Allen West: Jay Carney is doing horrible kabuki dance, White House still trying to mislead people on sequester

Allen West was on last night with Greta and said that the White House is absolutely misleading people on the sequester, despite Jay Carney’s claims, and they are doing it because they want to continue to spend tax payer money. He calls it leadership by fearmongering and intimidation:

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23 thoughts on “Allen West: Jay Carney is doing horrible kabuki dance, White House still trying to mislead people on sequester

  1. Jay Carney is a monkey boy dancing on a hotplate.
    Obama will discard him like toilet paper once he’s through with him too.

  2. We MUST have Allen West back in Congress. He’s one of the few people out there that not only can articulate conservative values, but he can also defend them as well. Hope he gets back into Congress in 2014. We can only hope and pray.

    1. Libertyship46  
      If he would move out of Debbie Wasserman Schultz land, where all the northeast liberals go to die and over here to the Gulf side of the state, he would win hands down.

      1. tinlizzieowner Libertyship46 I’d like to see him relocate to SC and take on Graham-nasty (sorry, just had to type the name it deserves)

        1. OneThinDime tinlizzieowner Libertyship46  
          Me too!!!  He’s wipe the floor with that traitorous sorry excuse for a Republican.

        1. I have to go with Ted the Cruz missile because he knows just where to aim and has a 100% hit record.

    1. WolfieUSA But the imposter has plenty of money for another party and for the ObamaBrats to vacation in the Bahamas and then in Idaho skiing

  3. Forget the “moving picture” analogy Jay.  When you stand in front of the WH press corp and the American people the only thing actively moving is your bowels.  The fruits of which you offer to us in the name of explanation and justification knowing that the vast majority of the media will pass it along as truth.

  4. Greta questions, and is confused by the regime continuing to lie to the American people, citing that at some point it will become extremely apparent to even the most low information voter that our economy and country will implode.  That’s the point of this, the bringing down of America.  When that finally happens their goals will have been met and our Great Country will have been Fundamentally Changed as promised.

  5. Like everything from this WH this is all a foot stomping exercise for Obama to get his way. Most parents when a child has a tantrum like this will make sure the child learns this is not proper behavior so we as the adults must make sure Barack learns as well.

  6. “…leadership by fear-mongering and intimidation:”
    In other words, lying, then lying about the lies.

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