Allen West: Obama’s feeding America a ‘crap sandwich’ with a smile

Responding to Obama’s likability being a factor in this race, Allen West says that Obama is basically feeding America a crap sandwich with a smile and that it’s very important for us to win the images war in the presidential race. Because a crap sandwich with a smile is still a crap sandwich!


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128 thoughts on “Allen West: Obama’s feeding America a ‘crap sandwich’ with a smile

  1. Of course likeability matters. What I want to know is, what’s to like about a mendacious grifter who smiles and reads a teleprompter really well?

    As to likeability, I like a President with guts, confidence, who puts America and Americans first in all things in the human sphere, and who shows basic competence. I dislike anyone who doesn’t fit that description.

    It’s just that easy.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but was not Stanley Ann Dunham of caucasian decent. That would make Obama just as much white as he is black. Referring to him as the first black president is a misnomer and is done out of expediency. How is it he is automatically black rather than automatically white? Allen West, if elected to the oval office would be the first “black” president IMHO.

    1. There ws nothing “white” about his mother but her skin color. She was anti-white and anti-American. She never met a third world revolutionary radical that she didn’t love. And when Soetoro decided to take a job with an American oil company in Indonesia to improve his new family’s life, she wouldn’t have anything to do with his new coworkers and was so disgusted she left him. Then dumped her kid on her parents so she could go out and find another third worlder to marry. The mother was worse than the father!

      1. My comment was addressing the issue of genetics, not ideology. I was among the first to see the film. My eyes have been privy to Obama and his background going back to 2004, so very little of what 2016 offered was news to me. It sounds as though you are a Johnny Come Lately to this party. At any rate, better late than never…welcome aboard!

  3. My attempt at humor:

    Allen West should seek public confirmation of this from Herman cain.
    Herman can provide a unique background (black former CEO of Pizza Hut)
    that this is not the way to provide service.

    Perhaps, Cathy of Chick-fil-a can toss in a few words.

  4. Good for Allen West. Obama is making the American people eat that crap and anyone who believes Obama and votes for him is a complete idiot.

  5. I never got this whole “likability” thing anyway. I don’t like him, and I’m a pretty good judge of character.

    1. Ditto. Obama’s got a million dollar smile…but that and 25 cents won’t get us a ride on the subway. I don’t want someone likeable…I want someone smart, experienced, tough and COMPETENT! Someone our allies will respect and our enemies will fear. Mitt’s even too nice for my taste. I know he’s a very nice man. And I’m sure Allen West is very nice too…but Allen West has more of the personality I like in a Commander in Chief. Someone who is tough and plainspoken and doesn’t take any crap sandwiches from anyone! Though we have been seeing more toughness from Mitt lately..and that’s good.

      1. I think he’s changed his pseech writes. When it comes to policy, romney and odumbo are not that far apart. Both are anti 2nd Amendment and have never met a gun control law they didn’t like and happily signed. The difference is in their business smarts. romney is a great capitalist businessman while marxist odumbo believes the government should be the one owning and running all businesses.

    2. You obviously do get the whole “likability” thing…… as you finished your sentence supporting character judgment. And you are not wrong whatsoever.
      Likable folks tend to be of such character a person feels safe around. Trust with their family and security.
      GWB and Reagan are two such examples.
      Contrast that with the craft of professional lying practiced by Obama and the Clintons.

      1. What I meant was likability as it relates specifically to Obama. He’s an arrogant, thin skinned, whining bully – not characteristics that generally make me like someone. Those who claim he’s so likeable are strident sycophants to The One; this includes most of the echo chamber MSM.

  6. The myth of Obama’s likability. The media thinks if they say it enough, it makes it true. The only people who think Obama is likeable are people who haven’t looked hard enough, or who actually like arrogant, dictotorial Marxists.

  7. Likability?? I don’t want to have a beer with the next president. I want him to get us out of the s***hole we’re in. James Carville said it the best when referring to the BP oil spill, ‘We’re About to Die Down Here!’

