Allen West: Obama intentionally killing the economy

This is an interesting interview that starts out with a word game and gets to more substantive questions about half way through. But my favorite part was when West was asked if Obama is just inept or if he is intentionally harming the economy. West says he’s definitely doing this on purpose and I love the fact that he didn’t play the “we can’t criticize Obama’s motives” game that some politicians want to play:

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120 thoughts on “Allen West: Obama intentionally killing the economy

  1. It warms the cockles of me heartsie to see so many people waking up to Obamageddon. Especially bright honorable black folks. Blacks that might not be so on the ball need to see that being black doesn’t mean you have to be a democrat and to fall for the manipulations that that party has put them through since they started voting strong in the 60’s.

    Now, the libs will start bailing on the black voters since the race card is breaking and hispanic voters outnumber black voters. The same old manipulations and dogged formulas will be put into play. Starting with allowing illegal immigrants to have pieces of the pie our native kids and people aren’t allowed to get–for the votes. How about becoming LEGAL? Put some skin in the game if you want to play.

  2. go get more high cupcake, you are bordering on retardism. Billymn, what are you–like 15? Still living at home with mom? You certainly don’t know any history. You would be the first one to kiss socialist hind end, turn in your fellow man and grovel for your tidbits. It’s people who think like this who have no clue of reality and just talk from their ass–fine for a freak show, but not good for daily consumption.

  3. Oh, but I have been to foreign countries. How about Japan, Korea, and Germany? I spent 27 years in the Army. I am a patriot. But, having worked a total of 43 years, I need my Social Security and military retirement. Being on a ‘fixed income’ when retired. I’ve never drawn unemployment. I don’t appreciate you, or anyone else spreading lies about America, or telling me to ‘wake up’. Vote the Traitor-in-Chief OUT OUT OUT before he destroys our country. JW B…. ?

  4. Obonzo, the Traitor/Liar/Poser/Socialist-in-Chief, is definitely doing his absolute best to ruin the economy, and ruin the United States. He isn’t stupid, he’s a fake, a TRAITOR. He and all his Democratic idiot cronies are trying to spend this country to death, and doing a damn good job. He needs to be gone, by whatever means is necessary. WHATEVER means.

  5. I believe Mr. West would serve the nation better by remaining in FL, at least for this next term. This is going to be an ugly election no mater who the GOP candidate is, and he’s too valuable to place at risk this early in his career, I think.

    Ms. Garofalo is now stating that those who support Mr. Cain are racist. Do we think Mr. West would fare any better? An independent-thinking Black republican is anathema to the left. They are worse than devils and must be politically annihilated. After all, we don’t want our Black democrats getting any ideas, do we?

    Let’s get this miscreant out of the White House and repair some of the damage he’s done. It’s going to be a tough fight and not a short one, either. There’s plenty of time for Mr. West to advance politically without getting into the fray prematurely.

  6. I draw a distinction between his “wanting” to destroy the economy and his being “willing” to do so. Either way, though, our Leader is focused on a vision in which there is no place for the American economy as we know it.

    The closer he gets to personal political obliteration, the more actively he presses his insane agenda. This solar subsidy business is merely one visible part of his program.

    In an aside, Secretary Chu is a walking dead man; he’s roadkill. He will be sacrificed in a heart beat to buy a bit more time for BHO to press forward with his obscene “Hope and Change”.

    Thirteen more months of this? God help us all.

  7. I think West is correct, but Obama is not acting alone, and there are RINO Republicans helping him as well. They want to keep the statuesque of a powerful central government and bank because it is profitable.

  8. Seeing that I have fellow Americans who see the sad truth about our Traitor-in-Chief gives me a glimmer of hope. But with so many sleep walking or blind by choice to the truth, it looks grim indeed for nation. If ever we were be “the home of the brave” it must be now.

    If only we could start a national movement to ignore the mainstream media we might be able to marginalize these Socialist co-conspirators. If their viewership drastically declines we hit them here it hurts – their bottom line. If we reject any feigned pivot to the middle – by them or their messiah, we might have a chance.

