Allen West: I think it’s ‘awesome’ Bill Clinton mocked my comment, giving me that kind of credence

Allen West was asked by a caller on C-SPAN about his comment where he referred to there being commies in Congress and after explaining his comments he was told by the host that even Bill Clinton had mocked his comment recently. Allen West said that he thought that was awesome that a former president would give him that kind of credence (via CNS News)

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58 thoughts on “Allen West: I think it’s ‘awesome’ Bill Clinton mocked my comment, giving me that kind of credence

  1. Republicans are still my party of choice and most in line with my values and principles. There are many patriots like Allen West trying to get the corruption out. With that said, Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership”. He has tied up the loose ends and explains why Obama has been allowed to stay in office and get away with his crimes against America.

  2. Dr, Corsi took sworn statements from Hillary’s supporters that were intimidated during the 2008 primary. They were threatened (one is a Hollywood producer who made Jack & Jill) and say that Bill Clinton was going to exposed Obama as not being eligible for the Presidency due to his foreign dad and not being born here. They brought up the “birther” issue first. To shut up Bill, Obama’s thugs murdered his friend DNC Arkansas chair who was going to stop Obama from being named the nominee before the convention since Hillary was close. A few days later a super delegate was found dead. She had refused to change her vote to Obama. I spoke to Hillary’s supporters in 2008 about the hijacking of their caucuses and to the Hollywood producer recently. We have a Chicago and Muslim Brotherhood regime running our country. It’s up to each of us to tell others. Use the site to educate others. The US Library of Congress put their letter on the home page. They have put the site in their archive for its value. Search any topic, Black Panthers, Farrakhan, Kenya relatives, Kenya newspapers bragging about their boy being elected to the Senate etc… Only the truth and prayers will save America.

  3. West is 100% correct. Being mocked or derided by the libtards is the highest form of praise. One of my sins is to leave comments on Jodi Miller’s NewsBusted to deliberately bait them into criticizing me.

  4. Apparently some Romney supporters don’t like West by calling him a bomb thrower because of his recent comments.

  5. Right on. The fact that a former President would articulate a repudiation of this idea actually lends it weight.

  6. Another outstanding response from a guy who is working in a job that is below his stature.
    He’s made of sterner stuff than just a Congressional job. LtCol West is POTUS material all the way.

  7. I think pretty much EVERYTHING that comes out of Col. West’s mouth is AWESOME. Get a clue GOP, and grow a pair like Allen West.

  8. If you decide shake Clinton’s hand for his recognition of a true adversary, remember to wash your hands.

    If he invites you to a “cigar summit,” I’d just pass.

    1. I’d also recommend that if you shake his hand, check to make sure you still have your watch afterward.

  9. Zero is such a blatent marxist that it overshadows the fact that the Clintons are too. I know Congressman West’s remarks were flippant, and awesome, but he really should be calling Bill out of the commy closet as well.

      1. My comment was not a negative toward him. Would you agree that within his comment although the words reflected that he was showing a serious or respectful attitude toward Clinton, he really wasn’t? Which of course is a good thing.

        1. I didn’t take your comment as being negative towards West. I just thought you meant he was being sarcastic and didn’t really mean that there are actual communists in the Democrat party. I guess the comment about Clinton was flippant…not taking him seriously. The comments about communists in the Democrat party I believe are right on the money and not flippant at all.

          We agree…it’s just the word “flippant” that distorted what I thought you were saying.

  10. Thank you West! I cannot stand Bill Clinton and never will! He’s a corrupt liar and rapist to boot.

    1. Never thought of it that way. West is the ONLY politician telling the truth. The ONLY one. That really is amazing that there should be only ONE given the number of kind of corrupt and yellow liars and spineless Republicans there are, slime-ing up the streets and restaurants of Washington D.C.

      I sincerely hope the Col. West give Mitt Romney full and reasonable consideration for the Vice presidency, AUG 27 2012.