  8. Question is ,, when is FOX News ,, start countering all these LIES ,, pointing them out ,, and shaming the Old Media with going along with NOT reporting on them ?
    If you all don’t think ,, WE The People ,, are Not taking notes ,, then you are all FOOLS .

    1. you need to start listening to Fox, they point out the lies every day, and when they ask a dem for an interview, they all decline; therefore what dems say are lies

  9. It not as much about regulatory policies, as it is about the “Regulators” doing their job!

    1. Actually it is about the regulatory policies. They are authored by the labor union bosses, the mofohamids, the marxists, La Raza appointees, and the Agenda 21 Global Warming Greeniewankers. We need several Departments to get their pink slips and eviction notices from their offices.

      1. I would love to see romney close the Federal Department of UnEducation, the Department of NoEnergy, and the EPA and return those powers to the states. If you look at the performance results, the states did a MUCH better job at handling those functions than the feds ever have and at about a tenth the cost.

    2. It’s both. We need SMART regulations, not MORE regulations, most of which are currently nonsensical and highly unhelpful. AND we need regulators who do their job…which we don’t have all across the Governmental board.

      1. The laws and the regulations are enforced according to how the person living in the WH wants them enforced. If the guy in the WH doesn’t like the laws, he simply writes an “Executive” order. That power needs to be revoked. odumbo has proved that in the hands of an anti-American marxist it can be used to allow an elected official to become a dictator.

  10. While I love me some gun and religion clingin’, numbers master and economic genius Paul Ryan, THIS man was my choice for VP. Not that Romney disappointed me in any way chosing Ryan.

    That said, Romney will be my favorite conservative super-hero if he makes Lt. Col. Allen West his Secretary of Defense and John Bolton his Secretary of State. I truly believe that would be orgasm-inducing.

    And it would make Libs’ heads explode.

    That right there is reason enough. 🙂

    1. You made the same picks that I have hoped to see in the Romney cabinet. While we can choose House members we cannot raid the Senate until we get a filibuster proof majority and so West could indeed be chosen.

      1. West is a house member, not a senator, from florida. Unfortunately, the rinos are running another career rino for our senate seat.

    2. I have often wished for both of them in the cabinet too. I used to vote for Bolton in some of the earliest online polls.

  11. …………then they have the nerve to sell you a Gub’mint funded toothbrush. It ends in November!

    1. No, they order you to BUY a toothbrush from a gub’mint funded company. Get one from someone else and they’ll fine you and throw you in jail.

  12. I cannot say often enough how much I love this guy! He’s got the backbone to speak the truth, back it up with facts, and never backs down!

    1. Allen West was asked to speak at a conference that Debbie ShitForBrains was also speaking at. Col. West spoke after ShitForBrains spouted her party line BS. Col. West then, off the cuff (instead of giving his prepared speech), gave the lie to everything ShitForBrains had said and had the facts and numbers to back it up. It was awesome! I became an Allen West 2012 fan right then. Guess I’ll have to wait for 2016. Romney is a socialist and Ryan is a rino, but both are better than the current marxist , anti-American, wannabe dictator we currently have living in our WH. I’m hoping that romney will name him our Secretary of State. I doubt very much if anyone could get him to deliver 900 million dollars to the PLO (aka hammas) like broomhilda clinton did. He’d be on the air telling every American who would listen what was going on.

      1. Oh yeah, he’s handed that hag her backside many times! I’ve been a HUGE Allen West fan since videos from his Congressional run surfaced several yrs ago. My name for Broomhilda has been “Hildebeast” for over a decade! LOL! I WANT West in the WH, but I guess we’ll have to see if there’s anything left of the country in 2016. I’ll take SecDef or Sec of State in the meantime.

  13. Dems like their c.sandwich with MORE green obammma money mayo..but hold the onions–too much of a bad taste in the mouth at one time…

  14. Obama’s “likability” is a complete myth, it’s the Big Lie. Obama is smug, arrogant, whiny (he NEVER takes accountability for what he does), spoiled, and detached. Romney is humble, calm, worked hard to succeed, and has learned to be warm and down to earth. I hated Bush, but even he had a likable personality, but you’d NEVER hear the media talk about that.