  9. Stop pushing for Allen to run for POTUS, us folks here in West Palm Beach like him right where he is, and Rubio too! 🙂

  10. bush is not president anymore…….. bush never blamed anyone for anything whether it was someone elses fault or not. he was a leader. leaders deal with criticism and blame and do what they believe is best. they dont blame everyone for their problems. he says he has a great jobs bill… hes going to raise taxes and pay for a 1 year growth in union jobs that states wont be able to pay for next year. thats what the stimulus did. it hired union workers and now states are laying them off because we cannot afford them. its called FAILURE.

  11. West: “The president is a Marxist because he believes in the separation of classes.”

    By definition classes are separated dummy.

    Apparently Marxism is now defined as allowing the top tax rate to rise from 35% to 39% and reducing preferential rates for capital gains and dividends. Reagan eliminated preferential treatment for capital gains in 1986. The top rate under Reagan was 50% until 1986. One way or the other, Reagan is a Marxist according to Allen West.
    Allen West is a nut. He was kicked out of the Army and now with right wing support he is the ultimate Uncle Tom. Let us look at his supporters, they are white gun carrying neo-christians who like the death penalty and letting the uninsured die.
    Further proof anyone who calls Obama a :country-destroying marxist and Obama hates this country and wants to incite a civil war” is in a fact a racist liar who hates having a black president, and thinks hiding behind this disgrace of an Uncle Tom makes them not racist!

  12. You are either incredibly innocent or unbearably dull witted. I have lived in or worked in over 30 countries around the world. None are anywhere near the standard of living with experience in this country. None can compete with our clean air, water, fertile soil and freedoms to live as we want. None have our resources nor our willingness to sacrifice for others. If you think they have it so good in other countries, why are you still here. Please exercise your freedom to leave at the first opportunity.

    1. It is you who is soooo wrong. Were the 30 countries you were in happened to be in Africa or the Middle East. I guess you have never gone to Canada, England, Germany, Japan. Hong Kong, Australia, etc. and seen their standard of living. Otherwise, you can never make such an uninformed statement that they are nowhere near our standard of living.

      And I say to you, please exercise your freedom if you don’t like Social Security, Medicare, unimployment ins. I dare you to turn them down. Of course you never will.


      1. You are an ass. Try doing some of the things you recommend for intelligent people. I can tell you’ve never been any of the places you state. If you’ve got so much brilliance and money, why don’t you go overseas and stay there. We don’t need any more idiots. By the way, England is a socialist country and so it Canada.

      2. All you got is misplaced passion, and an opinion. Your commie line of thinking leads to evil and suffering. Not plenty. Go look at history and stop being so pathetic, it’s really embarrasing, cause with that passion you could do some real good in the world.

  13. Congressman West would be the ideal candidate for President. He truly fills all the required squares. LEADERSHIP is what we need that will filter down to all levels. No one reflects so much LEADERSHIP ability as does Mr. West.

  14. Mr. West is an intelligent, articulate, educated and experienced man who hust happens to be black-skinned. So is Herman Cain. I am willing to bet that if I shake their hands my white skin will not rub off on their hand not will thie black-skin rub off on my white hand.

    But I will also bet if we were able to sit down to share a few beers and ideas in my back yard, we would have a tremendous amount of common sense exchanged. The very things Mr. West stated in this interview have been espoused by Mr. Cain.

    I would be proud to have either on of these men serve as our President instead of Zerobama so long as they stick to the principles we have heard coming from them.

    Yes, being President is a big job. For some the job is too big. I refer you to Zerobama and Carter for starters. It has been said that often a person grows into the Presidency. It has also been said that a person is not up to the job. We are in that position now for the job is too much for the guy calling himself the president.

  15. I’ve been saying this for a long time, as I believe he’s going by the Rules for Radicals strategy written by Obama’s posthumous mentor, Saul Alinsky.

