Allen West: It is my duty to defend Israel!

Wow. Just wow. Allen West, speaking before the Americans against Hate Pro-Israel Conference gave an amazing speech where he talked about the Islamist threat that both we and Israel face, and said that the time has come when we need to wake up to this threat and stand with Israel.

We can sit around and we can talk about all the things with our economic situation. And we can fix our economic situation – we can get Americans back to work. That’s not an issue. But even once we recreate economic prosperity in this country – all the great technological advancements, all the biotech advancements, all the beauty that you see in Israel – if you can’t have safety, if you can’t identify your enemy, if you can’t stand up to that threat then it’s all for naught. If you’re held hostage within your own boundaries, it’s all for naught. …I tell you one simple thing. It’s my duty to stand up and defend Israel.

This is definitely a must listen. Maybe even a couple of times.


Note: There’s another version of this floating around on YouTube, but it’s not the whole speech like this one.

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