    1. The libs have tried to convince us that Obama is “likeable”, but they have failed miserably. Obama is thin-skinned, sneaky, arrogant and a liar. What’s to like about that?

      1. About two months before 9/11, I met Mohammed Atta. I got the same sick feeling from that man that I got when I saw odumbo speak at the dumbocraptic convention when Kerry was their choice. My gut told me that both men wanted to harm my country. Knowing there was nothing I could do to stop them made me physically ill.

  15. I don’t want to have a beer with Obama (or with Romney, for that matter). I don’t want to go golfing with him or sit down to a $3500 a plate dinner with him. All I want is for him to balance our national budget (like I balance my personal budget). I want him to stop taking more and more of my hard-earned wages. I want him to take his boot off the throat of our businesses and let them breathe. I want him to run this country as if he cared about it and wanted it to survive.

    Is that too much to ask, Mr. President? If you can’t do that (and it appears that you can’t), then step aside and let people like Congressman West take over, because it [email protected] sure feels like he can do it.

    1. Agreed. But we don’t need him or anyone “running” our country as if it were some divine right conferred upon him. Merely keeping the peace while letting the country run itself sounds like a better wish.

  16. Even more gratifying than the ‘crap sandwich’ remark, is that Cavuto didn’t need to interupt him because he made a very sound argument against what Obama has done to this country.

  17. I can’t stop laughing!!!!

    This guy is destined for a higher office!!! Thank you Colonel for the great laugh!!!

  18. Allen West for President in 2016 or 2020, and meanwhile as many like-minded veterans as possible for Congress and the Senate. Praying he gets the SS position instead of some recycled establishment drone.

    The only people who could like Zero are his cronies, for the money, and his commie base, for the ideology. About 21% last time I looked.
    We can see how well-liked Zero is by the huge crowds turning out for R&R and staying away in droves from his venues, or better yet, not the places who aren’t letting him come at all!

    Most polls are BS, moreso if they’re commissioned by the alphabet ‘news’ outlets, including Fox. They seem to be done just so anchors can ask about them and make the station seem relevant with manufactured bogus information. Breaks my heart to see Neil ask about this non-existent likeability edge of Zero’s.

    Y’all hear about Gallup being punished by Holder for being the messenger about the real unemployment numbers? The DoJ has joined in a multi-million dollar whistleblower law suit, which just happens to have been brought by a former Zero field organizer:

  19. I finally have a good analogy of why I like West so much. It’s his precise, calm and measured way of speaking. He always tries to cite statistics to as many decimal points as he can, he mostly avoids generalizations. (for example, he will tell you the national debt is 15.78 trillion instead of rounding it off).

    He also has a strong command of the English language and often uses words that I know the meaning of, but would struggle to use in an off-the-cuff comment. He is the Dennis Miller of politicians.

    That “crap sandwich” line was great. You could hear Cavuto trying to hold in a guffaw.

    I knew a guy like him in the Army. He was enlisted, not an officer, but he took his job dead serious and he was good at it. So much so that you couldn’t help feeling safer just being around the guy. I really looked up to him as an example of leadership and not only did he see that, but he “took me under his wing” and helped me when I needed it.

    1. West puts more knowledge into a crisply delivered paragraph than Obalmy has in his career. However, Boehner used the “crap sandwich” reference back during the run up to losing the Obamacare debacle.

    2. Amazing man. He quotes things that happened fifty years ago like they were yesterday. How can you win a debate against someone like that?

  20. This is why I love this guy! Tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to take on the slings and arrows that come his way.
    Here in my state of Florida we have great statesmen from Marco Rubio, Allen West, Governor Rick Scott, and pray come this November Connie Mack replacing Senator Bill Nelson, and Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz losing her seat in the congress.