  16. West has got it mostly correct. May be that the evil of Obama is being underestimated. Susspect that the N.C. Gov. Bev Purdue may be just running interference for the forthcomming attempt to turn the country into a Venezuela type Socialist dictatorship..
    Striking that a suggestion by a sitting governor to suspend the U.S. Constitution doesn’t wake up the national media.
    I only hope that our military remember that they have not sworn an oath to support the president, but rather they have sworn to “support and defend the constitution” even if the enemy turns out to be a domestic enemy occupying 1600 P. Ave.

  17. Communism requires that he breaks the back of our economy. In no other way can he defeat America. He is a communist pig in dire need of jail time.

  18. Obama is not a socialist. He is a fascist. Socialists believe the government owns the means of production, including the profits therefrom if any. Fascists believe the government controls everything, but private corporatists reap profits. Obama is a fascist.

  19. Allen West, Allen Keyes – what’s the difference they’re both nutcases – Allan West will be a one termer

    1. Allen West, Ltc, USArmy(retired) is an American Patriot. So few patriots in D.C. these days, nearly none on the left. The real nutcase that endangers the nation now resides at 1600 Pa. Avenue..

  20. The Failed President is both a liar and loser. The petulant child in a mans suit is destroying America and must be defeated in 2012. Secret Service personnel have stated he is a dishonest person and his wife hates white people. He is a very dangerous man and ignores the law in general, the will of the American people, Congress, and the Constitution.

    There are no longer massive adoring crowds to deceive. There are no more titles to capture. For the first time in Barack Obama’s life, he is accountable, and upon his shoulders rests the lives and fortunes of millions in the United States and the world. He has repeatedly shown that he cannot deal with, and will never be able to shoulder responsibility, as he is at his core self-absorbed, dishonest, a liar, and without coherence in his personal beliefs and convictions.

    Obama has never stood for individualism, capitalism, or liberty. Everything he does has the reek of statism, collectivism, and tyranny, but not because he is an incompetent bumbler — it’s because he is a statist and a collectivist and the citizens of our country naively gave the reins of power to a tyrant.

    The White House has marginalized and he has proven himself to be the most inept president in modern history, and the worst steward of the economy since the nation’s founding. He is symbolic of a man who has downgraded the White House, the Constitution, human life, foreign policy, race relations, and America herself.

  21. Let no one ever forget the parts that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and many of the Democrats in Congress played in this matter.

  22. “John Boehner….”

    answer “Speaker… better than Nancy Pelosi”.

    Not exactly the ringing endorsement for Boehner from West. I wonder when and if Allen West will be explicit on what he really thinks of Boehner.

  23. Courtney (excuse me for correcting the spelling of your name) – I know you THINK you know what you’re talking about dear, but you really need to do some homework. Take a real history course at a real school and find out that MLK was a Republican and it was the REPUBLICANS that fought FOR civil rights and DEMOCRATS that fought against it. One of your Democrat heroes during the Civil Rights Era was asked why he had turned from the Democrat agenda to support the Civil Rights fight and he said, “We’ll have these n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” Why don’t you google that and see who said it. And btw – they were RIGHT! African American Democrats are pawns and they’ve been duped and don’t even know it.
    Allen West is courageous and honest and does NOT back down. We need someone like him and Marco Rubio in the White House to take our nation back! Yes, Obama is destroying America DELIBERATELY – with hopes of giving Islam the foot in the door they need and to be able to swoop down in the midst of crisis and implement his Socialist agenda. Americans are waking up!!!

  24. Obama and the leftist are purposely working to destroy the economy. The more damage they can inflict the more chance they have of gaining MORE control.

    Fabricate a crisis then come to save us all….

    Like Rush has stated many times… Obama acts like he just walked into the room and has no responsibility with what is going on at the present..

    He plays like he has just shown up and is going to save America .

    what a turd….

  25. This summed up a lot of what I was thinking about Rep. West. It seems like there might be some ideas in his head, but they keep getting pushed aside in favor of inflammatory sound bites and incoherence. Rep. West has offered nothing and hasn’t introduced not one bill when it comes to the issues as it pertains to the economy vis-a-vie African Americans. Allen is a liar, a fraud and a racist just like his KKK supporters!