    1. Just list the ones who are not Progressives, Marxists, Communists, Islamists, Globalists, or Unionists. Much easier.

    1. I hear he was vetted.
      Courage – check
      Principles – check
      Defender of the Constitution – check
      Brilliant and astute – check
      Combat Veteran – check
      Defender of Israel – check
      Crusader against Islamic subversion – check
      Proven, innate leadership – check
      Earned respect of conservatives – check
      Patriot – check
      Individualist – check
      Penultimate conservative – check
      Studied historian – check
      Honesty and Integrity – check
      Unwavering faith in the American people – check
      Committed to limited government – check

      Total score = zero.
      Next on the list?

      1. Um, just to be clear, you are aware that “penultimate” means second to last, are you not?

  11. I appreciate his fervor, but he needs a sense of broader political impact, and in that sense this was probably somewhere Col West did not need to go. Comparisons to McCarthy aside, it isn’t something most people are going to listen to.

    1. “he needs a sense of broader political impact”

      Yup. The truth has impact and the media will swarm to denigrate and ridicule anyone who dares speak it of the political class.

      How dare the Colonel tell the truth!

      1. “I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”
        -Harry Truman

        “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”
        -Abraham Lincoln

        “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
        -George Orwell

        “Truth is always the strongest argument”

        “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in
        the end, there it is”
        -Winston Churchill

        “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self evident” -Arthur Schopenhauer

    2. What do you mean by “sense of broader political impact?” What should he be doing that would fit that definition?

      To me, he has no obligation to any broad political impact, just to his constituency. So I’m just confused by what you expect of him?

    3. What do you mean broader political impact, EclecticHorseman? Do you really know what you are talking about? Many people did not know that there were communist/progressives in the democrat party in particualr the CBC! He didn’t name them because he knows that he has an enlightened audience and we can google progressive party members and it pops right-up! People were shocked by that information and that’s why it made news otherwise you wouldn’t have known about it.

      1. How to put this? I would very much like to see Col West become a credible national candidate. I want to see him be Romney’s VP. This does not require that he cease to be anti-Communist, but it does mean knowing what controversies to get involved in, and when.

        1. Ok E, you know that Lt. Col. Allen West is an extremely wise man who brings tons of realty to the congress but did you know that he has been a Congressman for 18 months and look at the impact that he has made! It has been an incredible impact. Just like starting any new job you learn the lay of the land but it will take him some time to decide whether he wants to reamin a Congressman or run for Senate, and, Lord I pra,y eventually the President. Give him some time and for now enjoy him and appreciate him for his skills to communicate and educate all of us.

    4. Can anyone else, not from Florida, name a Florida congressman other than Allen West or DWS?

      I know I can’t, and I’d bet most people even here on TRS couldn’t either… but they know Allen West. To me, that implies a broad political impact.

      1. I am a great admirer of Col West and have in various forums advocated for him to be the VP candidate.

    5. Allen West is a truth teller. We need more truth tellers. It is what it is. The Fabian Socialists are aligned with the Communists. The Communists are aligned with the Marxists. The Marxists are aligned with Far left democrats. McCarthy & Reagan were right. The Commies said they’d take over from the inside out and use the EPA to kill business, the Feminist movement to take the woman out of the home to compete with men for jobs. At the same time, the Dept. of Ed. got their hands on our kids early on to indoctrinate them. It’s part of the Communist plan. Read “The Naked Communist” Read the Commie Game plan and watch Agenda Documentary trailer by former Congressman Bowen. He went to a Communist party. The Communist party are the ones in Hollywood who threatened to throw acid on Reagan’s face when he testified to Congress about the radical Commies in Hollywood when Reagan was President of the Screen Actors Guild. He saw the violence and demands they made. Sean Penn’s dad was one of the Commies. They have taken over our schools, government and society.

  12. Clinton is still stinging from being “race carded” by the Obama thugs in the Carolinas when Hillary still had a prayer of winning the nomination. Clinton is a confirmed liar and compulsive skirt chaser who, like Obama, will lie, steal and cheat to reach his political goals. To see him “mock” a Congressman form Florfida shows how despearate he is to stay in the public eye and at the same time try to play the race card to make West inconsequential.

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