    1. We do have some great up and coming real people heading for Washington from Florida. But Connie Mac is a good ol’ boy rino, as is Marco Rubio since he moved up north from Florida. Had George stayed in the race for Senate, he would have gotten my vote. But like with sleezy Mica, I’ll be voting third party or, God forbid, democrat if Mac is the ony choice. I’m as sick of rinos as I am of dumbocraps. I want more Sandy Adams and Allen Wests in congress, not more of the same people who created the problems we are now trying to live through.

      1. Go with the Republican…whether they are RINOS or not this time around. Because we MUST maintain control of the House and regain control of the Senate to overturn Obamacare and overturn all of the other Obama crap sandwiches we got fed over the last 4 yrs. And to release the Fast & Furious documents, and prosecute people, etc. We HAVE to get rid of Speaker Harry Reid who won’t even bring bills important to us to the floor for a vote! And we need to start putting sane judges on the bench and need the votes to do so! I don’t care if they are RINOS at this point or not…I’m voting Republican just to get control of Congress back and undo the damage that has been done. And you should too.

    1. I’ll light my candle and say a prayer that the projection is correct. We lost Sandy Adams in the primary, who, like Allen West, was a honest representative and didn’t let the party rinos bully her. Mica supposedly beat her. Mica is a 20 year congress person who only pretends to be a conservative when it comes to election time. He’s a good ol’ boy that enjoys using his political power to get whatever he thinks is best for him. He couldn’t care less what the people he represent want. I sure hope there is a third party candidate running for our district, because there is NO way I would ever vote for that creep. I suppose, since I’m going to have to take a barf bag into the voting booth to vote for romney, I could also sue it to vote for whoever is running against sleezy Mica.

  21. Obama is starting to look like he has eaten one.

    His frustration is showing. Wahhh! Folks not longer worship The One.

  22. When oblamer took office, gasoline was on average $1.84. I sure would settle for that now!!! I appreciate Allen West’s blunt language, he tell it like it is and he is telling everyone that oblamer is a total failure, which he is. Hopefully people will listen and realize the choice we have to make in November: continue with a declining America with oblamer as president, or start repairing the damage he’s done to our nation and elect the team of Romney/Ryan!!! Pretty simple.

  23. Colonel Allen West is one of only a few people that delivers spectacularly every time he speaks. Love this guy.

    1. Allen West is awesome and tells it like it is. Which is why the rinos have been working so hard to get him out. Sandy Adams was the same way. The rinos and odumbo borg worked hard getting her out and giving the district to good ‘ol boy and rino Mica. Mica has been in congress more than 20 years and the only time he is a conservative, is when re-elcetion time comes around. The campaign he ran against Sandy Adams in the primary was as dirty and disgusting as what the odumbo borg are doing to romney. I think Sandy Adams was the only Congress person who actually called the people from her district who applied to her for help and let them know what she was doing. She didn’t have a staff member call. She made the call herself! She also made no bones about the fact that she was in Congress to represent the people who lived in her district and be the voice for what THEY wanted, not what the any political good ol’ boys wanted. Like West, she was one of the two or three honest people in Congress who couldn’t be bought like good little rino Rubio.

  24. Now there is my first choice for POTUS. If not now, then 2016. This guy is the most articulate spokesman for the Conservative cause to come along since Ronald Reagan. At the very least he should be Speaker of the House. But in my estimation he’s made of sterner stuff. I like the cut of his jib.

    1. His time will come, He is a young man politically wise..

      When that time does get here he has my vote..

      West as Speaker, that would be really interesting… Like to see it.

      Talk about never a dull moment.. The libs heads would explode..

      1. Boris, there are some of us who believe we are too close to the cliff to wait another eight years.

    2. I’ll bet his cockpit ain’t too shabby either!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry – I just couldn’t resist. Haven’t been sailing in years, but grew up with sailboats. My dad was an avid yachtsman in the S.F. Bay Area and was down at the harbor every weekend (always varnishing something)!! His first “yacht” was a gaff rig sloop (in the 1940’s). And, I’m talking before fibreglass hulls – all wood – and, before dacron sails (or, whatever they are made of now) – all cotton (jib and main) – heavy as all get out when wet! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

      I love West too. He’s a breath of fresh air compared to other politicians. He and Gowdy. I like the fact that West hasn’t let the establishment Republicans muzzle him. He far surpasses them in every way. He doesn’t seem like the type who can be “bought” or bullied. Time will tell. I switched from Democrat to Republican a little over three years ago and am sorely disappointed with the “old guard” Republicans (Boehner, McConnell, etc.). They are spineless and clueless.