    1. Courtney, you are a perfect example of someone who posts comments based on ignorance. You might want to do some actual research before you post from now on. The KKK and its supporters are and always have been DEMOCRATS. West is a Constitutional Conservative Republican.

      And FYI – playing the race card has been done so many times that no one cares anymore. It’s the classic last gasp effort of those who have already LOST the argument. So put your race card away and come back after you’ve done some homework.

      1. Enough with that Democrat lie! Why is it that the KKK are confirmed to be a RIGHT-WING hate groups? because the KKK were created by right-wing racists like some people in thhe GOP today!
        Of course, use the old excuse to deny and pretend racism is dead, while some of us in the real world knows racism has elevated. Like I said, Allen West is a liar, a fraud, and a racist like his KKK supporters

        1. Either you know 3seven77 is right and are race baiting, or you have never actually researched this.

          The KKK in America was universally bigoted. Their primary target was Catholics and Jews. They openly campaigned and held office on these beliefs and in the 1920’s they even controlled the political system of Colorado, where the Catholic Church mounted a campaign to remove them.

          I can tell you first hand that where the KKK went after blacks in the South, they were primarily from the Democratic Party. Where I lived as a child in Alabama, the Republicans were and had long been helping blacks start businesses and schools. It was well known that the KKK wore hoods so no one would recognize the very same politicians who were by day demonizing the Republicans and claiming to be the champions of blacks.

        2. The KKK is only considered to be “right-wing” by moronic liberals and the equally boneheaded SPLC. The same thing with neo-nazis, trolls like you seem to be confused about the fact that they are Nation Socialists. That said you’re history here, but look on the bright side, it will give you time to learn some real history.

  26. Allen West is spot on as usual.

    Not that I think Obama is any kind of a great mind or even a great speaker (IMHO), but this is all definitely on purpose and he has not been inept at all in achieving his goals. He has brought massive socialism to our nation in every direction. It’s not fun for us average citizens along for the downhill ride but he’s getting it done.

  27. Let’s review the free association part of the interview:

    Herman Cain=Challenging the establishment (maybe, maybe not)
    John Boehner=Speaker (not a ringing endorsement)
    Jeb Bush=principled (really??)
    Rick Perry=needs a debate team (okay, could go further than that)
    Ron Paul=off the ranch (maybe he just got Jeb Bush and Ron Paul mixed up)
    Colin Powell=leader (??huh?? Did he forget 2008?)
    Allen West=Talking out of his blowhole on this one

    But, to be fair, free association probably isn’t a game that should be played by any politician. The rest of the interview was nice, though.

    1. I could be getting into hot water here, but as for the Jeb answer, when he was governor, he was a great one- and stuck to his principals. Or, it could just be because he was sandwiched between Lawton Chiles who was a disaster, and Charlie “lets give a big ol hug to dear leader” Crist. No, Jeb, even though I don’t agree with some of what he’s done and said, he was a good governor.

  28. That word game got old, fast. Also, I wonder why the video uses room sound rather than a feed from the mics. Oh, well. To each his own. But it’s another example of folks on the right not understanding the point of “the show.” Even morons on the left get this part of politics. On the right, there’s Glenn Beck and …a trade to be named later. At least the right owns talk radio (which is a separate kind of “show.”)

    Enough carping.

    Allen West has the kind of classic historical background that would make Victor Davis Hansen proud, coupled with a frank conviction about founding principles. He’s what Newt Gingrich could have been, if he hadn’t followed a more college-campus/institutional kind of mindset.

    Did everyone hear Allen West say “Constitutional conservatism” at about 5minutes? He didn’t say “fiscal conservatism” or just talk about reining in excess. The man knows who he is and why, and he’s studied what works and what does not, from the military history of tactics and outcomes, and the rise and fall of civilizations.

    I thought it was brilliant of him to point out that attempting to divide society up into classes “has never turned out well,” and that’s exactly what Obama is trying very hard to do here.

    Whoever wins the Presidential primary should put this man on the ticket.

