where they actually stood.
          I’ve always considered myself to be a hard core conservative. It was interesting to find out, I was only center/right.

          1. There is no question that when the value systems of both parties are being presented to americans, 80% will vote conservative, How many people in this country believe that you have a “right” to make your neighbor pay for _______(fill in the blank), and i i can go on and on, even the dems don’t openly embrace socialism, you can ask any senator (with maybe the exception of Elizabeth warren and bernie sanders) whether they are capitalists or socialists and they will tell you capitalists (and then start to go into the “limits” big banks, Big corps, bla bla bla)

            The only reason why The left is even relevant in the US is because they make feel people who disagree with them in-compassionate, Bigots, and “extreme” right….

    2. It is wonderful to say we need to go into the black communities and come along side them as they discover they are really conservative and not liberal. However, and this is the key, the education they all receive will not help any of the younger ones in school or who have been to public school. We need to change the education they and all young people are receiving. The liberal left has taken over the public schools and that is at the core. If they are feed this from K-12, that is what they believe and that is why they believe it.

      There have been a myriad of programs begun by the right to educate and bring these young inner city children into the light from the Christian right, but it never works because of the education programs they are exposed to every day from 8-4pm. It’s the left’s answer to indoctrination and it’s been going on since the 60’s.

      Wouldn’t it be great if these communities would rally around home schooling for their children? What a way to reach out to them all but alas, they are indifferent to that approach.

      Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 KJV

      1. One night in a vision the Lord said to Paul, “Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent, for I am with you. No one will attack and harm you, for I have many people in this city.” He settled there for a year and a half and taught the word of God among them.

        Acts 18:9-11

    3. The Republicans need to do more to reach out to rural and suburban blacks. Not all blacks live in the inner cities and most that do have been brainwashed so thoroughly by the Marxist/
      Socialist Democrats that there’s no hope of ever breaking through to them.

      But if you’re a black person living in Norton VA, Cumberland KY, Rogersville TN, or North Wilkesboro NC you might be receptive to the conservative message. Obama sure as hell doesn’t care about blacks who live in rural areas based on his policies so far which are destroying rural America.

      1. I didn’t say they are all in the inner city. Chicago’s south side and Gary, In are basically suburban areas of the inner city.

        1. The South Side and Gary, IN are both ghetto dung heaps which I assume to mean the same as inner cities. Neither are what I consider to be suburban areas. If you consider them to be suburbs then you need to take a course in geography. A suburban area would be some place like Oak Park, IL, New Rochelle, NY, or Plano, TX. Those places would contain large contingents of middle class black voters not the brainwashed poor who pull the lever for Obama.

          1. I don’t need a geography lesson, I live here in Hammond, Indiana. I am pretty sure I know my home region.

  3. Mmm, Obama, your speech never feed or gave anybody a Job. Col. West is right, Obama is the author of creating an “economic, dependency, plantation,” which is what all of the Black liberal leaders have done. Not just in Atlanta but also in Chicago and New York and LA.

  4. LOL! Now THAT was funny!

    “Bill, we address that explicitly all the time. I’ll send you at least ten speeches I’ve given.”

    No, genius! I mean LITERALLY ADDRESSING the plight of poor African Americans, not just reciting phony promises from a teleprompter!

      1. That’s what he said.

        Bill was trying to inquire as to why Obama doesn’t explicitly address the plight of poor African Americans.

        Obama said that he would send him at least ten speeches of him addressing it.


        I don’t think that’s what Bill meant. I think he meant that Obama should do more to LITERALLY — through legislation — address the plight of poor African Americans.

  5. I like the conservative principles exhibited by Allen West, but I’m sick and tired of the devisiveness of the perpetuation of “the black community”, the Latino community, the Asian community, the _______ community….
    We should never again mention these divisive phrases.
    We are either all Americans or we’re not. If we are not, it’s time to rid ourselves of the invading vermen who do not want to be part of the Republic.

      1. I am a Native Americna; born and bred in the non-communist part of PA.
        I respond this way on every government form, when asked.

    1. Thank you for your self description.
      I am glad we have people like Allen West who are not.

      He is a principled gentleman, who speaks truth with integrity.

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