      1. LOL. I’m not a sailor, but I’m a pretty fair judge of character. Lt.Col. West and I share a common background. That he happens to be a great person as well as a great Infantry leader is just plus, plus for me. He is excatly the opposite of the old guard Repubiks. There are exactly as you said: clueless and spineless. Were it that all our Repubik reps were like Alan West.

        1. “Were it that all our Repubik reps were like Alan West.”

          Yes, it’s going to be a “work in progress” for a long time to come getting the entrenched politicians out – on both sides of the aisle. Can’t give up though, too much at stake.

          1. LOL. Give up? Grunts never quit. If they did they’d never conquer that next hill. But in politics, they’ll never come a day when both houses are filled with Alan Wests. They’ll always be Mclames and Goober Grahams and Botox Pelosis and Hairy Weeds to contend with. The trick is to get the Alan Wests in a place where they can do the most good.

            1. They’ll never fill the chambers, but the trick is stacking the Congress with more and more of them. Like in the 2010 election. And we’re getting a good start this year with Richard Mourdock and Ted Cruz as our new Senators.

              1. Lets hope they don’t morph into a couple of Marco Rubios, who’s become an utter disappointment especially after his criticism of Michelle Bachman and the other 4 patriots asking to look into Huma Abedin’s hiring.

            2. I don’t understand why a larger number of politicians in D.C. don’t speak up against this administration. Can’t they see what is happening?? We need people who will fight for our Constitution and for our country – in those chambers. Every time I read all these posts, I get a clearer picture of just how bad it really is. It’s not hard to see and it’s appallling. Do you think the old guard elite get it? Do you think they realize their days may be numbered. Orrin Hatch in Utah seemed to me like someone who was so out of touch with what is going on, but fought like heck to win his primary. They will fight like heck for their jobs, but not for America. Why? I think that senate and congress members should not be able to leave their home base or constituents. I think they should have to stay put in their districts and hold all their “meetings” and debates via Skype. They should have to be available for “walk in” constituents 7 days a week, 8 hours a day. They are too cloistered in D.C. – too insulated. I have always thoroughly disliked the Good ol’ Boys Club (in business as well) – and that’s just what D.C. is. And, some of the women there have more “testicular fortitude” than the men. A guy that comes to town maybe twice a year does not get the true picture of what is really happening at home if they spend 99% of their time on “The Hill”. Is the peer pressure to go along to get along really that great?

              1. The old adage is still true: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The Founders understood this principal which is why they never intended that being a member of the House or Senate should ever be a lifetime thing. We need term limits imposed on the Congress and the Senate. Put it on the ballot in every state and let the people decide, cause Congress will never impose or approve term limits on themselves.

                1. I don’t like the recall thing. Dhimiratz have already abused that ability. If we could get Term Limits, that would be something that neither party could abuse to their benefit.

                2. I have to admit – the Walker recall was brutal – although, not the outcome. Term limits idea has been floating around for years, how can we actually get it on the ballots? Signatures? How many – a billion! I guess each state has their guidelines for ballot initiatives. You just know that loads of “signatures” on the Walker recall were fake. Why is corruption allowed? People just blow it off like it’s normal operating procedure. It should not be. The wrongdoers should be punished – and severely.

                3. It won’t happen. Unionistas will never punish their own. They just make them disappear like they did Jimmy Hoffa!

                4. No on the recall idea. Just look at what mischief the unions caused in Wisconsin, that fortunately fizzled after causing taxpayers and candidates much expense. The term limit of four years and out should be sufficient to keep them focused on the job and not on their job security, while allowing them to actually function.