  29. He is purposely killing the economy, which raises the question, why isn’t he being stopped? He’s working for the Weathermen. I believe this video is one of the reasons he was selling AK-47’s to the drug cartels. I never thought, someone would be allowed to get away with something like this in this country. I always thought we had people protecting us, but now I see, they just follow the leader, even a criminal one, or one who is foreign born. I’m speaking of people like the FBI, CIA, ATF, Congress, Courts, and Military. They’re either going along with him, or looking the other way. I think right now, if he ordered Americans killed, it’s 50/50 he’d be stopped.

  30. All you need to know…

    Allen West “The President is a Marxist because he beleives in the separation of classes.”

    Allen West: [on the president] “He is a socaliast because he believes in nationalizing production – if you think about what has happened with the finance industry, automobile industry, health care industry.”

  31. I’m sorry, I had to watch this a couple of times. I couldn’t hear anything but my laughing after DWS….. I need a bucket….

    He is a marxist…. Thank you for saying the truth!!! Excellent interview!

    1. In the summer of 2008 a cousin in Europe, who knows socialist and marxist aggression first hand, emailed me in dismay. He asked why Americans did not know we had a Marxist on the ballot.

      1. I wrote about him and all his ties on my blog before during and after his campaign and election. I think it takes folks who know from experience, either socialism or communism, fascism or whatever form, to recognize it. Not that Canada was all that bad, but I knew when I started my real education (after I graduated highschool) that Canada was becoming more and more socialist in it’s policies, taxation and such.
        Not that Americans don’t know what it is- there are plenty of good folks who have educated themselves long before I ever did, but there are still too many who haven’t a clue- and that’s the part I find so frustrating. My neighbor grew up in Communist Poland, and she, like so many, are genuinely afraid, yet too many Americans still shake their heads or bury them in the sand.

        1. You are right. Our schools and press have been highly successful erasing history and the present. It is all about donkeys and elephants doncha know?

          There was a time in America they did not hide their ideology under a donkey or elephant suit. We had Socialist and Progressive presidential candidates on the ballot from 1904 thru 1948 – until they got tired of losing. Much like the Socialist New Party candidate Barack Hussein Obama did with the Illinois Fusion legislation.

        2. so right abc,all you have to do is sit down and talk with people from the former communist eastern bloc(vodka will no doubt make an appearance soon after sitting down)and they will tell you the failure of those systems and the worry of the USA going down that path

  32. The more I hear from Allen West, the more I am Impressed. He may be on the horizon as a power to be reckoned with. He knows the truth about BO and is not afraid to express his view on it. Hoorah!!

  33. Colonel West is courageous. Any politician unwilling to admit that Obama and his cabal are intentionally destroying the Nation, are contributing.

    There are but a handful of leaders like West and Palin. As they step forward, millions of us must stand with them.

  34. Col. West,
    When are you and the other House members going to impeach this monster who is deliberately destroying this great country that we have all worked so hard to achieve? How can you stand by and allow this to continue? Since you know what he is doing and that much of what he is doing violates the constitution, what are you waiting for? He is destroying everything and congress is sitting back watching and waiting until 2012. How do you know Obama is going to lose in 2012? He is a desperate man. He and his “domestic army” will make cheating in 2008 look inconsequential compared to what’s to come in 2012. When congress sits back and allows run-away corruption and destruction of our great nation, they become complicit in its corruption. We need brave people to fight for us.

      1. Although Article 1 of the constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach, I agree with sDee that they are all so corrupt that it will never happen.

          1. I did read on and I know that the senate has to try him but I would just like to see him go through the humiliation of impeachment.

            1. As would I, however that won’t happen unless a large percentage of Senate Democrats had a sudden patriotic epiphany, and I think we all know the odds of that happening. So for the House to even put forth the effort would be a waste of time and just a distraction.

    1. Hussein is not the root problem – impeachment will be of no use.

      No one in government will fight for us – the Central Government is hopelessly corrupt. There are a few true leaders like West to look to – but we must fight for ourselves. Only we can save the Republic.

