Allen West lists onerous job killing regulations on the House floor

This is an eye opening excerpt from a speech West did on the House floor last week. His goal is to let the American people know what onerous and ridiculous regulations are being put on American jobs that will cost billions of dollars to implement:

In case you want to watch the full 24 minute speech, it’s below:

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23 thoughts on “Allen West lists onerous job killing regulations on the House floor

  1. What the Roberts Court did will open the flood gates to regulations and more regulations until we become like the country of India, where it take years to get approval to open a new business.

  2. Obama keeps stating that there is more drilling going on in the US, and that is false. He closed both the east and west coast and gulf drilling and won’t open the Keystone pipeline. These closings are job killers… sickens me how this man (Obama) was elected. And anyone who votes for him is not politically educated. Listen to Allen West and conservatives who speak THE TRUTH.

    Following the Obama Administration for the Official Term of 1,461 days. Keeping an eye on the positions, policy, politics, stances and moves of the 44th U.S. President and his appointed administration.

    This list is complete and current to June 29, 2012

    copy, paste and distribute. We must get obama out of office or the only jobs left will be gov’t jobs….and that would be horrible news for all of us!

  4. Nov 6, 2012 we will determine whether the looter/plunder class out numbers the worker/saver class. Our govt subsidizes poverty and failure and we get more failure and poverty. Poverty and failure have become a livelihood. Can the recipient class in America outnumber the productive class?

  5. I really hope the election in November is a real mandate for change. Smaller government, less spending, less taxes, fewer Federal workers, all of it needs to be done before we really do go broke. If, God forbid, Obama is re-elected, we really will be no better than a European social welfare state. The clock is ticking and we need to rise to the challenge. Never has an election been so important to this nation. Hope we are intelligent enough to make the right choice and throw the Democrats out of office.

  6. Did anyone in America save the few that visit sites like this know about this speech?
    I blame the lazy voter and the msm for the decline of America. Both should be shipped off to North Korea.

    1. I concur completely. How can Allen West, with that great big military record, the powerful message, the countenance, not have a bigger audience? Allen West should be front and center on more sites. Let’s promote Allen West in every circle we travel. BTW, what is on his lapel?

      1. I constantly promote him and as far as the lapel pins, they’re all military pins is all I know.

    2. America is finally waking up to the msm and the news media is going broke. There all billions of cell phones that are taking video of the sins of politicians and showing it on the internet. The lazy voter, your words, screamed 85% strong about the health care, only to have it jammed down our throats. I totally agree with your blaming the media for the decline of America.

      1. Was there a poll done that said 85% of Americans didn’t want bocare? If so, that has dropped down to somewhere in the neighborhood, depending on the poll, around 52-54%.

  7. I love Allen West. Great speech (again). His vision is clear and his voice is a clarion bell of reason and truth. HE should be our President. He “gets it” and would be an excellent leader.

    Obama is not a nice guy. He is NOT charming. Obama is NOT doing things to our country with good intentions. His plans and (cough) leadership have been more destructive to this nation overall than many of the last few dangerous hurricanes combined. I’m sick of him getting away with the lies, the corruption and the unmitigated gall to shackle America with burdonsome regulations and illegal laws, just to further his agenda. He’s not doing this because he thinks it will help… he does it to hurt and destroy. He MUST lose in November!

  8. Awesome speech. Great post TRS.

    Regulatory suicide – we are now on life support.

    It is obvious why the left and the media despise this man but I also wonder out loud, while listening to a great leader and statesman, why the Republican establishment continues to ignore him. They try and trot all manner of suitors in front of us while they push the real thing off to a footnote.

    1. And that is precisely why I am an Independent now. They seriously tried to slough off McCain on us in 2008 – what a joke. Why not give us someone like Duncan Hunter or even Huckabee for that matter? If Sarah Palin wasn’t on the ticket, the loss would have been HUGE and very embarassing. Now they give us Romney? What a joke.

      I pray that the Tea Party brings us a solid candidate in 2016 (Allen West is one great choice). As for the impotent Republicans… they are Democrat-lite in my book. They have strayed from the path and can no longer be trusted either (as a whole).

    2. They shun him because he doesn’t talk flawlessly like Obamao. They figure America won’t tolerate someone who isn’t a great bullshytter. Have they ever asked?

  9. Our government is a disgrace. How anyone could look anyone else in the eyes and seriously push these regulations is sickening.

    1. The only thing worse are citizens that obey. We must not obey. We must resist and refuse.

      The Government is outnumbered.

      1. That might sound good but in reality businesses must comply or they get shut down. I can see cases in which this might hold true, such as states refusing to expand medicaid in order to satisfy Obama. But that’s not a regulation so that’s not even a good example, lol.

        1. They can’t shutdown every business and arrest every citizen. United we stand, divided we fall.

          1. I think Obama would love to shut down every private business. I mean that as sarcasm and not to be tied to what you said. But, come to think about it, I’m not sure it’s sarcasm. I think Obama would enjoy it.

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