                5. Voting is recalling. Thankfully, Governor Walker overcame the malcontent bullies. It is also a waste of money. I would like to find a way to have upholding the Constitution have teeth.

                6. “The Founders understood this principal which is why they never intended that being a member of the House or Senate should ever be a lifetime thing.”

                  Thank you.

                7. Our so-called elected reps are usually corrupt and well off when then enter the capital building for the first time, and for some odd reason just keep getting wealthier. And the longer they stay in office the wealthier they seem to get.
                  They won’t care if their paycheck does not get printed. They don’t need it. The power is more important.

                  This problem will not be solved until these people are prohibited from remaining in office for more than one, maybe two terms. The phenomena of the Career Politician has got to stop! They all come to DC with stars in their eyes, and purity of heart. Once they’ve been there for a while they drink more of, and more deeply the swamp water, and decide they like it. They become addicts to the Elitism that permeates DC.

                  The solution?
                  -Absolute term limits
                  -Prohibit merely migrating to the ranks of the lobbyists after leaving office
                  -They must live by the same rules as corporate employees, Per Diem, travel cattle-car class, etc. Just like the rest of us
                  -No special pension, SS like the rest of us
                  -No special health plans. they can use the same plan as the average for their district
                  -Their salary will be the average of their district
                  -All personal wealth will be placed into a blind trust, and their communications with the trustees monitored.
                  -They will have limited staff, replaced completely each election cycle
                  -They will be prohibited from establishing a residence in DC: they can live out of a suitcase like the rest of us business travelers
                  -Congress will meet, both houses, for a maximum of four months out of the year. They can stay at home, and mingle with the riff-raff. Maybe help lose the elitism somewhat.
                  -Each session of congress will meet in one of the state capital, chosen on a rotating, random basis. Turn DC into a museum town.
                  -AND: A national recall / impeachment option for the nation as a whole that allows WE the PEOPLE to initiate proceedings to remove swamp dwellers such as pelosi, reid, holder, the obamination himself from office.

              2. “why a larger number of politicians in D.C. don’t speak up against this administration”

                Saw it with senior Army officers who said they could do more good on the inside looking out than on the outside looking in. Go along to get along…..

                Sometimes the honorable thing to do is resign your commission.

      1. Isn’t one of the duties of Sec Defense to defend the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic? What would he do with the cesspool we call, Washington?

      1. No, not yet, that I’ve read. But there is a good post at Jihadwatch and AT on that 1001 Muslim invention BS at the Smithsonian. Muslims steal and lie. Fjordman squared all that away eons ago.

    3. My feelings exactly. Actually, there are only two politicians on the national stage right now that inspire deep feelings in me whenever I see them or hear them speak. Allen West and Sarah Palin. Because I believe deep down in their souls, they really do love this country and hate what others have done to it.

  25. My husband and I were listening to this live and we both burst out laughing when he said it, but how true! A crap sandwich served with a smile is still a crap sandwich! Gosh, how I wish Allen West was our first black president!!

    1. Allen West could still be our 1st black president. Obama is not black. I am not sure what the heck he is, but he is not black.

      1. Good observation, but most black Americans probably have some white relatives in their family tree. It is just a matter of percentage.

        When I look at Allen West and listen to him speak, I know in the back of my mind that he appears to be black, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. What my mind sees and hears is a true American. One who loves this country, has fought for this country and is still fighting for this country. He can quote you The Constitution word for word. This one amazing individual possesses more Patriotism and leadership qualities than the entire Republican establishment combined.

        And every single one of them is afraid of him and afraid of what he represents.

    2. Yep. A crap sandwich prepared and served by El Presidente and his complicit henchmen. We might all have to take a bite of that sandwich for now, but I’m sure we all know in whose face we need to expel that sandwich when the time comes.

    3. Whenever I get a little down about our country and what we are facing, I go to youtube and pull up one of Allen West’s speeches. Doesn’t matter which one. Any one of them will do. Never fails to put me in a good mood again. For that same reason, I subscribe to his weekly newsletter. Shows up on my computer once a week and gives me a boost. I highly recommend it.

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