    2. Starting with Reagan – the destruction you speak has been going on for years – the erosion of the middle class – accelerated by Bush, not stopped by Obama. He hasn’t violated the constitution – that’s why there have been no moves to impeach. Congress is the one doing the destroying. Cheating you mean like 2000 when GWB cheated his way into the WH to start this whole mess – c’mon people OPEN YOUR EYES

      1. Once again, a liberal who has no idea of politics and economies. For socialism to work, there cannot be a middle class nor an upper class. Everyone has to be lower class. Socialist policies are destroying the middle class. Policies that move manufacturing jobs over seas, make it harder for businesses to hire, raising taxes on small businesses to extend unemployment benefits to people whose “jobs” are gaming the system for free hand-outs.

      2. Holy carp sandwiches!! Omg. gtf over Bush already. You suck propaganda like it’s mana from heaven. You are actually right that the mess has been gong on for a long time–however Obamageddon, HAS broken mulitiple laws, and end runs more and more frequently around congress. He hasn’t been impeached or called on it yet because the Libs control everything but the house right now. He has gotten pretty much everything he has wanted so far cause no one has been able to stop him yet–the house can only do so much.

        All politicians have to be watched and policed regularly, and that hasn’t been done. Libs have basically controlled the country for over 40 years–how we let that happen is crazy.

        One good thing, alot of what he has been doing is now under investigation and he is going to come to a very bad end. He is losing his backing among the democrats, and many of his voting base are starting to see that he is not what he has pretended to be and are leaving the party all together.
        The three stooges and other supporters, like moneybags Soros are bailing on him. He’s done, it’s a matter of time now. He’s going to come to a very very bad and disgraced end.

  35. G-d bless, Allen West, he is an honest man.

    obama IS intentionally collapsing our system so that he can install his leftist agenda.

  36. I think Rep.West is 100% correct. I have always thought this was his objective from the beginning. His objective is to destroy this country. His past is congested with Communist Socialist types. Yes Obama is trying to destroy this country.

    1. Liar Obama was elected President, he could have been a leader instead of a “put a Stimulus and Heralthcare Bill on my desk and I will sign it” NO Leadership……he just let Pelosi write 1000’s of pages of Legislation. Now all he does is read the Teleprompter and campaign. The world is laughing!

      1. It is that gigantic chip on his shoulder that is driving his agenda, for some reason it is the fabric of the great American image he is trying to unravel.

    2. …..and he could not have done it without a complicit Congress, Judicial and press.

      We’ve a lot of house cleaning to do – this runs deep.

      1. There’s Allen West, Tim Scott and Herman Cain. Then there’s Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters. I sense a change in leadership is on the way.

    1. Obama is brilliantly deceptive. He is a hardcore Marxist who deeply despises America, her people, and the foundations upon which she is built. He has ability to reflect and draw in followers much like a cult leader. This combination of sick talent is instantly recognized by our enemies and powerful opportunists who propped him up on the White House post.

      His every fiber is aligned to destroy us. When he is removed, the danger remains as the cabal nurtures more.

      Only we the people can stop this.

      1. Unlike the previous Criminal in Chief, Obama hasn’t sent troops to die for the financial gain of his cronies.

        1. You’ll not bait me into defending Bush, nor will you get very far trying to excuse Hussein’s seditious and traitorous regime with moral relativism.

          We have but a small window left to save the nation or the same powers that have given us Bush and Hussein, will give us another of the same.

        2. The current SCOAMFOTUS, who sounds more and more like a tin-pot dictator yelling at the podium every day, and for whom your heels click together so fervently, sends men to die for the right to show how great he is. He has no plan for peace, no strategy to win, and no desire to curb the jihadist fervor.

          He creates rules of engagement that get men killed, because he hates the military. And his cronies have been lining their pockets with levels of cash that dwarf the entire last president’s budget.

            1. Pull your head out of your propaganda overfill. Stop watching the three stooges (abc, cbs, nbc) ect., and bitter fail comedians who are all on the liberal payroll. All you are doing is showing your hope for good intentions, and your lack of knowledge of history, or paying attention to reality and what is happening around you now.

        3. Obama has sent troops to die. Men and women have been sent overseas and have died since Obama has been in office. Obama has escalated the number of troops in Afghanistan and followed the Bush plan in Iraq. Maybe you should start over with facts this time.

          He serves the same people as President Bush served. History will tell who did a better job.


        4. But then the vile man in the WH house now has added troops, and added wars….hypocrisy for you people must be like air.

        5. Gee is guess you missed out on the “surge” in Afghanistan and then Libya. Moreover, Bush got authorization from CONGRESS for both of “his” wars, Obama went around them over Libya.
          And beyond all that, Obama has given taxpayer purchased firearms to the drug cartels that kill our citizens and law enforcement agents in order to curtail the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens. So you were saying this is Bushes fault??

        6. Place your crayons on the floor and back away …….slowly! Yer momma is callin and yer dadda is under the bed….
          Obama just sent the money and drones…..more efficient!

          1. is that mao you use as your picture? zer0 rules for nonengagement handcuff our troops and result in MORE of our guys dying. wake up and look at the disgusting numbers

        7. Oh yes he has, you need to wake up and pay attention. Stop drinking that koolaid. He’s done much much worse, as well as send troops in new areas. His whole administration is full of criminals-tax evaders and bitter malicious liars. Refusing to make a budget, stealing money. Blaming everyone else and ignoring the law on so many levels. Comparing old administrations, and blaming them is a demo diversionary tactic to just how much damage he is doing.

          Are you a sap? Stupid? Or looking for a handout? If not, the only thing left for someone who likes Obama is the purposely malicious and the people getting high.

          If he was a white man, Jessie Jackson and all the others of that ilk would be marching and protesting in droves right now.

          They are so dispicable that every great black man who is a conservative is being shot down and attempts to slander and viciously destroy them as they try to speak the truth of what is going on and wake people up.

          Do you know, the demo party are the ones who created the KKK? They have been responsible for nearly all the violence and horrors against blacks and anyone else who stands against their party. They are not the champions of the underdog–they are the champions of: “I’m smarter than the little guy, and I will manipulate him through his emotions and good intentions for his vote, and he will go back to his getting high, and forget what I promise, because he is stupid”.

          The american dream will die and there will be great suffering in this country, starvation, no programs, nothing, if Obama gets 4 more years. It’s THAT bad right NOW, As it is, it is going to take alot of work to pull out of this, and it’s going to take awhile. Working to eradicate corruption and waste so money will be there to help people who need it.

      2. Unfortunately it is probably a little late to educate the american population regarding marxism. Some of our young people 20 – 40 think socialism is a good idea. Some of our baby boomers protested for socialism and communism 40 – 50 years ago and probably still hold those beliefs in spite of having benefited from our capitalist system through the years.

        One of the biggest problems with the consciousness of americans today is that probably 95% of our poplulation has never been to other countries to see how good we have it here.


    2. Stupid because his ideology has failed throughout the world yet continues to push it; Evil because he deceives others intentionally for his own gain and to destroy the freedoms for which our fore fathers shed blood.

    3. it’s simple alinski 101. when he “taught” he was not teaching constitutional law, he was teaching “rules for radicals” (the anticonstitution). if zer0 is such a cs why doesn’t he understand any of it. the only amendments he follows are the 16th and 14th which he abuses. but in his defense he doesn’t know anything else. anti colonialist father, socialist mother both of whom abandoned him (thus the narcissistic complex) left to be raised by 2 socialist/communist (not so)grandparents, who passed him off to frank wright another commie. but that doesn’t mean we have to buy into his bs and thank God most of us have awakened and are wising up to his evil ways. personally i saw right through him from day one, actually wanted him to win the nomination because i thought he was unelectable aka didn’t anticipate the lamestream media treating him as a messiah and covering all his flaws and gaffes. to quote Roger Daltry WHO i saw the other night “I won’t get fooled again” (pun intended)

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